Chapter 1:

An unusual day

"Ursa!" Yang yelled as she punched a Beowolf into oblivion. She, her Team and Team JNPR, were currently on a mission in the Emerald Forest, where they were tasked to take out a nest of King Taijitu. The nest was discovered after a recent mudslide.

The approaching Ursa attacked Blake, who jumped out of the way and stabbed the bear through the head with her Gambol Shroud.

Nora killed the last Grimm with Magnhild, her Hammer, and joined her friends.

"Anyone knows where this nest is?" Weiss asked.

Jaune, the leader of Team JNPR, opened his Scroll and looked at the map. He then pointed west. "Somewhere in that direction."

They followed him through the Emerald Forest, and eventually landed in front of a cave. "You sure that's it?" Pyrrha asked. "I don't think I have to remind you what happened the last time we were in this situation."

"Yeah, the map points to this place." Jaune replied, still looking at his scroll.

"King Taijitus need sunlight though. Why would they nest inside a cave?" Ren pointed out.

"Maybe they are cave-grimm!" Ruby suggested, and looked around the walls. She used a little flashlight on her Scroll to lighten the way.

"Or your map is broken." Weiss added.

Jaune laughed. "No way. I just updated it."

Ruby stopped, and looked inside a side tunnel. The wall were strangely glistering. "Uhm, guys?"

"What is it?" Blake asked and turned around.

"Huh. Weird. Maybe the Grimm are in there." Yang suggested.

They stepped inside the chamber, and looked around. It all seemed weirdly advanced, far more than anything they'd ever seen. There wasn't even anything in there, except for some sort of console. Ruby approached it, as if she was hypnotised. With one touch, a symbol appeared above it.

It looked like a ball on a stick, with half an arch around it, coming out of the bottom of the 'stick'.

"Whoa." Ruby said, and touched the console again. This time, everything went white, as if a flashbang grenade went off.

Luckily, it didn't take long until they could see again. To their surprise, they were in a completely different place. In a giant hallway, to be precise. It looked just like the chamber, with grey walls, decorated by glowing, blue highlights. However, it was far higher, and bigger. There was no more console, and they were standing at a wall. Behind them, the symbol was glowing for a second, before it faded away.

"Where are we?" Ruby asked herself, rubbing her head. Her Teammates and JNPR woke up too. All of them were similiar confused.

"Is this… A temple?" Weiss wondered, and looked at the ceiling in awe.

"No. Looks to modern. Maybe a secret laboratory." Blake suggested. "Possibly Atlas."

"Possible." Jaune nodded.

"Well, just one way to find out. HELLO? IS THERE ANYONE?" Nora began to yell, before Ren held his hand in front of her mouth.

He took his hand away. "Nora. We don't kn-"

"Stop." Blake whispered, interrupting Ren. "I've heard something. It's coming closer."

All of them prepared themselves for a potential fight. They heard the sound of a car coming closer, and as soon as the car came around the corner, they all looked at it in awe. The teams suspected a forklift, or maybe an atlas vehicle. Instead, they saw a jeep, equipped with a giant machine gun.

It drove past them, but stopped shortly after and moved backwards, until it stopped in front of them. Even more impressive than the car was the driver. He wore a green armor, straight out of a science fiction movie. His face was hidden behind a golden visor. And he was gigantic. Even taller than Yatsuhashi, the tallest student back at Beacon. He just stared at them, probably thinking about what to say.

Luckily, Ruby broke the silence, and smiled. "Uhm, hello."

"Chief. Say something." A female voice said. RWBY and JNPR looked around, searching for the source.

"And what am I supposed to say?" The giant replied.

The voice sighed. "This is UNSC-AI Cortana." Now they understood. The voice came from an AI. But where was that AI. In the car? And what was the UNSC?

The big guy climbed out of the vehicle and walked around it, before standing still in front of the two teams. He held a big, grey weapon in his hand. "I am Masterchief Petty Officer John Sierra-117."

