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"Party, party," Pietro hummed as he strung up a set of orange and black streamers at superspeed.

"This is gonna be great yo!" Todd beamed. "A Brotherhood party! Yes! This is gonna be the one everyone remembers!"

"Has Lance picked up any alcohol yet?" Toby asked as he came down the stairs. He fiddled with a white cravat, his long fingers flicking the ruffles of silk into place and securing them with a gold pin.

"Nice threads Toby," Todd complimented the ebony-haired youth as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Merci Monsieur," Toby smiled graciously, setting a stately hand on the banister. He was dressed in a blue 18th Century suit. It was richly brocaded with pale gold, which covered the deep sleeves and edging of the blue velvet and the cream silk wasitcoat.

"So who are you?" Todd asked, "I mean, cool costume, but you know..."

"3 clues," Toby grinned raising 3 fingers. "I'm immortal, I'm French and my most well known line would be: 'most of all I longed for death...a release from the pain of living.' "

"Ahhh, jeeze Toby," Todd scratched his head, "I ain't a movie buff like you."

"Louis!" Pietro crowed from his perch on the ladder.

"Yup!" Toby said happily, "the stately vampire himself."

"Watch your neck tonight Pietro," Todd snickered.

"Ha. Ha." Pietro snapped. "I'd keep my mouth shut if I were you 'Skywalker.' Or I might have to use the force on you."

"Yeah just try it," Todd grinned, brandishing his plastic lightsaber.

A small smile flittered over Pietro's lips and he threw the roll of cellotape at Todd's head.

"Oww!" Todd growled, rubbing his head ruefully.

"Way to ward off the dark side Luke," Pietro laughed.

"I'm going to get alcohol!!" Toby yelled, snatching up the keys to his Citroen and heading out the door. "You guys better have finished decorating by the time I come back!"

"Yes 'Sir'," Todd and Pietro mocked. Todd began to place soem jack-o-lanterns in the windows and Pietro continued sticking the streamers to the ceiling.

Freddy came in, wearing a white sheet over his head with 2 eyes cut out. He was carrying a bowl of candy.

"Cool!" Todd enthused grinning up at his large friend, "Freddy, you're a ghost!"

"I'm not a ghost; I'm a napkin," Freddy replied.

Pietro began to laugh from his ladder perch, "Oh my God! That's priceless! He's a napkin! A napkin!" Pietro rocked back and forth on the ladder top, his eyes streaming with tears he was laughing so hard. "A nap - woah!" Behind Freddy and Todd the ladder unbalanced and fell backwards, Pietro following after.

"What was that?" Lance yelped, skidding to a halt and sticking his head into the lounge.

"Pietro just fell off the ladder," Freddy answered.

"Is that all?" Lance said, flicking some of the longer strands of his hair out of his eyes, "I thought something bad had happened."

"I love you too Lance," Pietro said sarcastically.

"Why aren't you dressed up yet?" Todd asked.

"Because his costume consists of an arrow that looks like it's gone through his head," Pietro answered for Lance.

"I'm just not a massive 'dress up' fan," Lance snapped, "I feel stupid in costume. Anyway, Pietro's not in costume either."

"Puh-lease Lance," Pietro rolled his eyes, "I can dress in less than a 20th of a second. As if I would need to be dressed in costume yet."

"Who're you going to be?" Freddy asked.

"Gus Esmond from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," Pietro answered, "and Mel is going to be my lovely fiancé Lorelei Lee."

"Aww man!" Todd whined, "why didn't I think of asking her to be Princess Leia?"

"Just stupid I guess," Pietro grinned.

"Funny," Todd poked his tongue out.

"Where's Toby?" Lance asked.

"He went to get some alcohol," Freddy answered. "He said we should've finished decorating by the time he comes back."

"Please," Pietro rolled his eyes, "as if I couldn't have finished the entire thing in 10 seconds flat."

"Well here's your chance," Lance said, "I think I hear a car in the driveway."

10 seconds later

"Phew," Pietro brushed a hand over his forehead. "Now that was a streatch, even for me!"

"At least Toby won't be mad," Lance answered.

"Ahhh, yeah. If it was Toby," Todd said, looking out the window at the driveway.

"Then who....."

