Loosing You

by myka


posted: Feb/23/03  revised: Aug/08/03

Fic disclaimer: Bakuretsu Hunters is the brainchild of Satoru Akahori and Rei Omishi.

A/N: This is short and sappy. Found it in my computer lying around and decided to finish it. Just a way to get over my recent obsession with WeiB Kreuz and start working on "Blood and Water" again. And maybe to see if someone out there really likes this pairing.


Marron was to be my last lover; my soulmate...instead he died in our bed one morning...

"Hey...Mil...wake up"

"Umm...what time is it?"

"About that time..."

"What; you want to make love now?"

"I'm sorry..."

"Do you want me to get someone?"

"Just hold me..."

I did...whispering love in his ear as his heart slowed down. I gave him one last kiss and then he died. I knew this would happen; but no matter how long I prepared myself for it, it wasn't enough. They say you don't know what you have until you've lost it. Gladly, I knew. Our time together had always been precious. But after the accident it was even more.

It should have been a routine assignment. Go, see what's wrong and then try to fix the problem. A town was dying; people were getting sick and nobody knew what it was. The locals had told us that strange rains had been falling for a few weeks now and that materials exposed to it where the ones making everyone sick. I told Marron to be extra careful after that. But there's not such thing as being too careful. It was an accident; a sharp rusty nail sticking out of one of the houses; a small scratch against his skin.

We tried to keep our hopes up the following weeks afterwards. But Marron kept getting more tired easily with each passing week; we all knew he had it. Whatever was killing these people little by little; he had it. And we couldn't cure it because we didn't know how.

The only relief I had was that the only way to get infected was by cutting yourself with one of the estrange town metals. That meant I could still touch him, hold him, make love to him.

I had to call someone, they needed to know…and yet for some reason I couldn't leave him. I wanted to be with him even if he was no longer here.

"Someone else from the town died today"



"Mishka?!…But he only got hurt a month before me"

"I know…"

"…promise me something"


"When I'm gone…please don't follow me"

A single tear fell down my cheek, followed by another and another, until there was no stopping them. I cradled him in my arms taking in the last of his warmth, until there weren't tears to cry anymore. A presence surrounded me and I knew it was him; already watching me, already protecting over me. I would keep my word.

"I promise"