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If Someone Cared Enough

Chapter 132: Happy Morning After

The first thing Severus registered when he woke up was a pounding headache. It was painful, a continuous angry pulsing against the inside of his skull. It honestly rivaled the migraine he had when he woke up in the Hospital Wing after fighting Riddle and the basilisk, so he could only wonder what happened last night to give him discomfort that could compete neck and neck with head trauma.

Thankful to whatever powers that be to not have the sun or any incessantly bright light gleaming down on him, Severus cracked his eyes open a sliver. Blurrily, he took in a blob of red in front of his face; taking a hazy moment to realize it was hair, which explained how it tickled his nose.

As Severus's eyes grew accustom to the dim lighting, Lily murmured sleeping besides him, rolling over in her sleep to face him. Her lips pursed down into a frown a moment later, her eyes screwing shut tightly with a groan.

"My head," she moaned pitifully, pressing her face into her pillow as if it could soothe her.

"My sentiments exactly," Severus said, careful not to talk to loud. Even talking hurt, his throat raw, dry, and cottony.

Lily whined feebly when Severus gently smoothed the hair out of her face.

She pulled the blankets up over her face, "The light…it burns…"

Severus bit back a snort, a mere chuckle enough to send a pounding throb through his temple, "Okay, Dracula. Shall I get a stake and put you out of your misery?"

"Yes," Lily groaned dramatically, "Kill me now. Anything to stop my head from pounding. What did we do last night?"

"I believe some call it having fun," Severus remarked lazily, flopping back down on the pillows, "I'd wager we put a suitable dent in Slughorn's wine reserves."

Lily grunted, managing to grumpily rearrange herself into a more comfortable position, "Remind me never to party with that man again."

"If anyone else managed to get as snockered as us last night, I have a feeling this could be the last party Slughorn's ever allowed to throw," Severus noted. He squinted up at the canopy of the bed, taking in the whorls of the wood, "I'm surprised the décor in your room is so simplistically elegant; I would have thought Gryffindor dorms would be as over the top and show offy as the students in it."

Lily scowled in puzzlement at Severus, "What are you talking about? This isn't my dorm."

Severus stared at her, the dots valiantly struggling to connect in his hungover brain, "Well this isn't my dorm room either…"

It took a moment for that statement to truly catch up with either of them.

"What?" Lily questioned, sit up abruptly only to clutch her head in agony, "Ooh, bad idea…very bad idea."

Severus didn't sit up quite so fast but he still had to blink away spots from his swimming vision, "I'm never drinking again."

"You sure we're not in your room?" Lily asked, massaging her temples.

Severus shook his head and immediately regretted the action, swallowing down the nausea that rose in his throat, "These aren't even my bedsheets. This doesn't look a thing like my dorm."

The room was lit only by a few sparsely placed candles and didn't appear to have any windows for natural light to come through, leaving it hard to determine the time of day. Tapestries of magical animals and knights hung wall to ceiling. The bed itself was a simple mahogany four poster with a wooden canopy, a light gold, semi see through curtain draped over it and hanging down on all sides of them, complimenting the fine white and gold silk sheets they'd slept in.

There appear to be little else in the room, the lack of adequate lighting dousing most of the room in darkness. The only other thing Severus could make out was their clothes in a crumpled heap on the floor and a nightstand beside the bed with their wands sitting inconspicuously on it.

"This isn't the color scheme of any of the Hogwarts Houses," Lily noted, squinting around the room, "I don't think we're in a dorm at all."

"Then I suppose the question is…where exactly are we? And how did we even get here?"

Lily coughed to clear her scratchy throat and winced, rubbing her head, "Don't expect me to think right now. It hurts too much. Something make this headache go away!"

As if by magic, two vials suddenly appeared on the nightstand. A tag on them said plainly, 'drink me'.

"Okay we're either in 'Alice in Wonderland' or the beginning of a murder mystery where we're the intended victims," Severus said dryly, frowning at the note.

