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Dance Like No One's Watching

Klaus Mikaelson was never a startled man. He was the king of the element of surprise and closely followed a lifelong philosophy of expecting the unexpected, but on his visit to the Forbes residence this Friday evening (after the Sheriff had taken off for her nightly duties, of course) he found himself in a situation that, for once, had him completely staggered.

His first clue should have been the loud racket of electric guitars and the bubble gummy melody blaring from upstairs. The singer's voice held an air of girlish arrogance and he could tell it was one of those female empowerment songs. But he didn't realize what exactly was happening until he was halfway up and heard Caroline's voice crooning the lyrics:

"I had it all, I had him right there where I wanted him! She came along, got him alone and let's hear the applause. She took him faster than you could say "sabotage"!"

He chuckled to himself, eager to see the rest of the show. Using his inhuman speed, he blurred to her bedroom door, hiding just out of view and beaming laughingly at what he found. Through the space between the hinges he could see Caroline standing on her bed and singing into her hairbush-turned-microphone. Her messy ponytail bobbed and the pastel stripes of her pajama shorts danced along with her hips.

"She's not a saint and she's not what you think - she's an actress. Who-oa!" She snapped her hips from side to side in time with the beat. "She's better known for the things that she does on the mattress. Who-oa!" Her arm shot up as she sank to her knees on the bed dramatically, pointing outward to an invisible audience. "Soon she's gonna find stealing other people's toys on the playground won't make you many friends. She should keep in mind, she should keep in mind there is nothing I do better than revenge!"

She jumped from the bed and pulled her ponytail out, shaking the blonde waves loose, then started dancing all around the room, whipping her hair back and forth until she got carried away and almost tripped over her own feet. Before she could even try to catch herself she was unexpectedly rescued by cradling arms. She gasped when she felt the embrace, gripping Klaus' arms to find her own footing as she tried to ignore humiliated flush burning her cheeks. He smirked when their eyes met, his dimples taunting her.

"That was quite a performance."

Her face reddened even more. She flipped her hair over her shoulder, smoothing down her scoop neck tee, trying not to wince from mortification as she swallowed to catch her breath. "How much of that did you see?"

His brows rose as he pretended to think about it, pouting his lips. "Enough to have discovered a couple of new talents of yours. Including your newfound penchant for revenge."

Her shoulders slumped and she groaned, pulling away from him to go lower the music. Putting her hands to her head, she walked back to flop back onto her bed, her legs hanging off the edge. She sighed heavily, laying her arms out across the blanket in defeat. Klaus looked on, failing to repress his grin.

"I think you missed your calling, love."

Her eyes squeezed shut. "Shut up. I thought I was alone."

"You were."

She lifted her head to glare playfully. "Yeah, until you totally snuck in like a creeper and watched me make an idiot out of myself."

"It was an enjoyable little show. I'm beginning to regret interrupting it."

Caroline dropped her head back onto the bed. "Well I didn't ask you to swoop in a catch me."

"So I should have let you fall?"

She rolled her eyes stubbornly. "Okay, fine." She threw her hands up. "You win. Chivalry 1, Caroline 0."

He grinned, sitting beside her at the corner of her bed. "Well if this is how you spend your Friday evenings, I'll have start dropping by unannounced more often."

She scoffed a laugh, rolling her eyes again. "You're just jealous that I'm a better dancer than you are."

"There's no denying that, but let's not forget our waltz at my mother's gala. Or the 1920s dance."

"Waltzes do not count, Klaus." She leaned up on her elbows, her head tilting curiously. "Haven't you ever just...rocked out?"

"'Rocked out'?" he repeated, smiling in amusement.

"Yeah. You know, turn the music up, let your hair down... Head banging? Booty shaking? Nothing?"

He let out an amused laugh, shaking his head and raising his eyebrows in emphasis. "This century's style of dancing doesn't particularly interest me."

She rolled over onto her stomach, smirking up at him. "So not once in your whole life have you ever gone out to a club or a rave or...some crazy house party and just...let loose?"

"I'm afraid that turn of phrase has an entirely different meaning for me."

"You know what I mean."

He sighed. "It was never high on the list of priorities for me, no."

"What about, like, the 70s? Or the 80s?" He raised a brow, giving her a pointed look. Her eyes rolled and she pushed herself up to her knees, smacking her palms against them. "Okay. That's it. I am making this an official dance party. Right here, right now." With that, she was up and at her dresser, fidgeting with the buttons on her iPod which sat cradled in the center of a speaker.

