Author's Note: This might be the end, it might not be. I'm thinking about an epilogue. If you like it, then I might. Anyway, enjoy this part!

Summary: When they execute their plan to escape, will it go the way they hoped? Or will it back fire into something they didn't expect?

Chapter 9:
The End and The Beginning

It was that time again. Exactly a week before Jack and Sam got strung into this whole mess, there was another line up called. Twenty people would be taken, eighteen killed and the other two would, hopefully, be returned to their timeline.
Interesting and as strange as it may sound, the atmosphere in this particular line up was much different than usually. Normally, everyone would be nervous as the questions, 'Am I going to be one of the twenty,' or, 'will I be beaten or taken or left alone?' and then of course there was the, 'Am I standing straight enough,' 'Am I in line with everyone else,' 'Am I sowing any bruises or weaknesses?'. Those questions and plenty others run through everyone head during a line up, but not this one.
This time everyone seemed to be standing with a dignity that no one had seen or felt in years. Their eyes shown none of the fear that would normally possess them. Their scarred and bruised faces seemed to stand as a remembrance and something that revenge was needed for. They were no long something they fear with whole-hearted certainty.
The guards were confused and no longer could choose the scariest or the weakest of the bunch because they honestly couldn't tell who that was. So they randomly picked out whomever they pleased; those who gave them trouble, the ones they didn't like.
And that's when Jack saw the last thing his heart could bare. The guard he remembered tripping, grabbed Tabin roughly by the arm. He kneed him hard in the stomach and tossed him into the pile.
The guards walked over to them once they had successfully made a pile of eighteen people. The guard that had taken Tabin walked right next to Jack and put his mouth close to his ear, "You should be extremely grateful that it's the Fatar that wants to see you or otherwise you'd be as dead as the rest of them for what you did to me and whatever you said to these people." He swiftly kicked him in the stomach and Jack couldn't help but let out grunt.
Sam and Jack were dragged over to the pile but allowed to stand for they would be leaving then anyway. The others stood and walked with a stride of dignity, strength, and self-confidence that none of them or the guards had seen in quite a while.

When they reached the wall that the others were killed at the last time, the blood was still smeared on the wall and bloodstains were now on the ground from when the bodies were moved to make way for next time.
They were forced into the same position as last time; hands against the wall, backs facing them. Jack kept his eye on where the guards were. He moved his weapon to fire it at the man beside him. Jack's reflexes were as fast as ever when he lashed out and disarmed the guard. Sam saw him moved and immediately tried to assist when she herself disarmed and knocked out the second guard.
The other prisoners jumped into action as well when other guards from the cells close by came to see what was wrong. What they found was a prisoners' fist in their face. In the middle of all the confusion, Sam and Jack took the weapons and entered the room they would have after the execution of all the eighteen prisoners.
They barged in to find the Fatar and the head guard speaking with each other. The guard looked out and saw them with guns and went to fire at them. But the other two were too fast and shot him down first.
After they got rid of the guard, they turned their attention toward the Fatar. "Nice arrangement. You get the cozy chair, nice office, and all your 'subjects' are out there handling all your dirty work."
"Yes, isn't it? But you have ruined that now. I knew sending you back to a cell was a bad idea. Bad idea." After rambling on, he sat back down after standing in shock at their barging in. He pressed a button before Jack could stop him.
A bright light filled the room and Sam and Jack turned and shielded their eyes. Once it had died down, they looked over to see that the Fatar was gone, presumably dead. They walked back outside to be met with a wave of disoriented, shock, horror, and nausea.
Bodies of both guards and Prit prisoners were everywhere. Some slaughtered with knifes, some most likely strangled with the other's bare hands and then there were a lot of the Prit that had burns caused by the weapons they were holding.
Sam and Jack ran back to their cell to try and talk to someone that could tell them what was going on and who was winning. In the mass panic and chaos, they found Darwin among some of the crowd.
"Darwin, what's going on?" Sam asked after she spun him around to face them.
"Didn't you hear? The Fatar killed himself and panic has spread through the Narious population. The guards have started to execute all the prisoners. We've gotten most of the children out of the cells and hidden in the caves. They'll know when to came out but for now they're safe."
Jack bent slightly to whisper into Sam's ear, "How are we going to go home in all this?"
Sam's face was written in panic and despair for she truly didn't know. Darwin moved to look over his shoulder and she saw the pendant he wore around his neck. She recalled the white swirls move just prior to her falling unconscious. "Darwin, may I see your necklace."
He and Jack looked bewildered that she wanted to look at it now of all times. But he handed it over anyway. "Carter?"
"Sir, before we became unconscious, the swirls in this moved. I don't know, it could have something to do with this."
"But the first time you weren't anywhere near it. You weren't even in the cave."
"I think I was, sir. I might not have remembered because of something in it or radiation that caused this all to happen. I'm not sure. I am sure that I didn't remember that detail until just a moment ago."
Jack nodded, he knew that this was their only chance and he trusted Carter to not blow it. Darwin, on the other hand, was completely baffled and showed it. He looked upset at the fact that they were wasting his time and the others. "Come on! We must go before they get here!"
A cry came, showing it was too late. The herd of people started to run in all directions. They fell as they were shot down. To Sam, it all happened in slow motion. They tried to run but the guards got in their way and shoot them down. Their screams echoed in the cavern and she could not do anything to block them out. Nor could she do anything to stop them.
Darwin ran to them, trying to help them to safety. That's when everything happened. He screamed in pain and fell to the ground as the swirls of white moved in a circular pattern. She saw him and the floor, having just died. She turned her head and closed her eyes, not wanting to see it.
She began to feel dizzy and when it stopped, the cries had as well. She turned her head back and opened her eyes. She saw his corpse, still rotting.
Jack and Sam then looked at each other; both glad they were back and that it was over, both devastated at what they had seen, done, and helped do. It was their fault all these corpses were here, all these people had died in such a way. If they had not done such a thing, if they had stayed out of it, none of this would have happened.
"Jack! Sam! Where are you two! This isn't funny anymore!" Daniel's plea for help startled them out of their disturbing thoughts and memories.
"Over here Danny!" Jack called and he saw Daniel and Teal'c emerge from different sided of the caves. Teal'c coming from the quarry and Daniel from the next cell over.
"Where were you guys? We looked everywhere!"
"It's a long story, Daniel. Let's just go home," Sam answered. The two 'prisoners of war', exhausted, dirty, and devastated, along with their two friends that they prayed to god would never have to experience anything close to what they have, walked out of the cave system and into the sun light.
Jack and Sam enjoyed the light that they hadn't seen in a week. Their eyes took time to adjust, but they did not object being reminded of how bright it could be. Daniel and Teal'c shared a strange look as they dialed up Earth. They walked through, closely followed by Sam and Jack.
They knew that on the other side of the gate they could cover up what had happened and say they got lost or they could tell everyone what happened.
Lying would get them out of the spot for now, but what Janet would find when she examined them; malnutrient, bruises, over-exhaustion, and being over-worked, not to mention the other things was not something that happened in a couple of hours. Perhaps they could wait to tell them, but they would not be given a long time. But their decision could at least wait until morning.
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