This is just some O.C.s that I would like to see in the Charmed Universe, if you use them, let me know and then give me credit for them. Otherwise just have fun reading about the characters. Also, some of their powers were taken from the (Super Power Wiki) and it is quite interesting.)

Name: Romeo Fox

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (Choose to appear anywhere from 5-27)

Appearance: Reguardless of what age he appears he has Black Hair, Silver Eyes, Snow White Skin. It should be noted that preteen to holder looking, has Lean muscle.

Personality: Wise, Intelligent, Adaptive, Cunning, Knoweldge Seeker, Loner, Sarcastic, Compassionate, and to those who truly he trust Loyal and Protective.

Brief Bio: More so long ago he has forgotten when, he has seen and experienced more than one can imagine yet sometimes not at all. He has quite a few powers but at the seem time, not has many as one would think. He currently works at Magic School, though Gideon hired him he oftenf orgets he is there along with others, for the only students he teaches are those who don't see worl in black and white, but varying shades of grey.


Omilock – The Ability to Exsist outside of everything: space, time, non-space, non-time, duality, probability, improbability, possibility, impossibility, nonexistence, (absolute) nothingness, existence, etc. They cannot be affected by anything, even temporal paradox or reality warping; and are immune to virtually everything, even Universal Irreversibility and Nonexistence.

Omnilinglusim – The ability to Speek, Read, and Write is every language. He has this though it took him time to truly master the reading and writing part of it, but he could always speeak fluently in any language as if it was antive tongue regaurdless of diaclet or accent.

Seer – Though he exsists outside of everything it doesn't stop him from getting invovled and He is fully Trained Seer with every aspect of this power in control.

Healing – The ability to heal others, though he can heal in varirty of ways that's not limited to just close contact or through energy. Trained his Healing to have Regneration (To Heal oneself), Reconsittuion (To Heal One selft but on the level where is body is destrioed it will reform), and Ressurection (To Bring the Dead back to Life).

Force Field – The Ability to create a Sheild to defend onself or other, can also be used to trap or capture. He has this Power and normally it is Energy Based, but over the eons he has infused his with the Power Stripping and Negation, depending on how it's used.

Power Stripping – The ability to take other powers away.

Power Negation – The Ability to stop other's powers from working.

Power Granting – He has the ability to grant powers to others. It should note that while traditional Power Granting can only give you what you have or what's avaible in a collective, he can grant any power no matter what it is so long has he is aware of the power itself and though he grants it, you start off at it's lowest form and it will often not work they way you expect. Futher more, when he grants powers he grant to anyone, including those who have no amgic and being able to make it where they can natrually hold it, It's possible he is the reason why Wizards exsit.

Teleportation – He posses a wide varirty of the power, though it should be noted that his teleportation or his orginal is like a fusion of Wisping and Spraklying that is Deep Sapphire Blue in the shape of snowflakes. Has aqured other forms, but he only uses them when it suit him, other wise he will use his natrual one. He does the remote version trained.

Immortality: The ability to possess a possibly infinite lifespan. Immortals are protected from a natural death, but can still be killed or vanquished through unnatural means. These beings are often immune to aging or at least age at a much slower rate than mortals.

Immunity: The ability that grants the possessor immunity from most or any kind of powers (including their own), spells, and potions (except for a Power Stripping Potion). The being with immunity will absolutely not be affected by the spells, potions and powers they are immune to.

Invincibility: The ability to withstand any amount of physical damage or harmful force of any kind, causing no harm or pain to the individual gifted with this power. Beings with this ability tend to be immune to most forms of magic, including powers, spells and potions.

Intangibility: The Ability to go through matter.

Invisability: The Ability to not be Seen and in his case not be heard ether.

Winter Manipulation: The Ability to Manipulatie the very concepts and atrributes of the Season but tangible and intangible. Inlcuding the Weather and Climate.

Illusions: He can create any illusion and it is strong enough to harm or aid another. With this power he also has Suggestion and Allure to draw and make commands a bit more easy to follow. He doesn't outright have mind control but you would have to have a strong will and a very protected mind to avoid it.

Shape Shifting: He can shape shift though it is known that he stays human in between certain ages or he might take the form of Silver Fox. That's though.

This is the end of this segment. I don't care if you like him or not, he's not meant to overshadow the Charmed Universe just being in the background, powerful but not always active in a way that's hampers anyones much like the Angels of Destiny and Death. He is Neutral.