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"You, you.....Jean how could you!?!" Scott cried, his hands clenching into fists beside his legs as he stood in front of the red head in stunned belief.

"Scott, I........" Jean stopped, a scowl coming over her face, "actually, why should I apologize? It's not like we're going out! You just hang around and play puppy dog and to tell you the truth I'm getting sick of it!"

"Yeah, dats ri," Jared grinned, "you tell him shorty."

"Hey back off!" Scott growled, "this is between me and Jean."

"Whatchu say ta me?" Jared said, raising his eyebrows.

"I said: BACK OFF!"

"Oh I know whatchu said son!" Jared's voice was rising, "butchu has gotta be crazy or sumthang boi cos don't nobody speak ta me wit dat shit!" He stepped forward menacingly.

Scott gulped but kept his resolve. "Look, Jean is my girlfriend - "

"I am not!"

" - Friend, girlfriend; same thing. I just need to talk to her. Alone."

"Whateva you got ta say you can say ri here white boy," Jared snapped.

"Look 'dude'," Scott growled, "I said: Alone."

"Ayo you tryin' ta disrespect mah brotha?" Tai stepped in, shoving Scott in the chest, "cos if you be trippin' on me and mah boi I ain't gon be happy. You feelin' me white trash?"

Scott gulped at the forefront of the sudden hostility. "Hey, hey, I didn't mean to make you angry," he said, hands up as if to activate an invisible barrier.

"Dang, too late fo' that," Tai grinned nastily. He moved closer, edging into Scott personal space.

"Hey," Jean's voice, was hesitant, worried. "What are you doing? Leave him alone!"

"Yeah!" Rogue snapped, joining in. "You ain't got no right ta be treating him like that!" She pushed forwards, getting between Tai and Scott, her eyes flashing under the brim of her witch's hat.

"Don't be getting into this gurl," Tai spoke calmly, smiling at the Southern girl soothingly. "I ain't gon let sum white boi..........prep disrespect mah peep."

"And ah can't let ya be horrible to mah friends," Rogue answered. She looked over her shoulder at Scott and smiled. "We stick togethah."

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww," the coo came from outside the circle, and seconds later Pietro pushed forward into the circle, another bottle of beer in his hand. "Thash cute Rogue. Itsh a pity Summersh here ishn't intereshted in you." He fell forward, wrapping an arm around both Tai and Rogue. "Now........you two," he paused and with a clumsy finger included Scott and Jared in his next few sentances. "And you. No more fighting. Thish..........thish iz my party, in my houze and I want everyone to be," he paused again to draw a smiley face in the air above Rouge's lips, "happy."

He turned to Jean then, letting go of Rogue and Tai's shoulders. "And you! Shtop being a shlut! Yerr worze than Rozalin - Mindy! Worze than Mindy! Sho go back to....where ever it iz that you came from and take.........take.....what waz I saying?" He turned to Tai, spreading his arms wide as he asked the question.

Tai laughed, the grin spreading easily over his face. "Iono Pietro; but boi you definitely wasted."

"Thank you Tai," Pietro drawled, giving a clumsy bow and almost spilling his beer down a cheerleader's top as he flung an arm wide. "I like yerrr shoesh too."

Tai's grin got bigger. "Gimme sum o' whatchu got P.Diddy."

"P.Diddy?" Pietro blinked, confused. "Where?"

"You a riot Pietro!" Tai said, snatching the bottle of beer from his hands.

"Hey!" Pietro whined, reaching for the bottle, "get yer own! I had to strip fer that!"

"Ewwww!" Jean wrinkled her nose.

"Hey you know he's hot!" snapped another girl in the circle.

Tai took a swig of the beer and passed it back, much to the disgruntled speedster's relief.

"C'mon J, there be plenty of fine hunniez fo' us to entertain."

"Holla at a playa Red," Jared flashed a smile, giving Jean a wink he knew Scott saw.

"What does that even mean!?!" Scott yelled.

In answer the two teens ignored the senior, Tai purposely bumping Scott as he passed out of the circle.

"My bad," he smirked. Scott said nothing. "You comin' Pietro!?" Tai called over.

"Yup," Pietro answered, waving a hand and smiling loosely, "you guyz enjoy the party. Member kidz, nooo fighting...biting? Err the firsht one." He stumbled after Tai, stopping as he came up beside Rogue.

"Hullo purrrrty Rogueeee. Wanna come along?" His grin got wider and he moved closer to her, his hands slipping over her hips and resting on her butt, He nuzzled her hair.

Rogue slapped him away with a gloved hand, glaring at the New Yorker angrily. "What are ya doing Pietro?"

"Oops, forgot. No touching. Bad hands." He made a mock play snap at her earlobe, purring throatily.

