Since there was a lot of response to this oneshot, I thought I would make a version with Sakura.

So sorry if you thought this was an extra chapter, but I really wanted to try and write the story again from her point of view.

Hope you enjoy.


Sakura was having a bad day. One of the worst, since she had moved to Washington. For a month she had been regretting accepting the transfer and now she was really paying her dues.

Someone had spilled coffee over her shirt and not even apologized, just saying he was in a hurry because of a meeting.

It was typical to have something like that happen on a day she had already felt bad about. The day only worsened as it progressed, leaving her buried in paperwork and well aware of the fact that almost none of the papers were her job. Most of her colleagues just assumed she was there to do what they hated and not that Sakura had actually earned the transfer and promotion.

She knew it was because of her age and her looks, yes she was young and yes, none of the imbeciles in the office believed pink to be her natural hair color. They thought it was something she did to get attention and that the only reason she was there, was because she had slept with the right people.

The thought disgusted her, since she had never in her life sought a sexual relationship, which held no emotional appeal to her. This was also why she had not been with many men, but she had not really thought about it. The few times she had joined a man in a bed had not been the best experiences. They were only focused on themselves and one had even told her if it felt good for him, it should have been the same for her.

It should have felt good, but it never did and that was why she at the tender age of twenty was ready to throw herself into work before attending university. She had gotten a job as a paralegal in the legal department of a big international company and she knew it would look good on her application. This was why she stuck it out.

Of course, she had practiced her English endlessly to get noticed and get an overseas transfer. She had been one of the youngest to achieve such a thing.

And now, she was regretting focusing her life into her work and moving to a new country. She had no friends here and her collogues were out of the question. If they did not dismiss her, they would send her looks she did not know how to interpret.

Sakura wanted to just quit and go home or try to request another transfer, although it would make her seem unable to do her job, since she had only been there for six months.

Calming herself and changing into her spare clothing she had in the office, just in case she had to work through the night, she sat down at her desk to finish all the paperwork.

Sorting through it quicker than she had ever done before, she knew she would be able to escape the office early. Maybe even before one. It was Friday and she wanted to have her weekend sooner rather than later. Maybe someone would frown at her leaving the office early, however, in the state she was in, she had no room to care.

Picking up her bag and stuffing her laptop in it, Sakura saw the man who had spilled coffee on her earlier and tried to retain the smile. He was looking miserable, meaning he had screwed up the meeting or it had just gone very bad.

Slipping into the elevator with him, she kept her mouth shut as he answered his phone.

"Hello" his voice was deep and he sounded so frustrated it almost made her smile. The small sadistic side of her was bathing in the mans' troubles.

"No, I brought the wrong papers!" he suddenly shouted into the phone, before continuing "I'm lucky if I still have a job at the end of the day, he has been in such a bad mood lately and me screwing up does not help it" he said and paused, listening to a reply Sakura could not hear.

It was fascinating to her that he had sabotaged a meeting unknowingly and was already fearing for his job.

"I don't know where he went, he just left after the meeting, telling me not to contact him for the rest of the day" he continued, but Sakura did not hear anymore of the conversation, as he got off at the third floor.


Sakura smiled at the waitress as she entered her favorite café, already looking forward to sipping a cup of her favorite coffee. She held the door, knowing someone was about to enter behind her and when she felt the weight disappear, she walked over to a table by the window, opening up her laptop.

Softly asking the waitress for her coffee when she approached her table, Sakura turned on the silver laptop. Only a minute went by before her best friend called her on Skype. A warm feeling settled within her as she accepted the call, knowing that there was only a week left before they would be able to spend time together again.

"Pig, isn't it almost 1 AM in Tokyo right now?" she asked with a small smile as she took in her friends' appearance. Wearing her most comfortable clothes and no make-up, Ino really did seem like someone who should be in bed.

"Well Forehead Girl, someone has to keep you company when you run away from work" the words made Sakura frown, but she knew they were true and it hurt a little. Her friend knew how much trouble she had with making friends and how her insecure personality held her back. Nonetheless, Sakura also knew that Ino was just trying to push her into trying something new. Before getting to say anything, the waitress came with her coffee and she gratefully took it, just to have an excuse to not answer her friend.

