Indigo Spice

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Started: 5.9.2

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It's the distant future It's a time of nature and technology. There are nearly half the amount of Human's remaining after many great wars with neighboring planets. Although many lives were lost, Earth was declared a survivor. Such disaster has united the whole of humanity, yet cast a huge prejudice shadow over them all. Aliens are not even considered people and are often killed on sight.


Bulma groaned as she flung an arm out from under the covers, smashing the snooze button of her far too loud alarm clock with a bit too much force. She hated school, absolutely hated it, mainly because she was smarter than all of her instructors by a wide margin.

"Honey! You awake? You don't want to be late, do you?"

The blue-haired beauty groaned again, pushing the covers away as she sat up. It was times like these when she wished her mother would drop dead. The high pitched voice was more than unwelcome at such an early hour.

Without answering her mother, Bulma rose to her feet, stumbling from sleepiness as she made her way to her large bathroom. A shower would be so nice, but there wasn't time.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, the teen moved a bit faster. She pulled on a pair of too tight white jeans, a bright blue tube top, and a white cotton short-sleeve button-up top, which she left open, tying the ends together in a knot right at her navel. As she brushed her hair, pulling it back in a ponytail, she silently cursed the school for having such an annoying dress code.

"Ms. Briefs, what have I told you about wearing such revealing clothes?" Bulma said, mimicking the secretary's squeaky voice as she pulled on a pair of matching blue sandals and hurried downstairs. With the
front door in sight, she checked her watch. She wasn't that late.

"Don't forget breakfast, dear!" called a far too young looking woman, wearing tight blue jeans, an orange and red striped tube top, and a pair of matching red heels, and her curly blonde hair was pulled up on the top of her head. She'd made an abundant amount of yummy pastries, knowing full well her daughter never had time to eat at home and had friends with very large appetites.

Bulma turned on a dime, snatching the large white paper bag from her mother's outstretched arm, "Thanks." She muttered, turning again and hurrying out the door.


"Maron! Where are you going?" Krillin called, watching as his beautiful on/off girlfriend hurried inside the large building that served as their high school.

Rubbing his smooth bald head, he tried to rethink what exactly had been said. He shrugged it off though, knowing her she'd probably forgotten already too. By lunch things would be back to normal.

Leaning against one of the many large trees surrounding the red brick building, Krillin sighed, watching the parking lot patiently for his friends to arrive. Why was he always the first one there? Probably because he always dressed simply, wearing loose-fitting blue jeans and a T-shirt nearly everyday.

Finally, a small white two-seater Capsule car pulled in. Krillin slowly approached, envious of the shiny new hover car. He'd yet to have a showy vehicle, using a small Capsule plane to get to school instead, mainly because he lived so far away, "When did you get this?"

"Just yesterday. I traded my old one in and spent every last dime I had." Yamcha said, climbing out of his pride and joy in a pair of light khakis and a slightly unbuttoned yellow dress shirt, his short black hair combed stylishly.

"How are you going to make payments?" Krillin asked curiously, knowing his friend had more than bad luck at keeping a steady job.

Yamcha shrugged, refusing to give his short buddy the satisfaction of an answer. Together they stepped back under the shade of the trees to wait for the rest of the gang.


"Hey, guys Where's everybody? The bell's going to ring soon." Chi-Chi said, giving both boys a look over. She gave them both a pleasant smile, brushing her long black hair out of her eyes.

Both Yamcha and Krillin stared. It wasn't often Chi-Chi wore her hair down and she looked more than sexy in that lavender sun dress and matching sandals.

Krillin found his voice first, "Well, Maron's inside-" he didn't get to finish though, the loud screeching of wheels interrupting his thoughts.

They all looked up to see Bulma skidding to a halt in one of her many Capsule vehicles, today's being a large white motorcycle. She just so happened to be one of the richest teenagers in the world, her father being the inventor of the famous Capsule Corporation.

"Hi, Bulma. Late again?" Chi-Chi said, readjusting her messenger bag's strap on her shoulder.

"I'm not late. The bell hasn't rung, has it?" she asked, stepping up to the group, elbowing Yamcha for staring at her best friend, "You should leave your hair down more often, Chi."

"Oh, but it's so much trouble. Did you finish your homework?"

"Homework? What homework?" Bulma, Yamcha, and Krillin asked simultaneously just as the bell rang.


"Where's Son-kun?" Bulma asked, eyeing a very handsome boy as he passed.

Yamcha elbowed his girlfriend gently, "Now who's staring?" he said sarcastically, earning a snicker from Krillin.

"That's Rio Senshu. He's new here and already I heard he's captain of the soccer team." Chi-Chi said, glancing back to get another look.

"Really? Son-kun's not the captain?"