"Pietro stay away from mah," Rogue said, genuinely frightened that in his drunken state the speedster would come in contact with her bare skin. 'Ah mean it Maximoff!"

"Ssssorry," Pietro hiccuped, stepping away. "I no do it anymore. Scoutz honour." He made a mock salute and almost fell backwards. "What about you Red? Wan some Petey sugah?"

"No," Jean sniffed.

"Oh right," Pietro nodded. "That thing....howz it go?"

"Once you go black you nevah go back!" Jared whooped from where he stood.

"Yeah!" Pietro nodded, "thatsh the one."


"Huwhaza?" Pietro turned, looking for the source of the shout. Then, "offf!" as Lila hit him in full flight.

"Oh Petey," she moaned, snuggling closer to him, burying her face in his chest. "I was like, so scared. Todd told me Jean could like, read my mind and then he and Reggie like, went off and left me all alone and I couldn't find my tinfoil and I am just so glad I found you sweetie!"

"There's a freshman limpet on mee-hee-heee," Pietro wailed, flailing at her limply.

"Oh I knew you would so totally understand," Lila smiled. "I was so scared Jean was gonna like, get me and OH MY GOD! LIKE, THERE SHE IS!" Lila screamed, leaping at Pietro and hanging onto his neck, expecting the New Yorker to sweep her into his arms and comfort her. "Petey save me!"

"NO!" Pietro yelled, "you let go of me you, you...." He searched his drunken mind for an insult of the right magnitude required. "You............BLOWEN!"

"Like, don't be silly Petey, blowen isn't a word. But like, thanks for trying to make me feel better."

"Oh god," Jean rolled her eyes, muttering under her breath.

"Don't you read my mind!" Lila yelped, covering her head with her hands. "Nuh uh like, nooooooooo way!"

"Don't be stupid Lila," Jean snapped, "Todd's been lying to you. And obviously given you something to impair your judgement of sane comments."

"HOW DID YOU KNOW!?!" Lila cried, her brown eyes widening, "YOU LIKE, ARE TOTALLY LYING TO ME YOU SO CAN READ MINDS!"

"No I can't!" Jean yelled, her eyebrows knitting together in frustration, "that was an educated guess!"

"Liar," Lila sniffed, hugging the distraught Pietro tighter, "you can. I like, totally know it." Her eyes widened suddenly and she screamed, "GET OUT!" before snatching the waistcoat Pietro wore for his costume over her head.

"GET OUT!" Pietro echoed, panicking.

"GET OUT!" Lila repeated at Jean, her voice muffled.

Pietro in turn began to giggle hysterically, swatting at Lila as he gasped out, "shtop it! Get out of there! OUT! Dirrrrrrty Kitty-friend! Ashhhi - StopItStopItStopItStopItStopIt!"

"Daymn!" Jared grinned, "that boi attracts the hunniez like nothang I eva seen."

"NO!" Pietro squeaked, shoving at Lila "that'sh private property! Shtay away! No toucheey I refuse to impugn my honour I WOAH!! BACK OFF SHORTY!!" He gave Lila a sudden shove that sent her sprawling. The speedster took a step backwards, strands of his ivory hair about his sapphire eyes.

"What?" Lila asked innocently, blinking her large brown eyes.

"That, waz a no no," Pietro snapped, shaking a finger at the freshman.

"Dang!" Tai wrinkled his nose, "that gurl's all kindz a'freaky."

"You know what," Pietro said, stabbing a finger at her. "And you don't even go there without my permission."

"Like, sorry Petey," Lila whimpered, hanging her head and gazing up at him, suitably chastised. She flashed an evil look in Jean's direction, a smile playing on her lips. "She made me do it."

"What!?!" Jean gaped. "Liar!"

"You're the liar!" Lila cried, her eyes wide as her bottom lip trembled. "Petey I'm like, so telling the truth! You believe me don't you?"

"No you don't!" Jean yelled, turning on the speedster. "You believe me!"

"STOP LIKE, BRAIN MESSING HIM!" Lila yelled at Jean.

Pietro backed away from the two furious woman, easing up to Tai and Jared. "Letz get outta here," he hissed into the African-American teen's ear, "while they're still distracted!"

"Sho thang Pietro," Tai whispered back. Together the three teens left the circle.

- - -

Toby rubbed his temples experimentally. They still throbbed, leaving a nasty blur to his vision which did not help his temper in the slightest. Toby, after being assaulted by Mindy, was suitably pissed off. He stalked back inside the Brotherhood house, ignoring the pull on he received on his frock coat by a plain looking girl who was clearly desperate to gain his attention. When he didn't turn around to her tug she followed his, jerking the sleeve with renewed vigour.

"WHAT!?!" Toby snapped, whirling on her, his ice blue eyes flashing.

