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Hinata felt the sting of his father's betrayal more than Tsuna would have. She didn't know-

He didn't know if he could forgive his father. But time healed all wounds didn't it? Like when he was Hinata, he had forgiven his father when he had asked for it. The older man, on the other hand, wasn't someone he knew and he had no qualms against forgiving him.

He might have had his reasons but Tsuna didn't want them. He didn't want to be walked over and ignored again. He didn't want to be overlooked for any reason. He didn't want to be hurt like he had been by Naruto. Even thinking about it hurt, but he didn't want to keep some kind of grudge against Naruto. He had already died. There was no point in bringing issues he had from his previous life.

He placed his hand on his chest, feeling the distinct lack of breasts. It would take time to get used to that. Though thankfully he had received all his memories from birth and not suddenly. He didn't want a split personality like Sakura. No one but Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Shizune and Tsunade had known of her split personality. It had been a surprise when she had learnt of it but after conquering her fears she had become someone admirable.

He missed her.

How could he not? Sakura had gotten to know who he truly was like and had thought Naruto to be someone who didn't deserve Hinata. How could he not have loved Sakura? How could he not have wanted Sakura to be happy? When Sakura had told him she was unsure if she had feelings for Naruto, he had encouraged her. He would never stand between the love of the two people closest to her heart.

After Sakura had reverted back into an emotional teenager at seeing Sasuke after three years, he had been disappointed but he knew that Sakura would never walk away with Sasuke. Sakura wouldn't betray her friends and shishou like that.

Naruto hurt he-him more than that. He had loved him, and he died for him. Then he got up and fought the war for him. He had wanted Naruto beside him when he was dying. It was impossible because he was fighting that goddess but when it ended, Sasuke threw a fit and Naruto followed him leaving all the injured, half-broken ninja behind him. Not even hesitating. Not even looking back. That hurt more than he thought.

He wondered if Hinata had been so easy to discard because he hadn't stood up to his clan and helped Naruto when he was young. He wouldn't have become the heir if he had defied the clan so blatantly, but Naruto's childhood would have been better. He could have loved her then. Would that have been worth it?

He didn't know.

But Hinata had die with betrayal in her heart even though she was surrounded by loving friends. He didn't want to do the same. He didn't want to be bitter. He didn't want to yearn for something he couldn't have while he still had something wonderful. He wanted to appreciate what he had. It might seem a little childish in hindsight. How could he have known Hinata was dying?

Naruto wasn't taught to lead a war. He wasn't a chunin or jonin. He was just used to being taken care of by his Kakashi or Jiraiya. He was used to doing what he wanted, leaving the rest of the mess for his teachers. He had never known the exhaustion and sadness that came after someone died under you. He had never borne the burden that came with taking care of life. He had been young and inexperienced, and he was the one who won them the war.

He was almost glad he would never have to see the mess Konoha would become under Naruto's leadership. But Shikamaru would become an advisor and Tsunade-sama would make sure he was ready to bear the lives of everyone in the village. Naruto would rise to the challenge like he always had. But did he even want to be Hokage anymore? He doubted it.

Even if he was upset with Naruto, there was nothing he could do. He was either in the future where chakra became dormant and turned to flames or in another world. Either way, Hyuuga Hinata had become Sawada Tsunayoshi, a boy.

With the return of his awareness, he needed to get used to the gender change in his body again. It was sort of odd how he had felt comfortable as a male for the first four years and yet suddenly he felt distinctly like Hinata.

It really was too odd.

Tsuna spent the next week getting familiar with his house again. He kept getting distracted by strange things or losing track of his limbs unless he was hyperaware of what he was doing and not just the surroundings. His head felt heavy and he could barely concentrate on anything. It was a jarring change from what his first few years were like and from Hinata.

He followed most of the training regime he had followed as Hinata but around age 7 or 8. He was male and he needed to build his body to have the stamina and strength of one. He ran around town every day, sometimes stumbling over his feet but he didn't stop no matter how much he felt like he wanted to die. He had felt that before too, and that had been much worse. He was just glad he had started early.

He didn't have chakra or the flames though. He felt like cursing himself for not creating any seals when he could. But that was fine. He could still train his body. He doubted many people in the world even had those flames. But his town was odd and had a few flame users though so he wasn't too sure of that. It definitely wasn't common knowledge seeing as there was nothing of it in books or television. It was probably something powerful people had access to knowledge to. Something the upper echelon kept to themselves. Knowledge like that had to be rare and possessively horded. But there were people like that in his odd town. People with flames.

He had heard of the Hibari family before but he had ignored it as unimportant. It wasn't long after he got used to the shift than he saw the female Hibari who stayed in town. She had active dual flames that exactly the same amount as the other. Bright yellow and purple. She would look at him curiously sometimes but had left him alone till yet, so he didn't bother her.

But he was curious about her son. He was the 'terror of the town' so to say. Hibari Kyoya. The boy who fought with tonfa and brought down hell on gangsters that he could find 'breaking the rules'.

Tsuna wanted to meet him.


Tsuna finally started elementary school not too long after he had re-mastered the art of walking and being aware of his surroundings- to a ridiculous degree, might he add- at the same time. He still couldn't feel his flames and it was driving him mad. Hinata had a lot of patience but now it felt like he might as well have not lived another life as her.

His elementary school had been the closest one, Namimori Elementary School. It honestly felt like a familiar version of hell. Every child was snotty and crying or screaming and playing. Every kid was already friends with each other and they kept in their own groups. The girls had their own clique and the boys ran after each other and got down and dirt.

He had never felt more awkward. It was like back in the Academy when she was new and wasn't allowed to associate with the civilians and too shy to talk to the clan heirs, except here, his body was male and he could barely walk outside his house without getting distracted by a thousand other things. He couldn't play with the boys and he would be committing social suicide if he even thought of joining the girls.

Therefore, he was immensely glad when the teacher had called out names for people in their respective classes and he silently joined one. He had to actually make friends out of his own violation. He felt like cringing at the thought. When was the last time he made a friend by himself and not because someone introduced him to someone else for small talk, or they were teammates for a mission and therefore barely had to talk?

This world was going to be very difficult.