Killian stood with Archie at his left as his brother handed him the rings and Henry carried Kelly down the aisle. She didn't drop many petals but it was still a sight to see and the memory was what counted. Then Emma walked down the aisle in a classic white dress and his heart nearly stopped. There was lace on the sleeves up to the neck and Killian had never seen such a beautiful sight as her parents walked beside her. Each step brought her closer to the altar and him closer to a realization.

He was grateful for so many things that before he thought he was unworthy of. Now, instead of questioning how or why he had been lucky enough, he accepted it fully because he wouldn't trade this life for anything.

David lifted his daughter's veil and kissed her cheek and Snow followed suit before placing Emma's hand in his. Archie began the ceremony and Killian only knew what he was saying because of the rehearsal the night before. His focus was only on the woman in front of him who was becoming his wife. The vows were traditional ones and everyone made jokes about his age. But speaking the age old words meant a lot as he never thought he'd have a chance to say them at all. But they had decided to do something special and unique to them and not say 'til death do you part' or 'as long as ye both shall live'. They'd already gone beyond that.

"Do you, Killian Jones, take this woman to be your wife? And to love her for all eternity?"

"I do." Killian vowed with every ounce of sincerity in his words.

And he couldn't help the wide smile that came to his face when Emma vowed the same. Here was the woman who left him on the beanstalk and was so afraid of letting him in. But now she'd let down her walls, let in love, and was now letting them take one of the many steps in their happy ending.

"It is with great pleasure that I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

As a captain he didn't like taking orders, but he certainly didn't need to be told twice to kiss his bride.

"I love you, Mrs. Jones." He whispered along with his video-self and leaned over the sofa to surprise his beautiful wife of a year and a half with a kiss.

"Hey, you're home early." She gasped in shock after the quick kiss. "How come?"

"If you weren't watching our wedding video like a chick-flick with melted chocolate whatever, I'd be tempted to think you didn't miss me." He teased as he moved to sit beside her.

"First, of course I missed you. And second, I do not watch chick-flicks." She replied and crossed her arms.

"I don't know everything about this realm but I now from Belle and Henry what those movies are and you do watch them, love." He pointed out and laughed at her stubbornness as she glared at him. "But to answer your question, the weather was against us so we headed home early."

"Sorry to hear that. I know everyone was looking forward to it."

"Aye, but I'm not disappointed. An all guys sailing weekend with David, Smee, Leroy, Archie, and Henry while he was on break was a nice idea but I missed my lasses." He replied and put his arm around her. "I take it Kelly is asleep already?"

"Yeah, but you can surprise her in the morning. If you wake her now she'll never go back to sleep." Swan sighed and he knew it was an attempt to cover a yawn.

"It certainly will be worth it to make her day tomorrow." He said and smiled at the thought of his little girl's face when he was there to wake in the morning.

"More like the other way around." Emma mumbled as she turned off the television.

"What was that, Swan?" He asked, wondering what she meant.

"It's definitely not the same without you around." She poorly attempted to change her words and continued to get ready to head upstairs as a distraction.

"That was not even close, love." He stated and shook his head and tried not to laugh. "But I'll let you two keep a secret for tonight. I remember having some of my own on your birthday. Recall how we snuck over to Smee's and made a batch of your favorite ice cream with some of Kelly's custom artwork on the container?"

"Yeah, that was definitely one of my favorite birthday presents ever." She smiled and gave him a kiss before changing from sweet to teasing. "How are you gonna top that next year?" "You'll just have to wait and see, darling." He smirked and shut off the living room light. "Last one to bed makes breakfast in the morning."

"Out of my way, pirate!" His determined wife yelled and pushed him out of the way to get there first.


The next morning Killian was dutifully in the kitchen placing of tray of cinnamon rolls in the oven. They weren't quite bear claws from Granny's but they were still satisfying. Not to mention much preferred over grapefruit and boiled mackerel. Then he started some cocoa for everyone. A morning in this household was not complete without it, or a smile from his wife and daughter.

"Hey, do I smell cinnamon rolls?" Emma asked with a bit of excitement as she came down in her robe and messy hair. She might complain about her hair looking like a haystack when she didn't wash it the night before but she looked as beautiful as always. A little pale but still breathtaking.

"Aye, love, since you clearly rigged it for me to lose last night, I figured you wanted an all-out breakfast. And it isn't every day we have something to celebrate, though I don't know what." He replied as he poured the cocoa for her.

He let it rest last night but this morning he tried to get it out of her, but his stubborn lass wouldn't spill a word. And he couldn't figure it out for the life of him. There weren't any holidays coming up. And his birthday, which they celebrated for the first time because Kelly wanted to know why everyone had one but Daddy, was a few months ago on the day he returned from the Underworld.