"Hi Toby!" she squeaked, grinning to bare pink braces. Her rosy cheeks made her eager eyes sparkle beneath her short fringe.

"Hello.............." Toby raised an eyebrow. 'Am I supposed to know who she is?' he wondered. The girl giggled and blushed under his intense gaze. Finally he asked, as kindly as possible, "ah, sorry to sound rude but....who are you?"

"My name's Charlotte." Her reply was squeaked once more, and her cheeks deepened from red to crimson. "Oh my god I love you!"

Toby raised an eyebrow, completely weirded out. "O....kay."

"No really!" she chirruped, almost bouncing where she stood. "Oh my god my friends would be so jealous if they could see me right now!"
"Ah ha. Okay." Toby was completely lost for words. Fortunately, it was at that moment that Pietro, Tai and Jared came up. Well Tai and Jared did. Pietro's walk was better described as a swinging gate.

"Terrrberr!" Pietro called out, adopting a bizarre accent to go with his newly discovered nickname for the teen. "Howz it going?" He wrapped an arm around Toby's slender shoulders to steady himself.

"Oh. My. God," Charlotte squealed. "Pietro too!? I am so in heaven right now."

"Who'sh yerr squeaky friend?" Pietro blinked, peering at the girl. "Oh, my bad. There'sh two of you. No wait....one again. Damn it gurrrrrl shtop moving!"

"Yo Petey! We gon get sum drinkz boi! Holla."

"Laterz," Pietro waved, "try the top cupboard. Thersh rum at tha back. Unlesh fuck jocks got it. Bastardsh." He turned his attention back to Toby. "Sho. Toby, werez Mindy?" At this the speedster gave a knowing grin, thumbing his nose at Charlotte. "She told me beforrrr that she waz gonna fuck him tonight, but shhhhhhhhhh, no telling. Mumz the word....." He stopped and gave a quizzical look at his thumb. "Heeeeeeey. Why do peoplesh thumb there noshes when they shay that?"

"She said that?" Charlotte's face was no longer cheerful looking. It had taken on a wounded look.

"Yerrp," Pietro grinned, still holding onto Toby's shoulders, "but - "

"Pietro will you shut up about Mindy!?!" Toby hissed, elbowing the speedster hard in the ribs.

"No! You don't know about that! Mumz the word."

"I...I have to go," Charlotte said softly, stepping away from the two teens quickly.

"Don't take it perrshonally!" Pietro called after her.

"Was that absolutely necessary?" Toby growled.

"I waz shaving you!" Pietro protested, "from yer geeky admirer. You know, she haz the worsht popularity poll in the hishtory of Bayville High?"

"That's no reason to be horrid."

"Yez it iz," Pietro answered, leaning more heavily against Toby. His head fell onto Toby's shoulder, ivory hair tickling the ebony-haired boy's jaw. Toby gulped, feeling that warm flush creep up and down his spine.

"Pietro, please get off me," he whispered, pleading rather than demanding.

"No. I like it here," Pietro yawned, his hand grasping Toby's opposite shoulder tighter as he almost lost his balance. Toby could smell his cologne and it wasn't helping. "Sho, did Mindy get you?" Pietro asked. He said the question so naturally it was as if his brain had found a connection in the conversation.

"I'm not talking to you about that," Toby breathed, feeling his knees weaken.

"That'sh a yesh. It'sh okay. I know the only pershon here you wanna fuck iz me." At this he gave a nasty grin Toby only just caught out of the corner of his eye.

"Shut. Up!" Toby hissed, panicked. He cast a quick glance around the room, ensuring that no one had heard the speedster.

"Ooooooo touchy subject," Pietro murmured. He yawned again, clutching at Toby for balance. "I....I think I'm going to shleep....."

Toby felt the sudden drag across his shoulders as the speedster collapsed. "Pietro!?!" he said, "you awake?"

"Quiet loverr boy! Can't you shee I'mmmmmmshleeping?" Pietro snapped.

Toby cast a glance up. A small crowd was gathering now, people eyeing the crumpled Pietro in dumbfounded astonishment. "Get up Pietro," Toby said, tugging at the New Yorker. "If you want to sleep that's fine but you can't do it here."

"Mmm?" Pietro mumbled, curling into a ball at Toby's feet.

"Look, get up and you can have some candy," Toby wheedled, tugging once more at Pietro's shirt.

"Candy?" Pietro said, opening one brilliantly blue eye.

"Yes," Toby smiled, "lots of candy. And more beer!"

"Okay," Pietro yawned, allowing himself to be pulled to his feet. "Yerr a good babysitter Tobes."

"Don't mention it," Toby sighed, suddenly feeling the weight of his own lethargy behind his pounding temples.

- - -

"Yo yo yo ladiez! What is up!?!" Todd said, wrapping an arm around a Washburn High girl.