"Girl, we have had this talk, you need to get out more. Go crazy! I know you miss us and we miss you too, but don't close yourself off to your colleagues" Ino continued, looking at Sakura with skeptic eyes. She sighed and sipped her warm beverage before taking a deep breath and answering.

"Pig, I'm not closing them off, they are just all so incompetent. Just because I'm the youngest they think they can boss me around. Meaning I have to do tedious tasks that some of them can't even do on their own," she said, knowing she was only repeating what she had told the blonde girl many times before.

"Forehead girl, relax. This just means you will be promoted much sooner than any of them" the girl answered, knowing she should try to go away from the subject of Sakura being lonely. "Yeah, I hope they will send me back to Tokyo, then I can spend time with you guys again" Sakura replied and moved the computer to be more comfortable, but as her luck was, she spilled some of her coffee in the process.

Getting up to get a napkin, she saw the guy who was sitting behind her and almost tripped over her own feet. It had been a long time since she had seen a man who could make her heart pound with only a gaze and he had only met her eyes for a fraction of a second.

Quickly going back to her seat, she put a napkin on the spilled coffee and listened as Ino began again.

"I'm telling you, stop missing us so much and live. Talk to a stranger in public, find a man, just do something. If I find out you went home after this, I'm not going to visit you next week" quickly looking back to the screen with wide eyes, Sakura relaxed again when she saw the teasing look her friend had on her face.

Smirking, Sakura waved her hand "Whatever pig, say hello to Naruto and Shikamaru when you see them" drawing their conversation to an end, knowing how tired Ino was by looking at her face.

"I will, Shika is actually in the bedroom. I'll call you tomorrow and tell you how everybody is doing" the blonde said and gave a wink, indirectly telling her friend that her boyfriend was waiting for something.

"Yeah, I'll see if I can find a stranger and avoid getting kidnapped" Sakura said, smiling as she saw a shadow pass behind Ino, knowing it was Shikamaru who wanted to stray out of any conversation while he was tired.

Ino laughed, "Who would want to kidnap you" and then moved to shut off the camera "bye, I'll see you next Saturday" and then the picture of Ino disappeared, leaving Sakura with an empty feeling. Exhaling, she closed the computer and leaned over the table, resting her face on the warm smooth metallic surface.

It would be best to just go home to her small apartment and stay in, watch some lame TV show and then go to bed. It was sad to think about how her Friday night would go, but Sakura saw no other opportunity and decided it was time to go.

Putting her laptop back in her bag, she stood up and walked to the counter. "Hi, how much for the coffee?" she asked while taking out her wallet. The waitress gave her a weird smile and shook her head. "The guy who just left already paid for you"

Those words seemed to strange to her, someone had done something nice to her, but had left before she could even say 'thank you.' Looking around, Sakura noticed the guy who had been sitting behind her was walking past the window.

"Was it the guy over there?" she asked, pointing to the place where he had been sitting. The waitress nodded with a sly smile, winking and clearly indicating that she had thought the same as her. He had been very handsome.

Looking towards the empty seat, she noticed the black leather square on the seat. Quickly going over to the seat, she picked it up and saw that it was a phone.

"He forgot his phone, can I leave it here in case he comes back?" she asked, walking back to the counter to give the phone to the waitress. She shook her head with a smile "or you could give it back, he did pay for your coffee" she said, giving Sakura an opportunity she had never expected.

Leaving the café, she wondered if the waitress was aware of the possibility of getting sued, if Sakura ran away with the phone. The café did have cameras and that meant everything could be proven in court.

Dismissing the thought, she walked down the sidewalk in the direction she had seen him going, hoping to catch him and give the phone back. Spotting him, she sped up and managed to tap his shoulder to get his attention.

When he turned, she was about to just drop the phone and run, he had the most terrifying expression on his face. However, his expression changed to something else when he turned, which she had no way of translating into proper emotion.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but you forgot your phone in the café, I was leaving right after you and saw it," Sakura said in English, not sure of his ethnicity even though he looked Japanese. She tried to smile while handing him the phone, but he just took it without answering her.

Staring to feel awkward, Sakura took a step back and smiled at him again. "Well have a good day, and thank you for the coffee. It was a nice gesture," she mumbled, and turned to walk away, feeling embarrassed about herself believing he had an interest in her. In mid step, she felt someone take her arm and when she turned, he was looking at her with deep dark eyes and then he said, "I can be your stranger for the day"

The voice in which he said it almost made her fait. It was so calm, yet filled with so much intensity and it made her knees weak. And then it hit her that he was speaking Japanese.

