HP and Dino King AU

By: FunahoMisaki

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It had been three months since the Drake parents, and the Taylor parents by extension, learned about the miscarriage that had happened without their knowledge…and they had been sending Harry and especially Reese sad looks ever since then…up until they were time-napped by some space and time pirates.

Right now Harry was holding onto his wife tightly while Seth was dissolving the Cosmos Stones using the Ancients ship which caused massive turbulence. Yes they were married now. Just a week before the parents were space-napped the couple and their younger siblings had made a quick and discrete stop at the local court house and signed their marriage licenses with the three preteens as witnesses.

Of course they were still going to have an actual ceremony, their mothers would never forgive them if they didn't but they knew they were married in all but name and law already so... they just fixed it. It had been a long time coming anyways.

"Hey everything's back to normal!" Ursula said looking out the video feed after the turbulence stopped while some gel monsters were checking on Seth.

"He's injured but alive." Johnathan, the Ancients robotic butler, said after deciphering what the gel creature said.

"Not so sure the same could be said for us. Harry and Reese are glowing!" Ed said noticing the couple glowing blue and bringing everyone's attention to it since even Sora, who was around Reese's neck, was glowing.

"A summoning spell!" Reese diagnosed quickly, making Harry reach forward and grab Max's Dino Bracer and Chomp's card in an instant.

"When we get there I'll summon Chomp and you can find us and fly there in case we need backup." Harry explained quickly before in a whirl of blue flames the two were gone.

#*&=+*-% - CAUTION: Line Breaks Here Detour-%

Everyone in Hogwarts waited with baited breath as the Goblet of Fire glower brighter and brighter after the name of the missing Potter Twin was read out, just after the false Boy-Who-Lived had his own named called.

The Potter adults had looks of glee on their faces as the flames shot up to the enchanted ceiling, envisioning a weak fourteen year old boy who they could drain of magic for their precious Charles Potter.

What they didn't expect was for two people, one an obvious girl and the other a male, to manifest in the flames dozens of yards above the ground and come hurtling down. The male figure grabbed the female and twisted so that he hit the unforgiving stone back first with her landing on his chest.

"Idiot! Have you forgotten how durable I am thanks to my dragon training? You could be seriously hurt!" The female, a rather pretty blond woman wearing glasses and muggle clothes, seemed to scold the male in a foreign language as she jumped up and fretted over him.

"Nah I coated my body with magic before I hit the ground. I couldn't just let you get hurt, enhanced durability or not. I love you too much and besides… you're my girl. If there's anything that can hurt you…I'll get in front of it." The male said laughing slightly as he stood up and towered at least a foot over the woman, who blushed at what he said. The Potters and other assembled magical gapped slightly at the man.

He was easily six feet tall at least, reaching up near Hagrid's chin or at least shoulders!, but was made of pure muscle as his muggle muscle shirt showed. Unlike the smaller blond woman, he had messy black hair that was down past his ears, no glasses, and bright green eyes.

The woman was small, petite, and looked a bit on the frail side despite her toned legs being showed in her skirt, which was drawing scandalous and jealous looks from the girls and lustful looks from the boys. She also seemed to have purple eyes behind her glasses and a strange almost snake like scarf around her neck that she was stroking with long almost delicate looking fingers.

"Excuse me but do either of you speak English or-"

"Mizz Drake! Mizter Taylor! How lovely et ez to zee you both again!" Madame Maxine interrupted Dumbledore with a smile as she beamed at the couple who had turned to look at the adults when Dumbledore spoke.

"Madam Maxine! What a wonderful surprise. I'm afraid I'll have to correct you however. It's Misses Drake-Taylor now. How is Gladious doing now by the way?" The blond woman answered in flawless and near unaccented English with a smile.

"Ah you two have finally married! Congadulazions! Et ez long overdue from what your zizter had zaid, even back zen. Gladious ez doing much better now zanks to you two." Madame Maxine said smiling warmly at the two making Reese blush slightly and scowl.

"I'm whacking Zoe when she gets here. Speaking of which…" Reese trailed off with a frown as she looked at Dumbledore.

"Kindly stop trying to get into my mind. It will not work due to the nature of my magic and familiar bond." Reese said making the man beside her tense and glare at Dumbledore, wrapping one muscled arm around Reese's waist as he did so.

"Leave my wife alone old man or else I'll give a front row seat to meeting a dinosaur." Harry growled out protectively in English making several people gasp at the audacity of the man for daring to threaten Dumbledore.

"Dinosaur?" James Potter asked confused and making Harry smirk as he released Reese who signed slightly as Harry got into a stance with the Dino Bracer bared and one arm fully extended as if he punched something.

"Dino Slash!" Harry said as if casting a spell as he slashed the card through the bracer in a single perfect swiping motion, much to his relief cause he had never practiced that before and it could have gone veryyyy wrong… which would have just been embarrassing.

"Roar Triceratops!"

Let's just say that Harry had a good laugh and even Reese giggled at the shock and terror from the magical as the giant gentle herbivore roared when he was summoned.