Trilogy: Ghosts Opera pt.1


My body is burning,
sad soul crying darkest tears.
I am walking in the air,
pouring into the winds my fears.
I was a dreamer-
my home was the moon.
I was sleeping
till the ends of the noon.
No fear I had deep inside
as were walking on the sun.
Heart full of joy and life-
ever lasting fun.
Ocean blue stream of cold
chased away all those golden dreams.
In a hence of a view
myself I found in this world- so real.
Ghost and the Angel

Deep shadow's falling down
Bringing blank silence with.
Once was this the room
Where music was found.
Lake in colours of gloom
Witness the end
Of the day and light...
night had fallen- far too soon.
Boundage of forever love
Was broken then
As ghost saw truth
In the eyes of an angel.
Days passed
All eternity it seemed.
May it be that once more
Angel about music had dreamed.
Dawn hope brings back
-the melody and the angel,
just to see- to the sorrow
this ghost- the man, had died
This is me...

Only death and misery,
Pride silence took away.
Ever dreamer I meant to be-
Reality is not the word to me.
And I weep...

Golden is the dawn
Hope died tonight...
only darkness in my heart,
Sorries and despair-
This is me...