Recurrent Dream.


"Love isn't anything more than a temporal lapse in judgement." That was what I heard her said that one time. Somehow, it gave me the impression that she wasn't bluffing, after all, I had never heard anybody that could speak her words with such seriousness. She never jokes, never says something randomly. She then topped it off with, "I have even felt that urge, after all, I'm a young and healthy girl. My body has needs." I don't doubt it for a moment, although, to be quite honest, I couldn't care less.

That's what I thought at least, until that fateful day. Though I'm exaggerating, it can't be that bad. Who am I kidding? Try to put yourself in my shoes for a moment, dear reader, I have a reputation to defend.

Before I could notice, I cursed the global warming once again for forcing destiny upon us sooner than later. At this pace, it won't be necessary another tantrum from Haruhi to finish the world. This winter was truly violent and having to climb the hill to the high school at lower than two degrees Celsius made me walk even more hunched of what I'm used to. There, our personal goddess, nowhere to be seen. She can make super natural humans appear and monstrous in closed space, but she apparently can't make the weather more peaceful. Her common sense must be worth millions. New definitely and never used once.

With such negative feelings in my mind I arrived at my classroom where I found my bossy brigade chief already set in her seat right behind mine. Just like me, she wore every possible piece of clothing to appease the cold. When she saw me crossing the classroom, she stood up from her desk without so much eagerness and turned to where I was coming from.

"It's cold!" She exclaimed while she rubbed her hands that were covered with some thick wool gloves.

"Really? I didn't notice." I answered, particularly putting emphasis on the sarcasm of my response while I walked closer to her.

"There's no need to be so rude." She said irritated and then ordered, "Hug me!"

No. There's no way, it doesn't exist a power in this world that can oblige me to something like this. I prefer taking my clothes off and go walk around the school yard butt naked before doing such a thing. What you just read is, of course, the response that she was expecting after her request, but lately I've noticed that the best way to beat her at her own game is doing the opposite of what she expects. That way, against all odds, without even bothering to give her a verbal answer I leaped onto her and I tightened her up just the way she had requested.

The impact of my adventurous game was such, that it took some seconds before she reacted. I don't want to be presumptuous by interpreting her behavior but it seemed to me that she debated for a moment whether to reciprocate the hug or not. Finally, she opted for not doing it and she pushed me off her, however, I doubt it was because she wanted to, but rather the issue was that we were in a classroom full of people, and even though everybody was busy with their own business, more than one witnessed our little pantomime and smiled with an expression of "I knew it" on their face.

Some minutes later I started to feel a little guilty from my actions. By now, Haruhi must've pocked me at least three times with her pen just to say something stupid, however, she hasn't done it so far today. I think I went too far. I made the conscious decision to later apologize and to promise to never to do it again. Come on, it wasn't that bad. In fact, it was very nice, at least for me, after all, she is a very attractive young girl and it was very comforting seeing her confusion. Any expression that differs from her usual irritated face suits her incredibly well, and in spite of the almost twenty centimeters of clothing between us, I could still feel the athletic slenderness of her little body. What? Ok, forget I said that.

I must admit that I got worried about Haruhi's lack of usual movement during the day, in fact, I started to worry she was mad at me. Although now that I think about it, that's probably for the best. And just when I started to go over this thought, the ring went off announcing the end of class.

"Let's go!" She said completely recovered. I suppose that at the end it wasn't such a big deal.

The rest of the afternoon went by without a hitch. Nothing to do in the club room besides trying to stay warm by drinking Asahina's tea, and make fools out of ourselves playing some board game, while the brigade leader looked indifferently at the computer's screen. Maybe it was only my imagination, but she shot fleeting glances at me every now and then. No, of course no, that would be ridiculous. The day ended and we all went home.

"Damn, it's cold!" I said out loud while I looked for the blankets that I was using to cover myself just a few seconds ago. I stretched my hand without opening my eyes to grab them, but I could only pull some frozen leaves from the grass. Did I say grass? Fuck, not again.

Resigned, I opened my eyes to find myself with what I feared. One more time the school in the middle of the night. Another fucking closed space. But this one was different. The sky, although gray and dark as always, gave the impression of being constantly revolving. The temperature was the same that we had throughout the day and in fact there was some sleet falling. Damn it! I'm only wearing my pajamas! I will die from hypothermia if I stay on the yard! Without having a very clear idea of what was going on, I walked to the club room. If this closed space was like the one from last time, the building would have electricity and the stove would help me go through the night. This time it is just me here.

