Indigo Spice

By: Hatti Lee*
Also known as:
Saiyajin Peach 18,
Amalthea*, and


Started: 5.9.2
Finished: 9.12.3

Author's Notes: Well... Here we go... Enjoy! ^_^

Warnings: This fic is yaoi, which means it contains male/male intimacy. If you're uncomfortable with that or if you're just plain narrow-minded, I suggest you go elsewhere. Also, this fic is rated R for slight violence, language, and much sexual content. If you're under age or uncomfortable with that, please go no further.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball Z or it's characters, and I'm not making any money off of this. So, please don't sue me!!! It's not like you'd get much anyways.


Vejita was almost grateful as several scientists as well as many guards entered the dungeon where he was being held. He hadn't heard anything but his own noises for some time, and the sound of their clanking upon entering sent sharp pains through his brain.

The two guards who'd unchained him from the wall didn't seem frightened, rather disgusted and somewhat in awe. Disgusted at the sticky blood and his unnaturally large, swollen hands. Yet, in awe of the fact that he was still alive. The prince had few pleasures at the moment, but his pride swallowed their astonishment, using it as fuel to keep his mind as sharp as he could manage in such a condition.

The journey had been a quick one as they dragged him into a nearby room. Two or more guards had to lend a hand as they hefted him atop a large shiny table. What followed was two hours of restraints. Straps and chains littered his body at nearly every singly joint. His hands had been wrapped in some kind of material before being slid into metal gloves, his wrists bound with straps and chains. They were wise. A Saiyajin shows the most strength at moments of death. Though, he didn't think he was capable of much.

Finally, after he felt that he was no longer able to move with the exception of blinking, they seemed satisfied. Twelve guards and four young doctors remained while the others left, and what followed was a lonely silence. He didn't know how long he'd been lying there, but he was more awake now than ever, and the seconds felt like hours.


Goku was above the huge complex now, his presence still unknown. The building was a huge decorative center with two long wings extending on either side, one north, one south. He lowered swiftly to the end of the south wing, just as Bulma had instructed.

He quickly found a door, but it didn't have a handle on the outside. Sliding his fingers along the edge, he wedged them in and gripped the metal firmly. He was gentle in ripping the door from it's inner lock, being careful not to make too much noise.

Once inside, he pulled the door back shut and was pleased that it didn't look too torn up, just a few dents. He then began his search, going from room to room.

Thirteen rooms later, he'd yet to run into anyone as he sneaked around, and finally, stepping into the next room, found what he'd been searching for. It didn't look exactly as Bulma had shown him, but he knew this was it. The machine was indeed much taller than he and obviously beyond his intellect. That didn't matter though. Right now he had to destroy this thing. Then, and only then, could he begin his search for Vejita.

He powered up only slightly, cautious just in case they had means to detect ki as he could. It didn't take long. He formed raw energy in his palms and instead of firing it, held it firm against the shiny metal. The substance creaked and groaned as it gave way. He crushed several large panels that looked like large computer chips he found on the interior of the machine. Soon enough, he was satisfied, but on his way out, he spotted a remote. Narrowing his eyes at the device, he noted all the buttons and knobs. This was how they activated it. Just in case he hadn't destroyed it completely, he crushed the remote beneath his boot. Now he could begin his more important search... Vejita.


The president's office was full, Have any of you seen of heard anything? the president roared over the mass of people all talking at once.

Everyone shook their heads. Nothing. No one had noticed anything.

A panic had started when the silent alarm was suddenly tripped. They all had guessed that the Saiyajin were attacking somehow, but there didn't appear to be a problem.

An accident? A fault in the system? Suggested one of the command generals.

No, couldn't be. Dr. Kofun designed this system himself. The president said, knowing full well that the demented doctor had been quite the genius.

We can't simply dismiss such a thing anyway. said a council member flatly.

Is the prince restrained? the president asked as the head scientist burst into the room.

she answered, panting, I confirmed it myself.

The president called his assistant forward, Get me Dr. Samantha Rei on the phone.

Yes, Sir.


Samantha had been waiting at the central desk when the nurse had informed her she had an urgent call from the president. It was exactly what she'd been expecting.