Klaus swallowed, his heart thumping nervously. "It really isn't necessary. I have no desire to - "

"Ah-ah," she chided, pointing a finger at him. He closed his mouth and she smiled, all too conspiratorially. "Consider this payback for sneaking up on me. You, Klaus Mikaelson, are going to dance with me."

He paused, his heart now aflutter with a new set of nerves that made him laugh. "I've danced with you on numerous occasions already."

"Okay, let me rephrase. You are going to get up and shake what your momma gave you."

She pressed a button and the room filled with drumming and a low piano melody. The singer's voice was airy and somber but somehow uplifting.

High, we get so high
But we fall down
It's no surprise
It's here we go, fighting
There you go again...

She'd chosen a song by Christina Perri, opting for something not so blatantly pop but still catchy and danceable. She watched his face change shape as he listened, wondering if he hated it. It didn't matter. She walked back to him and grabbed his hands, pulling him to his feet. At such close proximity her heart began to pick up pace. Now that she was in front of him, she felt timid and was second guessing her decision. This was, after all, Klaus. She was never in her element with him, and yet somehow completely comfortable to be herself. When she saw the fear in his eyes her own evaporated and she felt a laugh in her chest. This was more foreign to him than it was to her and suddenly she was at ease again.

"Just relax," she told him. "Move with the beat." And she began to move her hips in a rhythmic swivel.

"Caroline, I - "

"Ah." She put a finger to his lips and shook her head, lowering it slowly before placing her hands on his hips. "Like this," she instructed, moving his hips for him.

Light on your own
Let this love
Turn to stone
There we go, fighting
There you go again
Here we go again...

He looked down at her hands on him, swallowing hard. He shook his head, face burning as he began to tear her hands off in annoyance. "I don't enjoy - "

She pulled her hands away, putting them on her hips. "Will you stop being such a baby?" She scoffed in frustration. "Just - " She took his hands and firmly put them on her hips. "Follow my lead and stop thinking about it, okay? Don't worry about doing it right. JUST. DO IT."

The song picked up tempo and so did her movements. She kept her eyes on him and he kept his eyes on her hips, his hands upon them, never wanting to let go. She put her own hands over his and he found himself starting to move with her, swaying to keep pace with her rhythm. When he finally lifted his gaze she was smiling at him, encouragingly and something else. Was it admiration? Endearment? He wasted no time trying to find out and instead gave himself to the moment, even going so far as to slide his hands up her sides, along her elbows until he hand her hands and lifted them, creating a bridge with their arms and swinging them back down again. She laughed and it was music to his soul, filling him with light and giving him the confidence she was looking for in him.

I don't know how we grow
Something incredible...
Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
You shot me in the heart this time...

He spun her around and she laughed when she faced him again, stumbling into him, hands resting on his chest. He beamed down at her, holding her just above her elbows and they swayed together. Their eyes locked and she grinned, her eyes gleaming with a devious secret. She pushed away from him and began to jump on her toes, throwing her arms up and spinning as she bounced, bobbing her head from side to side so her hair flew up around her. Klaus watched, completely entranced. Her eyes flew open and she kept spinning, every turn catching his eyes, begging him to come hither.

Only try to make you
Only try to make you mine...

He sped over to surprise her from behind and she laughed, grabbing his hand to twirl herself. When she turned again he pulled her in, her back against his chest, her arms criss crossed over her chest just under his. They rocked together and he nuzzled her neck. Her eyes closed as he breathed her in, his warmth melding into her flesh.

I don't know how we grow
Something incredible
Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
You shot me in the heart this time...

The lyrics faded, the melody following in its wake and they stopped, locked in an embrace. Klaus stilled at her neck and Caroline's eyes opened slowly. She licked her lips and stole a glance over her shoulder where she was drawn into the sapphire flames of his gaze. A question lay just beyond the shadow of hope and briefly he let his eyes drop to her lips. They smiled at him, nervous but parting for invitation. He didn't need to ask twice. She leaned up on her toes and his lips seared hers in a sensual kiss, slow and as rhythmical as their earlier movements. Her hand slid up to caress his cheek and he tightened his hold around her waist, dipping into her mouth with his tongue to create static electricity between their bodies. In the distance, like an echo, another song began to play, the harmony guiding them into a waltz of lips and a tango between tongues...