Saitama stared at the television as he ignored the surroundings that was changing around him. He yawned as he leaned back. He ducked his head, barely missing the flying treasure chest that went over his head. "Draco! Watch what you are doing!"

"It's his fault for being in my way, Harry!" The annoying dude yelled back. The ginger twins were laughing as they cooked in his kitchen where only he and Harry should cook.

Saitama made a face as the weird baby suddenly attached himself to him. He pulled him off and set him down away from him. He ignored him as the toddler made his way towards the balcony.

Life...was interesting with Harry around. He smiled as the four finally realized that the Bear kid was playing with V, who was swinging him around. His hair changing colors as he giggled. But no one paid attention to the giggles as they ran towards him panicked.

"Noo! Bad V, set him down!" Harry cried as he reached for the kid that was pulled away. The annoying dude glared at Harry.

"This is your fault! Who leaves a plant like that without proper contentment?!" He snapped as he also tried to grab the baby from V, who seemed to hit him a lot more than Harry. Saitama frowned for a moment before he ignored him as the main character in the cartoon started to fight.

But he can do without that annoying dude who bosses Harry around.

"Nice going, Potter!" Saitama looked over to see them tangled up in V, who slowly untangled himself. He felt an eyebrow twitch when he noticed that the position they were in could be taken the wrong way. Those two... are like the main characters in a romance manga that always ended up in inappropriate positions before they get together.

"Oh, shut up-hey! Don't take pictures!"


Harry sighed as he finally got everyone to go back to their new apartments that were next door. He sweat dropped as he thought about the fact that Harry now own the apartment building because Draco want to redesign the whole place. Harry can practically hear his bank account cry at the thought of the shopping Draco was going to do in the future.

He rubbed his face as he made a reminder for him to add more money from his savings to his account before Draco could ruin his credit. He doesn't even know why he is letting him be so spoiled. He hated it in his old world, but here he is enabling it. Tch. Harry picked up the random junk scattered around the small apartment. He's getting old. He paused for a moment, "I'm older than them now. Huh, cool." He's totally going to rub this in the twins' faces in the morning. He's totally matured.

Harry set out his futon and Saitama's with ease as his mind was in a different world. As he fixed it up, Saitama walked out of the bathroom, yawning as he scratched his stomach. He relaxed when he noticed that the others had finally left and the apartment was back to how it was. Saitama laid down on his bed as he closed his eyes.

"I bought the building," Harry said, he nodded absent-mindedly. "I also plan on marrying Draco, but I plan on cheating on him with Alex.."

"'kay, that's sounds good." Saitama yawned as he turned on his stomach.

"There's an alien invasion, happening outside the window," Harry deadpanned when Saitama only snored. Harry sighed as he looked at the ceiling when he laid down. "Are you really asleep?" Snore.

Harry stared at the sleeping face of his roommate who was facing him. "I hope you know I still like you. Maybe a bit more than before... I was scared at first when I saw them, I thought I was getting dragged back. Terrified, I think they noticed, but I was glad when they said nothing, you know. I don't want to leave you. The last few years have been my favorite. Life here isn't sunshine and everything but the days where everything is calm and I go to work, come home to be greeted by you... it's like the best thing in the world." He turned his body turns him, a light smile on his face.

He giggled lightly, "to be honest, I never thought I would've fallen for you of all people. Sure, you are handsome and everything, but I thought the guy who swept me off my feet would be someone who was- I don't know like wild or something. I always liked a guy in a leather jacket. And... hair," Harry blushed a bright red. He covered his eyes as he moved to his back. "God, I wish you had hair still, I always wanted to run my fingers through your hair." Harry whispered a quiet good night when Saitama had moved a bit.

After a while, Harry yawned and he eventually fell asleep. Saitama silently stared at the younger man, before he too finally went to sleep.


Alexander sneaked into Harry's apartment. A tray of breakfast in his hand. Behind the twins also held trays, humming the mission impossible song. Very loudly. He glared at them, but it was too late as Harry groaned while he sat up. Tired green eyes looked in their direction. "That better be for me or get out. Today's my day off."

Alex grinned, same old Lil Harry. "Yeah, it is. Good morning! Draco is getting ready and he wants to go over the plans for the building."

Harry yawned as he accepted the tray of food. Alex started eating his that one of the twins had. He also told him that the other tray was Saitama, Draco has his breakfast. He nodded and dig into the English style breakfast. "Ah, they are back again."

Harry looked back at Saitama who was yawning as he sat up. "Yes, they brought over breakfast for us. Genos should be coming over today at eleven and we will go shopping today for furniture after we finish fixing the apartment."

Saitama looked confused, "I thought we were going to train today? And what's the matter with our furniture?" Harry laughed as he shook his head.

"No-no, Genos and you will go train. The others and I will be shopping for their new homes. There's nothing wrong with ours." Harry explained to Saitama who nodded.

Alex and the twins watched the two during breakfast, they were just so domestic. Alex grinned, glad that Harry was doing okay. "So landlords, is it okay if I get a dog or cat?"

Saitama let out a confused sound as Harry tensed up. Dammit, King, I haven't told him yet! He yelled mentally. "Ahahaha, so I have news, Saitama." He smiled sheepishly, "we own the apartment! Yay!" He made jazz hands.

"You bought the whole building?" Saitama asked him. Harry grinned and nodded. Saitama shrugged and turned back to Alex. "So you are planning on buying a pet?"

" Yeah, always wanted a dog. Luckily, Death remembered to put us in the system so we won't have to worry about that part." Alex pulled out a thick file with a grin. He waved it around before he put it back where it belonged.

The twins leaned forward, "actually, we were wondering if we could look around-" one started before the other one continued. "Get to know the place, you know."

Harry looked at them warily, "I don't know if that is a good idea, I like this place. Standing and without a pair of twins messing up or creating chaos."

They pouted, " that hurt us."

George grabbed Harry's hand, "pretty please?" He pouted at him causing the other to snort. Fred joined him in the begging, making Harry groan.

"Just don't do anything crazy or attention grabbing." He felt a headache when they vanished with a pop.