Night of the Fector Hybrid: Chapter 1: Merry Christmas?

A.N: The other two stories I had already written in advance to my getting this account. This one I've jsut started writting , so it'll take a while before it's done


Of all the things I've known and seen,

There's one thing that I fear.

With eyes like fire,

Teeth like stone,

And claws for killing my ones dear.

'Tis name is Fector Hybrid,

With lion paws and cougar body,

Horses hind hooves,

Whom ever made it,

This is sure,

His work wasn't shoddy.

Why created?

God knows why!

As for me,

Why would someone birth something,

Who's only purpose was to let people die.

It started with goats and sheep,

Then deer and elk would feed it,

Soon it's boldness grew so great,

That sleeping children would soon meet it.

But it did not end there,

The Fector's killing spree.

Soon many people that I knew

Could no longer see me.

No sword could kill it,

No dagger true,

No bullet and no gun.

The thing that would destroy it,

would be such a tiny one.

There was a girl

With tear stained eyes

Who wouldn't hurt a soul,

But her parents met the beast

In that winter cold.

She wore a necklace, with a crystal stone,

She found by the riverside,

On one sunny day in June,

In the rising tide.

She cried out "Beast what are you,

That took away my world?!

Now I shall take your stone cold heart,

Though I am just a girl"

The necklace glowed like lighting,

Which engulfed Fector and the girl,

And when the light was torn apart,

The seen set my eyes to whirl.

The hybrid had been torn apart,

On the ground lay his heart of stone.

But the girl,

All she could do,

Was make a pitiful moan

I ran to her side

To dry her tears,

And make her parched throat wetter.

And to me,

she whispered "Dear person,

I would have liked to have known you better."

And there she and the Fector died,

A lesson floating down like a dove.

In hate and bloodshed,

Sweet things are lost,

Like a small child's love.





It was good to be out of the Manor. Good to escape pouring over the books with Max and Terry, to escape Bruce's harping on me and Terry, and just escape Terry's mood in general. I was also glad that I had brought a coat, because snow was beginning to fall. Note to self: It's December!!!!!!! I often forget a coat, mostly cause I never feel the weather when I'm outside. Controlling fire does have it's advantages. I'm just not so sure I'll like it come summer.

Ah yes, Terry's mood. Sulky. Dana left Gotham U after first quarter ended, because she and her folks were moving down to Arizona, and she got excepted at Arizona State. Terry was heart broken. Not that they would have lasted to the end of the semester, which Max is constantly reminding me, is coming closer and closer. Thus the need to study for the tests. Max loves them. There her element. Terry's element is the shadows, as was Bruce's. Then there's my element, which to be perfectly honest, I haven't discovered yet. It's not fire. That's just a power. It's somewhere in between Terry, Bruce and Max. I'll find it eventually.

I gotta hand it to Gotham. It looks so serine in winter. All snowy white. Kinda romantic. Then I snap back to reality when I hear voices coming from the ally way.

Jokerz. A pack of them, surrounding a girl about the age of seven and a baby in the leaders arms. The girl was wearing old, dirty, and torn clothes, and the state of the baby's blanket isn't much better. I duck behind the garbage bin, hoping they didn't see me.

"Please," begged the little girl. "Please. She's sick. So am I, and it's so cold out. I did the best I could. I'll get more next time, I promise!"

I notice the lead ape is looking discussed with the five cash cards he fans out in his hands. One pulls out a switch blade and hands it to the boss. Things aren't looking so good....

"Oh, I'll make sure of that," he says as he holds the blade to the baby's heart.

"Put her down," I say, calmly, as I step out from behind the garbage can. What an entrance! Of all the times I wish I had my ring, now was one of them. The look of surprise on their face's is priceless. Oh well. This will make it tougher for them anyway.

"I don't think we included her in this, did we guys?" he says. There is some laughing and murmuring of "No Chuckles."

"Let's say we do that. Right after I take care of this little pain in -"

"I said put her down," and I grab his arm as he raises it to send the final blow. He tries to shake free, but ends up dropping the blade and the kid. The little girl screams and cries out "Angela!", diving and catching her.

This is one of those times I could come up with one of those witty and annoying phrases like one of the old Robins would have done. But I'm not a Robin, and right now not The Fox either, so no criticism for now.

I drop the punk so he's sprawled out on the ground. "I'm gonna give you till the count of three to get out of here. One......"

Someone helps Chuckles up......


Another guy's grabbing some broken bottles, boards, and others are pulling out switch blades......


Times up.

"POW!" I send a mind numbing blow with my fist to ones stomach. Another I take out with a windmill kick. The third I slam my fist into their face. The other five are looking at their fallen comrades and probably wondering if they should stay or not. Let's just say.....they made the right choice......