She could hear the confusion in the background as she placed the receiver to her ear, Yes, Sir?

Dr. Rei?

Yes, is there something I can do for you? She asked, faking confusion.

Is Son Goku there? the president's voice was in a near shout as he bluntly questioned her.

Uh, yes... I just came from his room only moments ago. He's sedated just as you ordered. Why? Is there a problem?
She allowed herself to press him, pretending she was a gossip queen and was curious to know what was going on.

Nothing at all, just checking in. Thank you. he rushed the last and basically hung up on her.

Samantha chuckled as she hung the phone up. The fools.


That confirmed it. It's neither Saiyajin. Either it was accidentally tripped or there's someone else tampering with security. the president said, thrumming his fingers on the desk.

Shall we send out some guards? Have them look the place over? the assistant suggested, quickly receiving approval.

The chief scientist then spoke up, her voice encouraging, Don't worry, Sir. Things will go as planned. It's probably some juveniles tampering with the doors.

He hoped she was right.


Goku remembered how the place worked all too well. He was still on the first level, all the offices and nicely furnished, carpeted rooms. He'd been a bit surprised to have found their secret weapon on this lever, but it was so large and probably hard to move and transport. It made sense.

It took him a while, but he finally found some stairs leading downward. He'd passed two elevators, but wasn't quite sure how to operate them. It only took moments for him to reach the second level, beneath the earth. It was all laboratories and clean white tiled floors.

It was some work to duck and dodge around corners and into different rooms. He'd just known that Vejita would be in one of these rooms, but he wasn't. They were planning to execute him, weren't they? Perhaps they already had! Panic gripped his heart with deadly force and he had to work hard to calm down. No, the prince wasn't dead, he could still feel the connection between them.

Then it dawned on him... The dungeon. They were really scared of them now. Maybe he was still being held further below. Maybe they were even planning on ending his life down there.

Goku hurried back to the stairs and followed them down to the final lever. It was much smaller than the previous two. A short hallway with only a handful of heavy duty doors. He hurried to the one he know, the one that lead to the cages he'd been held in.

Upon entering the foul smelling room, he quickly realized that Vejita wasn't there. Kami, though... The room smelled of SO much blood! He turned on his heels and darted out of the room, heading straight for the shiny new door he didn't remember.

It was locked, quite securely. He couldn't pull this one open. This had to be it! Taking a chance, he knocked. Minutes passed and he got no reply, heard nothing. He knocked again, harder this time. Either the door was that thick or no one was in there, or they simply didn't plan on answering.

Then there was a voice, Doctor? Did you forget your keys? It was a young male and he seemed to be shouting, but it was hard to hear him. the door was that well made, that thick. Goku had to get this guy to open the door, he could break through.

Before he could think of a way to answer, the voice continued, It's nearly noon Ma/am.

Goku's chest tightened. He had to hurry and get in there. Vejita was in there, he was so sure of it his hands were shaking with anticipation.

Hai, we must hurry. Open the door immediately. He manipulated his voice to be a bit squeakier, perhaps like a woman's, and he concentrated on speaking articulately.

You don't have your keys? the young man questioned, confusion in his voice. Goku could hear more voices in the background, and he was about to say more when there was a clank followed by several other metallic sounds.

The guard's eyes grew wide when he saw just who stood on the other side of the door. Goku didn't hesitate as he pushed passed him into the room, slamming the door back in place.

Sixteen. It took only minutes and all sixteen were dead. He felt no rage, just urgency. Out of the corner of his eyes he'd noticed a table and a form upon it. He knew it was Vejita, but he was still too scared to look.

Blood flooded the floor and there was no way to avoid stepping in it. Turning back to the door, he shoved all the large technological equipment in the room (which there was a lot) in front of it. He didn't need anyone popping in on him and cornering him in the room before he was ready to leave.

Seconds passed and he finally found the courage to take the few steps that would put him beside the table.

Kaka... Kakarotto? the voice was a ragged whisper.

Goku ran the last bit and was instantly crying, all his anxiety bursting forth, Jita, Kami... He kissed his prince and kissed and kissed.

