The Girl And Coba


At the Arcade


Coba is playing the Pump it up Machine playing some remixes for the funsies until a girl watched him play very well! "I knew coba was going to be at the arcade. I just knew it!" Coba was playing very well the song he was playing. Focused as always "I can do this!" Meanwhile Ssamy recently arrived at the arcade to spend a day with Coba. Just the two of em until she sees Coba and a girl.

"Hey Coba!" The girl blowkisses Coba and she walks away "I'll see you later girl." Ssamy gasped that the girl nearly stole Coba,but Coba re-focuses on the screen and he finishes Playing the song. Ssamy crossed her arms...She didn't like it one bit that Coba just said that he'll see the girl later. "Oh ummm..Uhh h-hi! Fancy seeing you here!" Ssamy demanded Coba to explain. "I...I was just Playing the dance machine but that girl just blewkissed me." But Ssamy then says. "Blewkissed you? So You tried to ignore her,but she got your attention like in a flash?" Coba nods.

"I see. You couldn't Keep still your focus. But hey! You passed the final stage!" Then Gonzales is seen to be dragged by Kate. "Come on Gonzaly! We can Finally Spend a day together!" Gonzales tried to shake her off but he fails to do so. "Hi Coba...Fancy seeing you and Ssamy here." Coba looked a bit concerned to Gonzales. ""Whoa whoa Kate,Chill out! You got him here. Just release him!" But Kate persists "No way! I know Gonzaly is going to run off! I tell you and i know it!"



"Kate you have to calm down, You got delirious the previous time, i don't want that to happen again here." It Impacted Kate a lot. She finally Releases him. "I see...I feel like i'm a psycho here." But Gonzales appriciates Coba's "speech" for Gonzales to be released. "Thanks Coba. I appriciate it." Gonzales walks away and starts playing the Basketball arcade game. Meanwhile with Mike. He was Playing the Speed Demon Arcade. It uses Tokens. "'re kiddin' me." Emily asks Mike. "What's wrong Mike?" But mike then responds "It was right on the speed demon and it counted as 3 tickets! WHY U REGISTER 3 BRO?"

*Then The Male Protagonist from X-tree is seen to be playing skeeball by a way to cheer himself up from his heartbroken state*



"Wait here Ssamy,i've got to check on this guy."Coba walks up to the Skeeball area and tries to talk to the guy. "Yo dude, are you okay?" The man looks at coba "Who are you?"



"My name is Coba, what about you man?" Then the man introduces himself as Luis. "Luis...My name is Luis." But Coba realizes he heard from Luis days ago "Aww crap. Luis,I've heard about you trying to give a gift to a girl but the girl instead went for the rich guy." The Luis begins to trust to Coba. "I know...I've bought that for her and for what? Nothing! She chose that guy over me and didn't even take the gift i bought for her!" Coba got shocked that this kind of explaining is similar to Mike's horrific slapped fate he had before."My god..." But Coba joins with Luis and both of them play Skeeball for 1 token which is nice tho. "Wow Coba,are you experienced with Skeeballs or something? Cuz' you're playing pretty good at this." Coba Chuckles and says "Yep. I've been Playing Skeeball for a while." But in his phone he hacked a camera and sees the girl and the rich guy. "They're from my gift! THATS MY MONEY! AND THAT IS MY GIRL! AND THATS MY VIDEO HE'S SHOOTIN TODAY!"



"Okay Luis, I say we do a cameo appreance and smash that up,we go to where these two are and make her regret her ungratefulness. How about that?" Luis agrees to Coba's Idea "Sure. She'll get what she really deserves."

*Coba and Luis arrive at where the girl an the rich guy is at and Luis yells at the rich guy* "YOU PHONY! GIMME BACK MY CHAIN! GIMME BACK MY MONEY! GIMME BACK MY GIRL!" but the rich guy runs away and rides on a motorbike "The guy is trying to bust out! Come on Lou, let's get him!" The girl looked in awe that Luis is back and he's not happy that the girl rejected his all-effor gift he bought from the gift store. And Coba and Luis get on a bike while Coba is the shooter. "Luis! The girl doesn't love you no more!" But Luis responds "I'mma stop you, you fake bastard!" But Coba shoots at the wheel,making the rich guy to lose control. "He's losing control! We've got him red-handed!" The Rich guy tries to crawl away from Coba while Luis has a Gun on his hand.



"This is for robbing my girl." Luis shoots the rich guy in the head...he finally achieves his revenge on him. "Coba dude. I cannot thank you enough for helping me dude. Here, take this cash. It's from the rich guy we killed." Coba realizes he recieved $10000 "Thanks Lou, i'll see you later." Coba mounts his Hoverboard and heads back home.

Meanwhile with Luis

"Luis? is that you?" The girl looked at luis...but Luis is still angry at the girl "It was a cake i bought for you, and Look! You made me waste my money for nothing!" The girl dropped tears as she attempts to beg for Luis. "I'm...i'm so sorry Luis! I didn't knew it was for me!"

X=DEMANDING(I Deserve Better!)

O*=ANGRY (I don't/can't trust you!)

"Really? You'll really think i'm gonna trust you? after all craps you put me through? You manipulated me,You refused me. And all you did it when you were hiding. You're a Coward, that's all who you are. Until then. YOU'RE gonna fix all kinds of damages you've done to me. NOW!" the girl agress "Okay! Okay! just don't hurt me!"