A few days later Harry was once again attending a Death Eater meeting, though this one was for the Inner Circle and he wore his robe and sat on a cushion at his mate's feet. Neither man wore a glamour, as the Inner Circle knew of the Dark Lord's true body, and Harry was no longer being hidden from them.

"With our recent victories," Voldemort said after all the reports were given. "I have decided to share news I received nearly a year ago." He reached down and casually ran his hands through his pet's hair. "When Mr. Potter was brought to me I discovered him as my mate."

Several of the robed figured gasped in shock and all eyes went to the boy sitting with his head against the Dark Lord's thigh. Mates were a serious thing. To receive a creature inheritance and a mate, or to discover you are a creature's mate was a dream for most wizards. No wonder Potter hadn't been killed and was now sitting calmly with the Dark Lord.

"He is my mate and consort," Voldemort went on after a few seconds. "I expect you to treat him as such."

"Yes, My Lord," they all said quickly, hearing the threat.

"I will be having several of you help my consort with his studies," Voldemort told them. "A Hogwarts education, especially an incomplete one, is far from an acceptable standard."

Harry rolled his eyes. His education had already surpassed Hogwarts with just the studying he'd done since coming to the manor. He didn't argue though, knowing there was always more to learn, things that were not taught at the school.

"You are dismissed, I will be calling you individually to discuss lessons," Voldemort said with a wave of his hand. I will also be calling upon some of your children to attend these lessons as well. Lucius, stay."

Harry watched as all of the robed figured bowed and left the room, all except the blonde wizard, who had not even bothered to cover his identifiable hair.

"I have several things I wish for you to teach Harry," Voldemort stated as the blonde removed his mask and sat in the seat Voldemort had summoned for him. "He will be lord of three houses once he accepts his inheritance. He needs to learn how to manage those estates. I also wish for you to teach him the workings of the Wizengamot as he will be sitting those seats once it is safe for him to do so."

"I have read some and understand some politics," Harry spoke up calmly. "But nowhere near enough to be comfortable entering the Ministry."

"Lordship and politic lessons," Lucius said with a nod. "May I ask if you received lessons as heir, Lord Consort?"

Harry blinked in surprise at the title then chose to ignore it. "The only lessons I received before coming here were the basics at Hogwarts."

Lucius frowned thoughtfully. "Perhaps we should go over the basics of being an heir first," he said, more to himself.

"I am going to trust you to see that my mate is educated properly," Voldemort said seriously. "Do not fail me, Lucius."

"I won't, My Lord," the man said with a deep bow.

Voldemort started to go discuss plans he had for the Ministry and harry quickly lost interest. Oh, he cared about what was going to happen to the world, but he had something more important on his mind, more important to him anyway.

::Master:: he hissed, turning to look up at his mate, not caring that he'd interrupted Lucius.

::What is it, pet:: Voldemort responded calmly, caressing the boy's cheek.

::May I suck you?:: Harry asked, licking his lips.

Voldemort smirked down at him. ::You want Lucius to watch you, don't you, pet?::

Harry nodded. ::Please::

Voldemort chuckled and placed his hands on the arms of his throne. "You may," he stated in English, spreading his legs enough to make room for the smaller man.

Harry eagerly moved so that he was kneeling between those legs and quickly freed his mate's half hard cock.

Lucius's eyes widened a little when he realized what Harry was doing as he opened the Dark Lord's trousers and what the Dark Lord's comment meant. Harry had asked to do this, now.

Harry moaned as he took Voldemort's cock into his mouth, as it grew to its full size.

Voldemort placed one hand back on the boy's head, resting it there to feel the movement. He looked over to Lucius and smirked at the way he was staring.

"You were sssaying, Luciusss," Voldemort hissed as his little mate expertly worked his cock.

Lucius swallowed back the lust beginning to form and tried to focus on his lord and the proposed laws they had been discussing.

After several minutes, Voldemort let out a long hiss of pleasure as he came down his pet's throat. Merlin, the boy's mouth was sinful.

Harry moaned happily, releasing his mate's cock, only to nuzzle his face into his lap, loving the smell of mate and sex.

Voldemort ran his hand through his pet's hair as he felt himself hardening again. He smirked faintly when he saw the way Lucius stared at them, knowing the blonde was turned on.

"Stand up, my little mate," Voldemort said calmly and was happy when the boy instantly complied. "Do you want me to fuck you?"

Harry moaned, his eyes glazed over with lust, and nodded.

Lucius felt his already hard cock grow harder. It was hot, watching the boy suck the Dark Lord off, but watching more? He loved watching when the Dark Lord took the boy before. He was sure it would be even more enjoyable this time, if he was allowed to stay and watch.

"Strip and sit on my lap facing our guest," Voldemort ordered and looked at the tense blonde. "Make yourself comfortable, Lucius."

Lucius nodded, his eyes firmly on Harry as the boy dropped his robe to the floor, showing he was naked underneath except for his wand holster. He watched, licking his lips, as the boy sat in the Dark Lord's lap, his back to the man's chest.