Lily sat up, unconcerned for her nakedness as the blankets pool about her waist. She scooted closer to Severus, "Do you think it's safe?"

Severus hesitantly picked the vials up and carefully uncorked the stoppers in them. Sharing a wary glance with Lily, he sniffed one and then the other.

"Peppermint," he noted, closing his eyes to better place the aroma, "And ginger root—it's hangover potion. I'd recognize it anywhere; Slughorn always smells like it after going a few rounds with Hagrid down at the Three Broomsticks. Sometimes it's the only way he can teach class the next day."

"You're sure?" Lily asked, eyeing the vials hopefully, eager for anything to remedy her aching head and roiling stomach.

Severus lightly traced his finger around the rim of one vial, then rubbing the residue between his fingers, "The rim's coated with honey; it's what they used to soothe the throat on the way down. Can't use honey with a lot of potions; bee nectar can destabilize other ingredients. It's the hangover cure, all right."

"Thank goodness," Lily breathed out, swiftly plucking one vial from Severus's hands and downing it in a single gulp. She sighed in relief, "That's so much better."

Severus quickly downed his cure, breathing deeply through his nose as the pain ebbed away and his throat stopped feeling like cotton glued to sandpaper.

"Think we can retrace our steps now?" he ventured to ask.

Lily nodded, a speculative look in her eyes, "Well, clearly we were at Slughorn's party last night; unless we're just waking up several days later."

"Unlikely," Severus commented.

Lily was quick to agree, "And we obviously partook of Slughorn's wine collection…pretty heavily by the sounds of it."

"So the question is what happened after the party," Severus stated.

Lily looked over the edge of the bed, "Well one answer is obvious if we go by the state of our clothes. And now that the pain has left my head, I'm noticing a more pleasant soreness a little further south if you catch my meaning."

Severus pursed his lips, "Sort of disappointed I can't remember what we did in here."

He reached out and brushed some hair off of Lily's shoulder, revealing an impressively sized love bite on her neck, "You might want to cover that with makeup."

Lily laughed, peering under the blanket, "I think the ones on my thighs will be harder to explain away when wearing a skirt."

Severus ran his hand over a red mark on his pectoral, "You hoovered my chest."

"We'll call it even for this red mark on my bum," Lily quipped, trying to look over her shoulder at her backside, "I didn't know you had a thing for spanking, Sev."

"Hey, for all we know that was your idea," Severus pointed out, "Clearly drinking brings out the more amorous side of both of us."

Lily snorted, "I'm surprised we managed to get undressed; you looked like you wanted to bugger me in my corset since you first saw me in it."

"Your corset is on the bed," Severus observed, "Looks like it stayed on longer than everything else, then."

He groaned, "God, I wish I could remember."

Lily smirked at Severus mischievously, "Want to make new memories instead?"

Severus ignored the flicker of arousal that sent through him, "I think right now we should probably figure out where we are."

Lily sighed, "I suppose you're right. Actually, now that I don't feel like my head is going to split open, you know what I could go for? Breakfast."

Almost immediately a fireplace they hadn't realized was there lit up in flames, illuminating a table previously concealed in shadow in the middle of the room, plates of rashers and eggs on it.

Severus let out an exhalation of surprise, realization dawning on him, "We're in the room of requirement."

"We must have been looking for a place to fool around where we wouldn't be caught," Lily said in understanding, "It's not like we can bring each other to our bedrooms without being spotted."

"And my dorm mates would take just about as well to a Gryffindor in Slytherin as Potter would to me in your room," Severus noted.

Lily giggled, "We must have been pretty drunk last night."

Lily eagerly slid out of bed, taking one of the bedsheets with her and wrapping it around herself, "I'm starving. Let's eat."

Severus shuffled off of his side of the bed, aimlessly grabbing a sheet and covering himself with it. It was going to take some transfiguration to get their costumes into casual wear if they didn't want anyone realizing they'd been out all night. Not that any magic would keep their friends from suspecting a thing; Mary probably noticed Lily didn't come back to the dorms after the party.

