AN ::parseltongue::

Harry could hear the rustle of cloth as the Death Eaters entered the room, but he ignored them. This was not the first, nor would it be the last, time he attended one of the meetings. Though he knew this meeting wasn't really a meeting, tonight was about entertainment.

He ignored them even as he felt their eyes on his naked back and ass. Instead he focused on his task.

Harry knelt on the dias between the Dark Lord's spread legs, his wrists bound behind his back, his face buried in the man's lap as he sucked on the thick cock in his mouth.

Voldemort calmly watched as his chosen servants entered the meeting room, watched the way their eyes lit up behind their masks when they saw his pet naked. They knew Harry being naked meant the boy was going to be their entertainment. These men were chosen specifically because they enjoyed rape and sexual torture. They were chosen because Voldemort knew they got off on watching Harry Potter being turned on to the point of begging then on the boy being fucked by the Dark Lord. They got off on the Light's Saviour acting like an unwilling slut in front of them.

If only they knew the first time was the only time Harry had been unwilling, and that had just been about an audience. Every time since had been because Harry enjoyed the treatment, enjoyed them watching and leering at him as Voldemort turned him into a moaning mess.

Voldemort dug his fingers into the armrests of his throne as the mouth wrapped around his cock tightened. He purposely kept his hand away from Harry's silky hair, letting his men clearly see that the boy was doing all the work himself.

"Make yourssselvesss comfortable," he hissed out as he felt his balls tighten.

A couple of the men instantly began rubbing themselves through their robes, already enjoying the show.

After another minute of calmly watching his servants smirk and leer at the young wizard's naked body, Voldemort grabbed a fistfull of black hair and drew Harry's mouth off of him.

Harry stared up at him, his expression hidden from the others. His green eyes were filled with desire, his lips bright red. His pet was truly sin.

Voldemort stroked his cock twice before cumming all over that beautiful face, enjoying the pleasure in those emerald eyes.

A couple Death Eaters snickered quietly, but Voldemort ignored it as he waved his hand, summoning a small stool next to his feet.

"Sssit," he told the young wizard harshly.

Harry did as told, sitting on the small stool, before making a slight wound of surprise as his arms were pulled down so that the rope around them connect to the stool, arching his back a little. His legs were magically spread wide and restrained so that he could not close them, exposing his cock and balls to the small crown. Lastly, Voldemort waved his hand, angling the way the boy sat so that his ass and its pretty little hole was also on display.

The nine chosen Death Eaters leered at the young body, at the obvious hickies and bite marks, evidence that their lord used the boy's body often. Not to mention the cum dripping down his face.

"Look at them," Voldemort ordered as he stood up, tying his robe closed.

Bright green eyes looked out the men, his face bright red. The men would assume it was in humiliation, but Voldemort knew at least half of it was with desire. Harry truly enjoyed this.

"I felt you men deserved a sssmall reward," he said calmly, looking back to the masked men, most of which were touching themselves through their robes still. "And what better than watching the Boy-Who-Lived beg like a whore?"

There were several chuckled at that.

Voldemort smirked and produced a large, vibrating butt plug. He turned his attention to his pet, who hand his mouth clamped shut.

"No need to sssuck on it for lube thisss time," he said casually and rubbed it in the cum on the boy's face. "There is still plenty of cum on your face."

More chuckles this time.

Voldemort moved behind his pet and leaned over him. He ran his hand over the slender chest, feeling the rapidly beating heart. He ran his hand down to the hard cock and gave it a harsh squeeze before tapping the cockring he'd put on him earlier. "You want to cum, don't you?" He taunted. "Like the ssslut you are, you're already hard."

The men chuckled and Voldemort caught a glimpse of a couple of them freeing their cock from their robes so they could stroke them.

"I'm sssure you will enjoy thiss," he hissed and plunged the plug into the boy's tight ass, enjoying the slight gasp of pain that made it's way through Harry's clamped lips.

"Nothing to sssay?" He asked with a smirk.

Harry shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Don't be sssilent because of usss," he said as he turned the vibrations on. "We want to know how much you like being a ssslut."

Harry let out an almost silent moan, one that the Death Eaters surely wouldn't have heard.

"Open your eyesss," Voldemort ordered. "Keep them open. Keep looking at our guessstsss."

Harry did as ordered.

Voldemort sat back down, watching as he men stroked their own cocks to the sight his pet made. He looked at his pet, soaking in the sight for a moment before turning his attention back to the Death Eaters. Now it was time to let his pet suffer pleasure without release.

"Luciusss, report."

The blonde took a step forward, his eyes firmly on Harry. His cock was out, but he released it to speak to his lord.

Voldemort only vaguely paid attention to the reports he was given over the next half hour. They were things he'd already heard, but they needed to fill the time and give the illusion that Harry's torment didn't hold their attention.

He'd turned the vibrations up steadily as time passed, as the boy's moans and whispered pleas grew.

Harry was now rocking slightly on the stool, his body covered in a sheen of sweat, his eyes glazed with lust, tears leaking from them.

"Please, please, please," he repeated, almost sobbing.

