Loosing You

by myka


posted: Aug/08/03

Fic disclaimer: Bakuretsu Hunters is the brainchild of Satoru Akahori and Rei Omishi.

A/N: This was the result of trying to write something Mille/Marron and not knowing exactly what.


It was stupid really. Careless. I should have been watching were I was going.

But it happened anyway.

And now I was dying.

At the beginning I refused to believe it. Everyone refused to believe it. It's called denial.

But it was apparent that I was getting tire with more ease as each day passed. I used to be a morning person; know I just didn't want to get up from bed.

I was afraid. I didn't want to die.

The greatest thing was that I wasn't alone. I had my family; my friends…and I had Mille.

I don't exactly remembered how it happened. It just did. One day it was just me, and then I had a lover. Now I was about to loose everything.

It doesn't seem fair. For the longest time I asked 'why me?' But no one could give me an answer.

There's something called the five stages of grief. But I only went through three: denial, anger and acceptance. But no one was witness to my angry stage except Mille. Mainly because he took the full brunt of it. He took every swing, every blow and never returned anything; he just held me and told me exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. He told me he loved me.

That night wasn't the first time we had been together, joined. But something was different; something had changed. It wasn't just sex anymore…that night we made love.

Falling in love changes everything. It was the happiest time in my life. And it killed me inside to know that it would end very soon.

"Someone else from the town died today"



"Mishka?!…But he only got hurt a month before me"

"I know…"

"…promise me something"


"When I'm gone…please don't follow me"

I had to do it. I needed to hear it from him. I needed to know that he wouldn't try and follow me once I was gone; because every time I though about not having him, a little piece inside of me died.

One morning I woke up and instantly felt it. I knew. This was it.

"Hey...Mil...wake up"

Mille's eyes opened slowly and a loving smile formed of his face the second he saw me. "Umm...what time is it?"

I tried unsuccessfully to return the smile. "About that time..." I said softly.

"What?" he grinned. "You want to make love now?"

I knew my eyes were sad. "I'm sorry..."

The look on his face completely changed. I could recognize fear, sadness and pain, lots of pain. "Do you want me to get someone?"

I tried hard not to cry. "Just hold me..."

The feeling of his arms around me was the best comfort I could've ever hoped for. Even if my body was numb and getting colder by the second.

I grasped one of his hands and swallowed hard as I felt myself going. My eyes closed…and I could hear a soft murmur in my ear…

I love you…

Soft lips grazed mine and I took all my remaining strength to return it. Then there was nothing, darkness…

I died.