"Nothang," the girl smiled, pleasantly.

"Waddup Chaz," Reggie said, flopping down onto the couch beside the other girl.

"Where you been boi?" Charlene asked, "I've been looking fo' you all night. Who'z yer friend?"

"Todd. Todd these bangin' ladies be mah gurl Charlene and her fine as sistah, Dana."

Todd gave an enormous grin, placing an arm around Dana's shoulder, wiggling his eyebrows. "Hey," he said.

Dana laughed, but she didn't move away. For Todd that was love at first sight.

- - -

"I don't want to go!" Jamie wailed as Jean dragged him out of the house.

"Well we're going!" Jean snapped, tugging him over the doorstep with some difficulty.

"Scott I can't believe you did that!" Kitty's indignant voice floated over the lawn as the senior led her to the X-Van.

"Hey Summers come back here you wanker!" Lance's voice was coloured with anger as he stalked menacingly over the lawn.

"No!" Scott yelled over his shoulder, "your mike out session is over Alvers, I'm taking Kitty home."

"I said come back here!" Lance yelled. A mild tremor shook the ground around Scott and Kitty as the ground shaker's temper got the better of him.

"Jamie. Come. On!" Jean gasped, tugging at Jamie hard. The youngest X-Man had attached himself to the Brotherhood's doorframe and was now hanging at a horizontal angle as Jean tried to extract him from the house.

"I don't want to go with you!" Jamie yelled back. "YOU'RE A STUPIDHEAD!"

"Jamie be reasonable! It's time for you to come home. The Profes - "

"POOPHEAD! STINKYMEANBUM! I HATE YOU!" Jamie shouted at the top of his voice.

"Yeah you tell her!" Freddy grinned.

"Shut up Fred," Jean hissed between clenched teeth.

"No." Freddy smirked. "You're just a stupidhead."

"Scott like, let go!" Kitty growled, phasing her hand out of Scott's grip. She ran back to Lance, turning back to scowl at Scott once she was safe in his arms.

"Fine!" Scott snapped. "Go with that delinquent. We're going home. You can find your own way back."

"She can stay here," Lance said, hugging Kitty tighter.

"I swear Alvers if you do anything to her....."

"Save it Summers," Lance said, cutting him off. "Go run back home. Make sure you use something real good on that injured pride of yours."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHATE YOU!!!" Jamie screamed, kicking and pounding at Jean's back as she dumped him unceremoniously into the back of the van along with the other X-Men.

"Hurry up Scott," Jean snapped at the senior.

"You're lucky I have to go now Alvers or I'd pound you good and proper."

"HURRY. UP!" Jean yelled, slamming the door with way more force than was necessary.

"Woohpish!" Lance smirked, making a whipping motion as Scott turned on his heels and jogged quickly to the car.

"I heard that Alvers!" Scott yelled over his shoulder.

"Oh no. I wouldn't have wanted that to happen," Lance quipped sarcastically. He turned to Kitty, "you wanna come inside Pretty-Kitty?"

"Sure," Kitty smiled, leaning her head against his chest.

That morning

"Oooh, my head," Pietro moaned, blinking his eyes painfully. He closed them again for a while before re-opening them. He glanced downwards and got the biggest shock of his life. Toby lay beside him, fast asleep, his head resting on his chest, one delicate hand lying slack beside him. "Aaaaaaaaaaaah!" Pietro yelled, shoving the fire creating mutant off him with one quick shove.

"Whazzah!?!" Toby yelped, startled. Then "owwww. My heeeead."

"Why are you here!?!" Pietro cried, his eyes wide. "I wasn't that drunk was I? Please god tell me I wasn't that drunk."

"Quiet please!" Toby moaned, rubbing his head. "You wanted to sleep so I took you to your room. I wanted to sleep too so - "

"So you just took a liberty with me!?!" Pietro wailed. He winced at the volume of his own voice, nursing his head.

"Ouch! No! I went to my room but someone had unlocked it and got in. And they weren't sleeping. So I came back and slept here."

"Ooooh, violation," Pietro moaned, rocking back and forth slowly.

"If you want it to be," Toby dismissed him and pulled the blankets over himself. He snuggled deeper into Pietro's pillows, closing his eyes. He yawned. "Wake me up when it's Monday."

"Ugh," Pietro groaned, small explosions popping behind his eyes. He felt ill. "Just letting you know that the reason I'm still here is because it feels like someone smacked me with 3 mallets," he said, tugging at the duvet and rolling over. "Now stop hogging all the blankets."

"Sorry 'Dear,' " Toby mocked sleepily.

"When this hangover is gone I'm clobbering you fairy boy."

"You wish."

And so another successful Brotherhood Party past.

- - -

That's it! Finished. Hope you liked it people. Ciao for now, Becs.