Title:: Do You Realize
Author:: By Lokaia
Disclaimer:: Besides the plot, none of the following is mine. You could sue me if you wanted to, but all you'd get is about five dollars and whatever small creatures are living in my room at the moment.
Summary:: Slash, Bova/???. I just enjoy screwing with everyone's mind with the little ???'s. Maybe you've already guessed ((actually I'd be shocked if you hadn't guessed...)) but let me have my fantasies, all right? Who are you to deny me my fantasies, slash-readers of a Nick show!!

The boys' position on the wrestling mat had probably been held longer than any other circumstances would normally have permitted.

[He's not gonna do it] Bova thought. [Stop kiding yourself--he won't. In a minute he'll get up and it will be over, because he's not going to do it.]

Bova had been telling himself this for what seemed like an eternity.

[He won't] he continued blindly. [He's going to stop looking into your eyes, let go of your arms, get up off of your legs, and leave. He'll shake your hand and say "Good match, you're getting better" and laugh like the irritating bastard he is, and then he'll leave. He's going to take a shower because now he's sweaty and he kind of smells and his hair looks awful.... Well, okay, his hair isn't that bad. Actually, it hasn't changed. It never changes. Stupid dredlocks. But he doesn't smell horrible either. His aftershave's too strong. And deodorant too. At least he wears it. I probably smell like a pig. He's going to realize that in a minute. His nose is going to do that weird crinkle-y thing, like when Suzee wears too much perfume and he'll get up and he'll leave. Yeah. That's what's going to happen.]

It didn't.

[It's not going to happen] Bova told himself. [You've known him since you were fourteen--has he ever done anything? That's three years, buddy, and nothing has EVER happened. He's not going to do it. Suzee wouldn't. Rosie might want to but I happen to enjoy having un-charred flesh, thank you very much. And need I say it again? SUZEE wouldn't. What kind of chance do you have if Suzee doesn't even go for you? He's not gonna do it. He is NOT going to do it."

He did it.

Harlan bent down and brushed his lips lightly against Bova's. The startled Uranusian kept his eyes open, the calm, peaceful expression on Harlan's face shocking him. After a moment, the human's eyes opened as well and the expression there nearly forced Bova to explode with confusion.

It was accomplishment.

Harlan smiled at him, released his arms and untangled his legs. Still looking into Bova's eyes, he held out a hand.

Bova sat up and took it, letting Harlan pull him to his feet. Still holding Bova's hand, Harlan smiled and shook it. "Good match. You're getting better." The smile grew a bit. "We should probably practice here more than we have. More often than once a week. What do you think?"

It was unnervingly obvious to Bova that Harlan still held his hand. "I don't know what good it'll do," he told the human. "I'm never going to get the hang of this wrestling thing."

Harlan grinned brightly. "I wasn't talking about wrestling."

Bova's eyes widened as he stared. Slowly, Harlan's words began to register in his mind and he managed a sarcastic smile. "Oh, you weren't? In that case, I guess we should come down here more often." He turned toward the door, Harlan's enormous grin oddly visible to the back of his head.

There was no way the Uranusian could leave it at that. "You DO need the practice, Harlan," he called over his shoulder.

A full five seconds went by before the human burst into laughter.