Vejita let his lips twitch into a smirk as the boy littered his face with sloppy affection, Think you can get me out of here.

Goku wasn't sure if he meant the restraints or the complex, but it didn't matter. He was going to try, and he didn't want to think about his doubts.

Restraining himself, Goku began breaking away the chains. Then, he worked on the many straps. They were just buckles, but there were so many of them. He fumbled with a few of them, anxious to free his mate, but each time he'd take a deep breath, calm himself, and deftly continue his work. Lastly, he pulled the prince's hands from the strange metal gloves and disposed of the material wrapped about them.

As he helped Vejita to sit up, he could finally take in the extent of his damage. It was so horrible and he couldn't understand what was keeping him alive.

Vejita brought sore, infected hands to his neck, Get this thing off me.

Goku reacted immediately to the muffled demand. He took hold of the large metal band, pulling it apart and crushing it in his fists, destroying the last of it beneath his boot.

They both closed their eyes as the sensation washed over them. They could again, and it was glorious. Their emotions mingles and tears sprang to their eyes.

Vejita was definitely feeling better, but he was still quite weak. As the thought floated through his mind, he felt a surge of energy and strength being poured into him.

Goku smiled as his gift enabled the prince to stand on his own, We have to go. They still don't know I'm here.

Vejita nodded and let the boy lead the way, allowing the Earth Saiyajin to hold his hand, to steady him as they hurried. The mass of machinery blocking the door was quickly removed and the door swung open.

Goku peered out into the hallway, no one. Using both hands to support his lover, he moved hastily, taking the elevator rather than the stairs this time, fearing the latter to be too difficult for his injured mate.

Once inside, Vejita assisted with the controls after watching Goku fumble with them, Where are we going? the prince asked on their ride up, wondering if this was planned out or not.

Goku kept a straight face, Master Roshi's. Bulma made us a ship. He left it at that as a ding let them know that they were at the first level. Again, Goku peaked out, quickly pulling his head back in at the sight of two guards walking towards them.

The doors started to close, but he held them fast. This caught the guards' attention and he was forced to kill them as well. Two quick-as-lightening ki blasts, small but effective. Their bodies dropped to the floor with a sickening thud, blood quickly pooling.

Vejita watched with amazement. He knew the boy had killed all those in that room, blood spattered everywhere, but he hadn't been able to actually watch. His mate must feel pushed to the edge to resort to such measures, especially with his pure heart.

Goku peaked into the hall again and darted out upon seeing that the coast was clear. Pulling Vejita behind him, he sprinted down the south wing, bursting out the door he'd come in and shoving it back into place. Once outside, he didn't stop though, dragging his prince high up into the air, higher than necessary.

Can you fly? Goku asked, knowing that it was unlikely, but he felt it polite to ask.

Vejita remained silent, shaking his head. The boy didn't say much either as he moved closer, wrapping his arms around him, Vejita copying the movement. As they blasted off at top speed, they took comfort in the fact that they were together.


Krillin looked up at the sky, watching carefully. They were all outside, the radio on and the TV as well. They hadn't heard a single thing.

Yamcha shouted, pointing to a small dot that grew in size as it approached. Before long the two Saiyajin had arrived and were landing, their arms around one another.

They cheered and moved to approached when Goku held his hand out, Not too close. I'm still buzzed. They understood and did as he said, waiting for any kind of news.

Bul, get that ship open will ya. Goku said, unable to stand in awe at the base of the huge craft, Vejita's injuries number one in his mind.

Bulma was a bit disappointed in his reaction to her creation, but did as he requested, a bit surprised when he hefted the prince up into his arms and carried him inside. They all followed them in, afraid they were going to leave without saying goodbye.

In the second level of the ship, there were all surprised as Goku lay the prince on the bare, tiled floor.

Vejita lay still, letting his exhaustion allow the boy to hover over him.

Goku quickly and skillfully removed the prince's tattered clothes, tossing them away, Someone, please, get me some water.

Chi-Chi moved first, amazed at the amount of dried, sticky, and still oozing blood on the prone body of the regal prince. She retrieved a bowl, filling with warm water, and running to get a towel as well.