Feeling her cheeks heat up, she looked away from him, knowing he had heard everything she and Ino had been talking about. Embarrassed and now knowing why he had paid for her coffee, she tried to smile as she said, "Uhm, I don't know you" not really aware of the words she was saying.

"That it why it is called meeting someone new" he replied shortly and it made her think about her words one more time. Feeling as if she had just been utterly humiliated, she decided it was time to get away.

"Sorry" she muttered and looked down nervously. "I'm not very good at talking to strangers" and she felt this was a good way to leave, he met her eyes and said in a low voice, "You are talking to one right now" and with those words, she knew she could not refuse him no matter how embarrassed she felt.

Biting her lip, she looked at him and asked, "Okay then, can I get your name?" wondering just what his name was, since he was obviously Japanese. He smirked and the small action was almost enough to make her gape in wonder.

"Then I would no longer be a stranger," he said, making her slightly irritated. She moved some of her hair behind her ear before finally nodding. Maybe it would be easier to just be strangers and forget him after they went their different ways.

"No names, and just for today?" her proposition sounded good in her head and as he nodded, she knew he had been thinking the same as her.

Starting to walk with him along the sidewalk, Sakura had no idea of what to say to him or even if he was able to keep a conversation. He had seemed rather reserved and quiet, which was why she was surprised, when he asked, "Have you had lunch yet?"


Sakura had not had lunch and decided to show the strange man, one of her favorite restaurants she had found while living in Washington.

They served traditional Japanese food, witch led her to explaining her reasons for being in Washington. He was surprisingly easy to keep a conversation with, although he did give short answers and she had to ask for specifics if she wanted details.

He answered her questions and sometimes inquired for a detail, but she got the idea that he was not the most talkative person and understood just how to talk to him. In a way, he reminded her of Shikamaru and it made it easier for her to feel comfortable around him, even though she had no idea of who he was.

His companionship was better than anything else she had experienced in her six months of misery and it made her feel grateful and a bit indebted to him.

Sakura had with no luck tried to split the bill for their lunch, but he would not listen to her and insisted on paying, stating money was not an issue. As a way to repay him, she offered to show him around, since she had learned he was only in town for a meeting and had made no further plans.

When he accepted her offer, Sakura had felt a warm sensation within her core, but dismissed it, knowing he was being polite and had nothing else to do.

People looked at them as they walked past, speaking in Japanese and in Sakura's case, laughing a few times.

Her initial deduction about him being reserved had been correct, but he seemed to grow at ease with her presence and started to tell his stories in more details. He had even told her about his younger brother, which had made her laugh and almost drop the ice cream she had bought.

Sakura ended in the subject of work, which led to a conversation about their thoughts on how things in an office should work. He was much more mature than any other man she had ever spent time with and it was refreshing to meet someone who shared her views and opinions.

Sakura had not even noticed the time, before he inquired about her dinner plans and offered to take her to a restaurant.

She had not known what she had been agreeing to, but seeing the place, she knew it was way too pricy and it would be too much to ask for. Nevertheless, as he had done before, he ignored her objections and led her inside, almost by force.

Following the waiter as he showed them to their seats, Sakura was about to fall over when her strange companion for the day pulled out her chair for her. Sitting silently in the chair, she looked over the menu and furrowed her brows. One meal was almost equivalent of her food budget for a month.

He had obviously seen how uncomfortable she was, since the menu disappeared from her hands and into his. He had a small smirk playing on his lips as she spoke.

"Are you a vegetarian?" he asked and she shook her head. "Good, I'll order for both of us" and that was just what he did.

As he ordered, Sakura looked at him in the dim light. He was more attractive than any man she had ever talked to before, and his long hair was neatly cared for, but still made him seem masculine. His aura and personality were even more amazing, and he was a man that Sakura had always thought to be unattainable.

Listening to him speaking in perfect English, she stiffened when she heard his order. When the waiter left with their menus, she leaned across the table and whispered, "I'm not twenty-one yet" her voice was filled with nervousness, as she knew it was illegal for her to drink the wine he had ordered.

