One sunny morning at Emerald Town on Saturday, March 11th, 2017, I am sleeping in though the morning inside my bedroom in my green colored Tails house. When the sun shines at the rooster, on top of my roof, it woke up. The rooster crows exactly like the Klasky Csupo rooster logo. I covered my ears with my pillows, trying to get some sleep. "Come on man, just give me five more minutes," I grumbled.

Unfortunately, the rooster could not stop crowing, so I put on some ear muffs. Five minutes later, the rooster is still crowing that it is losing my mind. I got out of the bed to give the rooster a piece of my mind; I stormed out of my house as I ran out of my bedroom. I see the rooster standing on the roof of my house. "Will you quiet down already!" I shouted, as I threw a boot at the rooster.

The boot hits the rooster causing it to fall off of the roof. Despite the rooster had stopped crowing, it rushed to me to attack me while crowing wildly. I screamed loudly as I ran away from the rooster, but the rooster is chasing me. It is scratching the back of my legs real hard. I screamed in pain when I got hurt from the rooster. A stream of orange and red fire out of nowhere has burned the rooster down; it was none other than Entei. I admired Entei for stopping the rooster from attacking me. "Thank you, Entei," I thanked.

Suddenly, I did not notice Hoopa and his ring portal floating behind Entei. "Don't thank Entei, thank Hoopa," said Hoopa, as he sends Entei away via the ring portal. Then, the ring hangs back to its hip.

I yelped a little that I did not notice that Hoopa, in its Confined Form, was behind me. He was the one who summoned Entei.

"Were you surprised?"

"Yes I was, Hoopa, and I want to say you're welcome," I replied.

"Anyways, I heard that you have been attacked by a rooster. Why did it attack you?"

"Well, Hoopa, it is because the rooster could not stop crowing in the morning that I threw a boot at the rooster to quiet down, so I can sleep in. But, the rooster wildly attack me for being threatened."

"Roosters are nature's alarm clock to wake you up, so you won't sleep too much, Neil. Not only they are nature's alarm clocks, they are aggressive animals that-"

"Okay, you don't need to tell me more, Hoopa. I learned my lesson."

"Good, now go back to your normal morning routine, Neil the Fox. You're no longer harmed; remember, if you are in need of some serious help, I have got your back. I only cause mischief for fun."

I limped back to my front yard before I enter the front door of my house. My legs are still hurting from the scratches of the rooster. "Oww, can you please help me heal my legs?" I cried.

"No worries, I'll heal your legs in a snap," determined Hoopa. He grabs a ring from its right horn that he tosses it into the air. "Alléhooparing."

A portal appears on the ring that it summons a Full Restore spray. Hoopa grabs the Full Restore spray while Hoopa's ring portal fades away that it hangs back to his right horn. His eyes start to glow purple that I began to have a purple outlined aura; he is using psychic on me to hold me still. "Hold still, foxboy. It will sting a little," Hoopa convinced.

My legs are actually damaged badly from the rooster that it will hurt a lot, even though it will fully heal my legs. Hoopa moves closer to my legs revealing that it has lots of scratches from the rooster. "Yikes! You got hurt real hard, so it will hurt a lot," commented Hoopa, as he did not notice the severe pain I had.

Hoopa aims the spray at the back of my legs, where the pain had occurred. He pulls the trigger to spray the Full Restore at my legs. It has excruciating stings like a thousand Mega Beedrill hurting my legs. I screamed loudly like Skipper from "The Penguins of Madagascar" when he gets a vaccine. My scream was so loud that it can be heard from the entire Emerald Town that birds fly away from the trees.

After my painful treatment, my legs are fully healed. "Thank you so much, Hoopa. It was worth the strong stinging to fully heal my legs," I gasped, after I screamed to get some air. "As a token of appreciation, I'll invite you to my Spring Break vacation at Orlando."

"Oh boy, I can't wait to spend the Spring Break with you, me, and Gooey!" exclaimed Hoopa.

"How are we going to bring Gooey along with us?"

"It's easy, Neil. I'll summon Gooey to tag along with us," added Hoopa.

Hoopa grabs a ring from its left horn, and he tosses the ring in the air. "Alléhooparing!" Hoopa exclaimed.

As the portal appears on the ring, Gooey falls out of the portal that he screams. He splats onto the ground resembling a classic Nickelodeon splat. Gooey then morphs into its normal blue blob shape without the arms and legs. "Hoopa! Why did you do that? I was about to check my mailbox!" yelled Gooey.

"Were you surprised, Gooey?"

"No, I was not, Hoopa. I was shocked."

"Shocked, surprised, it's the same thing. They have the same meaning; it is in the thesaurus."

Hoopa's portal on the ring fades away when he hangs the ring back to its left horn. We all went inside my house to pack my bags to the trip to Orlando. At the living room, Gooey morphs into a shape of Kirby. He does not have any bags with him from Cappy Town. I am now starting to pack my bags for the trip. "Great, now that you have mindlessly summoned me, how am I going to get my bags to Orlando?" complained Gooey.

"Bags ahoy," said Hoopa, "alléhooparing!"

Hoopa grabs both rings on his horns, and he tosses them in the air. Both portals appear on each ring. And with that, a load of luggage from Gooey's house has fallen out of the ring portals into my living room. While I saw Hoopa summoning Gooey's luggage, I am almost done packing my bags for myself.

"There you go, case closed. Now that we have gotten our bags squared away, let's check in our room at Residence Inn at Orlando," I announced.

Gooey and Hoopa cheered to celebrate the beginning of Spring Break at Orlando. "How are we going to Orlando, Neil?" asked Gooey.

"Let's take a road trip to Orlando via the taxi, and the driver will carry our bags to the hotel." I answered.

"Why can't we use the ring portals?" commented Hoopa.

"Hoopa, we can't do that right now."

"Why, Neil."

"Because I said so."

We all left my house with our bags packed up. Before we leave, I locked up the front door of the house. I had brought my iPad and keyboard in my bag, my red New Nintendo 3DS XL in my bag, clothes, snacks, drinks, money, etc. When we stopped to look both sides of the road on the street, I called "taxi!"

A taxi drives on the street and stops. The windshield opens to show the taxi driver. "How may I help you, sir?" said the taxi driver.

"I would like to go to the Residence Inn hotel at Orlando." I requested.

"Right away, sir. Please load your luggage into the trunk."

The taxi driver exits the driver seat to open the back trunk. We all loaded the luggage into the trunk of the taxi except for some small bags we carry on our hands. Afterwards, the taxi driver closes the trunk, and he climbed back onto the driver's seat. I open the back row door for Gooey and Hoopa. "After you, Gooey and Hoopa," I said.

"Thank you, Neil. You are such a gentleman," smiled Gooey.

We enter the back row of the taxi while we carry our small bags with our hands: Hoopa sits on the left seat, Gooey sits on the middle seat, and I sit on the right seat. As I sit down, I close the door of the taxi. Our luggage is secured in the trunk of the taxi while our small bags are carried by us. The taxi revs on the street leaving my house. And now, we are heading to Orlando. While we are exiting Emerald Town to Orlando, the taxi driver is known as Johnson.