There was a silence for a split second. "Hello, uhm, Chief. I am Ruby Rose. Leader of team RWBY!" Ruby said and extended her hands to show her team.

"Weiss. Weiss Schnee."

"Blake Belladonna."

"Yang Xiao Long."

"And we are Team JNPR." Jaune said. "I'm Jaune Arc."

"Pyrrha Nikos. Hello." Pyrrha waved.


"NORA!" Nora yelled and jumped in front of Ren.

"Like I tried to say, I am Lie Ren."

"What are you kids doing here?" Chief asked, still confused.

"Well, we were tasked to destroy a Grimm nest, then found a cave and ended up here." Jaune explained. "We have no idea what happened."

"Did the cave lead you here?" Cortana asked.

"Yes. It was, like, a bright flash of light." Blake explained.

"Sounds like Slipspace travel." Chief pointed out.

"Slip- what?" Nora asked, and gave the Chief an confused look.

"Cortana. What are we going to do?" The Chief seemed a bit overwhelmed with the situation. The teams guessed that he wasn't too social, considering his stoic appearence.

"We can't leave them here." Cortana replied. "We should take them with us."

"Okay." The giant walked back to the jeep.

"What? Where are we going?" Yang asked. She was starting to get angry.

"The Covenant shot down our Ship. We have to gather the survivors. And you'll be coming with me." John answered, leaving the kids with more questions than answers.

"Ship? Covenant?" Ruby asked.

"Follow me. And stay back." Chief said and jumped back into the car. "Does anyone of you know how to operate a machine gun?"

Ruby raised her hand, and for a moment, it looked like the Masterchief was surprised. "Good. Then you'll operate it. Pyrrha, you'll ride Shotgun."

"Uhm… Okay." Pyrrha climbed into the seat, and Ruby got to the machine gun. It looked rather easy. Just push the button, hold on it and point it at the enemy. But what were they fighting that they would need such heavy equipment? The Warthog's motor jumped to life, and the car started moving slowly. The rest of the kids walked next to the car, keeping up with it effortlessly.

Roughly five quiet minutes later, they found a big room. It was cut in two by a ravine in the middle. Metal pillars and walls provided cover on the sides, and a ramp led up to a ledge overlooking the ravine.

The weirdest thing, however, were the things walking around here. Some looked like birds, equipped with shields and guns. Others looked like apes, carrying orange tanks on their back.

The last kind of monster was tall, as tall as the Chief. They looked strong, and wore a blue combat armor. While the small creatures used small weapons, the big ones had two-handed, blue guns and rifles.

"What are those things?" Pyrrha asked, receiving a look from the Chief.

"That's the Covenant. Stay back." The Chief drove the Warthog into the direction of the Covies, and splattered one the birdthings. This alerted the other aliens, and they began to fire at the car.

Ruby swung around the machine gun and shredded one of the apes. The hail of bullets literally ripped the little guy apart, and the tank on its back exploded. Ruby felt kinda bad. Those things weren't Grimm, and she didn't even know what they wanted. The only thing she knew was that they're not human, or faunus. But they were shooting at them, and that made them an enemy.

"RUBY!" Yang yelled and ran at the Covies, followed by JNR and WB.

"No! Stand ba-" Cortana yelled, but stopped when the six drew their weapons.

Pyrrha jumped out of the hog, and attacked one of the birdmonsters with her spear. She hit the energy shield of the alien, and it aimed his pistol at her. Pyrrha jumped over the monster and transformed her Spear into a rifle, only to notice that no shots came out. She shrugged it off for now and jumped on the things back, and rammed her shield against the back of it's head. The alien collapsed, and Pyrrha shifted her attention to another alien.

Meanwhile, Yang got into a fist fight with one of the big aliens. It was a formidable opponent, but as it accidently cut through her hair, Yang got angry and uppercutted. A small spark wandered across the monster's body, as if it's Aura broke, and the head was cut off from the body, flying through the air, and landing inside the ravine.

