As Hoopa, Gooey, and I enter the Residence Inn hotel, we are at the foyer with the staircase leading to the second floor. "Where is the front desk, Neil?" questioned Gooey.

"It's easy. The front desk or lobby is at the second floor once you take the stairs," I answered.

We all walk upstairs to the second floor to the lobby; as we arrive to the front desk at the lobby, I ring the bell to call the front desk worker. The employee arrives to the front desk. "Welcome to Residence Inn. How may I help you, sir?" said the employee.

"We would like to stay at a suite for two weeks," I ordered.

"Sure thing, we have three bedrooms in the suite. Is there anything else I can do for you? You can bring in some more roommates in your suite."

"Hang on just a minute."

I stepped away from the front desk to talk to Gooey and Hoopa. We sit down on chairs near the small table. "Ok guys, is there any guests you would like to stay with us?" I said to Gooey and Hoopa.

"I don't feel like inviting someone to our suite, Neil. What about you," replied Gooey.

Suddenly, my brain just hatched an idea to satisfy me and Hoopa. I whispered to Hoopa for a request to summon some guests. Hoopa gets excited after I whispered to him. "Really? You want me to summon them?" asked Hoopa in excitement.

"Why yes," I accepted.

"Alright! Thank you so much, Neil. I'll summon them in a snap."

Hoopa grabs both rings hanging on its horns and tosses them in the air along with a ring on its waist. He raises three rings in midair. "Alléhooparing!" exclaimed Hoopa.

Three portals appear on the three rings: Jirachi comes out of the left ring, Magma Admin Courtney (in her Omega Ruby design) comes out of the right ring, and Courtney's luggage comes out of the middle ring. Afterwards, the three portals fade away as Hoopa hangs both rings back to his horns, and the third ring attaches back to his waist.

"Hi Jirachi," greeted Hoopa, "are you ready to have the best spring break ever?"

"Yes," agreed Jirachi, "I am ready to have the best spring break in history with my best friend, Hoopa."

"Let's do the best friend secret handshake, buddy."

Hoopa grabs a ring from its left horn and places it in midair. When the portal appears on the ring, Hoopa dives his hand to the portal. A ring portal (Point B) starts to appear in front of Jirachi. Hoopa's hand gave Jirachi a hi five, down low, and up high. To end the secret handshake, Jirachi gave Hoopa a fist bump. Afterwards, Hoopa pops out of the ring portal. When the Point A ring portal fades away, Hoopa's Point B ring portal stays here. But, the portal fades away, and Hoopa hangs his ring back to his left horn.

Gooey is surprised about Jirachi coming out of the ring portal. "I take back everything I said," Gooey commented, "Jirachi is the perfect guest for me and Hoopa. We are going to have the greatest spring break for the next two weeks."

Courtney is happy to see me in person again. "Hi Neil," she smiled in glee, "it's been a while since we've met each other. I missed you so much."

I hugged Courtney while she hugged me back; I am really happy to see her again. "Hoopa invited you to spend the spring break together along with me, Gooey, Jirachi, and Hoopa. Are you ready to spend the spring break together?" I said.

As we stopped hugging right now, Courtney says, "Yes, I look forward to spending time together."

"Throughout Spring Break, we are going to Universal Studios at Orlando, Flashback Arcade, and race at the Orlando Raceway this weekend. You don't have to race if you don't want to; you can just watch us race."

"This seems fun, but first we have to check in our suite."

She pulls her hood back showing her beautiful short, purple hair. I went back to the front desk to check in our suite. "I'm ready to check in our suite, sir," I said.

"Very well, then. Please sign the register, Neil the Fox," assigned the employee at the front desk.

I signed the register at the front desk to check in our hotel as I did some paperwork. After the paperwork is done, he hands me five room key cards. "Here's your room keys for you and your guests," said the employee.

As I got five room key cards, I gave each room key card to Hoopa, Jirachi, Gooey, and Courtney. We all went to the elevator together; our luggage, including Courtney's luggage, is on the cart carried by the employee. The employee enters the elevator with the cart full of luggage. In the elevator, the door closes when we all enter. Hoopa, Gooey, and I still carry our bags we carry with our hands. The elevator took us to the fourth floor; as the doors are open, we exit the elevator along with our luggage carried by the employee's cart. "Your suite number is 426; I will show you if you follow me," explained the employee.