"This looks delicious," Lily exclaimed, dishing herself out a hearty helping of eggs and some rashes of bacon, followed by several sausages, "I don't think bacon has ever smelled this intoxicating before."

"It's the hangover," Severus explained, "It makes you crave greasy foods. Something about what alcohol does to your brain chemicals."

Lily rolled her eyes at her boyfriend's factualness.

"Okay, Dr. Scientist," she teased turning to face him, "Any other useless facts you got under that shee—oh my god, Sev!"

Severus quirked a brow, "What?"

"You're body," Lily cried, pointing at him, "It's gone!"

Severus looked down; the majority of his torso was gone but for a segment right down the middle from neck to navel, his form gone completely from the waist down aside from one foot on the floor.

"What on earth?" Severus shifted, the blanket draped around his shoulder sliding like velvet along his skin.


"Holy shit, it's the invisibility cloak!" Severus all but shouted, ripping the article off himself and holding it out for Lily to see.

Lily's eyes grew wide, "We must have nicked it at the party."

"I guess booze really are liquid courage," Severus mused, "Normally I wouldn't risk swiping it out from under Potter's nose."

"He must be going mad looking for it," Lily said, taking another bite of bacon, "Good thing you can't track the cloak on that map of his."

"Though after this disappearance I'm sure that will be his next modification to the map," Severus surmised. His eyes went wide as a horrid thought occurred to him, "Oh, Merlin, please tell me we didn't have sex on this."

Lily choked on some bacon, coughing fitfully. Her coughs eventually gave way to laughter.

"I'm serious!" Severus growled, "I don't want to know we…did that on something that smells like Potter. It's like…taboo or something!"

"I'm pretty sure it's worst for the person who's property got defiled," Lily said through her wheezing chuckle fit.

Severus glared at her, "Yeah right, if Potter knew you were naked on this thing, he'd build a bloody fucking shrine to hang it in. 'Lily's naked ass sat on this', that's what the plaque would read."

His words only made Lily laugh harder, thoroughly souring Severus's mood. Grumpily, he made his way over to the table, sitting down with a scowl and slapping a spoonful of eggs onto his plate with more force than necessary.

"Don't you think you're overreacting?" Lily said, still smiling playfully, "So we may have done it on the cloak, who cares? These things can be washed, right?"

Severus stared at Lily in unabashed shock.

"Lily," he began slowly, "Aside from the horrid thought that my dangly bits touched something belonging to my greatest enemy—"

"Wouldn't You-Know-Who be your greatest enemy?" Lily interjected.

"—there is the very real possibility that this thing," Severus plowed on, shaking the offending cloak in the air, "Is a Deathly Hallow, one of the most sacred and powerful items rumored to have existed. And we shagged on it."

Lily stared at Severus, no sound escaping her. Severus watched as his girlfriend's face screwed up. Then her lips began to tremble. Her shoulders shook as if she was suppressing something we great force.

It took tremendous willpower for Severus not to drop his head on the table with Lily erupted in laughter yet again, this time more uproariously than before.

"I'm sorry," Lily apologized through her giggles and snorts, "I'm sorry. I'm taking this seriously, I swear."

"Clearly," Severus drawled, unimpressed.

"No really," Lily insisted, wiping away mirthful tears, "I can see how that would be truly abhorrent. Disrespectful even. But," she giggled again, her voice wobbly, "It's sort of amusing to think about. We may have found one of the most legendary—nearly holy by wizarding standards—magical items to have ever been made…and you buggered me silly on it." She let out another peal of laughter.

Severus huffed, cramming a large forkful of eggs into his mouth and chewing sullenly.

"I'm glad you find this so amusing," He said once he swallowed, "But you do realize that if this is the cloak of legend then we're probably going to be bringing it to Dumbledore at some point…knowing full well what we did on it."