He looked at her with an analytic gaze, before leaning towards her "Have you had alcohol before?" he asked, she nodded "do you know your limit?" Sakura nodded again and he gave her a small smirk, which made her cheeks feel warmer than she had ever felt them before. His next words did not help, as he said in a low voice, "Then I wont tell if you wont"

The three courses of food had almost been too much and she had tried to hide her happiness over his choices of food. It was like he could read her mind and for a second, she feared it. To shift the conversation, she talked about the wine he had selected instead, happy about her blonde friend who had been in love with wines since she had tried it.

It made her able to sound a bit sophisticated and it seemed he was pleasantly surprised about her knowledge.


When she stepped out in the cool night air, Sakura could feel the warmth of the alcohol within her. She knew she was tipsy, and she tried to hide it, but as she walked with him, she could not retain her smile as they talked.

Passing the subway, Sakura stopped and suddenly realized she would have to part ways with the handsome stranger she had spent several hours with. "It will be easier for me to go down here and take the train," she said quietly, fiddling with the zipper on her jacket, preparing for him to say his goodbyes, but then he grabbed her wrist and started walking again.

"No, I will get a car for you at the hotel. You have been drinking" he said, not looking at her and Sakura was not sure if it was the alcohol or something else that made her feel like she was on fire.

In only half a day, he had managed to make her feel more comfortable than any other guy had and she wondered if he would push her away if she tried to take it a step further. Her first attempt was not declined as she took a hold of his arm while they walked in silence towards his hotel.

When they reached their destination, Sakura felt herself give up as he asked for a car to bring her home. At his action, she did not dare to try for anything more and knew she would just have humiliated herself in front of a very expensive hotel, if she tried.

Sakura looked at him when a black car pulled up and said, "I guess this is goodbye, mister stranger" in a restrained voice, not wanting to give away her confusing feelings.

About to turn towards the car, he grabbed her wrist for the third time that day and pulled her to the side, quickly bringing her close and the sudden closeness made Sakura act on instinct.

Letting her eyes close, she wished for him to kiss her and as if he really did read her mind, his lips found hers.

The spark ignited feelings in her she had never felt before and it made her dizzy. The feel of his lips and the hand that had moved from her wrist to her hip almost made her knees bend, if it had not been for his strong hold.

The taste of his lips and the way he kissed her was more than enough to forget her policy about not sleeping with men she did not know.

He released her lips and held her face while looking at her, making Sakura loose herself in his eyes. "Do you want to go home?" again the question and the voice sent shivers down her spine and as she breathed out, she answered without thinking, "No."

Sakura could see the desire in his eyes when she answered and as he cupped her face and brought her in for another kiss, she gave up on thinking. But as he held her gaze, she knew he was asking her a question and that she would have to answer before he would kiss her again.

"I'm sure," she whispered against his lips and she briefly saw the smile on his lips before he kissed her again. Absentmindedly she followed the movements of his lips as his hands moved into her hair.

He pulled away again, taking her hand and pulling her along, saying something she did not hear to the valet and dragging her towards an elevator. When he had pushed a number, and the doors closed, he moved quickly and had her face in his hands again and Sakura met his lips halfway, wanting to be as close to him as possible.

Being pushed up against the wall of the elevator, and feeling him draw her even closer, she could not hold back a moan. The sound seemed to make him more aroused as he deepened their kiss.

Sakura frowned when the elevator doors opened and made them unable to continue their kiss. Quickly following him down the hall, Sakura moved through the doorway and shut the door before he had turned and found his lips again. His response to her willingness was to pick her up and let her wrap her legs around his hips, feeling his warmth through their clothes.

Not even seeing where he carried her, Sakura felt herself being put down on a large soft bed while he undid her jacket and helped her take it off. When it was on the floor, Sakura looked up at him as he moved on top of her and pushed her onto the bed, kissing her neck.

Moaning at the wonderful sensation she felt, Sakura could feel the warm sensation in her stomach move downwards and when his hands traced over her body, she knew she was more aroused than she had ever been.

He pulled back and looked her in the eyes and Sakura saw the tenderness in his eyes as he whispered, "Tell me when to stop," the knowledge that he cared enough to even give her the option, made her even more sure of her choice and only enjoy the sensation of his hand moving to lift up her shirt.

