The Little Monsters 2:

Snick's Revenge

chapter 1

The Sunglasses

Brian walked into his room and found a pair of sunglasses on his bed. He walked over to them and picked them up. What are these doing here? He thought. Then he thought of Maurice and all of the other monsters. He thought of all of his adventures with his best friend. And then, he remembered what happened two years ago when he first moved with his family. Brian ran home from the Denton's home. He knew that there was something wrong with him. Just then, he saw Todd fall from his tree house where he was sleeping. Todd saw his hand go invisible. When he got home, he checked his height, he had shrunk. Two days later, his brother came up missing, and only he knew where to find him. After proving to Todd that he really was not a monster and to Kirsten that he was not crazy, that there really were monsters under the bed, the three of them went off to find Eric. Sure enough the monsters did have him. It took awhile, but they got Eric with help from Maurice, and Ronnie, the school bully. Brian knew this would be the last time he would ever see his best Friend.

As Brian put down the glasses, he felt this weird chill come to him. What if Maurice left these for me to find? What if he needs to talk to me for some reason? Just then, Brian's girlfriend, Kirsten, walked into the room. He tried to hide the glasses from her, but it was just impossible. "Ok Brian, what are you hiding sunglasses from me for?" Brian tried to think of a logic explanation, but he knew she would just see right through him. He took a deep breath before he started to explain. "Ok, I walked in and saw them on my bed. I know they belong to Maurice, but how did they get here? The shadows have been closed every since we saved Eric?" Brian was really starting to get into this." Kirsten closed and locked the door and walked over to Brian's bed to sit down. "Do you think the glasses could be a sign from Maurice and the others?" Kirsten asked. The two of them got off the bed. "I don't know, but I'm going to find out." Brian said, hoping that it really was a sign from Maurice. Brian and Kirsten picked up the bed. Kirsten watched while Brian's hand went through the floor, and then came up again. Kirsten looked at Brian shocked. Well! The shadows are open. This could mean the two of them were right. The monsters did need them. "Well, get a flashlight and let's go!"