We all followed the employee with the cart carrying our luggage. The suite number, 426, is a few blocks away from the elevator. We are walking on the outdoor hallway on the fourth floor of Residence Inn passing by suite doors. As we stopped at our suite, 426, I inserted my room key card into the slot until I see a green light on the doorknob. After I remove the room key card, I open the suite door revealing an elegant suite showing a mini-kitchen and a living room with a couch and coffee table. The suite has three bedrooms while one door next to the bedroom door near the front door of our suite is the bathroom. Unlike the one bedroom near the suite door, the one bedroom door is behind the couch and the other bedroom door is behind the flat screen TV. "Enjoy your stay," said the employee.

Hoopa's eyes glow purple that our luggage has a glowing purple outlined aura. He is using psychic to lift our luggage with telekinetic force; as the luggage is withdrawn from the cart, he sorted our luggage by giving the luggage to each of us. Eventually, the aura fades away when our luggage is given by Hoopa. The employee leaves the suite along with the empty cart. "Listen up, everyone. For the rest of the two week spring break, we will be sleeping on one of the following bedrooms. Hoopa and Jirachi will sleep in the bedroom near the front door of our suite, Gooey will sleep in the bedroom behind the couch, and Courtney and I will sleep in the bedroom behind the TV," I announced.

"Sounds fair to me," commented Gooey.

"Are we all clear?" I said.

"Agreed," they all said except for me.

"Good, now what do you want to do today?"

"I know what we are going to do today," said Gooey. "Let's go to the Orlando Raceway."

"Before we go, let's unpack our stuff from our luggage and settle our bedrooms first," I suggested.

Approximately, 13 minutes later, we are done unpacking our stuff and settling in our rooms throughout the suite. "Are we ready to go to the Orlando Raceway?" I announced.

"All set and ready to go," said Courtney.

She is carrying her small bags with her hands to bring some snacks, drinks, and one of our room key cards. We all left the suite to go to the Orlando Raceway. Currently, we are standing outside of our suite at the outdoor hallway on the fourth floor. "I have a question, Hoopa," asked Courtney.

"Yes?" said Hoopa.

"Does your ring portals send living things or objects from one place to another?"

"Why yes, it does. An example of using my ring portals state that I summoned you in a breeze through my ring portal," explained Hoopa.

"I am the one who invited you to spend my spring break vacation with us; therefore, I requested Hoopa to bring along with you," I commented.

"That was so sweet of you, Neil," thanked Courtney.

"Hoopa, you do the honors," said Jirachi.

"Start your engines everyone," announced Hoopa, as he grabs and tosses a ring from his left horn. "Alléhooparing!"

A portal appears on the ring in front of us. We all walk through the ring portal to instantly go to the Orlando Raceway. As we arrive to the registration desk room at the Orlando Raceway, the employee at the registration desk is startled about us because he did not see us coming out of the ring portal.

"Were you surprised?" asked Hoopa.

"Yes, I was," replied the employee. "You guys must be here for the race."

"Actually, I am going to watch the rest of them race," commented Courtney.

"That seems fine to me ma'am. Please sit here on the couch and watch the rest of them race on the television; the race will start soon."

Courtney walks to the couch, and she takes her seat along with her bag. While she is sitting on the couch, Gooey, Hoopa, Jirachi, and I are at the front desk registering ourselves to participate the Orlando Raceway.

"Each racer costs $20 to participate the race; therefore, the grand total is $80 please," calculated the employee.

"Sure thing," I replied.

I pull my wallet out to give the employee $80 to the desk. "Pleasure doing business with you. Please step into the warp room, so you will be in the space base in no time," located the employee.

After I gave the employee the money, I walked to Courtney to tell her an important task. "While we are racing, can you please store my wallet for me?" I asked.

"Sure," she answered.

Courtney puts my wallet away safely into her bag. As Gooey (in its Kirby shape form), Jirachi, Hoopa, and I step into the empty room with the elevator doors open, I waved good bye to her.

"Have fun, Neil," waved Courtney.

The elevator like doors start to close after I waved good bye to her. When the doors are hermetically shut, the four of us were fading out like Star Trek because the warp room was programmed to warp us into the space base. As we faded in at the space base warp room, it has a cyan chrome interior in the warp room. The futuristic elevator like doors start to open revealing a futuristic raceway garage. We can see the windows of the garage as we exit the doors. The windows on the garage show us that we are on the edge of space above Earth's atmosphere. "Whoa," said Gooey, "we are at the Orlando Raceway in the future."