It was useless to run. I reached the club room completely soaked and knowing it was just me I opened the door. I was wrong, I wasn't alone.

"What are you doing here?" Questioned a shivering Haruhi, kneeling next to the small electric stove. "Don't tell me that this is the same stupid dream again."

"Well you have an incredible imagination." I responded. "This dream's being is being killed by the cold."

"Well, it doesn't matter, help me with this." She said while pointing to the now very abundant Asahina's cloth repertoire on the coat rack. "If we set it in a corner, we can maintain the heat from the stove."

Only at that moment I noticed that she was also only wearing her pajamas. Damn it, I shouldn't have noticed… it's just a two-matching set, underwear and bra, both are yellow. I should look another way. Concentrate on the clothes that you need to move and not on the torturing images that are forming in your mind. Her shoulders look so delicate. Shit, look straight ahead! Just as I thought, her back is perfect. I hadn't seen this much of her skin since the pool. What the hell, leave it alone! Once again, I turned to the coat rack to take the last piece of clothing. Haruhi set the clothes on the floor behind me. Dear God! The curvature that forms between her waist and her hips gives me vertigo. This girl loves to run around everywhere and has an enormous physical endurance. I wonder how firm her…

"What are you looking at?" She asked suddenly. I was so concentrated admiring the perfection of her figure that I completely forgot that she had a face, now injected with a trembling shame that I have never seen on her, and she crossed her arms in front of her chest. If the cold had the effect that we all know, right this second... Fuck, stop thinking like a pig, brain! You aren't like that!

I shook my head and closed my eyes, turning my back to her.

"Forgive me, this is very strange." I said with honesty. Ashamed, I kept the frog's head from the costume with me. The image that kept burning my sight had provoked a physical reaction in me and I had to hide it, I feel very stupid. "You are so beautiful." Why the fuck did I say that?


"Do you really believe so?" I didn't expect that she would respond like this. I didn't even expect her to respond at all.

"Of course." I replied without daring looking at her again.

"Can I tell you something?" She asked, convinced only half way. "At the end, it doesn't matter that this is a dream, but I will feel good if I can at least tell you here."

"Yeah." I responded, still without turning around. She thinks she is dreaming.

"Today, the real you did something weird at school." After saying that, a rare expression of joy decorated her precious face. "He hugged me. Not only was it nice, it made me feel something different. Maybe it was because it was cold, but it made me…" She doubted. Apparently, she was choosing her word very carefully. "It made me want him, more than just a hug."

"Are you serious?" I dared respond. What is this girl thinking? Even more importantly, what am I thinking? It should be something serious, because my heart rate has duplicated.

"But this dream is different…" She remarked while she got closer to me. "There are so many more details... you, yourself… you behave so much like you to have come from my imagination." I didn't respond this time, but I could feel her breath on my back. The sensation was hallucinating… How should I feel? What should I do? "Tell me, Kyon in my head… What would the real you do here and now?" Saying these words, she hugged me and dug her face on my back. Her breasts also stretched out on my body and I could feel them through the thin cloth of our pajamas.

I stayed quiet. My locomotor apparatus was starting to work outside the jurisdiction of the rational part of my brain and I limited myself to face the girl. My God! What happened to her while I had my back on her? To tell the truth, neither her appearance nor her outfit had changed… it was the look on her face… I always thought of her as an attractive girl… but damn it! Right now, she expelled a sensuality that I had never seen on her. The elements on her face played at different levels: her eyes shunned mine with legitimate shame while her lips formed a smile full of… What word could I use? Lust?

"It's cold!" She said in a whisper. I had déjà vu. "Hug me."

It was until that moment that I lifted my arms ready to obey when I noticed that we were still wet from the bad weather outside. With a naturalness and looseness that even surprised myself, I got rid of the soaked shirt and I took the girl by the waist. Frankly I didn't have the slightest idea of what to do next, fortunately, she did have something in mind. She held my face with a delicateness that I never believed I could experiment with her. With a similar tenderness and ingenuity, she then kissed me. I suppose that it is her first kiss just like it's mine… I stand corrected, it is the second. That would explain the clumsiness from both. A few moments later, we laid on the pile of clothes that we had set on the floor some time before. I separated a little from her to get rid of the stuff I still had on and she executed a similar action with her own stuff.

