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Henry's eyes widened at the sight, slowly, he inched towards the inky puddle, careful not to startle it.

The creature stared back, but as Henry got progressively closer it's body- well, puddle, began to quake.

Henry stopped where he was when he noticed the creature shaking, instead, he glanced back at Boris, who was watching with an almost stony stare, apart from hitching breaths the Wolf was taking, attempting to calm down.

After a moment, Henry turned back, ever so slowly, extending a hand towards the creature; who in return, let out a broken whimper.

"Hey, Little guy" Henry mumbled in the softest voice he could muster, "It's gonna be okay".

The pair of eyes were squeezed tight, a tiny mumble came The Puddle, Henry didn't quite catch what it said, until it spoke louder. "N'more, Joey" Bendy said in a shaking and slightly disoriented voice.

Henry's heart clenched when Bendy made a feeble attempt at slipping away, only managing to back himself up against the wall. The Little Devil was nothing like the one Henry used to animate, the former Mischievous trickster was now nothing but a shell of his former self, replaced with a tortured soul.

"Bendy" Boris spoke in an unsteady voice, stepping forwards so that he was standing next to Henry, a watery smile crossed the Wolf's face "It's me Buddy, i-it's Boris."

Bends remained silent, squinting at the figures in front of him. After a few moments something clicked in his head. "B-Boris.." he stammered in a small, broken voice "I-I though Joey, I thought he got ya..".

Bendy's form grew slightly, a head rising above the puddle, but the amount that remained an inky mess didn't seem to be enough to form a full body.

Boris nodded slightly "Yeah, he got me.." Boris frowned, not wanting to go into the more gruesome details at the moment, "But I'm all good now! Thanks ta Henry, what a guy! Coming along and turning the machine back on. Soon as I had a bit of ink running through me, the damage just, patched itself back up."

Boris' thoughts wandered back to when he had woken up on the table, the gaping wound had been reduced to a small slit by the time he'd regained consciousness. A small amount of ink had been spilling through, but hardening just before it escaped the wound completely, until it was pretty much gone.

With all the extra ink he'd easily stretched his arms out until he had been able to reach the lever to undo the restraints holding him down.

Bendy smiled at his friend, Boris noticed that one of the Little Devil's horns was drooping down the side of his head now, almost as if he were "Melting" Boris spoke aloud.

"Huh?" Bendy sounded confused, before he realised what Boris was talking about. "Oh yeah, Joey, took a fair bit of my ink so I couldn't leave the room" His smile dropped completely "Haven't got enough to form a full body.."

Henry frowned, he had only even known Joey to be a kind hearted, hard working cartoonist. And one of the best friends a guy could ask for; that was until Henry had gotten drafted, Joey had blown up at him, even though he knew fully well that Henry couldn't just pull out of the Military once he had been drafted.

Though now it seems that Joey has become some sort of Sadistic Beast, who somehow brought his cartoons to life and using one to feed off.

Boris cleared his throat, pulling Henry from his thoughts, he looked towards the Wolf. "As I was saying, Bendy, this is Henry. Henry, this is Bendy".

Henry smiled at the Little Devil Darling, already knowing who he was, he stuck out a hand anyway "Nice to meet you."

Bendy's head sunk back into the Ink, for a moment, Henry feared he'd scared the small Toon, but after another second or two, a white gloved hand stuck out from the puddle.

The two shook hands firmly. "Nice ta meet ya pal." Bendy said in a gurgling and disoriented voice.

Once his head rose out from the Ink again, Bendy's voice returned to normal. "So, Wadda you two doing here?" He asked in a curious tone "Drew could find you at any moment now, he's got eyes all over the place that guy."

Boris' expression became panicked "W-We're here to get you out!"

Bendy's expression darkened, a sadness crossing over him "I'm afraid ya can't do that, Boris." He mumbled.

Henry frowned again "What do you mean?"

"We can just take ya back to the machine and fix ya up!" Boris piped up.

"No you can't." Bendy's tone darkened "Ya see that pentagram over there?" He asked, nodding towards the door. Henry turned around, glancing back at the pulsing pentagram that seemed to be alive, moving within itself. "Yeah" Henry answered.

"Well that thing is keeping me in, it keeps the defective Toons from getting in or out. Toons like me." Bendy stated in a serious but sad voice.

"W-Well think of something!" Boris said quickly "We can just wipe it up,

like mopping up milk!".

"Boris, you can't just wipe Ink off wood" Henry said gravely "Especially Ink that's been sitting here this long".

Boris was panicking now, wringing his hands together, a small trickle of ink dribbled down his face.

"Woah! Boris, C-Calm down there buddy. If ya lose too much ink, you'll be stuck here too." Bendy spoke quickly, eyes wide.

"We won't be getting anyone outta this place if ya don't calm down Boris" Henry put a hand on Boris' shoulder, "Deep breaths buddy."

Suddenly, a crash from somewhere in the hall outside the door caught everyone's attention. Bendy slipped back down into the puddle, suddenly shaking.

Henry and Boris stood frozen, staring at the door, the only sound in the room was Boris' ragged breathing. Henry's eyes darted around the room, looking for something, anything, he could use as a weapon.

A loud, gurgling shriek rang down the hall, the sound of a limping, steady gait growing closer to the room.

"Hide" Bendy whimpered.

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