"I agree," replied Jirachi. "It's Science Fiction themed."

"This will be more fun than the same old Gemerl720 kart for years," I agreed. "We will race around the anti-gravitational space base, race on the road floating in space, and descend into the moon of Jupiter with aliens inhabited."

In the garage, there are 8 racers preparing for the race: me, Gooey, Jirachi, Hoopa, Slimy, Bandana N-Z, Slimeball, and Metal Sonic. "We've meet again, Gooey," introduced Slimy, "this will be the day I win. I won't stop until I kick your blue behind."

"Not if I kick your behind first," declared Gooey.

I climbed aboard onto my race car, my Zapper in its car mode (resembles to Tails' cyclone in car mode, but it has a green and purple appearance). To get prepared for the race, I fastened my seat belts and equipped my racing helmet. Gooey climbs onto his race car he will drive on, a warp star shaped spaceship with racing tires. He sits down with his seat belts on, and he activates a transparent glass dome above its spaceship race car. Slimy, a red recolor of Gooey with a bigger size wearing a King DeDeDe hat recolored purple, climbs onto its Wheelie Bike resembling to King DeDeDe's Wheelie Bike. Bandana N-Z hops aboard onto the Wheelie Scooter, and he is tightening his blue bandana with its Kirby like arms. "What the heck," gasped Gooey, "how did Bandana N-Z grow out arms?!"

"Don't play dumb, Gooey," bragged Bandana N-Z, "you and I are both Dark Matter material. We can grow limbs simpleton. Therefore, I have the ability to drive my Wheelie Scooter to run you down, loser."

Metal Sonic climbs aboard onto his Metal Booster hovercraft race car. "This race will change history and all of humanity," said Metal Sonic, "prepare yourselves to race in an ultimate futuristic race."

Slimeball, a green recolor of Gooey with Meta Knight's armor and cape recolored into green, climbs aboard onto his green and black motorcycle with a sick-looking appearance. "Remember, Gooey," advised Slimeball, "Slimy and Bandana N-Z are tough racers. It is not about speed; this is about a strategic plan to outsmart those villains with your skills."

"Thanks for the advice, Slimeball," thanked Gooey.

"Also remember that winning doesn't matter. It is all about having fun."

Jirachi floats down onto the seat of his small go kart painted white and yellow with blue streaks resembling to Jirachi's color appearance. As he sits down onto the seat, he fastened his seat belts. "Jirachi, you need to have a helmet," reminded Hoopa.

"Who needs a helmet when you can have a metallic head," said Jirachi. "I'm made of steel that I have Full Metal Body, get it? Because I am a steel type even though I do not have Solgaleo's ability."

Hoopa laughs about Jirachi's pun about Steel Type Pokemon. He starts to float down onto his race car seat. The go kart is small because Hoopa is in his Confined Form. His race car has been painted light purple and pink with gold streaks resembling to rings, and the car's color resembles to Hoopa's color appearance. Hoopa fastened his seat belts to prepare himself for the race. "Are you ready to race with the stars, Jirachi?" asked Hoopa with a pun.

"Heck yeah!" laughed Jirachi. "I get your joke because I am a shooting star that grants wishes while you are a genie in the bottle that grants wishes and gold, and you have the ability to warp things into different places with your rings. I am a Steel and Psychic type while you are currently a Psychic and Ghost type in your Confined Form. Although, in your Unbound Form, you are a Psychic and Dark type. We have the same type as Solgaleo and Lunala. Let's race, buddy."

When the garage door opens, we all drive slowly onto the road to the starting line as we pass through the futuristic garage door. At the starting line, the course has a dome over our heads that we can see nothing but the black space with stars when we look up to the ceiling. Also, we can see the whole view of the edge of space above the Earth's atmosphere on the horizon of the dome. As we went to the starting line, all our tires have flipped horizontally that we are about to race in anti-gravity mode except for Metal Sonic because his vehicle does not have tires.

"Welcome to the Orlando Raceway of tomorrow," announced Omochao, "this race is going to be the most thrilling and futuristic race in history. First, the racers will race around a half oval raceway with a curve turn that leads them into racing upside down due to anti-gravity. Next, they will hyperspace into outer space to race on a road floating in space to descend to Europa, the moon of Jupiter. And finally, they will race on the icy road of Europa, and then dive into the ocean to reach to the finishing line."