In a quick motion, she helped him discard of it and started unbuttoning his dress shirt, pausing as she saw his muscles, almost salivating over the sight. The thought about his trained chest was quickly thrown out as his hand moved to her breast and the other one started to undo the zipper on her skirt.

Sakura bit her lip as he removed her skirt and grazed her thigh. He was kissing her collarbone when he whispered the same five words again, "tell me when to stop". He moved his hand to her face and made her meet his eyes and she saw how serious he was, which was why she wanted him to know he should let go.

"Don't stop," she breathed out, assuring him of her willingness. It worked and he let her face go and moved back to touching her body with much less restraint.

When they were naked and Sakura knew he was becoming aware of the fact that she was not very experienced, she was about to become embarrassed again. He did not let her, as he whispered to her, telling her where to touch, asking what felt good and was aware of her body.

He touched her slowly and when she winced, he kissed her softly, telling her to relax. Slowly she was starting to feel something intense building inside of her and it quickly became impossible for her to breathe correctly.

As her nails dug into his back, he entered her slowly and to her great surprise, he held still, waiting for her to become comfortable. Sakura was enjoying his attempt to distract her, moaning softly as he kissed her neck and touched her breasts.

"Move" she breathed out against his lips before kissing him again, this time seeking entrance on her own. And she lost herself in the moment, Sakura let the feelings she had held back wash over her.

He moved against her body in slow rhythmic pace, which she quickly matched and as the pressure started to grow inside of her, she tried to hold back a moan by biting her lip so hard she almost bit through the skin.

When she felt something near ecstasy explode in her body, she felt him reach the same place as her and looking up at him, she breathed out slowly. Looking him in the eyes as he moved to hold her close and get comfortable.

For a short second, she had feared that he would ask her to leave, but as he kissed her forehead, she almost cried with all of her emotions confusing her more than they had ever done so before.

Sakura moved to turn around, not wanting him to see her face and while waiting for him to also get comfortable, she finally calmed down.


Waking up in his arms was more than she could have asked for and as she slipped out of his hold, Sakura winced at the slight pain she felt in her lower region.

She wondered if she should wake him, but feeling uncomfortable being totally naked, she decided to find her clothes first. Quickly and quietly moving around in the bedroom, she found her clothes and put them on.

Finally deciding to fold up his clothes and put them on a chair, she stopped when she reached his jacket. His wallet had fallen out as he had thrown it off the bed and the curiosity was enough for her to pick it up. She wanted to know who he was.

Opening the wallet and finding his drivers license, it took her a minute to register the name she was reading and then the wallet fell to the floor and Sakura stood frozen in the middle of the bedroom. She had just slept with the heir to Uchiha Security. The company, which legal department she worked for.

Unable to calm her breathing, she walked out of the bedroom and into the living room, now noticing that this was not a normal hotel room. This was a very expensive suite in a large famous hotel.

He was the real deal and the sudden realization of him actually being her boss, made her feel dirty and ashamed. If he found out, he would not believe she did not know who he was. He would think she had slept with him for money or for a promotion.

Clenching her fist, Sakura decided it was time for her to leave. It would be easier for them both if they just kept it like they had agreed. No names, just strangers. Finding her jacket and her shoulder bag, she decided to leave him a note.

Not knowing if he would care in the least, she scribbled down the words and felt stupid for even wishing. He had been aware of the deal and he was probably used to being with women for only one night.

However, as she thought about the unlikely chance of him wanting to see her again, she still wrote:

"I wish we could have been more than strangers"

And left the note on top of the clothes she had folded.


Sakura stared into the eyes of the man in front of her, almost letting herself go and punching him. He was her superior and he had just grabbed her ass.

"Come on, for the last week you have been all sensual. I know we both want it," he said in a disgusting voice, which he probably believed to be sexy. It almost made her sick, thinking about him touching her.

"You know what I really want?" she asked, plastering a smile on her face "I want a transfer back to Tokyo. And I want it fast" her words were as cold as ice and she saw his perverted smile vanish as he looked at her, confused.

"Why would I give you that? Because you will pleasure me tonight?" he asked, regaining the sickening tone in his voice she had tried to block out before.

"No, because I have been grabbed four times this week and if I do not get this transfer, I am going to file a sexual harassment suit, because this is a business where there are cameras everywhere." She pointed out, motioning to the camera in the hall, which could clearly capture the image of the two through the glass wall.

