Mad Grinch Productions Presents:

The Zootopia Princess Bride

Created from the mad, mad mind of: Zanrok

Co-Created & Directed By:

Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps (currently a captive under duress)

Cover Picture By: OceRydia

A '100 Kisses' Universe story


We don't own the movie! Any Movie (... yet)

But the crowds (aka pirate shippers) demanded it so here it is, we had no choice!

Chapter 1 – We Don't Need A Babysitter!

Judy and Nick looked into the bedroom, watching their two kits playing away on a console game.

"Ridley, Ella, guess what?" Judy asked going over to the fox and bunny kits sitting on the lower of the two bunkbeds as they smashed away at the game controllers with intense determination. She pulled up the blanket around their legs, tucking it in while they tried to look around her at the tv screen The blanket was unnecessary, as even with the cold winter weather tonight the room wasn't the least bit frigid but she never could resist mothering her kits.

The action only got an eye roll from Ellla, as she kept button mashing away, a look of focused concentration on her face that Nick always said reminded him of Judy. Ridley on the other paw was able to draw his attention away from the game just long enough to give a half-hearted smile and, "What?" in response to her question before his attention was re-consumed by the game. With a gasp, his ears, so much like Nick's if just a tad bit longer than a usual foxes, snapped back as Ella started laughing and he snarled, "Ella! Not fair!"

Nick's arm wrapped around Judy's shoulder and he whispered into her ear, "They're just like you when you get sucked in a case file, can't pay attention to anything else for more than half a second."

She looked up at him and bumped his hip with hers. "No, they're just like you when you're pulling a hustle, mind focused only on the goal." She leaned up and kissed him and both kits managed to spare enough attention to look at their parents and make 'blaaa' sounds and icky faces at their kiss.

"Mom! dad!", "Do you have to kiss in here?!" they squealed in exaggerated horror, both temporarily forgetting completely about their characters on screen.

Nick looked at Judy, a smile crossing his face. "That on the other hand, seems to have gotten their attention." He kissed her nose gaining another set of horrified protests from their two kits, before smirking at her, "And you call me the hustler?"

"Okay we're listening! We're listening!" the two kits squealed like their arms were being twisted. Judy smirked.

"Well, I learned from the best. That's how you always get my attention when I get too focused and it seems to work just as well in getting theirs."

She gave him one more quick kiss and there were groans of pain from the two kits.

Judy looked back over at them, smiling as they both fell back on the bed, Ella with her long, ever so pointed ears splayed out like she was dying in a manner that had Judy giggling, remembering her childhood play when she was a kit. All Ella needed to complete the reenactment was a bottle of ketchup and a theatrical rendition of, "Blood, Blood, Blood! And Death!". Ridley on the other paw had his tongue sticking out sideways with his eyes crossed and his paws sticking up into the air.

"Ridley," Nick said chastising, "Stop acting like a dead possum. A dead fox looks more like this."

Nick made an exaggerated pained face and then with his tongue lolling out, slumped over, dropping his chin onto Judy's head between her ears.

"Nick!" Judy squealed, trying to push the heavier fox off her with little success, "I just got my fur done! I swear if you drool on me you will be a dead fox!"

It took Judy nearly a minute to get him off of her, because for a supposedly dead mammal, he had a remarkable ability to stay flopped all over her. Though she only socked him in the arm lightly afterwards because his fooling around had sent Ridley and Ella into a giggling fit on the bed.

Light or not, Nick dropped to the floor moaning theatrically which had the kits squealing in laughter. She huffed at his antics but had a hard time not laughing herself.

She shook her head, still amazed at Nick's ability to act like a kit himself, "Come on, You are going to wrinkle your shirt and we need to get going if we don't want to be late."

Nick grinned and popped back up to his feet, brushing himself off and in the span of a few seconds had shifted from overgrown kit, to suave business mammal.

"Right you are Carrots, can't be late for this undercover mission. How many more chances are we going to get to be paid to essentially go on a high-class date and make out?" There was a renewed round of gagging noises at that.

"And what makes you think we're going to be making out?" Judy asked with a raised eyebrow and ear, "Awfully confident, aren't you?"

Nick grinned, stepping closer and putting his arms loosely around her waist.

"Always," he said, pulling her closer, but smirked instead of kissing her. "Plus making out is the best way to allay suspicion that we're there for any reason other than to be on a date, especially if say… we get caught snooping around where we shouldn't be."

"Okay! Okay! We're listening! What did you want to tell us?" the kits squealed, Ella even grabbed a pillow to try covering her ears. Which was quite adorable to Nick and Judy considering the small pillow only covered half of the length of her ears.

Nick smirked and then leaned over to her ear whispering just loud enough for her to hear, "And I might have arranged a little surprise upgrade for after we finished our job at the restaurant, it is our anniversary after all and the rooms in the Palm Hotel that Bogo had gotten us just didn't fit the occasion or our cover story. There's an extra-large bed and we don't even have to worry about late checkout in the morning."

Judy flushed a little as he let her go, smirking even more now and she quickly turned to their two kits.