What happened? Krillin asked cautiously as Goku began cleaning up the prince.

He was shot back when Sone was executed. Goku said simply, working quickly, knowing Vejita didn't like feeling vulnerable.

Bulma was amazed, Kami... And he's still alive?

I'd be healed if it wasn't for that fucking collar. Vejita coughed, blood seeping from his lips.

Goku said gently, It's too far along, ya need help ta heal now.

The prince remained silent as Goku explored his wounds, You guys thing you can find some alcohol or something? And a needle and thread and a knife? He didn't receive a reply, instead all of them whisking off to get what he asked.

You chest is tha worst, huh?

Vejita nodded, It's still in there. My right lung is fucked.

Goku felt panic creep into his mind, Will it heal?

The prince nodded, But you had to get the damned thing out so I can heal properly.

Goku nodded as his friends began returning.


Two hours later, Vejita was in bed, bandaged up and sleeping sound. Goku had easily enough taken care of all his wounds, but removing the bullet from his prince's chest had proven difficult and messy. At one point Chi-Chi had run outside to vomit. It didn't make him feel queasy, quite the opposite. The blood aroused him, sharpened his sense, but he'd known better than to taste it.

Now they were inside he Kame House, sitting around in the living room. Goku didn't like being separated from his mate, but he owed his friends this much before he left.

I can't believe you did that. Bulma said, he voice low.

Goku shrugged, Didn't have a choice.

They nodded in reply, Roshi speaking up, Well, Goku, I'm going to miss you. You were my best student ever.

Goku smiled, Thanks. I'll never forget whatcha taught me.

Oh, Goku, I'm so sorry for everything I did! Chi-Chi suddenly exclaimed.

His smiled widened sympathetically, Don't worry about it. I'm happy, you should be too.

Are you sure this is what you want? Krillin asked quietly.

The Earth Saiyajin simply nodded.

But are you sure? the question seemed desperate and Goku looked to his best friend.

Hai, I really love him Krillin. Once we're settled somewhere, I'll send word. I promise, but it'll probably be a while though.

The TV was still on and a reported suddenly broke into the program, Good afternoon, I'm Cynthia McFadin with late breaking news fro Z-TV. Announced a well-dressed woman, large gold hoop earrings bouncing against her neck as she spoke.

I'm here in front of the Presidential Complex in Capital City. As you know, the Saiyajin Prince was scheduled to be executed today, however, things went terribly wrong. Officials still refuse to comment on details, but it has been confirmed that there were eighteen casualties and the prince has gone missing.

The reporter stepped to the side and introduced Dr. Samantha Rei, Is it true that Son Goku has gone missing as well?

The red-headed woman nodded, her abundant curls bobbing, Yes. He was heavily sedated this morning, but later was no where to be found.

Goku stood and turned off the television, after a few moments he spoke, I think it's time I go.

Y... You killed eighteen people? Yamcha asked, amazed.

Goku nodded ever so slightly, I had no choice. Look, I don't wanna argue. All I know is ta keep anything like this from ever happenin' again, Jita and me have ta leave.

They all dropped their heads, Yamcha speaking up again, I'm going to miss you, Goku. he said, forcing a smile.

Goku nodded, He moved to each of them, hugging Roshi, Chi-Chi, and Yamcha.

Bulma kissed her friend on the cheek, Bye, Son-kun. To take off, just press go on the control panel and you'll be on your way. The manual's there. Maybe when Vejita's feeling better you can show it to him.

Goku nodded, Thanks, Bul, it's a great ship.

He then moved to Krillin, See ya round, Kril.

I'll wait for word, I'll wait forever. Just be careful not to say where you are in case someone else gets it.

Always worried about me. Thanks, Krillin, you'll always be my best friend. Goku said through a smile, hugging his best buddy before turning and heading out the door.

They all followed and stood on the porch, watching. Moments later, Goku was disappearing as the ship's door closed. It was the last they'd ever see him. Obviously, Goku hadn't had a problem with the easy instructions. Seconds later the ship's engines started and it lifted about one hundred meters into the sky, the three feet sucking up into it before blasting off. Kame House shook with the force and they all watched as it disappeared from sight.