"Hey guys!!!" The door opened and Mel bustled in carrying a cardboard box of beer. She wore a black skirt that hugged her figure, reaching to just below her knees and matching black heels. Her top was just as tight fitting and she wore beige gloves that reached just below her elbow. About her neck was a leopard print shawl, fastened with a large diamond broach. Diamond bracelets adorned her wrists and her hair was flicked back and up like Marilyn Munroe.

"It's my darling fiancé!" Pietro teased, zipping to her side and catching her about the waist and pulling her into a dip. "Oh Lorelei how I have missed you!!!"

Mel laughed. "Well 'Gus' you'll have to get me out of this dip or I'll drop the beer."

Pietro immediately righted her and took the beer from her. "Where's your costume?" Mel asked, snatching up one of the cans from the box and opening it.

"Upstairs," Pietro replied, dumping the box onto the kitchen table and giving her a grin. "I'll be Gus before you can say 'Diamonds are a girls best friend!' "

"Alright," Mel smiled. She took a quick sip from her drink and began to recite the famous line, "Diamonds are - "

"Done!" Pietro grinned, throwing his arms wide. No longer was he dressed in his normal attire. Now he had on a dark brown Fedora, a black tie, white shirt and matching jacket and suit. Over all of this he had a long tailored jacket that reached to his knees. On his hands were pale yellow gloves and perched on his nose were thin wire frame glasses.

"Ooh you look so cute!!" Mel squealed, leaping forward and hugging Pietro, "you should wear glasses all the time!"

"Yes well, they do define my cheekbones rather nicely," Pietro laughed, toying with the glasses.

Outside Toby's dark blue Citroen DS pulled into the driveway. A few seconds later he entered the Brotherhood house, a box of beer under one arm. "There's more in the back seat....it's a bit heavy though. Freddy could you get it?"

"No problem," Freddy saluted.

"Nice ghost costume by the way," Toby called after the large mutant.

"I'm not a ghost!!!" Freddy yelled.

Toby looked at the rest of the Brotherhood and Mel. "Did I say something wrong?"

"He's a napkin," Todd and Pietro said in unison.

"So who are you Sparky?" Mel asked, looking Toby up and down as she took in the details of the 18th Century garment.

"Louis de Point du Lac," Toby answered, grinning as teh look of recognition passed over Mel's face.

"Oh how perfect!!" Mel breathed.

"What about me!!!" Todd hopped up and down, "guess who I am!!!"

"Oh Toddy, Luke Skywalker!!" Mel squealed. She turned to Lance, "and what are you Lance? Let me guess.........You're being your own evil twin."

"No, he's being Lance with an arrow through his head," Pietro piped up.

"How original," Mel laughed.

"Hey! Don't knock the arrow!" Lance snapped. "As far as you lot should be concerned, the arrow is God!"

"Shut up and help get this place sorted out," Toby said good-naturedly, "people are going to start arriving soon."

"You pass the word at your school Lorelei my sweet?" Pietro asked Mel as she lit a candle and placed it in a jack-o-latern.

Mel looked up, one gloved hand keeping her blonde hair out of the way. "Sure did! We can expect many a guest from Washburn High."

A few hours later

"Scott this is so irresponsible," Jean snapped, "you told the Professor we were going trick-or-treating with Jamie just so you could go to the Brotherhood party!"

"Jamie won't mind coming along," Scott said, glancing in the rear view mirror at the youngest X-Man, "will you Squirt?"

"Don't call me Squirt," Jamie snapped. He sat in the backseat of Scott's roadster, in a complete cowboy outfit, his face partially hidden by the brim of his hat.

"Oh come on Jamie," Kitty cooed, "it'll be like, so much fun! You'll have a total blast."

"You put Scott up to this didn't you?" Jean turned in her seat to look at Kitty, "you wanted to see Lance."

"Who me?" Kitty asked, widening her blue eyes in shock, "I would like, never do such a thing! I'm a perfect angel." She grinned and smoothed out the white dress she wore.

"Your halo's crooked Miss. Perfect," Bobby grinned.

"Ha ha devil boy," Kitty poked out her tongue as she righted the gold halo suspened above her head. "Another comment like that and I'll shove your pitchfork where the sun don't shine."

"Here we are," Scott said as he pulled onto the Brotherhood's lawn.

