Day 1

Steadily Killian Jones walked down the white hall. As a personal 'thank you' from Zeus, this path would take him to where he belonged. He hoped that wherever he went he might be able to see Liam again. Truth was though; Storybrooke was where he belonged alongside Emma. But he continued on and the columns began to blur together and soon he could see nothing but white. It was so bright he had to stop and shield his eyes. It was like the sun hitting a diamond just the right way and a brilliant, blinding light bursting from it. But eventually he felt the light fade and opened his eyes.

After a moment or two of blinking his vision focused and he was not where he expected to be. Gone was the red-tinted sky of the Underworld, the dead trees that would never bloom in the spring, buildings in disrepair and covered in dust and cobwebs, and a cemetery filled with fallen or broken graves. The sky was a beautiful blue, the trees were alive, and everything looked just as perfect and quaint as you expected in a small town. He was back in Storybrooke. And the trees and other plants weren't the only things alive, so was he. Killian Jones, the legendary Captain Hook, was alive again and could finally get his happy ending, his swan.

He looked around to take in his surroundings and found something a bit too eerie for his liking. He was standing in front of his own grave. Judging by the grass that had grown over it, he had been gone for some time; though it appeared someone came and stood there often. He also found his flask, probably the curtesy of Swan, and gladly took a generous swig from it, as well as a small bouquet.

Thinking of Swan, he had to let her know he was alive. And not in the town cemetery, she'd probably think he was a ghost. He headed straight for their house, even though they never got to live in it together, and he hoped they could finally have their future there. He arrived and was puzzled to find the front door unlocked even though the yellow vessel Swan captained was nowhere to be seen.

"Swan, love! Henry, lad!" He called out upon entering but was met with silence.

He searched the first floor and found nothing that indicated anyone was home. So he went up to the second floor which he had never actually been to before and entered the first door on the right. He stood in the middle of the room and glanced around, it appeared to be the room Henry occupied. But he never looked in the closet, which he really should have because something came out of it that knocked him to the ground.

"Hold it right there! My husband is sheriff in this town and he will lock you up faster than you can say…Hook?" Someone spoke, and immediately he recognized the voice belonged to Swan's mother. He turned his head to be sure and that's when she gasped, realizing who he was.

"Aye, your majesty," He grunted as he stood up.

"I'm so sorry. I thought you were breaking in or something." She apologized as she stared at him in shock. "Wait what are you doing here? You're…"

"Dead?" He finished for her. "I was but it seems I found favor with Zeus who kindly restored me. And I'll gladly tell you everything but I'd rather tell everyone at once rather than repeat the story over and over again."

"Of course, let's go back to the loft and I'll call David on the way and have him gather everyone together." She nodded and began to head out but then stopped in the bedroom doorway and turned around. "It's good to have you back, Killian. The town hasn't been the same without you and I know of several people that will be more than happy to see you again."

"Thank you, your majesty; I can't wait to see everyone, especially Swan." He replied and followed her out downstairs.

"Yes, I'm sure she'll feel the same." She stated but he could hear something off in her tone. Was something wrong with Emma? Or had she…moved on? He was afraid to ask. "Now, it's been three years but what I said before still stands. You can drop the formalities, Killian. You're my daughter's true love so you can call me Mary Margaret or Snow, not a royal title."

"I apologize, your…Snow." He nodded a bit awkwardly but was appreciative of the gesture. And mentioning that Swan was his true love gave him hope that she hadn't moved on with another man. Though he couldn't exactly blame her if she had.


"Henry, I'm back." Snow White announced as he followed her into the loft. "Did Neal give you any trouble? And sorry but I didn't see your textbook. You must have left it at Regina's."

So that's why she was in the lad's room when he got there.

"Nope, no trouble at all." Henry, who was sitting at the kitchen island not bothering to turn around, answered. "He's actually taking a nap right now. And that's okay. I've got enough here to study until I have dinner with her tonight."

"Great, thanks, Henry, and don't worry about your finals. You'll pass with flying colors I'm sure." She assured him and patted her grandson on the back. "Oh and how's…"

"She's taking a nap too. But that wasn't an easy task with her blanket in the wash." He replied before she even finished the question, too wrapped up in his book no doubt and wanting to get back to it.