Chief stared speechless at the teens, who slaughtered the Covies without any big problems. Their Weapons were just as impressive, all of them transformed into a gun. Except Weiss' rapier and Jaune's sword. And there was something else. Yang's hair was literally on fire, while Blake left behind clones of herself that took the hits.

"Chief! Snap out of it!" Cortana yelled. John looked around, and noticed a lot of dead Covies around the hog.

Ruby was yelling something undecipherable as she shredded another grunt with the gun. Chief took the wheel, and turned the car around, only to splatter an Elite. The gunfire stopped, and he saw that all the aliens were dead.

"Explanations. Now." Yang said as she approached the Warthog. Most of her body was covered in purple and blue blood. And man, she looked pissed.

"Actually, I think you kids owe us one first." Cortana said.

"Why? We aren't the sci-fi people fighting aliens." Ruby pointed out and jumped of the machine gun. Her hands were still shaky from using the gun.

"No, but you are the ones using magic." The Chief replied.

"That's not magic." Weiss explained. "That's Aura. Never heard of it?"

"No. We haven't. Where are you from exactly?" Cortana asked.

"Remnant." Jaune replied shortly, and sheathed his sword.

"Okay… Looking through my databanks. Nope. No result." The AI said.

The kids looked at each other worried. Where did they land?

Finally, the Chief broke the uncomfortable silence. "Where is Remnant?"

"What do you mean?" Blake asked.

"Your Star. What's it called?"

"Sun." Yang replied.

"Chief. I think our guests might be from another world. Or universe."

"What?" John and the huntsmen/ huntresses asked.

"They said that they experienced some kind of slipspace travel. And it has long been theorized that an slipspace jump gone wrong could result in switching between realities. There have been multiple occasions where engineers or other crewman disappeared during a slipspace jump." The AI explained.

"So, you're saying that something in that chamber sent us across dimensions?" Pyrrha asked.

"I'd say it's possible."

Everyone stared at Ruby with anger.

"Hey, don't look at me." She defended herself. "Buttons are there to be pressed. And don't say none of you would have interacted with it."

"Can it." The Masterchief interrupted her with a strict tone. "We aren't done. Now, what is this Aura."

"Basically the manifestation of our soul. It works like a forcefield." Jaune explained.

"And what were those things?" Blake asked and kicked one of the dead birds. It's mouth slid open, revealing sharp teeth.

"Covenant. Jackals to be exact. Or Kig-Yar in their language." Cortana explained. "The ones with the tanks are called Grunts, or Unggoy. And the big ones are the Elites, or Sangheili."

"And why the hell did they shoot at us?" Nora asked. The end of her hammer still had the tank of a grunt hanging off of it.

"For thirty years now, humanity has been at war with the Covenant. Those religious freaks are trying to wipe us out. And they are doing a pretty good job at it."

The facial expressions of the teams went from 'worried' to 'shit their pant' in a second. "So, these things are killing us?" Ruby yelled in panic. Suddenly, she didn't feel sorry anymore.

"Precisely. It has to do with their religion." The Chief replied.

Jaune put up a finger. "Okay… One second please."

"Of course. Chief, there must be some mechanism to cross this cavern. Look for a control panel or switch."

The Spartan nodded and began searching along the wall of the room. Meanwhile, RWBY and JNPR gathered in a circle to discuss the situation.

"Okay. What are we going to do?" Weiss asked.

"We have to find a way back." Nora answered.

"Or we have to fight." Ruby suggested. Everyone gave her a confused look.

"Rubes… Have you lost your marbles?" Yang asked.

"We have sworn to protect humanity." Ruby explained. "And in my opinion, that holds up across every dimension."

"Uhm, yeah. But those aren't Grimm. They are aliens." Weiss said.

"And we took 'em out pretty easily." Pyrrha pointed out, proud of herself and her friends.

"She's right." Ren said. "Right now, we have no way to get home. So we might as well help the people here."

"I'm with Ren. We can't just stay back and watch." Blake pointed out.