Voldemort lifted his pet's legs and draped one over each arm of his throne, spreading him wide and showing him off.

Lucius gave into the desire and pulled his cock out as he watched the Dark Lord finger the boy's ass, drawing moans from the younger wizard. The boy had an amazing body and was responding so well to the dark wizard.

"Please," Harry whimpered.

"Don't ignore Lucius, pet," Voldemort said as he played with the boy's prostate. "Watch what you're doing to him."

Harry opened his eyes, not realizing he'd even shut them, and stared at the blonde man. He licked his lips, watching him stroke himself, knowing he was getting off watching Harry. He loved that he could turn others on like that.

"Do you want my cock now, Harry?" Voldemort asked teasingly.

"Please," Harry begged.

"Please, what?"

"Please, I need your cock," Harry moaned.

Voldemort smirked and replaced his fingers with his cock, pulling Harry down fully into his lap. He looked over at Lucius, who was fisting himself, his breathing uneven. "My little mate loves my cock," he told the man then kissed his pet's neck. "Don't you, pet?"

"Yes, master," Harry sobbed. "Please, fuck me!"

Lucius chuckled at the desperation in the boy's voice.

"Of course, pet," Voldemort chuckled and began thrusting up into the boy, using his grip on the boy's hips to control his movements.

Harry cried out in sheer pleasure and reached back to hold the back of his mate's head, gripping his hair, needing to touch him somehow.

Lucius groaned as he soaked in the sight of Harry Potter's slender body stretched out and spread wide for his eyes. He fisted himself quickly to the sight of Potter moaning and writhing in the Dark Lord's lap as he was fucked. It was a hot sight. He liked it even more than the sight of Potter fighting the arousal, something that had to be fake he was sure. No mate would treat their other half so cruelly, not for real. Which meant it had been staged. And from the way the boy was so willing to have sex in front of him now, he was sure the boy had enjoyed those meetings.

"Voldemort!" Harry cried out loudly, cumming. ::Yes!::

Voldemort hissed in pleasure and pulled his pet down harshly before filling him with his seed. He rested his forehead against his mate's shoulder for several moments, regaining his breath before looking to his Death Eater.

Lucius was fixing his robe by that point, his face still flushed from his orgasm.

"Feel better, pet?" Voldemort murmured, gently lifting his pet off of him and turning him to sit sideways in his lap.

"That was good," Harry moaned softly, his eyes closed as he soaked up all the sexual energy sparking through the room.

Voldemort chuckled softly and summoned the boy's robe from the floor, draping it over his lap.

"Such a perfect mate you are for me," Voldemort said honestly.

"Horny mate, you mean," Harry chuckled, snuggling in to rest for a few minutes.

"That too," he admitted before turning his attention back to Lucius. "I want you and your family to join us for lunch tomorrow."

Lucius nodded instantly, still taking in the couple words.

"I wish to speak to your wife about etiquette and perhaps dancing lessons," Voldemort went on.

"And Draco?" Lucius asked carefully.

"I am sure my consort would enjoy some friendly company," he said then narrowed red eyes at the man. "Do make sure your son minds his tongue, else Harry might cut it out and eat it."

Lucius paled a little at the threat, knowing his son's previous animosity with Potter.

Harry sat up and looked intrigued. "Have you ever done that?" He asked innocently.

"What?" Voldemort said with a raised brow.

"Eaten part of someone?" Harry clarified. "How did it taste? Did you cook it first? I think that would probably be the safest, cooking it."

Lucius paled further as the Dark Lord sighed.

"No, Harry, I have not eaten anyone before," Voldemort said patiently. Of all the things for his pet's strange mind to pick up on.

"I wonder what a person would taste like?" Harry hummed thoughtfully. "Have any of your followers done it? I could see a couple of them trying it. I do hope they cooked it first. I always heard raw meat could make you sick."

"Harry, pet," Voldemort sighed.

"Yes?" Harry asked, looking at him innocently.

"Why don't you go ask Severus if he knows any cannibals?" Voldemort suggested, knowing the boy wasn't going to let go of this thought for a little while, he seemed too curious to just let it go.

Harry grinned and stood up, pulling his robe around him. "I bet Daddy would know if one of the Death Eaters had eaten someone," he agree and hurried out of the room, shouting, "Daddy! I have a question!"

Voldemort sighed as the door shut and turned his attention back to his second in command. "Do not fear, Lucius, your son will not be eaten," he assured him. "Punished perhaps, but not eaten."

Lucius nodded. "My Lord," he said hesitantly. "Is Mr. Potter alright? He seemed different."

Voldemort nodded. "I am afraid that Harry is a little crazy, due to his treatment before coming here," he said honestly. Lucius was one of those he actually trusted among his followers, much as he trusted Severus.

"His treatment?" Lucius asked carefully.

"Yesss," he hissed in displeasure. "His muggle relatives and the so called Light did not treat him well and I am afraid it left its mark on his mind."

"I am glad he is here then," Lucius said honestly. Everyone knew the Light did not treat those with mental problems well.