As the color slowly vanished from his face, Sakura continued. "And now three out of the four have been my superiors, meaning it could also affect the chain of command." She paused, still keeping a safe distance from the man.

He smirked "yeah, but this is blackmail and-" Sakura laughed, cutting him off "Blackmail? This is dealing in bad faith with personal gain, but it can also be seen as an underage part time worker who is confused in a new country and is assaulted by superiors." Now the smirk was gone and he looked angry, knowing she was right.

"And as a young Japanese girl, I have not been used to these kind of advances from men, meaning this could be my way of trying to save myself" as she said the last words, she waited. Knowing she could file for a wrongful termination if she was fired, but what her superior was not aware of, was that she did not have the money to hire a lawyer who was good enough to go up against a legal department in an international company like Uchiha Security.

Her chance of succeeding was slim, but Sakura had been feeling more and more homesick since her adventure with Itachi Uchiha.

The man in the suit moved to sit behind his desk instead of on top of it and opened his computer. "I think we can have a transfer through for next week. Take this week off and get your personal things in order, I know you have a friend visiting" he said, typing in something on the computer. "I will have a Confidentiality Agreement drawn up by the end of the day. Come back here and sign it before you leave, miss Haruno"


Feeling more empowered than she had ever done before, Sakura left the offices at six that evening, finding a cab and asking to be driven to the airport.

She had the whole week off and Ino was visiting, it could not get any better.

Waiting anxiously for her best friend to appear, Sakura nibbled on her lower lip, before finally spotting the blonde hair and running towards her. The girl screamed as she saw the pink and released her bag to meet her friend in a hug.

"Ino!" she shouted as the blonde squeezed her and laughed when they released each other. "I have so been looking forward to this, girl!" the blonde shouted, scaring some of the people who passed by them by her loud Japanese words.

Sakura picked up the bag the girl had thrown to the floor and linked their arms "Follow me pig, I have so much to tell you"


Sitting on her sofa and both in their most comfortable clothes, Sakura placed the bowl of popcorn between them. "And then I read it over a few times, signed it and left. I am moving back next week!" she almost shouted in happiness to her friend, who looked at her openmouthed. "Wow, just wow" Ino said, looking at her friend in wonder.

"I never knew you had the balls to do something like that" Ino said after a minute, laughing when she saw the mortified expression on Sakura's face. "Don't be such a prude, I know you haven't had a boyfriend for-" she stopped talking when she saw the blush on Sakura's face and looked at her again, this time even more surprised.

"Shut up, no way. How? When? Who?" All the questions almost sounded like one and Sakura had to take a minute to think before answering.

"Yes. We met after I Skyped with you in the café last week. We spent the day together and it just happened," she explained, trying to avoid the last question.

Ino just stared at her before shaking her head and then staring some more. "You really have grown a pair, forehead!" she shouted clapping her hands together in joy.

"I wont ask who he is, since I know you wont tell. But tell me one thing…" Ino said, trailing off and taking a popcorn in her mouth. "How was he?"


The week had been spent with shopping, packing and drinking wine Ino had bought, since she was a little older than Sakura.

It had been one of the best weeks in her life and as Sakura boarded the plane with Ino, found her seat and took a newspaper, she let herself think about the man who was staring at her from the front page.

It was a Japanese newspaper and it was no surprise that there would be something about the company in there, but seeing the picture of him brought on a sudden feeling of longing and sadness.

Folding the newspaper, she put it away, trying to think of something else. She would probably never see him again, since there was only three months back of her contract, she would not see him at work either.

It was strange, trying to imagine being with him again. It would never happen, yet Sakura could not stop her thoughts as her mind kept giving her images of the best night in her life. He had been the one who had opened her eyes to what sex really should be like and she knew that it would be hard to find another guy like him. Actually it would be impossible.

Smiling softly at the blonde girl who had fallen asleep besides her, she knew it would get better now. She was going home and would be able to attend university with her best friend in just a few months.

Life would continue as planned, and in time, Sakura knew she would forget the man who, even though she knew his name, was still a mystery in her head.


Sakura looked into the mirror, looking at all the work Ino had done. She was turning twenty-one and they were going to celebrate.

