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Summary: When SG-1 finds Sam after having been missing for five days, what happened to her that's pushed her into silence?

Prison Story
Chapter 1:
Lost and Found

His eyes were as keen and observant as they were ever going to be and more. They had been looking for her for almost five hours now and there still was no sign of her. She was just checking something out and then she was...
Right in front of him? There, by the cavern wall was a sprawled out figure. He ran up to it and turned the person so that their back was resting across his knees. It was Sam. Her blonde hair was messily covering her face and the bruises that he couldn't see because of it.
His hand reached up to her neck. He could feel a fairly strong pulse and her breathing appeared normal. That's when he released the breath he hadn't even known he was holding. Gently, he picked her up; putting one arm under her legs and the other at the back of her neck.
"Daniel! Teal'c! I've found her!" He yelled at the top of his lungs to catch the attention of his friends. A man, younger than he was, with shaggy light brown hair and a Jaffa, who stood quite tall and muscular, walked up to him. When they saw their friend, their expressions changed from gloomy and depressed to joyful.
"I'll go dial Earth," he walked over to the DHD that was located ten or so yards from the Stargate. Once he had finished dialing and sending their IRIS code through, the older man, who was still carrying the unconscious woman, and the Jaffa had walked up to the DHD.
They looked at Sam before walking through the blue pool of water emanating from the Stargate.

**SGC Infirmary**

"How is she?" Col. Jack O'Neil asked from the doorway.
Janet turned from her patient, Samantha Carter, to see her rescuer, commanding officer, and friend. She smiled weakly, clearly exhausted. "She'll be fine. She was severely malnourished though; I doubt she was fed much, if at all, during the five days she was gone. The bruises on her face and stomach will hurt but they aren't live threatening."
Jack nodded; glad his 2IC would be alright. Even happier that his friend would live. "You go get some rest. I'll keep an eye on her. There's no one else here and the nurses will be able to help if something goes wrong," Jack said, added some detail so that Janet wouldn't have any more reason to try and retaliate as he knew she would. Instead, she agreed and, after checking Sam one last time, she walked out and headed to her room on base.
Jack grabbed the stood at the table and brought it over to Sam's bed. He sat down and took her motionless hand in his. She had been in and out of consciousness throughout the ten hours that she had been back, but it was never long enough to ask any questions.
Janet had found that there was an extremely strong drug in her system that was working as a sedative. In a little while it was supposed to have completely left her system; they hoped.
He brought a hand to her forehead and brushed a lose strand of hair from her face. As his hand slowly came back to her hand, he caressed her cheek with a light touch.
He sat there for two hours, just watching her sleep. She seemed so peaceful and relaxed that it was hard to believe that she was the warrior and soldier that stepped through the gate on a weekly basis with him.
He was so lost in her that he never heard Daniel walk up behind him. "How is she?" He practically jumped out of his seat. "Sorry, didn't mean to frighten you."
"That's ok. I just wasn't expecting anyone to still be here," Jack said, finally taking his eyes off Sam to look up at the young archeologist. "Yea, Janet says she going to be fine."
"That's good. Mind if I join you?" Daniel asked Jack, wanting to stay with his unconscious friend and keep him company.
"Sure," Jack said, barely above a whisper and Daniel also grabbed a stool over by the table. They both sat in silence as they watched their friend, hoping she would wake up.

An hour later, her eyes fluttered slowly open to find that see was back at the SGC. She blinked a few times, trying to clear her head of the grogginess that had over taken it.
"Hey," Jack and Daniel, sitting in seats next to her bed, entered her view. They both smiled at her and she managed a feeble smile back.
"How are you feeling?" Daniel asked as he hopped down from his chair so she could see him better.
"Tire, hungry, and a little sore." Sam said, massing the pain and sorrow with the joy of see them. Those two thing were not something she had even been able to compute yet, much less was she going to try explaining it any time in the near future.
"Get some rest and I'll see what I can do about the hunger part. I'm afraid you're on your own with the soreness though," Jack said, using his sarcasm to try and lighten the mood. Sam gave him a weak smile and Daniel just rolled his eyes some.
He walked off and Daniel gave her a pat on the shoulder telling her to follow his advise. She nodded and closed her eyes only to make him think she was. When he left as well, she quickly opened them, no longer being able to stand what she saw.

For two more days, Sam was forced to stay in the infirmary. She seemed... different. She didn't wanting to talk and she didn't argue when she was told to stay. Since she hardly ate and undoubtedly had trouble sleeping, Janet had to wonder what happened on that planet that scared her into being like this.
The General had come in the day she had woken up and told her she could give her report whenever she was ready. She responded only in the manner of looking at him and nodding, but she said nothing.
Daniel, Teal'c, and Jack had little to no more success than the General or Janet did. Whatever was on her mind wasn't going to be revealed all that soon.
After a third morning in the Infirmary, Janet released her to her base quarters. She said it was so she could easily monitor her but that was just an excuse to make sure she was alright.


She sat down at a vacant table with her tray filled only with hot tomato soup. She went to eat a spoon full of it when...

"Here eat this," a young man said, handing her a small bowl and what looked like a piece of bread. The bowl was half filled with, what looked like, a watery soup. There was no spoon so she brought it to her mouth and took a sip of it. It had no taste at all and seemed to only be water. Even though its taste was non-existent, it still left an awful aftertaste. Then she finished off the rest for her hunger won out over her taste buds.
The man also had given her what seemed like a piece of bread. It was stale and undeniably very old. But she was still hungry. She took a bit and almost spit it back out. It was filled with sand or dirt and left a crunchy taste in her mouth.
The young man laughed, "Always eat the bread first and the soup last."

She dropped her spoon back into the bowl. Her breathing had become quick and harsh and her heart was racing. She closed her eyes to try and get rid of the thought. Then she jumped out of her seat and walked out of the cafeteria, thankful no one saw any of what just happened.
Unfortunately, someone did. Jack was going to go and sit with her; keep her company because god knows he knew she needed it. She obviously didn't see him, but he saw her as she seemed to suddenly freak out and run out of the room.
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