"Ehem, well…" she cleared her throat. "We wanted to just make sure you two are good for the night and to tell you that Grandma Wilde just arrived."

There were two more groans at this.

"Mom, we're old enough to not need a babysitter!" Ella said in exasperation.

"I thought you liked hanging out with Grandma?" Nick asked sweetly, still smirking.

"Dad, it's not that!" Ridley pitched in, "We love grandma but every time she comes over to babysit us at night she can't help tucking us in and marking us!"

"Ya!" Ella joined her brother, "We're not little kits anymore!" she said, folding her arms across her chest and pouting in an amazingly cute fashion.

"Well maybe she won't this time," Judy said trying to cajole the two young kits, who had recently decided that eight years old should be the new legal age of adulthood and meant they didn't need adult supervision anymore. "Right Nick?" Judy finished turning to Nick to get his agreement only to find him looking like he agreed with the kits.

"Judy, my mom still marks us like we are little kits," he said rolling his eyes.

Judy elbowed him, and after a short wince, he quickly added, "Which, doesn't mean there's anything wrong about it! It just means she loves us; absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about at all!"

Both Ridley and Ella gave them looks that screamed, "Really?"

The door behind them opened and an greying vixen wearing an older styled dress and carrying a wrapped package entered,

"And how are my favorite grandkits?" she said excitedly, going over to the bed to sweep Ridley and Ella into a hug before rubbing her muzzle on the top of their heads. The two kits gave pointedly exasperated looks toward their parents before hugging her back.

"Grandma, how can we be your favorites?" Ella asked playfully, "We're your only grandkits."

"Well I can't possibly imagine having better grandkits so that's how you're my favorites," she replied and kissed Ella on the cheek before letting them go and turning back to Judy and Nick.

"And don't you two look just absolutely lovely!" She said coming over and tightening up Nick's tie which he'd loosened before pulling his head down to kiss his cheek and give the top of his head a quick rub with her muzzle. Nick gave Judy a copy of their kits eyerolling expressions of exasperation before smirking and mouthing, 'your next'.

"You haven't looked this handsome since your wedding," she said taking a step back, smiling as she looked him up and down. "You look just like your father. He'd be so proud if he could see you now." Nick caught the small hitch in her voice before she turned to Judy, sweeping her into a full hug and giving her an even longer rub between her ears with her muzzle before stepping back with her paws still on her shoulders.

"You look lovelier than ever, dear! And I bet I have you to thank again for actually getting my son to dress up properly." Mrs. Wilde grinned, beaming down at Judy with such pride and happiness that the rabbit blushed a bit more. She reached up and adjusted the small pearl bracelet around her ear before nodding, "Beautiful. Nicholas couldn't have found a more perfect mate in the entire world."

Judy shuffled her foot blushing hard, "Um… thanks, but I'm not-"

"Oh, yes you are." Nick cut in, smirking while Mrs. Wilde chuckled.

"Well, don't let me hold you two up. Go have a fun evening and don't worry about rushing back in the morning. I'm always happy to spend time with Ridley and Ella and I even brought them a surprise."

There was a whoop and a shot of 'Yes! I love Grandma's cookies!' from the two kits which caused her to grin and Nick to roll his eyes and whisper.

"If you stuff them with your cookies again, they'll be bouncing off the walls and you'll never get them to go to bed."

"And a cup of warm milk afterwards and they'll be out like a light," she said in response before shoeing the two adults toward the door. "Now go on you two and make sure to enjoy yourselves. I'll take care of everything until you're back." She leaned in, smile beaming and whispered low, "And I wouldn't mind having a few more favorite grandkits, so don't you two worry about hurrying back in the morning either."

Judy felt the heat from her cheeks travel up her ears as she glanced at her grinning fox, seeing his tail wagging.

"Well no promises," he said to his mother before winking at Judy, "But Judy sure has brought me around to her 'try everything' philosophy."

Nick's subtle look towards her as he said that made the heat hit the tips of her ears and then burst through her whole body. Judy grabbed his tie and gave it a yank as she headed for the door and away from all the eyes that certainly didn't need to see anything more than a chaste kiss or two.

"Have fun with Grandma and don't get into too much trouble," Judy called back to Ridley and Ella before speaking to Nick. "Come on, Ellaine will take care of them and we don't want to be late for our big night."

"As my bunny wishes," Nick said before turning his head over his shoulder as she led him, calling back to his kits. "And, no hustling Grandma for extra cookies!"


Opps! it looks like its bed time for all the little kits out there, check back tomorrow for Chapter 2!


You can check out the full cover picture by OceRydia on Deviantart at:

ocerydia (.dot.) deviantart (.dot.) com /art/Request-Cover-the-Zootopia-Princess-Bride-679612883


Also A Special call out to Quirky-Middle-Child on Devaintart for his Princess Bride Comic AU!

He gets credit for the first ever Zootopia/Princess Bride Crossover for that hilarious little comic strips:

quirky-middle-child (.dot.) deviantart (.dot.) com /art/Princess-Bride-AU-647502743

quirky-middle-child (.dot.) deviantart (.dot.) com /art/Princess-Bride-AU-2-649266761