"Well, why don't you let me worry about the cinnamon rolls and you go wake up Kelly so you can finally know." Swan suggested casually. But he could tell by her face that she was barely keeping it to herself and wanted to tell him just as much as he wanted to know.

He made his way to Kelly's room and she started to stir as soon as he opened the door. But like her mother, she simply rolled over and was content to stay asleep.

"Rise and shine my little rose of the sea." He called as eh pulled the blanket down a little so he could fully see her face.

He didn't use the nickname often but certain moments just called for it.

"Daddy, you're home!" Kelly woke with surprise and excitement when usually she wasn't so happy with being woken up.

"Aye, lass, I'm back home." He nodded and gave her a big hug as she threw her arms around his neck. "And I hear from Mommy that you have something special to tell me."

"Not yet." Kelly shook her head definitely. She was just as stubborn as her mother and clearly didn't take after her grandmother.

But she didn't hesitate to talk of other things while she dressed; he only had to help when the buttons were misaligned. She talked about playing with her Uncle Neal and young Robin while he was away and then sat on his lap while he brushed her hair. It was always something he loved to do. And she insisted that he share his stories about the trip. So he made the one day they got as adventurous as he could before going downstairs for breakfast.


A little while later he was doing the dishes and heard Emma and Kelly whispering behind him at the table. He had a feeling they were discussing the secret and perhaps were finally about to tell him.

"Daddy, I'm gonna be a big sister!" Kelly announced and Killian chuckled.

"I know, lass." He nodded as he grabbed a rag to dry off the dishes. Kelly had hinted several times that she wanted to be a big sister for her fourth birthday coming up in a couple weeks. "But that's…what did you say?"

He turned around so quickly when he realized what she really said and nearly dropped the plate he had carefully balanced between his hand and hook.

"I'm gonna be a big sister!" His lass happily repeated, oblivious to his shock as she paraded around the kitchen in excitement.

"Do you think this is about the baby or the amount of sugar in those cinnamon rolls?" Swan asked him teasingly as she moved from the table to stand beside him.

"The baby?" He somehow managed to whisper. And after another moment to let it sink in, a smile appeared on his face. "I love you, Emma Jones!"

He held her as close as he dared with the little one inside her then lifted her up and spun them around. He was like Kelly was on Christmas. And speaking of his little lass, it wasn't long before she saw what he was doing and wanted her turn.

"I love you too, my rose of the sea." He said as he picked her up and listened to her squeal of excitement when he spun her around and then threw her in the air the way he did when she was really little. Even though a new baby was coming, Kelly would always be his baby girl. Just as Henry was more than a stepson and Emma would always be David's little girl.

"Was this worth the wait?" Emma asked when they all finally settled down.

"Aye, it was. Though I'm glad you didn't make me wait any longer." He nodded as they moved to sit in the living room. "How long have you known?"

They had decided shortly after marrying to let nature take its course. If they had another they'd be thrilled, but if not they'd still be happy and content. But Killian made it a point that he wanted to be involved however he could since he wasn't there for Emma when she was expecting Kelly. And that included everything from discovering the joyous news with her to cutting the cord after birth.

"I took a test yesterday. I thought you'd be gone for a few more days and I just couldn't wait. Plus I didn't want to get your hopes up if it turned out negative. But I do have one more surprise for you though." She replied and then grabbed the remote to the television.

"You're having twins? You can't possibly know that yet, can you?" He asked as she brought up the menu and selected a home-movie. Henry usually made them for special occasions and family events.

"No, at least I don't think so. It is definitely too soon to know that even with all the technology from this world." She informed him then hit the play button. "Just watch."

"Is it time yet, Mommy?" Kelly asked as her face on the video went in and out of focus.

"Almost. We can look at the test in a minute." Emma replied and the screen was now giving a close up of the bathroom door. "How does Henry make this look so easy? I thought these stupid things were supposed to be better quality than phones. I don't remember it being this hard when I was a kid."

He couldn't help but laugh at his wife's mumbled commentary even though it earned him an elbow to the stomach. Regina gave Henry a fancy, top of the line video recorder for his high school graduation and he had a lot of talent with it. Emma on the other hand was almost as technologically impaired as he was when it came to the device.

"Okay, Kelly, it's time. Do you remember what I told you to do?" Emma asked as she finally got the video steady on their daughter.

"One is no and two is yes. Then we let Daddy know since he's bye-bye. And Henry too."

"You got it, kid. Now let's go see."

He watched as they entered the bathroom. Then Emma's arm reached out for the stick next to the sink and held it out so Kelly could see it. She gasped and started jumping up and down with a wide grin on her face.