Throughout the dome, there are live cameras everywhere, even at Europa's surface and its orbit. "Start your engines," announced Omochao.

The racers, including me, start to rev up their vehicles at the starting line. Slimy, Bandana N-Z, and Slimeball cranks the motorcycle throttle on their handle bar. "On your marks... Get set..." said Omochao. "Go!"

Everyone accelerates their vehicles including me. Straight ahead, there are three boost panels. I stepped on the accelerator in my Zapper (car mode) to run over the boost panel. The result on running over a boost panel gave me a rocket boost that the exhaust pipe starts to spark with electricity due to anti-gravity, even the tires. Gooey and Slimy are driving next to each other. Slimy uses its Wheelie Bike to nudge at Gooey's warp star spaceship car. We all run over some presents to obtain a variety of items. Slimy obtained a green Battlezone missile, and he throws the missile behind Gooey. The missile makes an electronic buzzing noise as it homes to Gooey. "Think again, Slimy," declared Gooey, as he obtained a bowling ball from the present.

Gooey holds the ball while driving; before the missile hits Gooey, he places the bowling ball behind his car. The missile hits the bowling ball that Gooey's protection was a success. "Outsmarted you once again, Slimy," bragged Gooey, as he collects diamonds on the road to make his vehicle faster.

"Hey! Those diamonds are mine," yelled Slimy. "Give me the diamonds you hog!"

Jirachi and Hoopa are driving on a straight line road with boost panels. "Watch out for the electric oil slicks!" alerted Jirachi.

"Thanks for the advice," hollered Hoopa, because he cannot hear Jirachi over the electronic motor with the humming sound, "I got this now."

Hoopa pulls out a gasoline tank because he obtained it from the present he ran over recently. He plants the nozzle from the gasoline to the fuel tank of his go kart, and he pours gas into the tank. His go kart gains a rocket boost due to the gasoline Hoopa added that electricity crackles on the exhaust pipe and its tires. "See ya later," said Hoopa, as he passes by Jirachi while avoiding electric oil slicks.

So far, on the first section of the race, Bandana N-Z is in 8th place, Slimy is in 7th place, Jirachi is in 6th place, Hoopa is in 5th place, Gooey is in 4th place, I am in 3rd place, Slimeball is in 2nd place, and Metal Sonic is in 1st place. "I wasn't going to do this, but I have to take extreme measures," said Jirachi, revealing that he has a rainbow orb that has a special item exclusive to him. "Behold, Doom Desire!"

Jirachi absorbs the rainbow orb, which is the one item he obtained from the present, to his body. He starts to glow silver; then, he turns into a huge silver-white comet with full force speed. Jirachi in its comet behaves like the Bullet Bill. "Incoming!" exclaimed Jirachi.

While Hoopa, Gooey, and I are busy collecting diamonds on the road while we are driving, Jirachi rammed Hoopa and Gooey in its comet form. When Jirachi slows down, because his special item is about to wear off, the comet explodes as Jirachi turns back to normal. The explosion from the comet had hit me that it tossed me in the air. Jirachi laughs at me while I got hurt real bad, and he makes a right turn on the incoming curve. "Why you little!" I growled, in the style of Homer Simpson.

Thanks to Jirachi, I am 4th place; now, I am making a right turn to the curve. As I made a turn, I am going to drive on twisted road that leads me and the rest of the racers to drive upside down due to anti-gravity. All of us are on the upside down straight line road course of the speedway section. A wormhole is at the end of the road in the distance. I ran over a present while I try to catch up Jirachi. Luckily, I obtained a dynamite stick from the present. "I'll teach you a lesson," I said, as I toss the dynamite stick forwards.

Jirachi is minding his own business collecting diamonds on the ground as he is driving. Abruptly, a dynamite stick flies behind Jirachi that it hits him with an explosion. His face got burnt with black ashes like in Looney Tunes cartoons. He loses diamonds as he got hit by my dynamite stick. "So long, sucker," I bragged, as I drove past Jirachi while I steal Jirachi's diamonds and nabbed the diamonds on the road.