"I want to go trick-or-treating," Jamie piped up from the back.

"Not now," Scott answered, stepping out of the car. He looked over to where the rest of the X-Men were filing out of the X-Van. He looked over to the Brotherhood house, jack-o-laterns grinning out into the night from their window sill perches as the music pounded out onto the street. "Let's go have some fun!"

- - -

"Todd, my man!" Reggie grinned, greeting the teen with the classic black handshake, "nice crib!"

"You're a Dragon then?" Todd asked, looking at Reggie's costume questioningly. The teen had normal clothes on, apart from a long scaly tail that stuck out the back and a white shirt that said 'DRAGON' on it in big capital letters.

"Tha's right," Reggie grinned, "Puff the magic dragon."

"Sweet," Todd's grin grew wider. "Is Tai here too?"

"Ah-huh," Reggie answered, "but he be saying 'sup' to his gurl Mel 'for he starts to part-ay."

"Wanna drink?" Todd asked.

"Sho' thang Hoppy, let's get this party started!!"

- - -

"Tai!" Mel called, giving the African-American teen a quick hug, "I'm so glad you could make it."

"Wouldn't miss a party gurl, you know that!" Tai grinned, "and may I say your peep has a tight crib layed down fo' him."

"I'll tell him you said that," Mel smiled, passing her friend a drink.

- - -

"Come in, come in, come in," Pietro said, checking each guest as they came to the door. The New Yorker's mouth twisted into a wolfish grin when he saw the figure of the person he'd been waiting for come up the path.

Duncan Mathews walked up the steps of the Brotherhood house, Mindy on his arm, his cronies behind him.

"Hello Duncan," Pietro purred, as he leant easily against the door frame. "Nice night isn't it?"

"Outta my way Pietro, I'm here for the party, not to talk to you."

"Who says I invited you?" Pietro asked, widening his eyes in innocence.

"What?" Duncan's mouth opened in disbelief.

Pietro's grin widened. He was enjoying this. "I said: who said I invited you?"

"Why you little - " Duncan began.

"My house my rules," Pietro said, moving forward and pulling Mindy out of Duncan's grip. "And seeing as it's my rules I think I'll just take your lovely lady and send you and your buddies away. No offence. It's just," he paused, "old scores have to be settled Duncan. Remember New Years?"

"But I let you in in the end!" Duncan pleaded.

"Yeah.........." Pietro said. He wrapped an arm around Mindy's waist and pulled her closer. Mindy, easily swayed, leaned against Pietro and cast a nasty look at Duncan. Pietro nuzzled her neck and whispered something in her ear. Mindy giggled. He turned back to Duncan, who was fuming. "You did let us in, but you always hide the good alcohol, and, well, the girls would complain if I let such a beast in." He shrugged. "Have a nice night on the street Duncan. Maybe you could go trick-or-treating! The old lady down the street might think you're cute enough to give a packet of dried fruit too." He wiggled his fingers. "Bye now."

"Hey!" Duncan growled, "I'm coming in Maximoff, whether you want me to or not!"

"Ah, you see, no. You're not," Pietro held up a finger and glared at the jock.

Duncan came forward and shoved his face into Pietro's. "I said I'm coming in Maximoff."

"And I said you aren't!" Pietro snapped back. He turned his head and called over his shoulder. "JARED!!!"

Mel's friend Jared, came up, grinning wide. His teeth were white against his dark skin as he smacked a gloved fist into his palm. "This white boy giving yo' shit Pietro?" Jared asked. He raised an eyebrow at Duncan. Duncan took in the teen's sturdy frame, and his friends behind him, and gulped.

"Yo' say something boy?" Jared growled.

"No!" Duncan answered quickly.

"Oh so now yo' being a smart ass!" Jared said, tossing his head.

"No honestly!" Duncan said, holding up his hands in protest, "I'd never piss you off! You're black!"

Wrong move.

Jared's brown eyes widened and his mouth set in a firm line. "What'chu say to me? What'chu say to me!?! Oh you are going down white boy! I'm gonna smack yo' so hard you're momma will feel it!!"

"Coming inside Mindy darling?" Pietro asked, leading the cheerleader inside. Behind him Jared was advancing on Duncan, his friends behind him.

- - -

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