"You know, interrupting your elders and not looking at someone while conversing is bad form, lad. I thought you'd been taught better than that." Killian stated and finally the boy turned around.

Although now he wasn't quite sure it was Henry. Most of his boyish features were gone and he looked more like a man and he could see a lot of his father in him. The young lad was all grown up it seemed, and he already knew that Emma and Regina probably weren't happy about that.

"Killian!?" Henry gasped and jumped up off the stool. "Are you really here? For good?"

"Aye, lad, I'm here for good." He nodded with a chuckle at his excitement. "And I know you what you're going to say next. But I'll explain once your mother and the others arrive."

"That might be a while." The lad mumbled. Even though he clearly wasn't a lad anymore the term still stuck. And Killian didn't miss the glare Snow sent in her grandson's direction. "I mean, little Robin is a handful so it takes Zelena a while to get anywhere. And you know Grandpa; he'll probably get stopped by Leroy and a couple other people on the way here."

"Then perhaps in the meantime you can fill me in on what's been happening here. It seems there's been another addition to the family." He said as he sat beside Henry while Snow began making coffee.

"You could say that." Snow replied a bit cryptically as she pulled some mugs from the cabinets.

"Well, my congratulations then. Does this new princess take after her sister?"

"Oh no, she's not mine." She promptly corrected him and shook her head. "But that's a story for another time. Henry, why don't you tell him about you and Violet?"

"Grandma, there is nothing to tell." Henry stated, flushing in embarrassment.

"You think giving your girlfriend a ring is nothing?" She questioned him.

"Are you engaged, lad? I'm surprised your mothers allowed that." He asked him, very surprised by the news.

"No, it…it's not like that." Henry shook his head and his face became redder. "We're going to be starting college this fall, if I ever pass these exams that is, but we're not attending the same one. So I gave her a promise ring last week, and that's all it was. But nobody in the town seems to understand the difference between that and an engagement ring, especially those I'm related to."

"You know, Henry, the first time I wore the ring your grandfather gave me, we weren't engaged either. But now we're married, quite happily, and have a grandson that we're very proud of."

"First off, he didn't give you that ring you stole it. And second, I'm afraid of what both my moms and her dad would to do me if I skipped college to marry her right now." He stated.

"The lads right on that first point, I was there, lass." Killian pointed out to her and Henry seemed to be grateful for the subject change.

"Yeah, Hook, and you were the one that made me steal it." She shot back and practically slammed his coffee down on the counter.

"Aye, where would you and your beloved prince be without me?" He replied with a smug grin. "Who knows what other messes your daughter might have made if I hadn't followed her through the portal or how she would have fixed them."

He took a sip of his coffee. Oh how he'd missed this stuff. No one in the Underworld seemed to know how to make a decent pot of it, especially not at the poor excuse for Granny's diner. Come to think of it, he couldn't wait to share a grilled cheese and onion rings there with his swan. But his thoughts of Granny's and Emma were interrupted when David, Regina, and Zelena entered and the commotion that ensued when they realized why they had called here.

"Miss me, mate?" He couldn't help but tease the prince who wore the most shocked expression of all.

"Hook, I…how are you…" Dave stuttered.

"What the shepherd-prince here is trying to ask is, how the bloody hell are you here, pirate?" Zelena demanded.

"Patience, love, I'd rather only repeat the story once. So, I'll wait till everyone is here if you don't mind." He told her.

"Well, this is everyone since Belle is on baby and research duty at the library. So start talking, Guyliner." Regina informed him.

"Everyone? Where's Swan?" He asked in confusion and his earlier suspicions that something was wrong were quickly coming back.

"You didn't tell him?" David asked his wife.

"I was going to!" She replied very defensively. "I just couldn't find a way to break it to him gently."

"Now she starts keeping secrets." Regina mumbled and rolled her eyes. "Forget gentle we don't time for that. Emma's gone, as is kidnapped and taken to another realm, and we don't know where. So what's your story, Hook?"

Gone? He'd finally been restored to the land of the living. He now had a chance at a happy ending with his true love. And Emma was gone? Disappeared to another realm? Bloody hell, did heroes ever get a break? But breaks, catching up on three years, and answering Regina didn't matter to him. He needed to find Emma, and he needed to find her now!

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