"I'm all for kicking some alien ass." Yang said and punched her fists together.

"Yeah. Let's kill some aliens." Nora yelled excited.

"Wow." Weiss sighed. "I suppose I have to help too then?"

"Yeah." Everyone said.

"Okay then." The heiress replied, and nodded.

They heard a sound behind them, and turned around. A bridge made out of light appeared over the ravine.

"Whoa…" Ruby said.

They saw Chief walking down a ramp, and towards them. "And. What do you say?"

"We wanna help you." Ruby replied. Behind her, everyone looked at the Chief with determination.

"I'm sorry, but you are kids." Cortana said. "That would definitely be against the law of the UNSC."

"And you've got fighting skills." Chief pointed out.

"Chief? Are you okay with that?"

"Right now, we can use everyone we can get. And those kids seem like they can pack a punch. And their magic may give us an advantage over the Covenant."

There was a pause, and it seemed like Cortana was thinking about her answer. "I'm gonna regret that. Alright. I'll order two more Warthogs as soon as we leave the cave."

Everyone nodded, and Ruby and Pyrrha jumped back into the Warthog. The others, again, walked next to the jeep. The lightbridge felt weird, and not really save. But it was the only way. The light was a bit tingly on the feet.

No one really knew what to say. At least until Cortana broke the silence. "New traffic on the Covenant battlenet… a lot more crew made it off the Autumn than I had predicted. The captain really gave them hell! If we can find Captain Keyes and other survivors, we have a chance to coordinate an effective resistance."

"Keyes?" Pyrrha asked.

"The captain of our ship. He's a tactical genius." Cortana explained.

They finally left the building, and the sun blinded everyone for a second. As soon as they were able to see again, they saw something even more breathtaking. There was a giant ring in the sky. Was that like a ring around the planet? Or were they actually on the ring? And who build it? There were many questions on their mind right now.

"What's that thing in the sky?" Nora asked.

"That's the ring we're on." Masterchief answered.

"So. We're on a giant ring. In space." Jaune asked. "Great."

"Yeah. We don't know why it's here, or what it is exactly. For now let's focus on saving those marines." They looked over the green canyon they were in. A stream of water ran through the middle of the valley. Coniferous trees grew here and there. Sometimes, blue beams of light were shot into the sky from somewhere behind the cliffs. It would have been really beautiful, if it wasn't for the gun- and plasma fire in the backround.

They ran through a ravine, which led them to a couple of big rocks and boulders. Marines had taken cover behind them, judging by the gunfire coming out of the rocks. Meanwhile, the Covenant, consisting of Grunts, Jackals and two Sangheili, tried to kill them. In the distance, near a cliff, the wreck of a bumblebee drop-pod was on the ground. Ammo, health packs and grenades laid in front of it.

"Survivors detected. Marines are concealed in those rocks."

"Okay, let's do our job!" Weiss yelled and they charged down the hill at the Covenant. John started the Warthog again and drove down, while Ruby took aim at the Covenant.

It was a normal day for Bailey. Well, as normal as it can be in a war against a genocidal, religious alien empire. Especially when one was on a giant ring floating in space. He, and his marines, got stuck near some rocks as the Covenant landed to finish them off. The aliens had pinned them down fast, and he ran on top of a rock, taking aim with his SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle. He was just about to put a nice, big hole into the skull of a Jackal, as it suddenly got hit by a giant hammer. The lifeless body flew across the valley, followed by one Grunt falling. Then the next one. The two Sangheili needed time to react to the surprise attack, but where mowed down by a Warthog, operated by the last person they expected to see today. And the turret was operated by… Little Red Riding Hood?

Thanks to the surprise on their side, Team RWBY, JNPR and the Chief were able to take out the Covies before they could even retaliate.

"I have to give it to you. You are effective." Cortana stated.

"Marines!" Chief shouted, and climbed out of the vehicle.

"I can't believe it. The Chief came to help us." One of the marines muttered while coming out of his hiding spot.

