The Death Of A Star


Death was close; it was pulling him down with its lean, gangly arms. His legs were aching so much. Regulus accepted his fate and closed his eyes.

Then suddenly, the direction of the motion changed. He was being pulled up instead of down and it was nothing less than a miracle.

He blacked out.


His head was spinning when he woke up. The first thing that he saw clearly was Kreacher hovering over him, looking at him with those big eyes of his.

So...somehow, he was alive?

"Master told Kreacher to go back, but Master never said that Kreacher couldn't come back."

Regulus Black smiled for the first time in a long while.

"Thank you, Kreacher, for saving my life."

"Please don't thank Kreacher, Master. It was Kreacher's duty."

"Whatever you say, old guy."

He tried sitting up, but his spine failed him and the elf gently lowered him back on the bed. Now that Regulus was awake, his eyes took in his surroundings. The walls had a coat of faded blue paint and there were cracks in the ceiling. It was certainly not his room.

"Where are we right now, Kreacher?"

"The Leaky Cauldron. Tom let me in when he saw your state, Master."


His legs were burning so he pulled up his torn pants and lifted his right leg up in the air to see the cause of his pain. What he saw, horrifed both of them.

His legs were covered with numerous marks.

Bite marks.

The Inferi from the lake had bit him.

He quickly saw his other leg and it had the same marks.

"Kreacher is a fool! Kreacher didn't heal Master!"

After uttering this statement, the elf began to pound his head on the wall.

"Kreacher, stop at once!"

That didn't stop him.

"It's okay! I knew I was going to die, anyway. Instead of drowning, these bites are going to poison me, so I have one last order. Destroy the locket I gave you. Do this one last thing for me. Never tell about this to anyone. Remember me, Kreacher. Please...remember..."

His breath hitched at that moment and he was gone.



They fought valiantly against the Dark Lord and treachery that day, standing proudly by Harry Potter's side. Kreacher sure remembered his master.

"Fight, fight for my master, the defender of the House elves. Fight the Dark Lord, in the name of brave Regulus! Fight!"