"What we think we did on it," Lily corrected, "We don't know for sure; it could have been shoved to the end of the bed during the whole event. And regardless it can be washed. No harm, no foul."

"Except for the shame I'll have to live with," Severus bemoaned, head in his hands.

Lily rapped his knuckles with the back of her fork, "Oh hush. It's not that bad. I mean, it's not like we did it in my parents' bed or on your grandmother's grave."

"Though on my great grandmother's grave would be an apt revenge for what happened to my mum…" Severus muttered dourly, drumming his fingers on the table, "It's just…weird. I don't want anything related to Potter to be a part of…being with you. It taints it somehow; like he was somehow involved."

"Sev, it's a silly, old cloak," Lily said in fond exasperation, "It isn't a piece of James, just a possession of his. I'm honestly surprised you aren't seeing this as the perfect revenge like I am."

Severus blinked at her, "How do you mean?"

"Well you did just say that desecrating your great grandmother's grave would be payback for how she treated your mum."

Severus shrugged, "Well yes, but she hasn't died yet so it's wishful thinking."

Lily gave Severus a flat look, "Well, don't you think you sleeping with me—the girl James will never win—on his favorite possession is sort of a poetic justice for the hell he put you through all these years?"

"Well….kind of, but I feel childish for being that petty," Severus admitted sheepishly, trying to nonchalantly sip his tea without looking at Lily.

Lily grinned, "See, there's a part of you that's relishing this."

"Yes, but the rest of me is thinking how I'm too old to be that immature," Severus countered, "It's the sort of ridiculous thing Potter would do to get back at someone; and I hate feeling like I've somehow stooped to his level by doing something so idiotically petty."

"Look, neither of us are going to be rubbing this in James's face, so you're already levels ahead of how he'd behave in this scenario," Lily stated, "So don't get so worked up over nothing."

Severus rumpled the cloak, alternating between wringing it in his hands and pulling on it, "Still, this isn't the most mature thing I could have done. I mean, it sounds like we swiped it simply to fool around on it instead of wanting it for the original reason and—Lily, look!"

Severus shoved his plate and teacup aside, spreading the cloak out on the table.

Lily leaned over the table, eyes scanning the cloak, "I don't see anything."

Severus sighed, realizing his mistake, "It was a miswording. I don't mean look, so much as…see it with your hands."

Lily raised a brow, "What?"

"Your hand," Severus repeated, taking Lily by the wrist and guiding her hand over the segment of presented cloak, "there's a variance in the texture, right here. Feel it?"

Lily dragged her finger back and forth over the fabric. There was something different about this particular spot; a part stood up in the velvety side of the cloak, like someone ran their finger through it the wrong way, only it couldn't be smoothed down. It was such a small, random imperfection in the cloth that it was probably unnoticeable to most.

"It feels like a shape," Lily noted.

"Yes, but what shape?" Severus prompted a knowing and excited gleam in his eye.

Lily ran her finger along the barely indecipherable uprising of the velvet, her finger making out the shape of a triangle…then a circle…with a line through it.

Lily looked up at Severus, eyes wide, "Is this?"

Severus nodded, "It's the symbol, Lily. The one from the story."

"We found the cloak," Severus breathed, taking Lily's hands in his, "This is the Deathly Hallow."

Lily stared down at the cloak, stunned.

"We're definitely going to need to scorgify it before we take it to Dumbledore," she said finally.

Am I a bit vindictive by having them do it on Potter's cloak. Yes, yes I am. Douche canoe used it in school with his map to get an advantage on those he targeted and Dumbledore likely knew about it and ignored that blatant misuse of it for purposes of ill intent. So yeah, I'm feeling salty about it still after all this years.

This chapter was really just about randy teenagers suffering the consequences of drinking too much and finding their drunken selves are apparently more ballsy than their sober selves since they actually took the shot and stole the cloak. God know how the others smuggled Marlene out of the school without the bloody thing.

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