"And a bunch of anime-kiddos." Another, older marine added.

"This are Team RWBY and JNPR. They're here to help." Chief said, and turned around to the kids. "Search the pod for any survivors. If you need to, take some ammo and grenades."

The Teams nodded and ran to the pod. Ren crawled inside the relatively small pod and checked the bodies inside. He pressed two fingers on their wrists, and noticed that none of them had a pulse. "They are dead!" He yelled and crawled out. Nora handed him a small green pack, with a red strip on top of it. "What's that?"

"Ammo. I think the size should fit Stormflower." Ren took the pack, and loaded the rounds in his weapon. He tested it and shot against a wall. The rounds came out as smooth as ever.

Meanwhile, Blake picked up another pack of ammo. According to the description on the pack, it was roughly the same caliber she used in Gambol Shroud. She threw one pack to Pyrrha, who put the rounds in her own rifle. Ruby took a box with six sniper rounds, and put them inside Crescend Rose. They fit perfectly.

Sadly, there wasn't any time to test it out on the cliff.

"Contact! Covenant dropship, down there!" The sharpshooter shouted over the valley. The two teams looked to the sky, and saw a big, purple, tuning fork shaped ship approaching. Blue energy flew between its 'prongs'.

"Is that thing levitating?" Jaune gasped. Hoping that it might work better in this situation than his sword and shield, he grabbed one of the pistols from the ground and ran for the rocks. His friend did the same. And just in time. As soon as they were gone, purple plasma left the bottom cannon of the ship and scorched the earth where they just stood.

"Hold them off down here! I'll assist the sniper." Ruby yelled and ran off to the big rock. Instead of running to the top, she used her semblance and turned into rose pedals. She 'flew' up the rocks, and landed next to a Marine, who laid there with an open mouth. In his hand, he had a long-barelled rifle, which Ruby guessed was a sniper rifle.

"What the fuck."

Ruby ignored him, and activated the Scythe form of her weapon. She rammed the blade into the ground, and aimed at the dropship.

"Is that a sniper scythe?" The marine asked, scared, confused and amazed at the same time.


Through her scope, she saw the sides of the ship opening, and Grunts, Jackals and one red armored Elite jumped out. She aimed at the Elite's skull, only to see it blowing up into a purple cloud. She looked at the Sniper, who reloaded his sniper.

The huntress smiled, and aimed at a jackal. One press of the trigger later, the alien collapsed.

Ren poked his head out. There was roughly one meter, or around 3 feet, of space between him and the next rock. More than enough. He jumped out of his hiding place, and shot at two Grunts while in the air. One of the aliens fell over dead, but the other one jumped out of the way. This action was useless, however, as he got taken out by Pyrrha's rifle. Blake took aim at a Jackal and took it out with a swift headshot. Next to her sat Weiss, unsure what to do.

She lacked any real ranged possibilities right now, so she concentrated on keeping the Marines alive. A couple of purple needles flew towards them, and she created a glyph to keep the things away from the marines.

"I can't believe it. Magic." One of the marines muttered. Weiss let the glyph disappear as the needles were gone, and noticed the Chief walking up behind her. With deadly precision, he shot down the last two jackals.

"You should keep that thing up. It provides good cover." He said.

Weiss nodded, and catched a two-handed gun the Spartan picked up from the ground and threw to her. She looked at the rifle, and instantly knew how to use it. Afterall, it was just pointing at the alien and pull the trigger. A display even showed the rounds of the current magazine. There were twenty shots left. She only had to find out how one reloaded the thing

"Bailey! Are there any Covies left?" One of the Marines yelled up the rock.

"No! All xenos eliminated! Thanks to our new friends."

"Uhm, thanks?" Ruby said, blushing. "I'm Ruby by the way." She shook Bailey's hand. "Nice to see another sniper around."

"Bailey. Nice weapon. How the hell did you do that pedal thing?"

"It's my semblance."

Bailey looked at her in confusion.

"Bailey! Ruby! Come down here!" Yang yelled up.