"Heh heh Nope. He can't remember the plays." Krillin said, chuckling.


Goku charged down the crowded hallway, avoiding fellow students. Then, he caught sight of his friends.

Bulma and Chi-Chi were the most popular girls in school. Chi-Chi being the most desirable due to Bulma's insistent temper, plus, her and Yamcha had been dating for some time.

"How late am I?" Goku said, running up beside Krillin.

"Hey, I was wondering where you were!" Bulma said, tossing a large white paper bag to her long time friend.

"Pretty late, what took so long?" Chi-Chi said, eyeing the object of her interests, hoping he too would say something about her hair.

"Wow, Bulma! Thanks, I'm starvin'." Goku said, practically swallowing the sweet pastries as they all stepped into a classroom together. Being seniors, there weren't many electives left they hadn't had, and the few there were, they all had together.

"Goku, you know better. No food in the class rooms." Their art history instructor said in a stern tone.

"Nn Right" Goku managed between bites, swallowing the last of his breakfast, disposing of the bag.

"You have got to get a Capsule plane or a hover car or something. Riding Kinto'un to the city limits and running the rest of the way just isn't safe." Krillin said in a hushed voice, taking a seat in the back along with the others.

"Shhh" Bulma warned her bald friend, laughing at the naughty note Yamcha had passed to her.

"It's no big deal," Goku said, relaxing in his seat as the tardy bell rang.

He and Krillin both lived on an island not too far from the coast with an old martial arts master, Meijin Roshi. Their school was located on the border of East City, closest to the ocean.

"Do what you want, but when people find out You're going to be in a lot of trouble." Krillin said, shaking a finger at his best friend.

"My father said you could live with us." Chi-Chi offered, smiling sweetly. They all knew the girl's rather large father and didn't put it past him. The guy was a nut, far too nice and hospitable.

"No thanks, I like livin' with tha old guy I think I could reach a new level soon." Goku said, slouching as he rested his head in his hands. School was so boring.

"Whatever, I just think you need to rethink your wardrobe. Really Goku, you're clothes are so old fashioned." Bulma said, leaning over her desk as she jotted down a few things in reply to Yamcha's note.

"I know right, you've been wearing that same outfit since we first met." Yamcha said, chuckling at Bulma's own naughtiness.

"I like what I wear, it's comfortable." Goku said in defense, looking down at his clothes. The orange was a bit bright, but he liked it, and there was nothing more comfortable than a gi.

"I guess, but at least lose the weights." Bulma said, digging in her pockets for some gum or something, only finding lint.

They all gave their long time friend a once over. His navy boots, trimmed in yellow with a simple red tie, his navy wristbands, and his navy undershirt were all weighted. He had his own look though, especially with his jet-black hair, jutting out in different directions It was like he had his own style, and people loved him for it, that and his innocent kindness. The strangest thing about their friend, however, was the fact that when they'd first met him, he'd had a tail Just like a monkey. Yamcha had had the pleasure of removing it so long ago, right after Goku had transformed into a rather enormous ape.

All of their thoughts were halted when their instructor spoke up, "Sorry about that class Well, let's get things started. If all of you would just pass your homework forward."

Chi-Chi was the first to find hers, neatly in her messenger bag where she'd left it. The others proceeded to snatch their books from beneath their desks, flipping through the pages for their assignment. Bulma found hers first, sighing, and praising herself for being such a genius, having finished it in class the day before. Yamcha and Krillin found theirs next, glad they'd thought to copy Bulma's answers the day before. Goku, however, continued searching.

"Goku, am I going to have to write you up?" the instructor questioned, gathering all the papers, knowing full well that the boy wouldn't have his assignment.

"Ah, nope. I found it." Goku said, reaching into his gi shirt, pulling out a wrinkled, folded up piece of paper.

"Really, you kids have got to get book bags." The instructor said, approaching and taking the paper from the boy's hands, unfolding it with some effort only to see that it was blank.

"Goku, are you wearing the same thing you wore yesterday?"

Goku looked up at his neatly dressed teacher with a confused look, "Yeah."

"Eww, Goku! That's gross!" Bulma and Chi-Chi squealed in disgust.

"Well, it seems you forgot to check your Uh, pockets when you got home This paper is blank."

Bulma instantly busted out in laughter. That was such a Goku thing to do. The big dope!

Disappointed in his student's lack of respect, the instructor snatched yet another crumpled piece of paper, but this time off the blue-haired girl's desk, "And what's this? A note? What have I told you two about passing notes during class?"

"But class hasn't started yet." Yamcha protested, keeping his eye on the note as his teacher slowly unfolded it.

