Epilogue 6 years in the future

"Michael!" the chubby little girl with the mess of curls that obscured her face screamed when her cousin ran faster than her little legs could carry her.

He laughed as he fell to their grandfather's side petting Annabelle. She wasn't too active, but she loved to be stroked for hours and the kids had no problem complying.

"Michael" his grandfather lightly scolded "You know she can't keep up with you. Come here my sweet"

She climbed up into her grandpa's lap "He left me" she said with a scowl

Her grandpa laughed and hugged her tight, tears glistened in his eyes as he pressed his lips into her mess of curls. Loving his granddaughter as much as she did and then loving her even more because she was exactly like her namesake "Michael didn't mean to Brenda."

"Mikey" Reginald called as he appeared in the doorway "Your dad's here to get you."

"I don't wanna go yet" Michael whined as Sonny appeared in the doorway.

"Why don't you sit down and have a glass of iced tea that Reginald just brought us and let the kids finish playing?" Edward said being uncharacteristically nice.

"Thanks Edward" he said moving into the room, ignoring the iced tea and instead scrunching down to the floor when Brenda had joined Michael, he too began to pet Annabelle.

Edward watched Sonny interact with the children and wondered for the millionth time if he should reveal that he'd known for years that Brenda wasn't Ned's biological child, but that he didn't care. He'd fallen in love with her and not her DNA the moment he'd seen her. But he refrained. Life was fine how it was with Alexis and Ned married and new parents of his great grandson Matthew. Michael came to visit at least twice a week since AJ had moved to Philadelphia over four years ago. His life was almost perfect...If only Lila were still around to see he and Sonny getting along for the sake of these two perfect little children. Tears glistened as dropped an arm to pet Annabelle, never taking his eyes off of Brenda as she hugged Michael forgiving him for leaving her.