"What does it say, honey?" Emma asked even though the answer was pretty obvious with Kelly's reaction.

"Mommy has a baby! I'm a big sister!" Kelly shouted with even more excitement than earlier. "Daddy, Henry, a baby coming!"

"Our little family isn't so little anymore I guess." Emma said and even though her face wasn't on camera Killian still knew she was without a doubt smiling and perhaps shedding a few happy tears. "But Daddy and I will still love you so much, Kelly, no matter what."

And the video ended with the camera shaking as his two lasses shared a hug.

"That video was perfect; love, even with the technical difficulties. It was the next best thing to being there and I appreciate that you went through the trouble. And I know Henry will love it too when he gets back from Regina's." He told her and gave her a kiss.

"Thanks, and it was definitely worth the hassle to capture that moment with Kelly." Emma nodded. "And we can show it to my parents too."

"Aye, it was genius to have her announce it. She's certainly good at that." He agreed then turned to the little girl in his lap and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Giving good news and making people happy seems to be your job, lass. You're gonna grow up to run the Storybrooke Mirror singlehandedly."

"I have two hands, Daddy." Kelly laughed and held them up him to see.

"And know what you can really do with those two hands?" Emma asked with a mischievous look. "This!"

Both his girls proceeded to tickle him and from his position he was completely defenseless. Thankfully Henry arrived home and came to his rescue and the tables turned. They were able to give the girls some payback which only added to the already memorable morning. As he had said earlier, it was definitely worth the wait and his little lass had indeed made his day. And the happiness only increased when they shared the news and video with Henry and later the rest of the family.


Eight months later they made another video and this time Henry had the honors of recording it. The months were the fastest Killian had ever experienced but they also seemed to drag on at times. All the weeks of Emma having morning sickness, waiting for appointments, trying to redo the nursery, and the two days she went past her due date. But looking back it happened in the blink of an eye and Killian wasn't sure he was ready yet.

He had plenty of information from Emma, Belle, and Whale but nothing prepared him for the actual moment Emma went into labor and his son was born. It was called labor for a reason and it took its toll on Emma since she was getting older. But all his worries were forgotten when the relief shone on Emma's face and they got the first glimpse of their baby boy.

The waited to find out the gender but Kelly insisted it was a boy since they both had little brothers and she and Henry needed one too. Turns out she was right.

"Okay, does anyone have anything they want to say to the little guy for when he's older and watching this?" Henry asked as he zoomed in on them.

Emma was in the hospital bed holding the baby, Kelly was sitting next to her, and he was in a chair with his hand in Emma's.

"No matter when you're watching this, know that this is always true." Emma began as she looked down at the little blue bundle in her arms and then up at Henry. "I love both my boys so, so much."

She had tears in her eyes and he knew that having another boy was bringing more emotions than when she delivered Kelly. But he and Henry understood and were there to support her.

"Your mother's right, lad. You're only a day old but you've already made us all so happy and we love you more than words." He spoke quietly to his sleeping son.

"I love you baby brother!" Kelly stated with enthusiasm and gently kissed his cheek. "I'm gonna be an awesome big sister and I always help you."

Everyone laughed at her sweet declaration, she still had a gift for adorable announcements, but it was obviously true. His son couldn't ask for better siblings.

"They pretty much said it all, little guy, but it's all true. Our family is crazy but there's a lot of love and we're here for you." Henry said with the camera pointing to himself and walked over so he could get everyone into the frame. "Alright, now on the count of three say his name, welcome, and wave."

One, two, three…

"Welcome to Storybrooke Emmett Liam Jones!" The family shouted and waved to the camera.

Killian still didn't have his happy ending, but that was because his happiness was far from over. A second chance from Zeus and marrying Emma was his happy beginning. But now things were beginning all over again with this new chapter in their lives. Being a father to a four year old and a newborn would come with its struggles but he felt happy and blessed. So many things he thought he'd never get a chance at, and yet here he was with his true love and an amazing family. And as he'd said over two years ago now when Emma was cursed as a swan, they'd always find a way through the bloody impossible together. No matter what crossed their path, nothing could break them or truly take the happiness they'd found in each other.

Here it is, the final chapter! Sorry about the delay but I wanted it to be done right. Also I had trouble with the name. In the end, since Kelly was named after Killian, I did Emmett for Emma. Really hoped you enjoyed this and that the video parts weren't confusing. I figured it was the best way to cover the time jumps. Anyway, thank you all so, so much for everything! Your response to this story was more than I ever expected and that makes it really exciting to write. I hope to do more in the future (I have a little two or three shot planned) But I'm really not sure when I'll have time. Keep an eye out though and thank you again for all your reviews and support! Captain Swan forever! :-D