Out of respect for the new arrivals, Bailey saluted. "Yes! Miss, uhm…"

"Xiao Long."

"Xiao Long!" He walked down the side of the rock, while Ruby jumped down.

"Echo 419 to Cortana, come in." A female voice came over the radio.

"We read you, Echo 419. We have survivors and need immediate dust-off." Cortana replied over the radio.

"Roger, Cortana. On my way. I've spotted additional lifeboats in your area. One near the cliff edge, and another near the head of the river. Hard to see from up here, but there may be more survivors."

"Acknowledged. We're on our way."

A big, green and brown ship closed in from the sky. It had another warthog attached to its underside. The thrusters threw up dirt and dust as the ship came closer to the ground. It put down the car, and the marines jumped inside the ship. It took off again, leaving Team RWBY; JNPR and Chief behind.

"Okay. So, should we part ways?" Jaune asked.

Every head turned towards the blonde. "What?"

"Yeah. That way we could make sure that both lifeboats are save." Weiss added.

Chief looked at the crashed droppod, and walked up to it. He took the helmets from the dead marines, and handed two to each team. "Here. Put them on. That way we can stay in contact." Ruby, Jaune, Nora and Weiss took a helmet each, and put them on. They weren't comfortable, but better than nothing.

"So, we have two jeeps…" Ruby stated.

"Warthogs" Cortana corrected.

"Right. Warthogs. I'd say that Me, Blake, Weiss and Pyrrha go with the Chief."

"Alright. Me, Yang, Ren and Nora will go to the other crash site then." Jaune added. "Uhm… Can one of us drive?" He asked his team mates. Ren raised his hand and walked over to the warthog.

"Good luck, guys." Ruby said. They smiled and drove off, with Nora at the turret, Jaune riding Shotgun and Yang sitting next to Nora, holding the chassis with one hand.

Ruby and Pyrrha took their old seats, and Weiss sat down next to Ruby.

Chief's group was the first to arrive at their location. In the middle of the ravine was a building, which shot blue beams into the air. Behind it was a hill, leading up to the cliff. A group of Covenant soldiers shot up the hill, with occasional gunfire answering.

"There are some Marines, hiding in the hills above the structure." Cortana explained.

"Weiss? Can you give us a little boost?" Ruby asked. The heiress nodded, and jumped off.

"Wait, what do you mean with bo-" Chief wanted to ask, but was interrupted as Weiss created a huge glyph behind the warthog, and then shot it at the Covenant like a Slingshot.

"Hey, Gubap?" A Grunt asked another one.

"Yes Burpip?"

"Can warthogs fly?"

"Stop talking you two!" Their commanding Sangheili shouted. "Or I'll throw you off the ring. Cars can't fl-" He was cut off as a warthog, operated by the Masterchief, Ruby and Pyrrha, hit him, and ripped his upper body off. It bounced off the ground once, then twice, and made it's way up the hill, where it stopped as it hit a tree.

"Told you." One of the grunts deadpanned.

The Chief climbed out of the wreck, holding his head. He had done a lot of things impossible to the normal human being, but that was something he'd never try to do again.

"Sorry. We're kinda used to it. It's one of our strategies back home." Ruby explained smiling. They looked around, and saw that the four marines stared at them in disbelief, just as the Covenant did.

Behind the aliens, Blake snuck up to them and silently killed one of the grunts by slitting it's throat, then a jackal. The alien managed to fire it's plasma pistol though, and alerted the other forces. They turned around, and shot at Blake. She tried to dodge, put one bolt of plasma hit her thigh. She fell over. Even though her Aura nearly annihilated the damage, the pain was still there. Additionaly, she felt that the hit took away a lot of her Aura.

Before the Covenant could finish her off, Chief, Ruby, Pyrrha and the Marines shot them in the back. The grunts and jackals fell instantly, but the elite still stood. Eventually, his shield broke, and he was finished by a sniper round from Ruby.

Weiss finally catched up with them, and helped Blake back up.

