Vanessa's time on GH was a waste, well never a total waste because I had a reason to watch for a few months. They failed at her departure, a million of different things I would have been pleased with, but not what they gave me (okay it wasn't horrible, but I wanted MORE). Here's one of my thoughts..

~~~Seeing Her Face~~~

"Brenda" his voice calls to her, dragging her out of the trenches of her mind, where she was trapped by all of her failings.

She turns to him and raises her chin up as she smiles, looking deep into his eyes. She appears to be an angel in that instant as her brown locks tumble back and her face is bathed in the sunlight. She is eighteen all over again, that young girl he'd been unable to stay away from is now a woman before him and she had grown into even more amazing person than he had ever believed possible.

She'd had known he was coming, but that didn't mean that she wasn't surprised to see him "Sonny" she shakes her head, I things were never over/I not even when he said they were.

He slows his gait as he took his final steps to her, "I bet you're wondering why I'm here."

"I don't care why, the point is you are."

He wishes more than anything in that moment that he could get on the plane with her, that they could run away from here. He couldn't though, he couldn't do that to Carly and Michael, he couldn't expose them to that danger and he couldn't be the one to kill Brenda when he'd spent so much of his life trying to keep her safe. "You left behind some things."

She wonders for a moment if he is going to say 'your heart,' but then out of his pocket emerged priceless memories she'd once flung away. "My jewelry" tears glisten in her eyes as she saw the bracelet and the two rings resting in Sonny's palm.

"I didn't want you to go without them. You can keep them with you now Brenda, you can keep your memories hidden or displayed for the world to see. It's up to you."

She picks up the tennis bracelet and lets it catch the suns rays "No more hiding pictures in jewelry boxes." She looks up from the bracelet and back at Sonny, "I never needed those pictures though, I didn't need to see your face to remember. I don't need this, I won't ever forget those years, I won't ever forget how we taught each other to love. If it wasn't for you I would have crashed and burned years ago."

He smiles at her "I wouldn't have lived a year past the day you met me. You saved my life over and over again."

"We were good for each other despite what everyone else thought."

He nods in agreements, "We were the best."

"Everything has to end though."

"I could get on that plane with you, Baby. I just meant to come out here and give you those things, make my peace with your leaving. I don't know if I can though. I'm not ready for you to be gone again. I can't face that, I can't live with it on a daily basis that you aren't by my side."

He moves forward and cups her face with his hands and brushes away her tears. She let the tears flow escape and she chokes out a sob "That's the first time in over five years that you've called me anything but my name."

"Oh god baby, I'm sorry. I had to keep you safe though. I couldn't let anyone hurt you, if I kept you alive, it meant you had the chance of being happy again. I didn't know how I would survive losing you."

She looks back up, into the reflection of her own tear soaked eyes "You did though. You survived."

"Carly had to pull me through more than a few times."

Her hand raises up to his cheek "She's good for you. She keeps your life interesting, just enough drama so you don't kill her."

His smile is so pure it reaches down into her bones "Drama was one thing I was certainly used to."

"You loved every moment of it."

He smiles once more "You'd get so riled up, we both would, we were too passionate."

"There's no such thing." she shakes her head and looking into his eyes she tells him "Go back to your wife Sonny."

"I don't want you to be gone."

"I won't be" She lifts her hand to his chest "I'm in there, always. Just like you're always with me."

He leans forward and kisses her forehead, he clasps the hand that contained her jewelry with hers and whispers "You better go now."

She pulls back taking her things with her "You're going to be okay Sonny, you're going to be happy and you will always have my love, don't forget that."

"I love you" he calls out after her and she smiles as she boards the plane. As her back retreated into the plane and disappeared from his sight, he fought the urge to chase after her. Instead he whispered one last time "I love you."