"That's it, all three of you have detention. Go stand in the hall." The instructor said, blushing madly at the inappropriate words that littered the paper, which seemed to have been sprayed with some kind of cologne. The entire class began snickering as three of the most popular students filed out the door.


"I can't believe you dragged me into this!" Bulma screeched, earning a few stares from passing students and faculty.

"Sorry, Bulma." Goku said. Both he and Yamcha were holding two pales filled with water, while Bulma only held one.

"This is so heavy. I wonder who thought of such a strange punishment." Bulma said, using two hands to hold the small wire handle.

"Yeah, this school's so screwed up, but what sucks is I was going to take you out in my new car after school." Yamcha said, leaning against the wall, his arms straining already.

"I'm still hungry." Goku mumbled, holding his burdens with ease.

"Just like you to be thinking of food at a time like this. Man, how long is he going to make us stand out here?" Bulma complained, readjusting the pale in her hands.


Vejita squinted his eyes against the wind as he read the approaching sign. East City, huh? Sounded like a typical dumb ass Ningen town, however, upon entering the city limits, Vejita was surprised to see that East City was rather large. It would be a nice change from the last town.

After driving around for some time, he found a shabby little street that would suit his needs. Tires screeching, he skidded to a halt in front of a small one-story hotel. It was perfect. He could see the beach from the parking lot as well as the smallest dojo he could find in the large city. There were also several clubs and bars littering the same street, none of which caught his interests. Once you've been to one, you've been to them all.

Easily climbing off of his narrow, old style motorcycle, black and slightly rusted, Vejita approached the main entrance, wearing a muscle shirt under a leather jacket, a pair of worn jeans, and a pair of motorcycle boots, all of which were black. Black like his hair, standing of its own accord, much like a flame.


"Krillin," Maron whined, taking a seat beside him, "I thought you were going to take me out for lunch?"

"I thought you were mad at me." Krillin said, looking the aqua-haired girl over, admiring her tight, short red dress.

"Oh, that's right! I was, wasn't I? Oops." She said in her feminine voice, rising from the front entrance steps and walking away.

"I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave." Krillin mumbled, watching as the well-figured girl joined up with a few friends before stepping back into the building.

"Men, they're all the same," Bulma said, taking a sip of Chi-Chi's Snapple, "Why don't you ask her to come to the club with us? Yamcha and I don't want to go alone."

"In other words you don't want to get caught alone," Krillin said through a chuckle, "I can't believe you get away with it."

"Hey, we better take advantage of it while we can. My friend may not be a bouncer forever, especially if he's always letting underagers in." Yamcha said, grabbing at the Snapple bottle only to have Chi-Chi take it away from him.

"Rude! I don't want your cooties." The girl complained, holding the nearly empty bottle out of reach.

Goku approached the steps where he and his friends always had lunch. He was about to speak when a Snapple bottle was thrust in his face, "Huh? Hey, thanks, Chi!" Goku said, grabbing the bottle and quickly emptying it, tossing it with ease to the large barrel some ways away that served as a trash can.

"Uh Goku." Chi-Chi whined, trying her best to ignore Yamcha's laughter.

"When were you guys planning to go?" Krillin asked, directing his question to Bulma.

The girl stopped to think for a moment before answering, trying to remember what they'd been talking about, "Oh, tomorrow night." She said, referring to Saturday night.

"Nah, I got other stuff to do." Krillin said, hoping they wouldn't question him further. He honestly just didn't want to go. Accompanying Bulma and Yamcha to a club was, frankly, several uncomfortable hours watching the couple make-out.

"What're you guys talkin' about?" Goku asked, taking a seat beside his best buddy, Krillin.

"Hey, why don't you come with us, Goku?" Yamcha said, reaching forward to hand his friend a bag of chips he hadn't eaten.

"Wow, thanks." Goku said, quickly tearing into the bag. He was as hungry as ever, having eaten nothing since first period. He'd had to stay late in his last class, holding water pales, and he'd missed his chance to get some lunch, the cafeteria having closed on him.

"And who's he supposed to come with? No fashion, no brains," Bulma paused, grimacing at her long time friend's eating habits, "No manners No wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend."

"Hey, Chi-Chi, how about you come too? You have a thing for Goku, right?" Yamcha said, leaning forward to look past Bulma only to see that the raven-haired girl was blushing.

"Great idea! How about it, Chi?" Bulma asked in an excited tone.

"Sure, sounds like fun." Chi-Chi said through a smile, her eyes in the form of anime-style upside down U's, a light blush still lingering on her cheeks.

"You up for it Goku?" Yamcha asked, watching with an expression similar to the one his girlfriend had had moments ago as Goku tore the chip bag open and began licking at the crumbs.

"Huh?" the teen asked, looking up as soon as he'd finished devouring the last of the cheese flavored crumbs.