It took me some seconds to recover from the glorious vision that I had in front of me once she took the little pieces of clothes covering her body. It would be a lie if I say that this scene never played in my mind sometime. Using my brigade leader's philosophy... I am a young and healthy young boy… my body has needs.

"Don't look at me!" She said taking momentarily her eyes away from mine. However, I ignored her and in fact I softly took her hands when she tried to cover her pale torso with her arms.

"How could I stop looking at you?" I asked congested between her beauty and my excitement.

"Idiot!" She responded faking annoyance. There was a tinge of pride in her voice.

There was nothing else to think about. Without any premises, but diligently, I started to kiss her ivory neck. She, surely as confused and inexperienced as me, simply left me do my thing. Eventually, she sighed when my caresses and kisses reached some sensible spot, which only made me go over those spots more frequently. In general, my common sense is awake and aware, ensuring I don't do stupid things, but that day it was particularly silent and lost in my brain's luggage. A part of me tried to look for it, but it was stopped short by a voice.

"Don't worry about anything… just keep going." That is Haruhi. I have always wondered if she can read my mind. Her voice sounds as if she was drunk, but… Damn it, it's so exciting to see her like this! So, I listened to her, I put my conscience to rest and I concentrated on the Goddess that was in front of me.

And once again I traveled those places that I know in the future will mean something to me in more than one way. The clavicles, the abdomen at the level of the diaphragm, the navel… I begin to comprehend why the youngsters of our age overestimate this life's episode so much… And I am enjoying it with her… Die of envy you idiots! Nobody else exists so out of your reach, mortal men!

"Come here." Once again, it's her… I know what she means, but in eagerness to obtain my importance I pretended I didn't understand and I made a face. "Stop playing stupid." She countered while stretched her arms towards me. "You know very well what I want."

Of course I know. I can't believe I'm feeling so anxious… but I recovered and I set myself on top of her to begin to… well, you know what it is I had to do at this point. And before beginning, her lips captured my attention once more… rose-colored, small, soft… I must kiss her again. That I did and just when I was about to start with the chore, I stopped and I got a few centimeters away. She looked at me confused.

"What's wrong?" She asked me.

"Maybe we should do it in a different way… I wouldn't want to…. hurt you." That came from my heart all the way to my mouth, I swear. I was just as surprised with my sudden preoccupation.

Slightly confused and surprised in a good way, she listened to me, and with that strength that it's characteristic of her, she laid me on my back. I can't stop looking at her… she is so beautiful. And just the way it is expected, she didn't miss a beat... she takes her hot tea in one gulp… we could say she did something similar with me. It only took her a few seconds to recover from the initial pain and in about literally two minutes she was galloping on top of me. The feeling was already wonderful mixed with a visual spectacle… and without stopping, she spoke once again.

"Do you still think Mikuru is better than me?"

I can be damned if I ever expressed that thought out loud.

"I never said such thing." I've only thought that if she were a little more like her… tender, friendlier, helpful, sweet… damn it, I'm an idiot… She has been all that and more tonight… Considering that if my current situation would've involved Asahina instead of Haruhi, there is no doubt I would be regretting it right now… Even if I would've been the most tender man in the world, at the end, I'm sure that I'd feel as if I took advantage of her… She would be crying a river by now… I think I've just concluded that Haruhi would be, by quite a lot, a much better lover.

And once again I got the feeling that she is reading my mind, I could see her openly smile when realizing that without a doubt she would better… and with that in her mind, at least, that is what I assume, she began to move more rhythmically… she put her hand on her nape, making the image she was gifting me even more fascinating. She didn't care anymore… she was concentrated, not so much on the physical stimulus that she was receiving, but more so on the compliment that I had given her without any words, and unabashedly, she started moaning. I'm used to hear her yell all the time, but it is so different listening to her voice at these frequencies. We were finally getting to the point we were looking for. I'm still surprised, until this day, at the synchronization in which we were reaching it… I suppose it has to do with her powers… and we achieved it... I noticed it not only on my own body, but on hers, when her rhythmic movements started to become erratic and then spasmodic… ah, also from the open screams she yelled while this happened.

It was as though someone took my batteries out… any movement after that became an effort I was not willing to make. Haruhi dropped on my lap without abandoning the position in which… in which we had just made love… I still can't believe that I'm writing this, It's crazy! Several long minutes went by in silence while our breathing became regular. Time that I took advantage of by caressing her perfect back, now soaked in a fine sweat with a magnificent fragrance that had me drugged.