"You're a sight for sore eyes, Chief. We're in a bad way. We've got wounded here." One of the marines said, before looking at the hunresses. "What's with the kids?"

"Not now. We have to get everyone somewhere safe first." Cortana replied. "I'll call in a dropship to pick us up."

"Uhm… I don't wanna ruin the moment, but there are more baddies!" Ruby yelled and pointed at the purple dropship that came closer.

"Oh shit." One of the Marines said.

Ruby looked around, and used her semblance to jump on top of a rock. She rammed the blade of Crescend Rose into the stone, and aimed at the ship. As soon as the doors would open, there would be at least one dead Sangheili. She noticed that the rounds they used were the same size as the standard dust ammunition, but had a lot more punch.

Pyrrha, Weiss and Blake got ready for the fight too. Blake could stand again, but wasn't really able to move fast just yet. Weiss, again, provided extra cover with a glyph.

The Covenant charged around the alien structure, and ran towards the hill. Plasma hit the rocks and dirt around the UNSC soldiers, and left black scorch marks. One of the wlites fell over with a new hole in his head, causing the grunts to run around panicking. The jackals, however, kept their cool and continued shooting with one hand while taking cover behind their shields. Luckily, the Chief already had a solution for that. He pulled out a green ball, and pulled the pin out. He waited a moment and threw the grenade at the jackals, which exploded in a bright fireball. The Marines and Pyrrha took care of the remaining grunts, which were still panicking.

"Echo 419 to Cortana. Foehammer's on station and ready for another pickup."

"Affirmative, Foehammer. We're ready for dust off, approach when ready."

"What about the other lifeboat?" Foehammer asked.

"Our new friends are taking care of that. They should be calling you as soon as it is clear." Cortana answered.

The pelican came closer to the ground, and opened it's bay. The surviving Marines jumped in, together with the Masterchief and the huntresses. The door closed again, and they could feel the force as it took off. To their surprise, it wasn't too different from a Bullhead.

"Warning!" Cortana said over the radio. "I've picked up reports that the Covenant have located and secured the Pillar of Autumn's crash site. The good news is the Captain's still alive. The bad news is that the Covenant has captured the entire surviving command crew."

"Then let's save him." Ruby suggested.

"We'll do that later." Foehammer answered from the front of the pelican. "First, we have to make contact with Alpha Base."

"Alpha Base?" Blake asked. She took a medikit from the side of the wall and tried treating the pain the plasma left on her leg. It helped to ease the pain, but Blake wanted someone to look into it. It seemed like the Plasma still did some damage to her. Maybe the heat of it burned something inside of her leg, and effect which wasn't unheard off.

"Yeah. Major Silva and Lieutnant McKay managed to capture a alien structure from the Covies, and want to use it as a base of operation." Foehammer explained.

Pyrrha sighed. "I hope Jaune's okay."

Meanwhile, Jaune, Ren, Nora and Yang were driving through the valley. Without any maps or markers, they had no idea where to go. And it was slowly getting boring to search around the rather big area.

"Ren? Can you turn on the radio?" Nora asked.

Ren nodded, pushed a button on the control field of the Warthog, and activated the radio. Instantly, loud, mexican music came out of the speakers.

"Okay. Why does the military have this kind of music in their jeeps?" Jaune asked irritated.

"Well, we are on a ring in space. I'd guess the reception is bad out here." Yang said.

"Actually, that raises even more questions." Jauen replied.

Yang shrugged, and pointed at a piece of grey metal near the river. "I think that's the lifeboat."

Ren accelerated, and approached the boat. It was empty, with blood leading into a nearby ravine.

"I think they walked over there." Nora said, and pointed at the ravine.

"Okay. Ren, let's go."

They drove into the ravine, and found themselves at a cliffside overlooking a vast ocean, or lake. It wasn't really clear to them, seeing as they were on a ring.