Goodbye, Son Goku, Prince Vejita... May fortune be with you. Master Roshi said before turning and heading inside to watch some aerobics.


Goku stood in amazement, watching as the sky transformed from turquoise to navy to pitch black. The ship was smooth and steady. Bulma had really done a good job.

He didn't linger over the beauty of the stars though, heading downstairs and to the bedroom, to Vejita. Upon reaching his destination, he began peeling his clothes off. Climbing under a thick, heavy blanket, Goku sidled up against his prince.

Jita? Jita, you awake? he whispered, letting his lips graze slightly pointed ears.

Vejita felt the stirring at the edge of his mind, questioning, longing, pulling... His eyes fluttered open and a familiar visage came into focus.

You're so beautiful. Goku blushed at his mate's groggy statement.

Are you feeling better? The Earth Saiyajin asked, letting his mind feel out the prince's.

Vejita answered simply, honestly. Breathing was much easier, and everything else seemed to be mending itself rather quickly.

Goku sighed, scooting even closer,

Moments later he was asleep and Vejita realized that the boy must have been utterly exhausted. The prince took the opportunity to let his thoughts run through the boy's ki, checking for tears or abnormalities. There were a few, but nothing that could be mended by simply being together and a little time. There was something that caught his attention though, an extra bit of energy that he didn't remember.

It took some minutes, but after thinking it over, there seemed to be only one reason for this new development. A smile touched his lips and he decided to wait before revealing it to the boy, just in case he was wrong. With the injuries and stress, he could be misreading it.

Still, a happiness settled over him and he found sleep easily. They were both free and safe.


Vejita woke first and for a moment he had absolutely no clue where he was. Soon enough though, everything came back. Turning slowly in a warm embrace, he found himself face to face with his mate, who was still sleeping, snoring away, drooling somewhat.

Though he ached all over, the prince scooted closer and pulled the boy's head to his chest, holding onto him as if for dear life. The movement awoke the young Saiyajin, he knew it when the link (much, much stronger now) in his mind throbbed with awareness. Arms snaked around the prince's waist, careful of his injuries.

Minutes passed and they remained that way, until Vejita felt a wetness against his chest and realized the boy was weeping, Why are you crying? he asked, lacing his fingers in thick, wild, ebony hair.

Goku choked back a sob and pressed his face more firmly against the warm bronze, bruised chest, I dunno. he managed, honestly unsure if his tears were joy or sorrow.

Vejita pulled back and looked into red-rimmed eyes, following through with his sudden urge to lick the boy's tears away.

Goku nearly gasped as his lover's tong glided over his cheeks, I missed you so much. he said as the prince pulled back again.

Vejita's expression remained serious as he studied the boy's eyes, Is that all it is?

After a few moments of silence, the prince continued, feeling the confusion in the boy, There was nothing else we could do. You had to kill those people or they'd have killed you. We had to leave or we'd never be able to live happily. His voice was stern and he watched as the Earth Saiyajin slowly nodded.

It just makes me sad... I... I'll be okay. Goku said softly, sitting up and taking his mate's hands into his own, I'm sorry I didn't come sooner. he said, looking over the scrapes, scabs, and bruises.

Vejita smirked, waiting a respectful amount of time before changing the subject, Let's get something to eat.

Goku nodded, a smile pulling at his lips,


After an enormous meal, the two of them took a tour of the ship, surprised to see that the blue-haired beauty had designed it perfectly to their wants and needs. Goku had shown the prince the manual and told him all he knew about Planet Namek.

Back in the bedroom, Goku moved to the pile of Vejita's filthy clothes and dug through them until he retrieved the small chunk of was. After disposing of the dirty rags, he handed to object the the prince, who placed it under the edge of the futon for safe keeping.

Both still nude, they sat facing one another. Goku was hesitant, he felt odd and different. Of course, he and Vejita had shared a bed many, many times, but it was different now. They had both failed one another in their roles to protect and care for each other, mentally and physically. Plus, there was something else. He felt out of place in this new shiny home of theirs, and although Vejita was there with him, he didn't feel completely safe.