Because I collected ten diamonds, I began to have higher acceleration and have the ability to use upgraded items. All of a sudden, chainballs fall out of nowhere that they attach to everyone's vehicles causing us to slow down. However, when we see Bandana N-Z passing us by, the only one who was not affected by the chainball item, he is the only one who activated the chainball item. Bandana N-Z runs over the boost panel with his Wheelie Scooter. Now Bandana N-Z is in 1st place. Slimeball runs over two presents stuck together to obtain two items. Currently, he is in 3rd place; Slimeball currently has three Battlezone missiles in one pack while the other item he obtained was a banana peel (without eyes). Slimeball launches the first missile at Jirachi with a direct hit. He drives past Jirachi after a successful hit; on the second shot, he launches another Battlezone missile at Bandana N-Z. Unfortunately, for Slimeball, Bandana N-Z block the attack with one banana peel. "Third time is the charm," said Slimeball, as he launches the third missile hurling towards Bandana N-Z.

Bandana N-Z has a magic lamp that came with a banana peel because he got two presents. As he activates the magic lamp, it sucks the third missile into the lamp in succession before it hits Bandana N-Z. Afterwards, the magic lamp disappears. All racers drive into the wormhole to transport us into the second section of the race: racing on a road in space. We are still racing on an upside down road; the racers pass the second checkpoint of the course. All of us drive on a loop, but we are racing on the outside of the loop. After we pass through the loop, we turned left to drive on the curve that leads to a twisted road; we are now back on the normal right-side up road. My blood was rushing to my head throughout this crazy upside down racing. Despite driving on a right-side up road, we are still racing on an anti-gravity road. Even though I have ten diamonds, I still nab some diamonds on the road after I drove on the curve. Suddenly, a white comet hurls on the road behaving like a wingless spiny shell. A comet is making a hissing sound like the United Artists 1987 logo. The comet knocked me and Jirachi down that we tumble sideways as Jirachi and I lose three diamonds. Thanks to that comet, I currently have seven diamonds now. However, Slimeball avoids the comet from hitting him; when the comet reaches first place, the comet passes by Bandana N-Z. Then, the comet hurls towards Bandana N-Z; it hits him with a white explosion that he was tossed in the air. Slimeball passes Bandana N-Z, and I pass through Bandana N-Z while he is falling back down to the road. As Bandana N-Z, on his Wheelie Scooter, lands back on the road, Hoopa passes Bandana N-Z. "Were you surprised?" phrased Hoopa. "I'm the one who used the comet at you."

As we make another left turn on the curve, we ran over more presents. Straight ahead, we can see Jupiter and Europa on the horizon. "So far, on the second section of the race," announced Omochao, "Slimeball is in 1st place, Neil the Fox is in 2nd place, Hoopa is in 3rd place, Jirachi is in 4th place, Bandana N-Z is in 5th place, Gooey is in 6th place, Slimy is in 7th place, and Metal Sonic is in 8th place."

Me, Slimeball, and Hoopa are about to run over a boost panel jump; as we ran over the panel, we jumped with a rocket boost to the next steep platform. I have great vision that I have keen eyes on the road like a hawk; on the next boost panel jump, I braced myself to land carefully on another steep platform with a left curve turn. I pulled out a banana peel and planted onto the steep road while I turned left. Hoopa lands on the platform behind me that he accidentally ran over a banana peel. His car spun out of control that Hoopa falls off the road. "Hoopa was surprised!" exclaimed Hoopa, as he fell off the road.

I am behind Slimeball on his motorcycle; I have a bowling ball on my hand that came with a banana peel I used on Hoopa because I got two presents. Slimeball ran over a boost panel along with me. When we land on the last steep road, we painstakingly ran over the boost panel jump that we went back to the safe road. I rolled the bowling ball at Slimeball, but he avoided the bowling ball. Slimeball plants a present in front of me, and I say, "Nice try, Slimeball. I am not falling for your fake present trick," as I avoid the fake present.

Meanwhile, back with Slimy and Gooey, they are racing side to side against each other with their obtained items from the presents they ran over. Both racers have springs on their hands because they got the springy tires item from the presents. At the right time, Gooey and Slimy ran over the first boost panel jump as their tires sprang into the air as they used their items; both racers are flying farther and farther due to the trajectory of the springy tires. Unfortunately, Slimy fell off course because he is heavy and he missed the road. "Curse you Gooey!" cried Slimy, as he fell down.

A flying saucer, the size of a flying disc, flies above Slimy. The UFO uses the tractor beam on Slimy to rescue him; it places Slimy back to the road before the first boost panel jump. Now, Slimy is in 8th place while Metal Sonic is in 7th place. The tractor beam fades away as the UFO flies away. "I knew the springy tires was a bad idea for the boost panel jump," realized Slimy, as he continues to accelerate his Wheelie Bike.