Nora looked down at the alien structures that stood here, and only saw some lonely grunts. Then, they heard gunfire, and bullets coming out of a opening. Ren drove down the hill and splattered one grunt. Nora shot the turret at the other two grunts, which died nearly instantly.

"Great. You two, hold them off here. Yang and I will go down there." Jaune commanded, and jumped out of the vehicle, followed by Yang. Ren parked the Warthog at the wall of the structure, so that the Covenant would have to come from one side. He took cover behind the car.

Yang and Jaune ran down into the structure, and saw three jackals shooting at a couple marines and crewmen, which set up defense behind a light-bridge spanning over a pit. Jaune charged forward and rammed his shield into the back of the head of one jackal. The other two turned around, only for one to meet a fist. It's body went limb instantly, and fell against a wall. The other one looked around in panic, not sure what to do. Behind him were the Marines, and in front of him two battle-ready teens. Before he could decide, a hail of bullets dug into his back.

"Who are you?" One of the Marines asked, and reloaded his rifle.

"I'm Yang, and this is Jaune. We're here to save you." The blonde replied.

"Uhm, don't you want a gun?" One of the crewmen asked.

"Nope. We're good." Yang said and smirked.

Jaune activated the radio of his helmet. The long search for the lifeboat at least left him enough time to figure out how the things worked. "Nora? How is it out there?"

"All aliens eliminated." Nora said through the radio.

"Alright. Can you call, uhm, what was her name?"

"Hoehammer?" Nora yelled into the radio.

"Yeah. Hoehammer."

There was a brief silence as Nora called her. Behind the two, the marines had to hold in a giggle, just like Yang. "She's coming. Also, don't call her Hoehammer. It's Foehammer. She was very clear about that."

Jaune nodded and shut off the radio. "Alright. Ship's on the way. Let's get out of here."

"Roger that. Marines! Assemble for evac, pronto!"

They headed back to the surface where the pelican already waited. They jumped into the ship, and flew away. On the way to Alpha Base, Cortana sent a message over the radios. "New traffic on the Covenant battlenet. I've found Captain Keyes! He's being held on a Covenant cruiser, the Truth and Reconciliation, a ship I disabled before we abandoned the Autumn. The Truth and Reconciliation touched down on a deserve plateau roughly three hundred kilometers up-spin."

"Alright then." Foehammer said. "There are some people that would like to meet you."

Yang, Jaune, Ren and Nora exchanged looks. "Us?"

"Yeah. Something like you is not something we see everyday."

The four fighters leaned back in their seats, and took a deep breath. What have they gotten themselves into?

And my third story. I thought about writing this when looking through the crossover fanfictions of Halo and RWBY, and noticed that, of the stories that involved Team RWBY arriving in the Halo Universe, mostly played on Reach. That stories taking place on Halo are rare is actually quite ironic. So I thought that it might be a good little side project, and started writing.

About the schedule: There is none. While my first, and mainstory, has a schedule, and the other RWBY Story I'm writing has somewhat of one (meaning at least one chapter every two weeks), this one won't have a schedule at all, but I hope to release at least one chapter per month. It's simply that those two have priority above this one. Still, the first three Chapters will be coming out closer to each other, since I already have them made for the most part. (I like to write three or four chapters before doing anything like publishing the Story, so that I can get somewhat of a flow for the Story.)

Now about the Story itself: The plan is to do one game-mission per chapter, with some other stuff like briefings in between. Team RWBY and JNPR will basically go through Halo: CE; Halo 2; Halo 3; Halo 3:ODST and Halo 4. I have mostly planned out who will take part in which mission, or battle. The reason why I didn't include Halo 5 there, was due to the fact that I'm not sure how the Cortana thing will play out at the end of Halo 4. (Fact: Unlike most people, I don't hate Halo 5's campaign. Sure, the story wasn't too good, but I loved the level design.)

And in case anyone wonders, yes, I've read all of the Halo books released up to this point, so I'm quite familiar with the Expanded Universe. If there was something incorrect, please point it out.

Halo belongs to 343 Industries and Microsoft; RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth.