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Chapter 1: Arrival

After the storm ended, Emma found herself wandering around the deck of The Jolly Roger. They hadn't been in Neverland long, the storm having hit them immediately upon arrival. Now, the sun was rising.

Hook was the only other person on deck since he was manning the helm.

Emma wanted to ask him why he came back. Why didn't he just take the bean and leave?

Maybe I just needed reminding that I could.

His words haunted her.

What exactly did he mean by that? Had her words at the diner really gotten to him? She looked over her shoulder at him, his hair and clothes still wet from the storm. His eyes were focused ahead of the ship, watching the seas as he steered.

It was strange seeing him so in his element. She'd seen him on land in the Enchanted Forest and in Storybrooke, where he always seemed confident and undeterred, but here, sailing his ship, he seemed so calm, in control, almost as though he were a part of the ship and sea. They were two things that Hook knew intimately.

Blue eyes flicked to hers, lips curling into a smirk.

Emma looked away, blushing a bit at being caught staring. She shook herself. This was not the time to be…checking him out or pining, or whatever she was doing. They were here for Henry. That's what this mission was about. Saving her son.

Steeling herself against her own wound up emotions, Emma walked across the deck and up the stairs to the helm, stopping by his right side. "So, do you have a plan?" Emma could tell there was an underlying tension in his posture now that she was up close. He didn't like being back here, in this place of his three hundred year, self-imposed exile.

"First thing's first, we sail to Pirate's Cove." He told her just as the other four came above deck.

"Why?" Emma asked.

Hearing her, the others looked up at the pair.

"Well, Henry is likely on that island." Hook said, directing his words to the group. "You can't very well sail a ship on land. So we'll get to the cove, dock the ship, and then go on land."

"Are you sure it's safe?" Snow asked.

"Very." Hook nodded. "Three hundred years me crew and I docked there whenever we needed to go on the island, and never once did we see a Lost One there."

"Things may have changed since you've been gone." Snow pointed out. She did have a good point.

"Let us hope not." Hook sighed, his brow creasing as he watched the island warily. "I should warn you though, the Lost Ones may stay away from the Cove, but mermaids tend to lurk around there. Not many, but some do."

"Let me guess, mermaids aren't very nice?" Emma quirked a brow.

"Not at all." Hook said gravely. "They're sneaky bastards. Damnable fast and strong."

"What about these Lost Ones?" Regina asked, glaring at the island. "Who are they?"

"They're the wild boys of the island." Hook told them, his face grim. "They're deadly, and loyal to Pan. Frankly, I'd rather a mermaid capture me than a Lost One. At least, death is swift with mermaids."

"Wait," Emma started. "Don't you mean Lost Boys?" She'd never heard of the inhabitants of the island being called the Lost Ones in any version of the story she'd ever heard.

Hook's eyes widened slightly. "There's no such thing as Lost Boys."

Emma narrowed her eyes at him. Hook was hiding something.

"What's that suppose to mean?" David asked. "Aren't they one in the same?"

Hook shrugged it off. "There's a lot of things to be wary of when we get on the island. Pan is a dangerous to be sure."

"Hold on, Pan's the bad guy?" Emma asked. That was a first. Pan was always supposed to be a hero. Though Captain Hook didn't seem to be so villainous after all, at least she hoped so, so the stories must've gotten Pan's heroism wrong too.

"He's a bloody demon." Hook scoffed.

Rumple made a noise of agreement.

"How do you know Pan?" Regina asked, eyeing the Dark One.

"I met him a long time ago." Rumple said. "He was the Pied Piper. Before Bae left me, Pan managed to lure him into his collective of wild boys with a pan flute."

"Pan actually went to pick up his Lost Ones?" Hook arched a brow. "He usually gets the pixies to do his dirty work."

"Oh he was in no short supply of pixie dust." Rumple sneered. "He almost took Bae away from me, and he almost succeeded."

"So we should fear him for kidnapping boys for his feral child club?" Regina scoffed.

"It's not a joke, your majesty." Hook snapped. "Pan is dangerous. He turned a bunch of innocent boys into ruthless killers, and he has magic over this realm. It's his playground where he'll have eyes and ears everywhere."

"So the island is just as dangerous as the Lost Ones?" David sighed. He felt like this mission was becoming more impossible the more he learned about this island.

"What do we have to watch out for?" Snow asked.

"Well for starters, the prettier the flower, the more deadly." Hook began. "Any thick vines on the ground are a part of the man-eating plants, so don't step on them. Don't eat the blue colored berries. Black colored ones are safe. Larger fruits are safe to eat. Pixies are fickle, resentful, and bitter. They are also more likely to ally with Pan than us."

"Tinker Bell too?" Emma mused.

Hook glanced at her, something shadowed his eyes. "Tinker Bell died a long time ago. Pixies have very short life spans."

"Anything else we should know?" David asked.

"All you need to know is that while we're on the island, we must stick together." Hook warned them. "Or at least remain in pairs. If you're alone you're more likely to get killed or caught by the Lost Ones."

"Sounds like a boatload of fun." Emma remarked dryly.

Hook chuckled. At least, Swan was taking this all in stride despite the circumstances.

Snow's brow furrowed. "If we all go on the island, what do we do about the ship?"

"Leave that to me, dearie." Rumple said. "I have a cloaking spell in mind. One that allows us to see the ship, of course."

"And Henry." Hook said, surprising the others. "If Henry is a smart lad," Hook began. "And considering he's Emma's son, I have little doubt of that," that statement earned a dust of a blush on Emma's face, "then if he sees the ship, he'll try and get to it, or try and find us."

"He has a point." David agreed, impressed by the pirate's logic even if he wasn't keen on said pirate flirting with his daughter. "If Henry can't see the ship, and he escapes Greg and Tamara, who knows where he'll try and run off to. Especially since he may not realize that the Lost Ones are dangerous."

"Pan could very well convince Henry that the Lost Ones are good if Henry already doesn't believe them to be villains." Hook agreed. "They're boys, they're Henry's age, and Henry seems like a lad that would want some adventure."

"You're right." Emma nodded. "In our world, the Lost Ones are portrayed as playful kids, so Henry might be more excited than worried or scared."

"They're certainly anything but playful." Hook said.

"Then we need to hurry up and get to Henry." Regina said with grim determination. "How long until we reach the cove?"

"An hour yet." Hook told her. "We have to sail the coast for a bit."

"Is there a map of Neverland?" David asked.

"Aye." Hook replied. "Somewhere in my quarters. When we reach the Cove and anchor, I'll get it out. Then we can strategize."

"Well then, in the time we have, I'll get started on the spell." Rumple nodded. He headed to the bow of the ship and began spinning his magic.

What seemed like an hour later, and a trip past the entire west coast (according to Hook), they arrived at a grouping of towering rocks. Hook maneuvered the ship between the two walls of rock. The Cove was circular and surrounded by parts of the island, which on all sides seemed to be all jungle.

"Welcome to Pirate's Cove." Hook announced.

"Quite the spot you picked out Hook." Regina said, her sarcasm not even remotely hidden.

Hook scowled at the "former" Evil Queen. "Sorry if it's not up to your standards, your majesty."

Rumple was still at the bow preparing the spell. It was taking longer than he expected due to the tweaks in who was allowed to see the ship and cloaking it from enemies. Quite a complicated little spell.

When the ship reached the center of the Cove, Hook handed Emma the helm, to her surprise, and he and David lowered the anchor.

"I'll go get that map." He told David.

David nodded and returned to Mary Margaret's side.

The second he reached his quarters, Hook closed the door and leaned against it, starting to heave. Deep breaths, he chided himself, deep breaths Jones. It was worse than he thought, returning to Neverland.

The first time he returned, he was so caught up in his anger and his revenge that he didn't let it bother him. He had grown up, Pan hadn't recognized him. He had been lucky that he had only dealt with the Lost Ones so many times in three hundred years and survived.

But now Hook had the foreboding feeling that this trip, that rescuing Henry, would lead to a confrontation with the Lost Ones.

A confrontation Killian Jones had been avoiding since he was ten years old.

He closed his eyes, and collected himself.

Enough with the self-pity. Emma's lad, Hook thought. This is all about rescuing Emma's lad.

Walking over to his desk, Hook hesitated as he looked at a group of rolled up parchments. He shook himself before he pulled out the one tied with a red string, a cursive NL scribbled on the bottom corner.

The map to Neverland. The very first one. The one Killian had hand drawn so many centuries ago, when he was just discovering his artistic talent.

Another deep breath and Hook stalked out of the room.

Before he reached the deck, he felt a stir in the air and a chill rolled down his spine alerting him that the Crocodile had completed his cloaking spell. Reaching the deck, he saw Regina and the Crocodile huddled with the Charmings as Emma walked down the stairs from the helm.

Emma paused, looking at him with curiosity.

Not for the first time, he wondered if being an open book went both ways.

"Took you long enough." Regina muttered when he joined the group.

Hook just barely refrained from rolling his eyes. "Here we are then." Hook unrolled the map and placed it on one of the crate's on deck.

David held down part of the map to keep it flat.

"The original map of Neverland."

"Really?" Rumple questioned. "How did you come to acquire it?"

"I made it." Hook commented flatly.

Despite the fact that he sounded blasé about it, Emma though that he should've been at least a little proud of it. It was beautifully hand drawn and carefully detailed and labeled. She had no idea the pirate had such an artistic side. It reminded her of her own talent in art, and paintings and drawings lost and torn in foster homes she never saw again.

Hook pointed to Pirate's Cove on the map. "This where we are. As you can see, we're to the south. The Lost Ones," Hook moved his finger to a rock shaped like a skull, "reside in the north, at Skull Rock."

"What about the Home Underground?" Emma questioned, having seen the name on the map.

Hook swallowed. "That was the Lost Boys home. It was abandoned." He moved his finger closer to the southeast. "To our left is the Dark Jungle. To our right is the Neverwood, it takes up most of the east side of the island. That's where the Home Underground was. Mermaid's Lagoon is here, on the other side of the Neverwood. The north-most end of the island houses Pixie Hollow. And right at the heart of Neverland, the Neverpeak Mountain."

"Where could they have taken Henry?" Regina asked.

"That depends on wherever they popped out of the ocean." Hook said, "My guess would be that they, more than likely, have taken, or plan to take Henry to Skull Rock."

"So, depending on which part of the island they came up on," Emma started, "they may still be wandering the island."

"Possibly." Hook agreed. "Greg and Tamara are from your world, they don't know Neverland. Unless they've stumbled upon or have been found by a Lost One, then they're still somewhere on the island."

"Gold." Mary Margaret looked at the wizard. "Can we use the globe to track Henry?"

"I'm afraid not." Gold grimaced. "When we arrived in the storm, it was damaged. One crack and it can't work, or be repaired."

"Great." David muttered. "What now?"

"Now, we plan." Hook replied. "We'll need to scout the island first. Find the traps, have you lot familiarize yourselves with the island…"

"We don't have time for this!" Regina interrupted. "Henry is out there right now and in danger!"

"We don't plan, we're dead." Hook snapped. "What use would we be to Henry then?"

"The longer we wait, the more risk we have that the Lost Ones get Henry!" Regina argued.

"For all we know Henry's already their prisoner." Hook replied, trying to keep his own temper in check.

"And if he's not?" Regina glared.

"Then scouting the island gives us a chance to search for him as well." Emma said calmly trying to diffuse the tension stepping between them, her palm resting against Hook's chest to calm him. She could tell Hook was easily irritated with Regina's impatience and impertinence, wondering if that was the pirate captain in him. It was strange though, how he was acting, at least it was strange to Emma. It seemed Neverland shook the pirate's nerves, something Emma didn't think was possible.

"Emma's right." David agreed, trying not to scowl at Emma's physical proximity to Hook. "And so is Hook. He knows this place better than any of us. I think listening to him is are best option."

Snow also took note of Emma's position with the curiosity only a mother could possess.

Hook was surprised by the amount of trust David was giving him. Even more, he was surprised that Emma was on his side, and working to keep him in control. Her hand was still against his chest and her touch felt like it was burning through his leather vest and shirt. He hoped that she wasn't feeling his quickly beating heart.

"All right then." Snow spoke. "Where do we begin?"

They all looked to Hook, who was impressed by the lack of verbal protest from the Crocodile and Regina, expecting him to plan. It was just as well. David was right, Hook knew this place better than anyone.

Realizing her hand was still touching Hook, Emma slowly removed her hand, choosing to scrutinize the map instead.

"We have three options as I see it." Hook began. "We go to Skull Rock and wait for Henry's arrival, but risk constantly fighting off the Lost Ones. We all go together in one group and search the island together, which could take too long and risk Henry ending up in the Lost Ones hands. Or, we split up and go in pairs, dividing the map between us, and hopefully cover enough ground so that we might find Henry in time."

"It sounds like pairs is our best option." Emma commented. "We can divide the map and cover the most ground. Our meeting spot could be just on the other side of the mountain."

"It's a good plan." Snow agreed. "How should we divide up?"

"I have an idea about that." Hook spoke before anyone else could. "Pan has magic and the Lost Ones are fighters, so the best thing is for each pair to have someone with magic and someone good in a fight." Hook carefully cut the map into three parts. One part had the Dark Jungle and Pixie Hollow, the other part had the Neverpeak Mountain and Skull Rock, and the third part had the Neverwood and Mermaid Lagoon. "I'll take the Dark Jungle and Pixie Hollow. It's the most dangerous part of Neverland."

"I'll go with you." Emma stated, surprising even herself. "I might not be the best at magic, but I'm least likely to kill you if you get on my nerves."

Hook chuckled. "Too right, love."

Snow and David shared a look of concern. Neither of them trusted Hook with their daughter, but they felt that they had to try and trust Emma's judgement here.

"All right then." Hook nodded. "Milady Snow, you're an adept tracker, correct?"

"I am." Snow confirmed.

"Good, then you take the Neverwood." Hook told her. "Regina will accompany you."

"What?" Snow, David, and Regina were a tad flabbergasted at his suggestion.

Rumple was curious himself, wondering what the pirate's game was.

As was Emma, but she could also see where he might be coming from. Regina and Snow had history, and knew each other well enough that they could work together if they set aside their differences.

"As I said, each pair needs magic." Hook reminded them. "Plus, you and the Queen here know each other best. That leaves the mountain for the prince and the Crocodile."

No one could argue that the plan wasn't a good one as Hook touched on some key points.

"We should stock up on weapons." Emma said. "You got any?"

"Aye." Hook gave David and Snow their pieces of the map, before tucking away the part that he and Emma would use. He turned to go back below deck with Emma and her parents following him.

Regina and Gold didn't see the need for other weapons, figuring that their magic could do.

They reached the weapons storage and Emma was impressed by the array of weapons. "When you pirates pillage, you pillage."

A wry grin was on Hook's lips. "It is a pirate's forte."

The heroes eyed the weapons, looking for their best match. Snow grabbed a bow and a quiver of arrows, a push dagger, and a hunting sword. David took a broad sword, as well as a dagger. Emma had a short sword, but she also took a bolo knife and, to her inner glee, brass knuckles. Hook took a long dagger and a cutlass.

Now they were ready for a fight.

As they made to leave, David put a hand on Hook's shoulder, pulling the pirate back.

"Emma, go on ahead." Snow said. "David and I need to have a word with Hook."

Emma groaned. "Seriously? What are you going to give him the "you hurt our daughter, we'll kill you" speech?"

"Something like that." David muttered.

Emma shot her father a glare. "Okay." Emma told her parents, "But remember that we do need him." She gave Hook a warning look as well as if telling him not to say anything that would piss off her parents.

Hook waggled an eyebrow at her as she left. He turned to the Charmings, who were looking intimidating with their glares and postures. Luckily, Hook wasn't a man to be intimidated. If he can face gods themselves and tell them to fuck off, he can certainly face down the parents of the woman he pined after.

"So, Hook." Snow started off, her tone serious.

"Your majesties." Hook nodded.

"We don't like you." David said.

Hook held back a snort.

Emma definitely inherited her father's tact.

"David." Snow admonished.

"It's the truth." Hook agreed. "Neither of you like me, nor do you trust me. Least of all with your only daughter."

"Look, we don't need to tell you that if anything happens to Emma, we will blame you." Snow said. "So you better do your damnedest to protect her. She's used to doing things on her own, but she's not from this realm and she's too stubborn. You need to be patient with her and ensure her safety. Got it?"

Hook stepped towards them, making eyes contact to convey his seriousness. "Believe it or not, Emma and I are two people cut from the same cloth. We have a lot more in common than you know. I like to think that she and I understand each other, and I seriously doubt that I could ever hurt her."

Still, David and Snow didn't seem so sure.

"I give you both my word that I will not hurt Emma and that I will return her safely to you." Hook's solemn vow seemed to put them at a bit more ease.

"We're going to trust you, Hook." David said. "Just this once. Don't waste it."

With that, the prince and princess walked past him.

Hook watched them go. "I hope I don't."

Henry struggled with his bonds as Greg dragged him from the coastal shore of Neverland into some kind of jungle. "Let me go!"

"Not a chance." Tamara said. "Now, shut up and behave."

"You won't get away with this!" Henry glared. "My family will find me!"

"I'd like to see them try." Greg said. "We should wait here. The Home Office needs to contact us."

"No." Tamara shook her head, eyeing the jungle critically. "We need to find them. If we don't get this brat to them soon…"

"We don't even know where to start." Greg argued. "We don't know how big this place is, and we didn't exactly bring supplies with us."

Tamara rolled her eyes.

With his kidnappers arguing, Henry took a more critical look at the rope around his wrists. He could find something to cut them with, but Greg wasn't letting go any time soon. He needed to make a run for it, but Tamara had a gun even if they needed him alive, he wasn't sure that Tamara wouldn't shoot him in the leg or something.

Waiting for his family to come wasn't an option. He needed to find a way to escape and find a safe place to hideout until his family could find him. Henry just needed to figure out how.

"If they were going to contact us, they would've by now!" Tamara snapped. "They're probably waiting for us to come to them!"

"If they know we're here, then they'll know where to find us." Greg jerked on Henry's bonds, pulling the boy to a stumble.

He needed to get them distracted enough to let go of him and not notice him running off. The whole "look behind you" gag would be too quick and they would hear him running. An idea struck him. Maybe he could get the argument to escalate. "You know, all this arguing you two are doing solves nothing. You're just sitting around here with no plan, really? That's pathetic."

"Shut up!" Tamara pulled Henry from Greg's grasp. "I shot your dad, do you really think I won't hurt you?"

Swallowing his fear, Henry glared up at her defiantly. "You could try."

"Tamara, stop it." Greg stepped between her and Henry. "We can't hurt him. Who knows how they might react to that? We need to stay calm."

"She's not going to listen to you." Henry told him. "She's going to do whatever she wants. She probably thinks that your pathetic letting the Home Office dictate what you do."

Greg turned on Henry. "You need to be quiet."

Henry noticed the eye roll from Tamara. "Look at her, she doesn't care about you or respects you."

"That's not true." Tamara immediately said, shooting Henry a glare before turning to Greg. "Listen…"

Greg eyed her. "Wait, I thought…"

"That she loved you?" Henry prompted. "Because she acted pretty convincing with my dad, and she still shot him. How do you know that she hasn't lied to you too?"

"Would you shut up!" Tamara lunged, pushing Henry to the ground.

Henry winced, landing hard on his back, but he sat up quickly, watching the fight unfold.

Greg grabbed Tamara by the arm. "So what, everything's been a lie?"

"No, it hasn't." Tamara looked panicked and didn't sound very convincing.

"How can I know that for sure?" Greg snarled.

As the argument between the two escalated, Henry very slowly walked backwards, keeping his eyes on the pair of them.

Their angry shouts echoed in the jungle.

With neither of them paying attention to him, Henry turned and ran faster than he'd ever run in his life.

Hook and Emma jumped off of the boat, both making a splash in the shallow water as they trekked through it, seeking the shore of the Dark Jungle.

The boat, occupied by Rumple and David, rowed away, heading up river towards the mountain.

Snow and Regina were already on the other side of the cove, heading into the Neverwood.

"So did my parents threaten you within an inch of your life if something happens to me?" Emma asked.

Hook smirked at her. "Essentially."

"Yeah, that figures." Emma sighed, shaking the water off her boots once they were on land again. "So what do we do now?"

"Well, the Dark Jungle is the most dangerous part of Neverland." Hook said. "We'll need to be quick and thorough in our search and highly alert. You never know what surprises Neverland will have in store."

Emma had a bad feeling about this, but she had to trust that Hook knew what he was doing.

Hook stopped at the edge of the Jungle and reached a hand out to her. "Do you trust me, Swan?"


She didn't want to trust him, not because of him being a villain, but because trusting someone opened doors to other things. Other feelings. Emma couldn't let herself feel anything for the pirate right now. Swallowing, Emma walked past him, but paused. "Come on, pirate. Let's go find my son."

His smile had her stomach doing somersaults. When their eyes met, there was an intensity in his forget-me-not blues that had Emma's defenses trembling.

"Aye, let's get to it then." Hook pulled out his cutlass and began to cut through the jungle.

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