By whitebearwrites

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Warnings:  Yaoi, Language, Violence in later chapters.

Authors Notes:  Hmm…okay then, I'm reposting this, it was taken off after Fanfiction.net's ban on all NC-17 fics.  So it's been edited, the crappy lemon that was in the original has been deleted, and I actually think it makes it better without the Lemon.  *shrugs* It's also SquallxIrvine, my third favorite FF8 Yaoi pairing.


The beat was hard yet at the same time sultry, the short brunette felt it way down deep in his bones as he ground his hips against his dance partner.  A tall blond who he'd just met that night.  At night Squall Leonhart was a completely different person to what he was during the day.  During the day he was a waiter down at the local restaurant in Balamb, and at night he was this seductive vixen.  He enjoyed the power he had over his dance partners; it made him feel like he was free, that he could escape for a couple of hours.

Irvine Kinneas was new to town; his parents had just bought the local restaurant, and had sent him to manage it.  The first thing he'd seen on his entrance into town was this club, a dance club with the heavy, sultry beat he found fascinating.  There was clubs like this in Galbadia where he was originally from and he was a regular at all of them, the beat just slithered its way down into his bones, like it was a drug.  But this was the first time he'd seen someone like the brunette he had his eye on at one of the clubs.  The boy, for too Irvine he looked only about 16, was a seductress, or should he say a seducer.  He wore tight, leather, black pants and a see through shirt that bought out the paleness of his skin.  He could tell from where he was sitting that the boy wasn't tall, maybe a little taller than 5 and a half feet.  There was a sexiness about him that was unconscious, a drive to sway to that beat that Irvine found fascinating.  Irvine wanted the brunette and resolved to find out who he was.

Squall was once again late for work.  It was becoming a habit now, every night he would go to the same club, and then go home with someone different.  Then he would arrive late at work the next day, with dark circles under his gray eyes.  If he wasn't careful he would soon find himself out of a job, and was determined to do better in the morning.

"Leonhart you're late again."  The temporary manager told him angrily.

"I'm sorry, I'll do better I promise."  Squall insisted angrily, the boy hated begging, but he needed this job and if he lost it he would soon find himself on the streets yet again.

"You better," Cid breathed, "I can't keep filling in for you, you're a good kid and do the job well, but it's putting my reputation on the line every time I cover for you."

"I know and I appreciate it, I'm just really tired lately."  Squall explained dejectedly, he was always worrying about other people, it was like it was his calling in life and he hated it.  The only person Squall wanted to worry about was himself, and not even that half the time.

Irvine Kinneas rushed around his house that morning, once again he had slept in, and once again he wondered why his parents trusted him with the management of the restaurant.  Irvine was the first person to know that he wasn't very responsible, but his parents insisted that he would learn responsibility, he was still only a kid, and responsibility would come in time.  //Then why do you want me running the restaurant in Balamb if you know I'm not responsible enough for it?// He had asked his parents.  //Because we trust you and know that you'll do a good job// was the answer his father had given him.  Immediately Irvine had begun to feel guilty about all the mistakes he was sure to make.  He didn't want to disappoint his parents, but he felt it was inevitable. 

Half an hour later Irvine entered the restaurant in a flurry of movement.

"Sir, the restaurant isn't opened until midday today." The man Irvine assumed was the temporary manager told him.

"I'm not here to be served.  My parents are the new owners of this place." He explained shortly, he didn't know what it was but this man rubbed him up the wrong way.

"When will they be arriving Sir?"  The manager asked with a sickly smile, Irvine could tell that already this man acted like a whipped dog.  He hated brown noses.

"They won't be, well not for a couple of weeks anyway.  I'll be managing it in their absence.  I'm too determine who will be an asset and who will be a liability." Irvine explained in the commanding tone that his parents had made him practice for hours on end.  //The first step to showing employees who's boss is the tone of voice// he's father had explained calmly.  //If you don't give commands with the proper tone of voice then you're employees will lose all respect for you.// Of course Irvine being Irvine didn't agree with that aspect, but his parents had made him practice and he had disliked this man immediately.  So of course he used the voice.

Squall looked out of the kitchen at the boy that had just entered the restaurant.  He was about 6 feet tall and wore blue jeans and a blue vest with a brown sued trench coat over the top.  He also wore a ridiculous cowboy hat and sounded pissed.  From what he'd heard so far, this boy who couldn't be much older than him was the new manager.  Squall found that hard to believe, but he would respect him, since he couldn't afford to lose his job.

"Get everyone out here; I'll start with an inspection of the employees." He ordered of Samuel the maitre' de to the restaurant.

"Yes sir," Samuel all but saluted, Squall hated the maitre' de, he had tried to get Squall into his bed at various times, and every time Squall had refused him.  So the two now had an ongoing feud.

Irvine studied each employee as he came up to him or her and asked each his or her name.  He immediately liked most of the employees and was immensely relieved when a kindly man by the name of Cid was introduced as the temporary manager, he immediately liked the man but felt guilty for taken his job.

"Its fine sir, I always knew I'd only be a temporary manager.  Never wanted the job anyway." Cid had grinned as Irvine had explained who he was.  Irvine was immensely relieved and decided right then and there to promote him to Maitre' de, he was much nicer and friendlier than Samuel was.  Then he came up to the last person he expected to see.

"Hello sir, I'm Squall Leonhart and I'm a waiter and I work in the kitchen."  A boy, no The boy explained in a strong, clear voice.  Irvine immediately saw that he was the boy from the club the night before, the boy that was making love to the masses just by dancing with the tall blond stranger.

"Nice to meet you Squall.  How long have you been here?" Irvine asked him taking in the boy's unruly brown hair and stormy gray eyes.  Irvine saw that the boy was beautiful, there was an unconscious grace about him, that not only showed itself on the dance floor, but in the very way he moved normally.  Irvine also noticed that there was a scar straight down the center of his forehead.  Immediately he wondered how it had got there.

"I've been here for six months sir." Squall told him smartly, though Irvine could see Squall taking him in as well.  Immediately the cowboy preened, he knew he was attractive, and for some reason he wanted this boy to know it as well.

To say that Squall was shocked was an understatement.  Immediately upon meeting the manager Squall had known he was telling the truth, and immediately wondered how a boy barely older than himself had become a manager in a famous restaurant like the Balamb Harbor Restaurant.  He studied the manager and saw exactly how handsome he was.  Squall knew that if ever he had met this boy in the club he would have gone home with him.  He had butterscotch colored hair that was tied up in a ponytail at his neck and violet eyes that seemed forever to twinkle with mischief and amusement.  He also had a smile that could kill and Squall found himself swiftly attracted to him.  Squall also knew that nothing would come of his attraction since he refused to have a relationship with a co-worker, especially a manager.