I bend down to the little girl who is cradling the baby in her arms, and offer her my hand, to help her up. She takes it, her eyes wide with amazement.

"Where on earth is your mother?" I ask.

"Floating down river, face down," she responds cooly. I manage to control a gasp, because I can see the tears forming in her eyes, even if she won't admit it.

"Then where do you live?"

"Right where your standing." I shuffle my feet a little, and realize she's joking. "We live anyplace that's a little drier, and a little warmer."

Again, I control a gasp. "You can't just live on the streets," I protest.

"Have you ever been to an orphanage?" she asks.

", but-"

"Then don't say that."

"Ok, I can understand you don't care about yourself, but what about Angela?" I say, pointing to the bundle in her arms. "You got lucky this time, uhhh......"


"Rosy," I respond. " But I'm not always around to beat the tar outta punks like them," I say.

"Well.....then there's.....I take care of Angela!"

"For now," I say. Don't ask me why, but something in me told me that I was suppose to do something about this kid. Destiny perhaps? What am I? Nuts!!!!

"I can still take care of her!"

"What happens when you or she get sick. Where will you stay? How do you afford food? Medicine?"

"Alright alright! You made your point.......If I couldn't protect her...then....Batman could!"

"Batman?" I ask quizicly. Currently the Batman I know is struggling to study for an exam and brooding over a lost love.

"Sure! He protects everybody....."

I hate being a side kick.

"Well....What if he couldn't? Besides, what's the matter with The Fox? Couldn't she protect you?"

"Well....I guess.......But Batman's been around longer, and he never fails."

"How do you figure he won't slip up someday? He is human after all."

"No he's not," she laughs. "He's Batman! He can't slip up! He's not allowed to! He's.....I dunno.....Like Superman!"

"I'm pretty sure Superman's like Superman." She laughs again. I like seeing her laugh. Like she's my little sister or something. But it's kinda sweet...The wide eyed innocence of a child......

I hate being a sidekick.

"Well lets play pretend. I'm gonna be The Fox and rescue you again. You're coming with me," and I gently grab her arm.

She acts like I'm hauling her to jail! Her eyes go wide, and I have to cover her mouth to keep her from screaming! She nearly bit me! I manage to get a good hold an her, and keep her still.

"What's the matter with you?!"

"Whenever anyone says there gonna help, it just means there taking me and Angela to the orphanage and then they'll take us apart, and if that happens again I'll just die!"

"I'm not gonna take you to any orphanage, and no one's gonna take you and Angela apart. I promise! But you gotta promise to keep still and quiet, so I can get you a place to stay. Temporarily." Technically I'm staying at Wayne Manor temporarily, so why not add on two more little guests? That wasn't gonna pass well with Bruce.....

I flick out my cell phone and dial Max's number. "Hey Max! Your not gonna believe this," and it took her a while to get everything straight, too. "So can you give us a lift?"

"Your nuts."

"Don't remind me....So please?"

"You owe me one Mackenzie."

"I owe you a lot of 'ones' Max."

"Tell me again why the boss can't just send a limo."

If thoughts could kill...... "Oh yeah, right. Brilliant idea Max! That's really gonna comfort the kid!"

"Just a suggestion! Lord knows I wouldn't object to a limo ride....."


"Yeah! Fine! Whatever! I'll be there in ten your highness!"


The car pulled up, and Max stepped out. One look and she was suddenly thinking on my terms. You can tell with some people......

"I'm not getting in that," protests Rosy.

"What do you mean? You have to! How am I gonna take you home if you won't get in the car?"

Her green eyes, were wide, and I could tell she was scared. I knelt down so our eyes were level, and pointed at the little bundle in her arms.

"If not for your sake.....For hers?"

She bit her lower lip and nodded, climbing into the car.

"So what are you gonna do if the old man says no?" asked Max.

"He can't...."

"But what if he does?"

"Then we're in trouble, aren't we?"


"Well....them for sure. I'll figure out something......"

The car pulled to a stop, and I looked back, seeing Rosy's eyes wide with fear and shock. It was all happening so fast, I could hardly believe it myself. The only thing I knew was that this was right, and it had to be done....


"I don't wanna go in," said rosy fearfully.

"Don't be scared. I'm right here," replied Emily as she gently shoved her in the door. There was the sound of a forced cough, and Emily looked up the stairs to see Bruce standing there, foot taping, a unpleasant look on his face. Not that it ever was pleasant......

"Heh, heh..." Emily forced a laugh out. "Merry Christmas Bruce?"