The rest of the racers, except for Slimy and Gooey, are turning right to the right curve, and then we turned left to the left curve on the road after the steep roads. Jirachi accidentally ran over an electric oil slick that Jirachi got electrocuted as he spun out of control while he loses his item from the present he ran over; he crashes towards the wall from slipping on the electric oil slick. Luckily, we passed through the electric oil slicks and made another right turn towards to the straight road. Bandana N-Z grins devilishly because he has obtained one item from the present he ran over before the steep road jumps, the laser gun. He rapidly fires at Jirachi, me, and Slimeball by firing out green photon laser projectiles. Bandana N-Z nabs diamonds dropped from Jirachi, me, and Slimeball. Now he is in 2nd place while I am in 3rd place and Slimeball is still in 1st place. He makes a right turn while collecting diamonds, and he is avoiding electric oil slicks as he makes a left turn. Now, Bandana N-Z has collected ten diamonds. As we make a right turn as we avoided the electric oil slicks, we see presents lying on the road. The rest of the racers ran over presents; in front of us, there is a sharp left turn. As we make a left sharp turn, I planted a fake present behind the rest of the presents. When Hoopa ran over a fake present behind the actual present, it explodes that Hoopa has black ashes on his face like MGM cartoons. Despite getting hit by the fake present, Hoopa obtained a rainbow orb. Suddenly, Gooey falls out of nowhere that he lands on the road; he is in 1st place all of a sudden. Because Gooey made a sneaky shortcut, Slimeball is in 2nd place and Bandana N-Z is in 3rd place. "What the heck," I stuttered. "How did you get here, Gooey!?"

"I took Slimeball's advice; he says that I must be the most cunning racer throughout the match. Also, I must outsmart the other racers," explained Gooey.

All racers make another sharp left turn to the straight road. The road starts shaking like an earthquake that all racers were stunned from the shaking effect while we lose diamonds. However, Metal Sonic is immune because he used the jackhammer item he obtained from the present. He is still in 5th place while he is stealing diamonds from other racers. Now Metal Sonic has ten diamonds. We made a small right turn that we see the last boost panel jump. As all of us ran over the boost panel jump, we jumped very high in the air. Luckily, we land on the other road safely. After a couple of curve turns on the road, we drive on the road to descend to Europa, the moon of Jupiter.

"This is it," announced Omochao, "everyone passed through the final checkpoint. The current results state that Gooey is in an underdog leader taking 1st place, Slimeball is in 2nd place, Bandana N-Z is in 3rd place, Neil the Fox is in 4th place, Metal Sonic is in 5th place, Jirachi is in 6th place, Hoopa is in 7th place, and Slimy is in 8th place."

As we race on the icy road of Europa's surface, we are still in anti-gravity mode on our vehicles. Six ring portals fly around on the course and lands onto the icy road to emulate as pitfalls. "Uh oh," I said, "looks like Hoopa has the rainbow orb. That means Hoopa used the Prison Bottle to turn into Unbound Hoopa."

Gooey, Bandana N-Z, Metal Sonic and I fall into the ring portals. As the trap worked, the ring portals on the road disappears. We fell into a psychic dimension with six rings surrounding us while Unbound Hoopa watches us with one ring. Hoopa used Hyperspace Fury by launching one of his fists like rockets at us. Afterwards, Hoopa launches all six arms at us resulting an explosion that we were tossed in the air as we exit the weird dimension. "I am strong!" gloated Unbound Hoopa. "These diamonds are mine."

The four of us fall back to the icy road of Europa. We missed the presents because we were in Hoopa's trap. Hoopa has turned back into its Confined Form that he is in 1st place while he has ten diamonds. He got a speed boost after his special item effect wore off. We made a right turn curve collecting diamonds. Hoopa has an item on his hand because he ran over a present on the icy road of Europa, the time where the four racers fell into the ring portals. He has a magic lamp and holds onto it carefully. We accelerate on the straight line with a little right curve overall.

Meanwhile, back with Slimy, he ran over a present that he has a comet on his hand. "Oh yeah, I'll teach you a lesson," declared Slimy, as he tosses the comet.