Vejita was sure now. He knew the boy was bearing his seed. He could feel it through their bond, the swell of new, familiar, yet unique energy.

Goku forced himself to think only in the moment and moved forward rather suddenly, pressing his lips clumsily, urgently against his prince's. The kiss grew more passionate as they remained connected by only their lips. Pulling back, only to move forward again, Goku wrapped his arms around his mate in a bear hug, his tears coming yet again.

Vejita was baffled, but remained quiet, simply holding and comforting his young lover.

Finally, Goku calmed himself, I want to... I really do, but I... I can't. He said honestly, regretting that he was unable to please his prince as he'd so planned. It was the moment he'd thought over and dreamed and wished over, but now his brain was in civil war. On one hand he was dying to, on the other, his instincts demanded him not to.

Vejita nodded, he could feel these emotions like hot water running over sensitive skin, Don't worry about it. I understand.

Goku looked up into black eyes that shown with compassion, You do? He remembered not so long ago when the prince had basically forced himself on him.

Vejita smirked, Well, for now... Hopefully until the child is born.

The Earth Saiyajin's eyes grew large and round. It was a totally, unbelievable shock, yet, as soon as the words were spoken, he knew them to be true. Why didn't he know sooner?

Chuckling, the prince rose and headed over to several large, black trash bags stacked against one wall. After a bit of digging, he found a pair of black gi pants that belonged to his mate, pulling them on with ease.

Goku watched carefully, wondering as to what exactly his lover had in mind. Then he felt and oh-so-familiar emotion, the need to be the best, an urge to push aching muscles to the limit and beyond. However, it wasn't he, it was Vejita. Vejita's feelings were strong and the need demanding. Nodding, Goku went to pull on some pants as well, following his mate up the stairs to the training level,

There were little to no stars visible through the large viewing window, the blackness of space seeming to envelope everything. Goku watched as Vejita flipped through the manual before pressing a few buttons, causing a metal shield to lower over the window.

Maybe you should rest more. Goku suggested, sincerely worried about his mate.

Vejita glared at the boy, Nonsense, we'll have plenty of time for that. Didn't you say this would be a two year trip? the boy nodded and the prince went on, Now, I know you don't want to, but I want you to train as well.

It was as Vejita said, Goku didn't want to. He hated feeling so odd. It had been the same not long ago, before Sone. Some minutes later, however, the prince demanded he practice an intricate kata with him.


Some days late, a Friday Goku believed, he and Vejita had just finished their evening spar. The Earth Saiyajin had grown accustomed to the ship and felt quiet comfortable. The training still seemed a bit wrong, he felt more like lying in bed and listening to the child grow within him. He understood the reasoning behind Vejita's need to train though. Who knew what this planet was going to be like, and they had a child to think of now. Plus, just as he was feeling the need to nurture his child, Goku knew the prince felt the need to protect and provide. Things were so basic yet so complicated.

After eating supper, they'd taken showers together, massaging and cleansing one another. Their sleek bodies pressed together in a warm embrace as cascades of refreshing water rained upon them.

And now they lie in bed, naked, Goku on his back, Vejita on his side beside him, propped up on one elbow, You're getting fat.

Goku frowned, dismissing that, instead placing a hand over his belly, I can hear it.

A bit baffled, the prince made sure his mate saw the confusion on his face as well as feel it in their bond.

Goku clarified, I can feel it too.

A true smile fell upon the prince's lips as he leaned forward and pressed an ear to the slightly swelling stomach of his mate. He could hear a bit of grumbling and beyond that the soft pitter-pat of their child's heart.

Goku watched as his lover kissed his way up from his belly to his chest and finally, to his lips. Their kiss was brief as they fitted against one another for a night's sleep. Their new life, their routine, it was a peaceful one and they both took advantage of it. Their bond was getting stronger as well as their ki.


Three months passed and what was once once two was now three. Their routine was still the same, except that they were now caring for and entertaining their young eleven-day-old daughter, Nasubi, whom they called Nasu for short.

