For the next few days the Bladebreakers and the rest of the teams that we've come to know) watched the remaining matches until the first round was over.

On the first day of the second round of the Australian Beyblading Tournament the teams that were competing were announced by DJ Jazzman. The crowd was excited about the following matches, especially those for the day. When the Bladebreakers arrived they went to check the notice board to see who they were up against. Their opponents turned out to be the White Tigers and their match was first up.

Rei cringed at the thought of having to battle against his girlfriend's team again, especially since the two of them just recently confessed their feelings for each other.

"Hey Rei, what's wrong?" Tyson asked, "If it's about the White Tigers I'm sure we'll defeat them again this time round."

Rei hadn't told any of his team mates about him and Mariah yet. "That's not it…I…just don't like battling my former team mates, that's all."

"I don't see why," Kai butted in, "I had no problem battling against the Demolition Boys."

"I think it's different in Rei situation because we're friends with the White Tigers now, whereas that's no the case with the Demolition Boys," Max stated.

"Still, that's like saying you won't battle any friends!" Tyson said, "That's ridiculous, you battle us when training, why can't you battle them?"

"You're right Tyson," Rei agreed, "Don't worry guys, I'll get over it."

"Great, because we'll be battling them soon, in fact I think we should get ready now." Tyson voiced, and with that he headed off. Max, Kenny and Kai followed Tyson leaving Rei standing alone.

Rei looked at the notice board again when he heard a familiar voice say, "Looks like we're up against each other again." Rei turned around to see Lee, the captain of the White Tigers, the other White Tigers were with him.

"Lee-", Rei said.

"Let's hope it's a good match, and may the best bladers win," Lee said and stuck his hand out,

Rei shook it and told them they should all be getting ready for the match, before heading off to the main arena.


"Ok folks, you've all been waiting for this moment. Our first match of the second round of the tournament will be the White Tigers against last year's world champions thte Bladebreakers," DJ Jazzman announced. The crowd cheered with excitement as the teams got into position at the booths. "First up will be Gary from the White Tigers versus Tyson from the Bladebreakers!" The two players got into position at the beydish, "Both of them have incredible strength and love to eat to keep their strength at its maximum so either one of them could win."

"Now lets check out the beydish for this battle, it's a wooden dish with grooves from the centre of the dish coming all the way to the edge. Now with out further ado let the battle begin!"

"Let it rip!" the two beybladers called out as they launched their blades into the unusual dish,

Tyson needed to adjust to the wooden surface. He thought to himself, 'The wooden surface is not as smooth as the classic dish's surface (I'm still unclear of what the classic dish is made of though I'd assume it's metal or plastic of some sort) and with the bumpy grooves it makes it even harder to manoevour.'

Meanwhile Kenny and Emily were finding out how to use the dish to their advantage.

"I think I got it," Kenny said to Emily then he ran up towards the beydish, "To defeat Gary in this particular dish you'll not only need strength but endurance," he told Tyson.

"Say what Chief?" Tyson asked.

Kenny sighed and rephrased his statement, "To beat Gary you'll need make sure the blade keeps spinning longer than Gary's blade as well maintain your strength."

"Ah, gotcha Chief!" Tyson said and kept this in mind as he made a move towards Gary's beyblade."

"So you think you can endure this battle better than me, we'll see about that!" Gary exclaimed.

"Yeah, you show him Gary, we've been using wooden dishes to practise with back at home," Kevin called out, "you're sure to win, even with the grooves."

"I don't care how much practise you've had, I'm not giving up without a fight!" Tyson stated.

Tyson went in for the attack, Gary did likewise which resulted in a spectacular display of flying sparks.

The crowd cheered with excitement for this was what beybattling was all about to them - action.

The two beybladers battled it out with all their might, Their team mates supporting them.

'This doesn't look good,' Tyson thought, ' Gary sure has improved a lot since we last met.'

"Hang in there Tyson, you can do it!" Max called out.

"I hope so," Tyson whispered.

"I'm starting to lose my patience!" Gary shouted, "It's time for Galzzly's bear axe attack!"

Gary's bitbeast Galzzly then appeared from the beyblade and got ready to attack.

"Not so fast, Dragoon, counter attack!" Tyson commanded. Dragoon then appeared to defend Tyson's blade.

The battle between the two beasts was fierce and their respective owners were getting tired out.

Tyson thought as he puffed, 'I've never had to endure a beybattle like this before, but I know I can beat Gary.'

Gary commented, "I see why you're world champion, you've battled well Tyson."

After hearing this Tyson smiled, "Thanks Gary, you've been battling pretty good yourself."

All of a sudden Tyson's blade skipped along one of the grooves towards the centre of the dish at a very fast speed. Tyson made a mental note of this unusual movement and it occurred to him how to beat Gary. While Gary kept trying to attack, Tyson dodged these attempts with ease.

As the two bladers battled it out thet became more tired, their blades were starting to slow down, The two beyblades were revolving at opposite sides of the dish. Tyson was deep in concentration, he paid close attention to the rhythm of the blades, then just before Gary's blade was about to reach one of the grooves Tyson made his move. Dragoon reached the same groove and swiftly moived along the groove for a speedy attack. The damage to Galzzly was great as the attack came as a surprise to Gary so he wasn't prepared.

Both blades continued to spin slowly but because of the damage caused to Gary's blade, it stopped first.

"And there you have it folks, after an intense battle of endurance the victory goes to Tyson!" DJ Jazzman announced.

The crowd cheered happily knowing that the current world Champions were one step closer to winning the match,

Gary was disappointed but hten he smiled and said to Tyson, "That was a great beybattle. I look forward to the next time we battle."

Tyson nodded in acknowledgement the left the dish feeling satisfied with his win.

"Good on you Tyson!" Max exclaimed, "That was excellent thinking, using the grooves to your advantage like that."

Tyson was about to thank Max for the compliment but Max continued, "Anyway, now it's my turn to battle."

DJ Jazzman soon annouced the next battle,

"Ok, now it's time to begin the next battle, this time we have the lovely Mariah from the White Tigers against Max from the Bladebreakers."

"Now lets check out the dish. This time we have a miniature structure of none other than the new National Parliament Hourse and its surroundings. On a count of three let the beybattle begin, 3, 2, 1 let it rip!"

Mariah and Max both pulled their ripcords of their launchers and went in for a head on attack.

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