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"Operation: R.O.B.O.T"


Chapter 1- Operation: Find Numbuh 3 + 4

Writing Operative: SuperSaiyanZelda4321

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Our story opens in a bowling alley down the block from the KND treehouse. A ball flies down an alley with impressive speed. We pan over to the thrower, a 10-yr.-old black-haired girl with a red cap. "Oh, yeah, Number 5's getting better at this every game! Watch, it's going, going, STRIKE FOR NUMBER 5!" This is Abigail "Abby" Lincoln, referred to by her teammates, the Kids Next Door, as the quiet Number 5. "That's nothing, Number 5, watch me!" yells a smaller boy wearing an orange sweatshirt with a big hood, who is Wallabee Beatles, the tough-boy Number 4. 4 grabs a ball and chucks it down the lane, where it knocks all the pins down, then bounces to the next lane and orders another strike! "Try topping that, Number 5!" Number 4 yells. A young, carefree girl sits on the bench, watching Number 4 and Number 5 exchanging insults on their skills.
This is a girl wearing a green shirt, called Kuki Sanban, the flirtful Number 3. An airplane sound is heard from a wider boy (no offense to you Number 2 fans, I'm just briefly describing each kid) with a blue shirt and goggles, the inventor Number 2. "Watch, Number 3! It's my famous Runway Strike!" Number 2 said to Number 3 as he threw the bowling ball down his lane with impressive accuracy, just as if a plane was landing in the middle of the runway. The ball, 2 seconds later, connected with the bowling pins, striking them all down. "Yeah!" Number 2 shouted, only to be cut off by an official-sounding voice coming from another 10-yr-.old boy wearing black sunglasses. This is Number 1 (Nigel Uno), the leader of the Kids Next Door.
"Listen up, Kids Next Door. I know we're having fun here, but we're still on a mission. I've gotten the word from KND Intrernational Operative Number 20 Alpha that the adults who run the bowling alleys of this town may be planning to use a giant bowling ball robot to stop all kids from ever going bowling again. So, be ready to move out whenever possible." "RIGHT!" Numbers 2 and 5 yelled. "Hey, where's Numbers 3 and 4? Number 5 saw them there before and now Number 5 checks on them and they're gone!" asked Number 5. "Um, guys, I hate to interrupt this conversation, BUT NUMBER 3 AND NUMBER 4 ARE MISSING!" yelled Number 2.

I know it's short, but I'm building the suspense! Big surprise next chapter as the Kids Next Door face the Delightful Children From Down The Lane, who have captured Numbers 3 and 4. Sayonara!-SSJZelda4321