The day she'd come into the world had been a difficult one. Neither of them had known exactly how it was to be done, but they managed, and after some eight hours, their daughter had been born. She was quite beautiful, thick ebony hair jutting out in a fashion closer to Vejita's than Goku's. Her skin was an alarming purplish color at birth, but it was not a lovely, even olive tone. (Author's Notes: Nasubi translates to eggplant. ^_^) Her eyes were her best feature, large and mysterious with thick, long, black lashes. Oddly enough, however, was that their daughter had been born without a tail. It mattered not to them though, they lover her all the same.

Goku had remembered the concoction he'd watched Chi-Chi make not long ago, and was now making it quite often, as it turned out, their Nasu had his appetite. Vejita found it quite amusing.

The Earth Saiyajin had found a perfect sized cardboard box in a hidden storage compartment within the kitchen. It now sat beside their bed, inlaid with blankets and small makeshift pillow.

Is she asleep? Vejita whispered as he stepped out of the bathroom, completely nude, a state they remained in at most times except for training.

Goku nodded, watching as a sly smirk pulled at his prince's lips. They had yet to make love and Goku felt that tonight would be the night. He'd just recently felt his sexual needs returning to him, and already he was aroused.

Moments later Vejita was by his side, kissing his cheeks, his eyes, his lips... The skillful mouth moved down to his neck and quickly found the ragged scar. Gentle teeth grazed raised flesh and ripples spilled down with Earth Saiyajin's spine, warm and alluring.

Kami, Jita! Goku gasped, concentrating on keeping his voice breathing and quiet for the sake of Nasubi.

Vejita smirked and leaned back, resting on his side, watching as the boy caught his breath. It took him only seconds, and the young Saiyajin was sitting up, beginning his explorations. Vejita had nearly forgotten his mate's persistent attention to the little things. The touch moved down ever so slowly, going first to his right nipple, worrying it to near injury before moving to the left. The seduction then moved to his stomach, that hot tongue dipping into his navel in a suggesting manner.

The prince had planned on simply taking the boy, ending his sexual frustration, since his mate hadn't shown and interest and continued to push him away, but that wasn't necessary now. The boy's sexuality had returned, and he was now licking the full length of the prince's arousal, kissing and caressing in such a tantalizing fashion that t was more than difficult to remain silent.

Their lovemaking was slow and thorough, each of them attentive and gentle. it didn't take much to work Vejita back to hardness after having his seed swallowed down, and he was now licking slight sheen of sweat on his mate's smooth chest as he prepared the boy.

Goku couldn't keep from wriggling as his lover pressed into him, filling him, completing him in such a way that no one else in existence could ever do. They slowed before reaching their peak, pausing to embrace and worship one another with their mouths as they calmed somewhat. Then, starting up again, building their potential climax to an almost unbearable pleasure as they did this several times.

Before long, Vejita found that he could no longer slow himself, his need that strong now. Their grunts and moans were muffled as they did their best to remain silent, the pace continuing to quicken. Their minds mingled, their rapture becoming one as they came nearly in unison.

Goku hadn't even notice that his prince had bitten down on his mark, he'd been so concerned with keeping quiet, having bit his own tongue in doing so. Vejita collapsed upon him, eventually rolling off to lay on his back as he caught his breath. The Earth Saiyajin rubbed the slight wound on his neck and cuddled up against his lover.

Vejita smirked, pulling his mate close for a somewhat quick kiss, just long enough for him to lick away the delicious blood from the boy's wounded tongue.

Just as they settled down, ready for sleep, Nasubi cried out. Goku didn't hesitate whatsoever. He quickly retrieved their baby, hugging her close and rocking her somewhat. She quieted rather quickly and Vejita smirked.

You're spoiling her. he scolded playfully.

Goku smiled thoughtfully at their precious little angel, Sugar doesn't spoil. he replied, just as he always did.

Instead of placing her back in her the Earth Saiyajin placed her between them, pulling the thick covers over them, Night Jita. Night, Nasu.

Vejita couldn't help but smile. it was the happiest time in their lives as of yet. Although he was royally sick and tired of being aboard the damned spaceship, he hoped they could remain that way forever.