Trying to convince her best friend to let her get ready on her own had been impossible and now Sakura was somewhat grateful to the blonde girl for forcing her out of her comfort zone. Because she had to admit, she had never looked better. The beige dress was a little darker than her skin, making it seem like it was glowing and the natural make up made her skin seem smooth. The eyeshadow Ino had provided made her green eyes seem even bigger and brighter.

All in all, Sakura knew she had never looked better.

Checking her phone, she knew it was time to go, Ino had left thirty minutes ago to get their table at the bar and meet with the others. They had decided she would be fashionably late.

Getting out of the cab, Sakura made sure she would not fall over in her heels, before she walked in through the doors. A man smiled at her as he opened them for her and she nodded in his direction.

It was a fancy place, expensive and it was a place Sakura would normally never even set foot in, however, Ino had insisted. They were not just celebrating her birthday, but her arrival back home and their acceptance into university. A lot of things had gone right for her since she got back to Tokyo and Sakura had finally agreed that it was time to celebrate.

Locating the table with her friends was easy and she quickly walked towards them, greeting her friends with hugs and smiles.

Naruto had been ecstatic when he heard she was returning to Tokyo and had even decided to tell his girlfriend Hinata that he would have to spend time with Sakura. True to her nature, Hinata had understood and even expected it.

Shikamaru had given her a hug and told her she would get a few gifts later, when Kiba had said it was his turn to get a hug.

When Sakura was finally allowed to sit down and breathe again, she noticed the strange expression on Ino's face as she looked past Sakura and towards the bar. Before she could turn and look, the voice sounded out besides her.

"Excuse me, but we were wondering at our table if we could get an answer to a question" the warm and calm voice sent a shiver down her spine and she knew who he was before she even looked up at him to meet his gaze. His dark eyes had a shimmer of amusement in them and she could not breathe for a second.

Kiba decided to answer for the table when Ino, who would usually do that, kept her mouth shut. "We are actually celebrating our friends' birthday, make it quick" he said, not noticing the look the blonde girl was sending to the girl with the pink hair.

Sakura met Ino's eyes and she knew her friend had figured it out. The mystery man was this man, the man who had walked right up to their table. Itachi Uchiha.

"We were wondering if your hair color is natural, ms…" he said in the same voice, trailing off and letting Sakura open to the idea of revealing her name to him. Breathing in and breathing out, she made a decision to play along. The amusement in his eyes was just a bit too much for her.

"My name is Sakura Haruno, and yes it is natural" Sakura said, trying to look as innocent and confused as possible.

"Thank you, it seems I was correct" he nodded to the table.

"Have a great evening" and he turned to walk away, and Sakura had tried to meet his eyes, yet he looked away from her. Watching him slip away, Sakura made up her mind and stood up quickly, calling out "Wait!"

She closed the distance between them and smiled when she got close "I never got your name" and as she said the words she knew that she had sounded shy and it matched the blush that was growing on her cheeks.

Meeting his eyes, Sakura bit her lip "Depends on if you want to get to know me" he said with a smirk and it made it almost impossible for her not to laugh. Deciding to give it a shot, she leaned in and whispered, "I already know you" and as if he wanted to copy her, he whispered back, "Well, Sakura Haruno, my name is Itachi Uchiha" and his warm breath on her ear made her shudder.

Suddenly she could not contain the happiness she felt and as Sakura met his eyes, she knew he understood her and leaned in slowly, taking her lips with his and the spark she had thought she would never feel again, ignited within her.

"Happy birthday" he said and caressed her arm, making Sakura smile even brighter and when she thought it could not get any better, he walked with her back towards her table, pulled out her chair and said, "I'll be waiting till your little party is over"

Sakura could not contain her feelings as she watched him walk away and it did not get any better when Ino let out a whistle. "Never knew you would get the one man every woman in the country wants" the blonde said and then giggled when Shikamaru sent her a look.

"I guess I won't be staying out with you guys all night" Sakura said with a deep blush, trying not to seem embarrassed.

"No, you won't. Drink with us and go get your man!" the enthusiastic blonde girl said and called for a waiter to come and take their orders.

Looking over her shoulder, Sakura caught his eyes and he lifted up his glass and sent her a smirk. It was more than she could have hoped for, he was not a stranger anymore.

So this is the end. Hope you guys liked it.