"Severus, why have you been avoiding me?" Hermione asked sitting down beside Severus who she found reading in the back corners of the library.

"I haven't, I've just been busy." He stated not even looking up from the potions book in his hand.

"Then why did you turn around and walk the other way when you saw Lily and I walking down the corridor yesterday?"

"I don't know what you are talking about!" He sneered finally looking into her eyes.

She held up her hands as if in surrender.

"We both saw you. You practically ran."

"I do not run." Hermione snorted tugging the book from Severus's hands.

"Well from my perspective you moved so fast I could have sworn Dementors were chasing you."

"I do not have to justify my actions to you," he snapped. Hermione sighed reaching out to take his hand but Severus jerked away as if burned.

"Sev, talk to me. What is going on with you?" She whispered looking down at her lap. "Please."

"I can't, there is nothing you can do." Severus stated firmly standing up from the chair he had been sitting in. "There is nothing I can do."

Hermione stood up quickly, grabbing him by the shoulders and twisting him around to face her. She squeezed her eyes tight as the beginnings of a vision swept through her. Hermione had not had a vision for a long time and her vision swam as she opened her eyes, unseeing.

"Severus, if you make this choice, you will live to regret it. You think it is your only option, but it is in fact the only option that will destroy you completely. If you pull back now, if you give in, she will dieā€¦so many will. And when she dies, you will never forgive yourself, no matter what you do."

Hermione choked as her vision finally came into focus. She blinked finally looking up into Severus's wide eyes.

"Please Severus." She finally whispered. Severus stepped back from Hermione before turning around and quickly leaving the library.

A few tears leaked from Hermione's eyes and she hastily brushed them away. She sat down in the chair Severus had recently vacated and buried her face in her hands, Severus's forgotten book resting in her lap.

"Lily, what are we going to do. He is pulling away from us!" Hermione cried pacing the empty corridor.

"I can't believe he would choose them over us." Lily spoke lowly. "I grew up with him, we were best friends. He is the one who first told me I was a witch. The first person to truly accept me as such."

"We have to make him see reason! He will destroy himself if he goes down this path!" Hermione ran frustrated hands through her hair, gripping the strands tight in frustration.

Lily sighed leaning back against the stone wall and closing her eyes. She opened them a few seconds later, her eyes taking on a determined look.

"Mione, sometimes we have to let people make their own mistakes."

Hermione growled low.

"But I can't just sit back and let him ruin his life. I cannot let him go down this path when I know how it ends!"

"I think we have to, I think this is something he has to do on his own. You know how he is! He never listens to what other people say. If Severus is going to make the right choice, it has to be just that, his choice." Lily stated, and Hermione finally realized how truly brilliant the young fiery-haired girl was.

Hermione sighed finally admitting defeat.

"I just wish he would listen to me Lils."

"I know Mione, but we can't make people listen, as much as we wish we could."

Lily walked over to Hermione wrapping her arm around the young girls' shoulders and they walked down the corridor heading towards Gryffindor common room.

Hermione stormed through the portrait hole leading into the common room, Lily right on her heels. Her hair sparked as if alive with her emotions. Her eyes settled on the young soon to be Marauders lounging on the various couches spread out around the fire.

"Promise me you will leave Severus alone. No matter what, promise me!"

James and Sirius looked at each other in confusion.

"Why? What did he do?" James asked in suspicion, standing up ready to defend his sister and his precious Lily at a moment's notice.

"No, sit down James Potter! He hasn't done anything, not yet. Just promise me!"

When no one responded, Hermione huffed in frustration, throwing herself onto the couch beside Remus.

"James. Sirius. No bullying, no snide remarks, nothing. Promise me!"

A few moments passed before they responded.


"Oi! What about me?" Remus asks.

"I'm not worried about you Remus, if they behave, so will you."

Remus looked unappeased but kept his mouth closed anyways, knowing that out of the three of them, he was the one least likely to cause trouble.

"I am going to find Fab and Gid." Hermione stated rising from the sofa and stalking towards the staircase leading up towards the boy's dormitories.

Two sets of eyes, one a silvery-grey and the other a blue-green, followed the young witch as she left the room.