"Do you really think he'll wake up Tony?"

"Of course I do Ziva. Blaine is strong. It's been two days since the doctors put Blaine in the coma, but they said that it is possible that he will be in it for a few more days considering the amount of brain swelling he had. Our son is going to wake up any minute now," Tony stated matter-of-factly.

Ziva stared intently at Blaine. She gently brushed her fingertips over his exposed forearm. "Tony, will you please go call Ari and check on Beth?"

"Of course," he answered before stepping into the hallway.

After a few seconds, Ziva gently held her son's hand, "Mi Shebeirach avoteinu v'imoteinu, Avraham, Yitzchak v'Yaakov, Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel v'Lei-ah, hu y'vareich et Blaine. HaKadosh Baruch Hu yimalei rachamim aleihem, l'hachalimam ul'rapotam ul'hachazikam, v'yishlach lahem m'heirah r'fuah, r'fuah shleimah min hashamayim, r'fuat hanefesh ur'fuat haguf, hashta baagala uviz'man kariv. V'nomar:Amen," she prayed quietly. She sat there, crying silently and praying that her son would awaken. When she heard Tony reenter the room, she wiped her tears away and asked, "How is Beth doing?"

"Ari said that she's doing just fin. She's taking a nap right now," Tony answered. He walked over and stood directly behind his wife. "He also told me that she can't wait to see her big brother. We should have Ari bring Beth to the hospital."

"I don't want her to see him like this Tony," Ziva told him, vote wavering.

"I know, but maybe he'll hear her voice or something, and maybe that might give him that extra push to come back to us." When Ziva looked up at Tony unsure, he said, "It's worth a try Ziva."

Ziva looked back at her little man. She desperately wanted her oldest to wake up, but at the same time, she didn't want Beth to see her big brother with wires coming out of his arms, bandages wrapped around his head, and a ventilator breathing for him. Looking back at her husband, Ziva saw the broken look on his face and she knew. Sighing she told him to call Ari back and have him bring their daughter to the hospital after she awoke from her nap.

"Eema," Beth exclaimed. She broke away from her uncle and run straight into her mother's arms.

"Hi Mami," Ziva said as she picked her daughter up. "Did you have a good time at Dod Ari's?"

Beth nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! Bat Dodah Rachel played makeup with me, and she braided my hair, look it," Beth said holding her braids in her hands.

"Oh how beautiful," Ziva said. "Thank you for taking care of her Ari," she said when he approached.

"It was no problem at all."

"Eema, is achich okay? Rachel and Dod said that he is in a coma. What happened to him?"

"Well, remember how he went to a dance at school last week?" She waited for Beth to respond before continuing. "Achich danced with Rachel and his friends, and when he started dancing with Sammy, some of the kids at their school hurt him."

"Why did they hurt him?"

"Because they didn't like that Blaine was dancing with Sammy. To those kids that hurt Blaine, it was wrong that he wanted to dance with a boy that they felt was masculine like Sam," Ziva said.

"Does that mean that he acts like the way they think a boy should, like how Uncle Gibbs always makes boats and Abba watches a lot of movies with fighting in them?"

"It is a lot like that," Ziva said. She close her eyes and felt a few tears roll down her face.

"Don't cry Eema," Beth told her. She raised her hand and wiped tears off her mother's cheek and kissed her, just like her mother does for her when she's sad.

Ziva held Beth closer to her. She took a deep breath and asked, "Do you want to see Blaine Beth?"

"Yes Eema," the little girl replied.

"Okay Mami," Ziva said. She placed Beth on the ground and reached her hand out for the girl to take. When Beth took her hand, she led her and Ari to the room Blaine was in. At the door, Ziva turned to Beth. "Before I let you in the room, I want to warn you achich looks different. The doctor's gave him a machine that helps him to breath, they put bandages around his head, and had to put needles and wires in his arms. Are you still sure you want to see him?"

Beth nodded.

"All right, but if it looks scary to you, tell me, and we can come back outside." Ziva waited for a response before opening the door and walking in.

Beth pulled her hand away from her mother and ran over to her father, yelling, "Abba!"

Tony turned toward the sound of his daughters voice and gave her a small smile. He got up from his seat, and lifted her up. "Hi Bethy. Did you have a good time at Dod's house?"

"Yes," Beth said. She saw tears roll down her dad's cheeks, and she wiped them away. "Don't cry Abba. Achich is going to be okay."

"Do you want to see him," Tony asked. When Beth told him that she did want to see Blaine, he walked over to the hospital bed that held his son. "If it is too much for you to see, let me know, okay?"

Beth nodded, then turned her attention to her motionless brother. She frowned when she saw all of the machines surrounding him, and the wires coming out of his arms. Looking back at her dad, she asked, "Abba, when is achich coming home?"

"We don't know yet Beth. The doctor's made it so that Blaine will sleep until his brain is okay."

"Can I stay here until he wakes up," she asked.

Tony shook his head. "Sorry, but you can't. Eema and I don't know when he will wake up, and we don't want you to be here because there are other people who are very sick, and could pass on germs to you."

Beth pouted. "Can I bring him Mr. Snuggles so when he wakes up he will know that I was here and have a friend to keep him company?"

"That is a great idea Bethy," Tony replied. "Maybe you can also draw Blaine a picture of you and he too. I will even put it up right next to the bed so it's one of the first things he sees when he wakes up."

At that, Beth smiled. "Okay Abba."

Tony turned to face his wife and brother-in-law and said, "Thank you so much for watching her Ari."

Ari waved his hand. "It was no problem at all. You all are my family, and I will always do what is necessary to be there for you," he said. "Besides, it is always a pleasure to spend time with my akhyanit."

Ziva smiled at her brother. "We know, and we really appreciate that."