Night of the Fector Hybrid: Chapter Six: Beautiful Mercy

Rosy clutched the small box to her as she sat in the living room. She had opened the box hours ago, even though it wasn't Christmas. It had just seemed right. It was a necklace. A necklace just like the one she had seen in the store window mere day's before. A necklace just like the one in the poem. She had been contemplating the necklace for quite some time now. Everything that had happened to her in under a month. Emily finding her, living at Wayne Manor, all the books she had gotten to read, and the places she had gotten to go.....Her sisters death...her grandmother........It all hit Rosy extremely hard....... Her sisters death......Her sisters death..........Her sisters death........

Making sure that her grandmother was still taking her nap, she wrote her a note, and then quietly slipped out the door.


"Merry Christmas Bruce," said Emily, as the two sat in front of the fire place on Christmas Eve. It was hard to believe that that same day, Rosy had left....That Emily would probably never see her again. She tried not to think of that as she handed Bruce the box. He put his coffee cup down, murmuring "thanks" as he took it.

He unwrapped it, eyeing it. It was a scrap book. More importantly a scrap book of all the things he, and his alter ego had ever done. Some memories were painful, and Emily searched his face desperately for any sign of like or dislike. Each page told a story. A story of past glories and bygone triumphs. A story of scandals and of fame. Silently Bruce turned the pages, memories flooding back to him. But pleasantly......

There was another murmur of "thanks" and Emily's face lit up. He had liked it. He handed her a small box, which she carefully unwrapped. Her eyes widened, and she threw her arms around Bruce.

"Oh it's beautiful!"

It was a batarang. Obviously one of Batgirl's originals. It was black and yellow, and would snap and lock out, but with a press of a button, fold in again. It had a blade as sharp as a razor. It probably wasn't what other girls Emily's age wanted for Christmas, but for her, it was absolutely perfect.

Terry suddenly burst through the door, panting hard.

"Your late," said Bruce. "Just because it's Christmas Eve doesn't mean we don't work-"

"You gotta look at this!" Terry exclaimed, fiddling with the T.V. remote until he found the news.

"In an abandoned building on West33rd and Prince St., a seven year old girl has locked herself in with the "monster" that has been terrorizing the city for weeks. Police are trying to break in but-" Emily had turned it off, crying out for her ring to activate it's self.


"Oh God! What am I doing here!" Rosy thought to herself, but even she had known the answer to that. She was avenging Angela. The only thing she had cared about in the whole world. It was amazing how a little raw chicken could lure such a large thing as the Fector. Even with her delusional knowledge, created by grief, that her necklace was magical, however untrue that was, Rosy could still sense fear.

Right now she was sitting on a box, watching the Fector tear at the one dozen raw chickens she had stolen to lure him here.

"He'll still be hungry," she thought. "He's big, and twelve chickens won't keep him placated for long. Then he'll lung at me and the necklace will gleam and then I'll kill him....And then...then I'll just work being finished...that's how it happened in the poem, and that's what will happen to me...I'll finally die.....I'm coming Angela!"

Rosy could here the lock on the door giggling.

"Probably the police again," she thought. "That's right Gordon, talk all you want, but I'm gonna kill the Hybrid, and then I'll die too!"

And with that she cackled insanely. She had gone off the deep end, there was no mistake about that.

She cried out as she felt herself being tackled from behind.

"How dare you steal away my creation!" shouted a boy's voice.

"Mmmeelllvivivin?" she stuttered, sense coming back to her for one brief instant with the desire not to die. But this faded quickly.

"It's all her fault! I had to have Fector kill Angela! It was my revenge! She wasn't special at all! She was just like all the other girls! But I won't let you hurt my Fector Hybrid!" cried Melvin, still pinning Rosy down. Rosy was now screaming.

"It was you! It wasn't the Fector's fault at all! You created him! You controlled him!"

"If he hadn't been stopped he would have killed you and Emily too! And then I would have won! Ah!" he screamed in pain, letting go of Rosy, as a batarang caught him along the spine. He writhed in pure agony for a few seconds, managing to wiggle it out, still in awful pain.

Batman was suddenly in front of him, punching him in the face, kicking him in the stomach. The Fox and scooped Rosy up, crying with relief.

"Your insane Melvin!" she screamed. "Why would you do this?! Your going to be locked up forever!"

Melvin was sprawled out on the floor, Batman trying to get the batcuffs out. He shouted as the Fector tackled him, not allowing him to hurt his master.

"That's it Hybrid! My glorious, beautiful Fector!"

"No!" Emily cried. Fox rushed over, trying to grab the Fector's massive head, unsuccessfully. Soon, Batman and Fox were thrown in different directions, and the huge creature was heaving with anger. In blind furry it charged to Rosy. Emily cried out, and Melvin pulled out a gun, aiming it towards Fox, Batman shooting it away with a batarang.


Gotham Cemetery

Two Days Later

Emily broke down and wept, all the other mourners , long since gone. Just her, and Terry. Terry sat down near the grave, and Emily sat next to him, her head resting on his shoulder, still crying.

"It's not fair!" she said in between sobs.

"Shhh...I know...I know..." said Terry consolingly. "Let's just go home...There's nothing you can do here...."

"It's all my fault!"

"No! Don't say that! It's nobody' fault.....especially not yours...."

"I should have been there...."

"But you were there Emily! You were there, and she knew....she knew right down to her final minutes that you loved her....You were more like a mother to her than her real one...."

Terry helped Emily up, who was still silently crying, and into the car.....And the snow began to fall......


Back at the Warehouse

Two Days Previous

To Rosy's shock, the necklace did begin to glow, and the bright light did engulf Fector and the girl.

There was awed silence from Fox, Batman and Melvin. And when the light was torn apart, Emily cried out. Fector laid dead, his heart ripped out of his chest. Melvin cried out, snatching up the gun, and before Terry could stop him, had shot himself in the head. Emily seemed oblivious to all this, just cradling Rosy in her arms.

"Your....your right you know..." whispered Rosy. "There's nothing wrong with The Fox...."

'Sh...Don't talk...We'll get you out of here, I promise!"

"''s just like in the poem...remember? Remember...the one...the one you read to me....."

Emily had to take off her goggles as her eyes brimmed with tears. "How could I forget?"

"And I get to be with Angela...Right?"

"You won't for along time! Don't talk like that! Your gonna be fine!"

"Don't! Don't lie! I...I want to go!"

"No you don't! Your still so young!"

"I'm gonna miss much..."

"Rosy? Rosy?...Rosy!"

Terry put a hand on Emily's shoulder and she looked up. He shook his head......Rosy had finally gotten what she always wanted....her sister......

The End

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