"Just meet us at Club Mecha, Saturday at midnight Got it?" Bulma said, rising from her seat as the bell rang.

Goku gave a confused look, but didn't protest. It wasn't like it was a problem; he didn't have anything else to do. He watched as Yamcha wrapped an arm around Bulma as the two of them headed off to their classes. Krillin was hurrying over to a passing Maron, who seemed to have forgotten their latest fight. Goku knew he wasn't the smartest person in the world, he didn't dress like the other students, and he'd never been the type for manners, but he didn't want to be alone anymore. However, he'd never been interested in the girlfriend boyfriend thing either. He needed something more.

Letting the strange thoughts leave as easily as they had come, Goku hurried to walk with Chi-Chi up the sidewalk towards the next class they shared.

"Will this be your first date?" the blushing girl asked, hoping to look as innocent as she sounded.

"Huh? Oh, I guess so." Goku said through a smile, chuckling as they entered the large red brick building.


Krillin waited patiently outside the front entrance of the building. He was so glad it was Friday. Growing impatient, he pulled a capsule from his pocket, pressing the button on it's top and tossing it to the pavement. Seconds later the tiny capsule had transformed into a small aircraft built much like a helicopter, except that it had a jet engine in the back instead of propellers at the top.

Just as he was about to give up and leave, he heard the double doors swing open. Turning, he watched as his best friend stalked over.

"Hey, where's Bulma and Yamcha?"

"Oh, they left already, I had to stay later than everyone else."

Krillin chuckled, knowing that Goku probably hadn't been able to keep his mouth shut, "Well, ready to go home?"

"No thanks, I think I'd rather walk a little." Goku said, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

"What's the matter with you?"

"Nn It's just that Chi-Chi was sayin' that this was gonna be a date."

Krillin's puzzled look transformed into amusement, "Don't worry, good buddy! No need to be nervous."

"I guess Either way, I wanna train some at tha dojo before I go home." Goku said, slowly returning to his cheerful self.

"Kay, but be sure not to use your full strength." Krillin said, his voice filled with concern as he climbed into the Capsule vehicle.

"Kay." Goku called as the aircraft lifted high in the sky before blasting off. He didn't understand why his mind was so clouded. It was as if some kind of strange energy was looming nearby, provocative and alluring.

Snorting at his own ridiculous thoughts, Goku chuckled as he started up a fast paced jog towards his favorite dojo.


Vejita finished off a series of sit-ups and push-ups, sweat dripping from his brow due to the heat of the day. Air conditioning wasn't even an option though since he thought of it as such a weakness, and the windows being wide open wasn't helping.

Rising to his feet, Vejita stalked over to the door of his shabby hotel room, roughly pulling it open only to be bombarded with warm rays of sunlight. Growling in annoyance, he grabbed a white T-shirt off one of the twin beds and headed out, closing the door behind him.

He was more than tempted to just run over and dive into the ocean no more than forty meters away but he knew better. People would stare and wonder at his ability to swim so well and stay under for so long. It wasn't worth the risk.

Turning on his heals, Vejita walked in the opposite direction, hoping his pride wouldn't mind him stepping into the cool air conditioning of a corner store. As he started up a slight hill, Vejita welcomed a gust of somewhat cool wind, letting his eyes slip closed as he inhaled the wonderful scents of Earth.

His eyes snapping open, he suddenly picked up a scent so rare and yet so familiar. A Saiyajin. The scent was strong Whoever it was had to be close. Looking around in a hopefully unnoticeable frenzy, Vejita glanced from person to person. No, no, no Then he caught sight of him He seemed to be a bit young, tall, slender yet muscular, wild, spiky, raven hair, fair skin There was no mistaking it; the guy was a Saiyajin.

He just watched as the boy hurried into the small dojo nearby. Surely, the boy liked it for the same reasons he did. It was the smallest one in the large city; therefore, there wouldn't be near as many people to notice his strange abilities and strengths.

Vejita smirked, continuing his walk to the small gas station. He'd wait for a better opportunity to approach the boy. Until then, he'd just watch and learn.

Stepping into the cool store, Vejita felt a bit giddy as he browsed through all the nonsense Ningen products. He couldn't even remember how long he'd been searching. He'd actually given up several years ago and had decided to just settle down on the disgustingly peaceful mud ball.

Still smirking, Vejita approached the counter with several bottles of water, hoping to look normal. Sure, he was a Saiyajin, and he was very strong, but no matter how much he hated to admit it, he liked Earth. If the weak ass Earthlings found out about him, the peaceful life he'd chosen would be down the drain. There was no other planet like Earth, no other place he could live without worrying about who was stronger, who was an enemy, an ally, and who was going to try and kill him next.

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