The comet hurls onto the ground; most of the racers below 1st place avoid the comet. However, Metal Sonic gets hit by a comet that he tumbles sideways. When the comet is in 1st place, as it starts to hit Hoopa, he uses the magic lamp to suck the comet into the lamp. As the comet was sucked into the magic lamp, the magic lamp disappeared. "Impossible!" ranted Slimy, "Hoopa outsmarted me once again!"

Jirachi obtained a growth spray because he ran over a present, on the time before the four racers fell into Hoopa's trap. Currently, Hoopa is in 1st place, I am in 2nd place, Gooey is in 3rd place, Slimeball is in 4th place, and Metal Sonic is in 5th place, and Bandana N-Z is in 6th place. Jirachi sprays the growth spray all over his go kart and himself that he grew almost the size of Unbound Hoopa. "Now it's my turn to become huge," declared Jirachi, "I'm Unbound Jirachi."

Hoopa heard Jirachi's booming voice because he grew so large, and he laughed about Jirachi's pun. "Good one, Jirachi," commented Hoopa, "you are not literally like my Unbound Form. You are literally the same thing, but in a bigger size."

Jirachi in its gigantic form flattens and runs over Bandana N-Z, Metal Sonic, Slimeball, Gooey, and me. While he flattens the racers, he also steals a few diamonds. Overtime, while Jirachi is in 2nd place, the growth spray wears off as he shrinks back to its normal size. I stick my thumb on my mouth that I inflate myself and my Zapper (car mode) back to normal like in classic Disney cartoons. Afterwards, I pull my thumb out of my mouth. Thanks to Jirachi, pretending to be like Unbound Hoopa, I am in 3rd place.

The racers make a left turn to a long curve that we see a boost panel jump in front of us. As we ran over the panel, we jump to the next icy road. Hoopa and Jirachi are racing side to side nudging each other with their go karts. "This is fun, Hoopa," said Jirachi.

We make a left turn that leads us racing onto a small straight road, we make a right and left turn on the curve, and then we race on a zig-zag road while we collect diamonds. After that, we race onto the small left curve straight road with a boost panel followed by a load of presents lying on the road. The racers run over presents before they dive into the oceanic puddle. Now, they all dive into the oceanic puddle that we are racing on the last section of the race, Europa's ocean. Hoopa has obtained a knight's shield, but it is blue instead of green because Hoopa has ten diamonds. When he uses the item, the shield spirals around Hoopa's go kart until the shield gets hit by an item. "Real clever, Hoopa," declared Jirachi, "but how about this."

Jirachi tosses out a Battlezone missile that it homes to Hoopa, but the shield directly blocks the missile that the shield disappears. Jirachi has one item left because he obtained two presents, two diamonds in one pack. "Crud," said Jirachi. "At least I got eight diamonds, but I am almost juiced up like Hoopa."

The racers, in the ocean, make a left turn to the straight road. Jirachi runs over a boost panel to obtain a couple of diamonds. "Hey, stop collecting diamonds you diamond hog!" I demanded.

Because Jirachi has enough diamonds, he has ten diamonds that he is all juiced up. "This is it, Hoopa," declared Jirachi, "this is the ultimate test."

Jirachi and Hoopa are nudging each other with their go karts. I am accelerating my Zapper car to try to catch up Jirachi and Hoopa. We make a right turn curve after a short straight line road. As we turn right, we race onto another short straight line road. The racers run over the last presents on the road before we run over the last boost panel. Hoopa obtains diamonds, Jirachi obtains a giant bowling ball, and I obtained a Battlezone missile. I toss the Battlezone missile that it hurls to Jirachi. Jirachi launches the giant bowling ball to crush the missile behind him; it also squished me once again. Jirachi's giant bowling ball crushes the rest of the racers that they drop their items. Hoopa and Jirachi ran over the boost panel that they are about to turn left on the left turn curve. The finishing line is on the short straight line. Before Hoopa races to the finish line, a gigantic space Barracuda submerges from the depths of the ocean to eat the racers. When Hoopa makes it to the finish line, the Barracuda eats Hoopa and the rest of the racers while its mouth is open. "And that's the game," announced Omochao, "Hoopa won the race in 1st place, Jirachi came in 2nd place, Neil the Fox came in 3rd place, Gooey came in 4th place, Slimeball came in 5th place, Metal Sonic came in 6th place, Bandana N-Z came in 7th place, and Slimy unfortunately came in 8th place."