"The dream will end soon." She said with a certain sadness in her voice.

"There is something I've been wanting to tell you." I told her while I sat up half way without stopping to hold her." A person cannot be happy all the time… think about it for a little bit… What would happen if one day not only you find an alien, but he also invites you to live in his planet? Don't you think that after a while, that would also be boring?"

"Where is that coming from?" She asked, contradicted and with an irritated expression that I was beginning to like.

"From common people like me that have to keep the good memories from all those things that make you happy and use them during times that there's melancholy or sadness. I know you detest being like everyone else, but knowing how the enemy works could be the first step to be even more special."

She thought for a moment about my words and then she showed me a bright smile.

"You are right… I hadn't thought about it like this." She looked at me with suspicion. "But that is something that I didn't know… if this is a dream, it means that everything that you are telling me is something that it was already inside my mind since the beginning. That's why you are here and that's why we did what we did, right?"

I didn't respond… I would've liked telling her that it wasn't a dream, that her whim had taken me to this closed space, which wasn't looking like something horrific to me at this moment, but she wouldn't believe me.

"It's ok, it doesn't matter!" She said, full of joy. "Let's do it again?"

At around 5 a.m. I paced desperately from side to side in my room. I had woken up on the floor again, next to my bed, my pajamas soaked with water and sweat and right now I held my phone waiting for someone to pick up on the other side. The call went through and nobody spoke. That was a sign that Nagato had picked up.

"Hello Nagato, I'm sorry to call now… Did I wake you up?" I know it might sound like a dumb question, but until this day, I don't have any proof whether she sleeps or not.


"Something has happened..."

"I know."

"Do you have any idea what it was?"

"No, Suzumiya Haruhi and you disappeared from our temporal space for about four and a half hours. Asahina Mikuru and Koizumi Itsuki are both with me right now. Nobody has been able to enter the closed space in which you two were by any means. For a moment, we thought the worst."

"You can't even imagine, it was so crazy…!"

"Really? What exactly happened?" That was the idiot Koizumi, and Nagato surely put her phone on speaker and I was having a conference with the whole brigade.

"Eh… Maybe it would best that I tell you guys in person." There is no way, I won't tell them anything of what happened tonight.

"It seems that in reality, it wasn't too bad." This time it was Asahina who spoke. "I have the impression we have nothing to worry about."

"Why do you say that?"

"Koizumi didn't lose his powers, Nagato was still connected to the Data Integration Entity and I had contact with my superiors. No communication or cycle in the space-time was broken." Asahina doubted for a moment, as if she was ashamed of what she was about to say. "It seemed that Suzumiya only wanted a little privacy."

You hit the nail on the head. I think I better hang up on these weirdos and I will try to sleep the little bit is left of the night. I'm exhausted.

I slept like a baby for the two hours of sleep that I had left. The school hill was particularly hard, because added to the weather, today's worse than yesterday's, I also had my exhaustion and a fastidious pain on my hip. I won't go into details. I thought that the best thing to do was to behave as I usually do when I get to the classroom. Haruhi supported her forehead over her crossed arms on top of her desk and she looked like she was sleeping.

"Long night?" I asked her.

"Stop bothering me, I'm sleepy."

"A nightmare?" She lifted her face very so slightly, allowing me to see only her eyes.

"No, it was a dream."

"You should then concentrate on using your energy remembering it when you get bored. I'm sure it will make your day more appeasable."

Once she heard me say this, she sat up opening those beautiful eyes as much as she could.

"That's what you…" Yes, Haruhi, that's what I told you last night during that episode so out of this world where it was only you and me. But I doubt your reasoning allows you to see the link. "Ah, forget it! It's madness!" She said more to herself than to me and again put her head in between her arms.

"If it was such a nice dream, maybe you should try to have it sometime." I told her while a turned around to face the front of the class when I saw the professor came in.

It needs to be very clear that the last sentence I said it only to say it. There were no secret intentions of the like. But she listened to me. The dream has been repeated several times. I must admit that it has been better every time. Maybe one of those times I'll get the courage to tell her what it's really going on. Perhaps she'll take it well, perhaps then I could tell her that I couldn't continue my life without her by my side, not in this recurrent dream though, but in this world, in the real world.



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