"Pleassse, what?" Voldemort asked, standing up again.

"Please let me cum," his pet moaned. "Please, please."

All the men in the room smirked.

"You haven't done anything to dessserve it," Voldemort said calmly. "Little ssslut mussst earn it."

The Death Eaters all laughed lightly.


"What will you do?" Voldemort asked, pinching the boy's pink nipple.

"Anything! Please!" Harry sobbed, arching into the touch.

"Are you going to be an obediant ssslut?"

Harry nodded quickly, much to everyone's amusement.

Voldemort smirked and released Harry's binding to the stool. "Crawl to Ssseverusss," he told the panting boy.

Harry dropped quickly from the stool to his knees and walked on them over to where the black-haired man stood, moaning and whimpering the whole way as the plug inside of his shifted and continued to vibrate.

"Look at him."

Harry tilted his face up and stared into black eyes that were filled with twisted pleasure and lust.

"Ssseverus has earned a special reward," Voldemort stated, watching the excitement build in his men. "Sssuck him."

Severus's gaze flicked to the Dark Lord's in surprise then quickly back down to the naked wizard at his feet. He smirked cruelly and freed his hard cock from his robes.

Harry whimpered as the plug's vibrations increased again, closed his eyes, and opened his mouth, drawing this out. He'd only ever done this with Voldemort.

"Don't clossse your eyesss," Voldemort said harshly. "Look at him asss you pleassse him."

The other Death Eaters laughed, all knowing of the hatred between Snape and Potter.

Harry leaned closer and took the Potion Master's cock into his mouth, and was instantly surprised by how much he enjoyed the man's flavor. He didn't let that show though as he began to bob his head, sucking and licking at the cock in his mouth.

Voldemort watched as his pet pleasured another man, finding it incredibly arousing, something he hadn't been sure he would allow.

"My Lord," Severus gasped after several minutes, his breathing heavy and uneven. "May I touch your toy? He closed his eyes."

Voldemort smirked and nodded. "Open your eyesss!"

Harry didn't even hear the order as he was lost to the burning pleasure of the plug in his ass, the painful need to cum, and the taste in his mouth.

Severus grabbed two handfuls of Harry's hair, using the grip to stop the boy's movement, drawing his attention back.

"I told you to look at the man whossse ussing your mouth, pet," Voldemort said harshly.

Harry whimpered, but couldn't speak. He nodded though.

Severus smirked at the boy, staring into his lust-hazed eyes. He began quickly fucking his mouth.

The Death Eaters all were stroking themselves and laughing at the the whimpers and moans of need the Boy-Who-Lived gave as he was used by Snape. It was clear to all of them that the boy was lost in need.

Severus moaned loudly as he pressed the boy firmly to his groin, his cock down his throat, and came. He moaned, knowing he had just mouth fucked the Light's Saviour and the boy had knelt there and moaned for it.

He pushed the boy away when he was done.

Harry cried out as he landed on his ass, the plug pushing deeper into him. He twisted on the floor, arching his back, moaning wantonly. "Please," he sobbed. "Please let me cum."

"Doesss the sslut what to cum?" Voldemort taunted as he tossed his robe off, exposing his naked serpentine body.


"Sssay it."

Harry sobbed, writhing in need. "Please, the slut wants to cum," he managed after a minute.

His response was met with laughter.

"Doesss the ssslut want me to fuck him ssso he can cum?" Voldemort continued.

Harry nodded, his eyes squeezed closed.

"Look at them and sssay it," Voldemort ordered.

Harry slowly opened his eyes and looked at the men standing around him, stroking their cocks, laughing at him. "The slut wants to be fucked," he choked out.

The men laughed louder.

"Be a good ssslut then," Voldemort told him.

Harry nodded and turned over, rising to his knees, his shoulders still on the floor, his hands still bound behind his back. He lifted his ass into the air to the sound of laughter.

"Look at them asss I fuck you," Voldemort told him as he took the plug out and tossed it aside.

Harry opened his eyes and stared, not really seeing the men, as Voldemort knelt behind him.

Voldemort moaned quietly as he thrust into his pet. He set a fast pace, aroused almost to the point of pain. He did so enjoy putting his pet on display like that.

He released Harry's cockring just before he came, and was unsurprised when his pet instantly came with a loud cry of pleasure.

Voldemort moaned again as the silken walls around him tightened and he came. He pulled out instantly and stood, leaving the boy to slump the rest of the way to the floor.

"Thank you, thank you," Harry breathed, still riding out his orgasm, making the Death Eaters laugh again.

"I believe that will be all for tonight," he told his servants, knowing they had all found their own completion.

They all bowed and left the room quickly.

Once they were all gone, Voldemort knelt next to his pet.

"Enjoy yourself?" He asked as his snake-like glamour fell away.

"Oh, yes," Harry moaned as the cum was vanished from his face. "Can't feel my legs though."

Voldemort chuckled and scooped his pet up. ::Let's get you to bed, pet.::

::Yes, master:: Harry breathed, his eyes closed, his head resting on the older man's shoulder.