After the Barracuda eats all eight racers, the Barracuda closes its mouth and swims up into the surface and breaks out of the icy surface that the Barracuda leaves Europa. Inside the Barracuda, we are inside a futuristic garage with our vehicles parked. The Barracuda we have been eaten turned out to be a transportation like the bus. At the awards ceremony, live inside the mechanical Barracuda, the three racers are on the podium while the racers who took 4th place or below watch the three racers obtain their gold, silver, and bronze trophies. "Congratulations, Hoopa, you won the race," congratulated Jirachi.

"I'll do better next time, Hoopa," I said. "I will follow Slimeball's advices and tips to help me win the race."

The space Barracuda hyperspaces back to the edge of space above Earth's atmosphere; on Earth's orbit, the Barracuda connects its mouth to the tube slide back to the Orlando Raceway space base. It opens its mouth that the eight racers on foot rode on the slide that we land on the cushion. "That was fun, guys," I said.

"I agree," replied Jirachi.

"I suck at racing, and I always lose," complained Slimy. "Next time, I will have my revenge, Gooey."

"Suck it up, Slimy," commented Gooey, "I am in 4th place. At least it is better than 8th place, Slimy. I still lost the race, even though I beat you."

"Remember, Gooey," advised Slimeball, "it is not about winning or losing. It is all about having fun."

"You're right, Slimeball. I did have fun with my friends."

Gooey, Hoopa, Jirachi, and I went to the exit hallway to the warp room door. The doors slide open that the four of us went into the warp room. As the doors are shut, we fade out that we went back to the warp room we started at. The doors open that we are back in the registration desk room. "Hi Neil," smiled Courtney with a positive attitude, "did you have fun racing?"

"Actually, yes. I did have fun," I answered.

"I'm sorry you didn't win the race."

"That's alright, I had fun anyways. By the way, did you guard my items?"

"Yes, I did. Nothing happened to our stuff. I watched the whole race on live television while I am sitting on the couch at the registration room. At the end of the race, I was almost worried about you when you are eaten by the Barracuda. But I was relieved when it turned out to be a transportation."

We all laughed together about the fun we had. "All of this racing made us hungry. Have you got some snacks for us?" asked Gooey.

"Why yes, I did bring some snacks for us," she replied, as she pulls out small bags of Funyuns, Rold Gold Pretzel Tiny Twists, two bags of Baked Lays Potato Chips, and Vanilla Wafers.

"Wow, Funyuns," said Hoopa. "These snacks shaped like rings. Let's eat!"

We all eat some snacks together after the race. Hoopa is guzzling down some Funyuns in no time while the rest of us eat normally. "You like those Funyuns, don't you, Hoopa?" I said.

"I liked them a lot," replied Hoopa, "they taste so good."

As we ate all snacks, we drank some bottles of water to freshen ourselves up to keep us hydrated. "Now let's go back our suite," said Jirachi. "Hoopa, you do the honors, buddy."

Hoopa grabs a ring on his left horn and tosses it into the air. "Alléhooparing!" exclaimed Hoopa.

A portal appears on the ring; Jirachi, Hoopa, Gooey, Courtney, and I walk into the ring portal that we teleport back to the outdoor hallway on the fourth floor of Residence Inn. Courtney pulls out her room key card from her bag and inserts it into the slot above the doorknob to suite number 426. When the light flashes green, she removes the room key card from the slot and opens the door. We all went back into the suite to rest after an awesome day at the Orlando Raceway in Space. Courtney and I sat down on the living room couch to lounge while she has her hood off. Gooey goes to the bedroom behind the couch to rest, and Jirachi and Hoopa goes to the bedroom near the front door to play with each other. The two of us, on the couch, are watching Discovery Science Channel to witness gas giant planets in outer space.

As time passes by, we are getting ready to go to bed in the night. This is the first night to sleep at the suite. In my bedroom, I began to go to bed with her. She is dressed up in her pajamas, Courtney says, "Sweet dreams, Neil."

I turn off the lights as I sleep next to her. "You too," I replied.

Meanwhile, in Gooey's bedroom, he puts on his sleeping cap on his head as he climbs into his bed to sleep. He turns off the lights in his room to go to sleep.

At Jirachi and Hoopa's bedroom, the two Mythical Pokemon are getting ready to sleep on the bed they are going to share. "Goodnight, roommate," said Jirachi. "Dream up donuts tonight."

"Goodnight, Jirachi," replied Hoopa, as they both go to sleep when he turns the lights off.