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Note: this story takes place a year after the events in the first season of the anime.

"All right!!" Tyson cheered, "Australian Tournament here I come!!" He was psyched about the chance to beybattle again in an official tournament.

It is true that the Bladebreakers and the other beyblade teams haven't been official teams for the past few months but the guys from the Bladebreakers did stay together and met often to practise as they had decided when the Beyblading season started again they would sign up as the Bladebreakers again.


The Bladebreakers had just arrived at the airport in Japan after winning the World Tournament in Russia. They were surprised at the large crowd of fans greeting them as they stepped off the plane.

'This is great!' Tyson thought "Yo people!!!" he called out to all the fans while the others just waved, Kai was a little embarrassed to be seen with Tyson but let it slip and waved as well.

"Tyson, can I have your autograph?"

"Rei, will you go out with me?"

"Kai, did you tattoo your face?"

The fans asked many typical fan questions. Tyson was happily signing all the autograph books, beyblades and other various things people shoved in front of him. He was after all the one to win the match against Tala of the Demolition Boys and get everyone's bitbeasts back for them. This made him the most popular one of the Bladebreakers, despite Rei and Kai's good looks.

--Flashback ends--

Now the new season was about to start and Mr Dickenson had called all the members of the Bladebreakers to announce that the first tournament would be held in Australia at the famous Sydney Beyblading Stadium.

This is how they reacted:

Tyson,"Cool, now I can win some more beybattles!"

Max,"Really that's great!"

Kenny, "I wish I had known sooner, I could've improved the beyblades, done some research on the new teams..."

Rei, "'bout time too, can't wait."

Kai, "Whatever, count me in."

And so, they had packed their stuff in preparation for the challenges that awaited them in Australia.

"Hey guys!" Tyson called out when he saw the others who were already at the airport waiting for their flight.

"Tyson!" Max replied and slapped Tyson on the back. "Great to see you again." (They had seen each other the previous day to beybattle, but they were after all, best buddies!)

"It's good to see you all together again," Mr Dickinson said.

"Hey little dudes!" Tyson's Grandpa greeted as he headed towards the group carrying a rather large suitcase.

"Grandpa...?!" Tyson said. Typical.

"What...you didn't think I would miss this tournament did ya!"

"S'pose not."

The broadcast announced "Flight Q311 to Australia, all passengers please board."

"That's our flight, we should head to the plane now." Mr Dickenson said and everyone followed him.

They had just arrived in Australia and were on the BBA bus that was taking them to their hotel which was near the stadium. On the way they all looked outside admiring the scenery, even Kai, although he preferred to just look in silence (unlike some people).

"Everything here is so modern," Max commented.

"Yeah," Tyson said in response, "Even the old buildings don't look that old."

Kenny, "Well, that's because Western people have only occupied Australia since the 18th century. Before them only the Indigenous people had lived here for a few thousand years and they didn't have buildings 'cos they believed they belonged to the land, and not that they owned the land, unlike the way we think now."

'They must've been pretty damn primitive,' Kai thought.

Just then they drove past the Sydney Beyblading Stadium and even Kai couldn't hide his admiration for the amazing architecture. It was clean white and slightly resembled the Sydney Opera House with a few wavelike shaped features on the roof. "It's beautiful..." he thought to himself while everyone else made comments on how grand and modern it looked.

"Ok, it's best that you all should get a good nights rest, you can do some sight seeing tomorrow morning," Mr Dickenson said sleepily, "I'll be in the room across from you if any of you need me." he yawned as he walked to his room.

All of them were quite excited about the coming events and thought they would never get to sleep but of course eventually they did fall asleep.

None of them had any idea what was in store for them.

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