Okay, this is my first story in such an active Fandom.

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Henry's voice wavered slightly as he spoke, his arms stiff against his sides.

His mind whirred, he had seen the Wolf upstairs not long ago, chest open and organs missing, an inky mess.

Now the seven foot tall creature was standing across the room from him, overalls clean as if they had never been into contact with the mess on the operation table.

The Wolf's expression was almost blank, his right ear twitched slightly when Henry had said it's name.

Henry swallowed thickly, silently wishing he still had his axe with him.

Was the creature going to attack? Morph into an inky monstrosity like it seemed Bendy had.

His thoughts were interrupted by a quiet, hiccuping sob.

His focus snapped back to the Wolf, who was now visibly shaking, black tears streaming from his pie cut eyes and down past his rosy cheeks.

"Is it, Is it r-really you?" The Wolf whispered, his voice rising in pitch towards the end of the sentence, "Henry?".

Henry wasn't quite sure how to react, but his shoulders dropped into a slightly relieved position, it appeared that Boris wasn't going to attack. "Yeah," he said quietly, but loud enough for the Toon to hear him "It's me". He lifted his arms slightly as if to emphasize.

The breath was suddenly knocked out of him when two strong arms wrapped around his middle and lifted him up from the ground slightly. For a moment, Henry feared the Wolf was attempting to crush him, before he felt the nuzzle on the top of his head. Boris was, hugging him.

It took a moment before Henry hugged back, his arms easily wrapping around the thin Toon's middle. At least there was someone here that wasn't trying to kill him, and that someone was the Wolf he knew so well, the creature he used to draw on a daily basis before he had left the studio.

Fat, cold, Inky tears landed on his head, causing him to grimace slightly, before slowly releasing his grip on Boris.

It took a moment for Boris to do the same, he lowered the man so he was touching the floor again, waiting another few more moments before releasing the hug.

Henry had to tilt his head up slightly to look the tall Toon in the eye, Henry wasn't that short, but he wasn't as tall as the Wolf either.

Boris wiped his eyes with his arm, sniffling loudly.

"I- I'm sorry, it's just- I'm so glad you're here" he hiccuped, pressing a white gloved palm into his right eye in attempt to stop the water- er- inkworks.

The softer half of Henry felt a pang of sympathy for the Toon, he put a hand on Boris's shoulder and smiled sadly "It's alright. Why don't we sit down?" He suggested softly, motioning to the overturned chairs in the room.

Boris nodded, a shaky sigh escaping him as he plopped down on one of the chairs that Henry easily turned upright.

The old animator sat down across from the Wolf, running a hand through his greying hair tiredly, he glanced around the room for a moment.

"What happened to this place?" He asked in a curious yet solemn tone.

Boris sniffed slightly, sitting up little straighter in the small chair. He looked as if he wasn't going to answer, before; "Joey."

"Joey?" Henry echoed "But, how?" He asked almost astonished "How could he have do all this in such a short time? The letter I got from him a few days ago didn't seem too out of the ordinary, apart from the fact that we haven't spoken in thirty years..".

Boris nodded sadly, "Mhm" he hummed in acknowledgement, "But it wasn't Joey that wrote the letter" he paused again for a moment before sighing "It was me".

Henry had to admit, that did make a lot of sense, Well as much sense as possible in this hellhole. The writing on the letter had seemed a little messy, but Henry had just dismissed it as Joey's aging bones.

"I tried to copy Mr. Drew's handwriting," he trailed off, a look of regret on his face "We needed help, N' I couldn't think of anyone but you".

Henry listened silently, his hands folded neatly in his lap.

"But once Mr. Drew found out that I sent that letter, he-" the Toon stopped, expression changing dramatically, anger, hurt and sadness all rolled into one "H-He strapped me to that table and-" he sniffled, inky tears forming in the corners of his eyes again "Well, you saw what happened."

Henry's eyes were wide now, Joey had killed Boris? He had suspected it was Joey operating on the Wolf when he saw the body, but he had thought it would have been a corps, not a living thing.

He looked down at the hands in his lap "I," he started quietly, not really knowing what to say "I'm so sorry."

Boris shook his head, a frown suddenly on his face "S' not your fault."

"Maybe if I'd gotten here sooner-"

"It wouldn't have made a difference!" Boris suddenly snapped, immediately looking guilty for his outburst. "Sorry" he mumbled quietly, before taking a deep breath "But he found out so quickly, saw the Ink and a page ripped from his journal, he cornered me, yelling at me to tell him w-what I was doing. And I told him.," he shuddered "I thought if I didn't, the punishment would be worse than what I did get."

Henry was speechless, he just stared at the Toon for a few minutes before the Wolf turned his head away and stood up. Henry's thoughts were going haywire. Joey Drew, his former best friend, was a murderous lunatic, who had somehow, brought his cartoons to life.

He moved his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. He glanced over at a Boris who was reading the label of the can of Bacon Soup that had given away his hiding spot some time ago, obviously attempting to distract himself.

"What did you mean, "we" need help?" Henry suddenly asked, Boris was seemingly the only one here, apart from a few of the Ink dwellers, the monstrosity that was supposed to be Bendy and the former music director, Sammy Lawrence, who seemed to now be dead, going by the sounds that rang out over the speakers earlier.

"Me and Bendy o' course" Boris said, a serious tone in his voice.

Henry looked confused "But, isn't he- he tried to kill me!".

"That wasn't Bendy" Boris said, dropping the soup can on the ground "That was Joey",