A year and some months later resulted in their arrival on Planet Namek. Bulma had been right. The peaceful people had never heard of the Saiyajin. The three of them now lived happily. It had taken some getting used to, what with the planet having three suns and its people having green skin, but all in all it was peaceful.

Goku was now nineteen and stronger than he'd ever been. He and Vejita trained vigorously nearly every day. They were both at their peak, the prince still the more powerful of the two. Vejita had suggested teaching their daughter a bit of the art, but Goku had shot that down, insisting the prince wait until their child was at least five.

She was one and a half hears old now, constantly talking, whether intelligible or not. Her chubby little limbs were quite coordinated for her age and she was already walking about.

They'd lived in the spaceship until they'd finished building a much more spacious, yet simple, home.

Only a few days ago, Goku had un-capsuled the ship to retrieve a device he'd known Vejita would have to help him with. It turned out not to be too difficult though, and once he'd created a message, he'd sent it on it's way.


Bulma was now working as vice president of her father's company, taking leave whenever she pleased. She and Yamcha were still dating, yet it seemed now that he was playing professional baseball, he'd gained more confidence, and was now somewhat interested in other women. She wasn't as sure as she'd once been whether or not it would last.

Chi-Chi was still living with her father, attending a local college and keeping a constant eye out for her future husband.

Krillin was still living with the lecherous old turtle hermit, still training in the hopes that he and Goku would be able to spar in the chance that he return.

The government had questioned each or them diligently, but they got nothing from them. Both Son Goku and Prince Vejita were still wanted criminals.

Samantha Rei had also been questioned, but she too said nothing. She still worked in South City, knowing deep down in her heart that she'd truly made a difference when helping the two Saiyajin escape in order to live out their lives peacefully.

It was a Saturday when Yamcha, Krillin, and Chi-Chi had managed to meet at Bulma's house upon her request. They hugged and greeted one another, asking one another how things were going.

Then, Bulma brought out a round devise the size of a basketball, What's that? Yamcha asked.

The blue-haired beauty smiled, This is a message from Goku. I built five and stored them on board the ship do that he'd be able to send word. Looks like they figured out how to use it. As she finished her explanation, she placed the device on the table, and after pressing a few buttons, Goku's voice began to speak.

Hi, guys. We've finally made it here. Me and Jita are doin' good. This place is really nice, except it has three suns so we never have night. I do miss that, even after bein' in space for so long. I got some news... We had a baby, a girl. Her name is Nasubi, but we just call her Nasu. Well, I miss you guys. I'll try ta get another one of these things out to ya in a year or so. Maybe you guys can send one back. Well, buh-bye.

Throughout the entire message, a child could be heard rambling and gurgling in the background, and towards the end they'd heard Vejita urging their friend to hurry already. It was an uplifting message and they were happy for their friend.

Sounds like he's doing well. Krillin said, smiling, truly wishing more good fortune for his best friend.

Yeah, but I can't believe he and Vejita have a little girl. Yamcha said, chuckling.

Chi-Chi smiled sweetly, At least they're happy.

They all nodded, agreeing.


Goku came to bed dragging his feet, I finally got her ta sleep. She made me read her three stories.

Vejita chuckled, You're spoiling her.

Ah, you know sugar doesn't spoil. Goku replied, slipping out of his clothes and climbing under the covers to cuddle next to his mate.

I have a surprise. Goku said after a moment of silence.

Vejita blinked, he was just about to fall asleep when the boy spoke. They'd trained hard that day and he was finding that he was rather exhausted.

We're gonna have another baby.

The prince sat up somewhat, Another? You're sure?

Goku nodded and Vejita smirked, Before long we will have repopulated the universe with Saiyajin.

The Earth Saiyajin smiled, You're happy then? he asked, wrapping his arms around his prince's waist, resting his head on the smooth, bronze chest.

Hai, Kakarotto... I couldn't be happier. Vejita answered simply as they settled comfortable against one another as their minds ventured into the world of dreams.

Nearby, in a dresser drawer, beneath a variety of clothing, lay a small chunk of wax. A gift given without reason, but merely out of love. The smell was an intoxicating one, that of the Saiyajin Prince. Indigo Spice.


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