This is so short (but I still like it) and it's actually the last of the one-shots I wrote. I meant to upload it earlier in the week, but I've been sick as a dog. There were two more days in Kidgeweek (storm and warmth) but I didn't write anything for them (I might now though if people are interested). Anyways this one is meant to take place in the future where Keith and Pidge are in like their late twenties.

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DAY FIVE – Growth

A Life By Your Side

Keith awoke with a strangled gasp. "Katie." he threw his hand to her side of the bed. She wasn't there. The sheets were cold. "Pidge?" he sat up pushing his hair out of his face and looking around their darkened room. He was alone. The lights of their en-suit bathroom were off. She was probably in her lab working on something. There was no need to panic. Keith focused on breathing slow, deep, and steady. The war was won. The Galra Empire had fallen. Lotor, Haggar, and Zarkon were all defeated. There was peace. No need to panic. Just in her lab.

Keith swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood grunting at the stiffness in his left knee caused by an old injury. Damned Lotor. He left their room and walked through the familiar halls of the Castle of Lions. He did not pass anyone else on his way to his wife's main laboratory which only happened because it was the middle of the night. The castle was fully populated those days. Sometimes it was too crowded for Keith's tastes. The castle was home, but he was looking forward to his and Katie's upcoming trip, to getting away from all the hustle and bustle of castle life.

He pressed his hand to the sensor beside the door to Pidge's lab. The door slid open revealing a darkened lab. "Katie!" he called though it was obvious she wasn't there. Don't panic. Where else would she be? Green's hangar! Keith did not run to the Green Lion's hangar. He just walked very quickly. "Katie! Pidge!" he called as he entered the dark hangar. The Green Lion's eyes lit up and she lowered her head to Keith's level. "Do you know where Pidge is?" he asked. A rumbling echoed in his mind, he saw green plants, and smelled rich soil. "The greenhouse!" he grinned. "Thanks, Green," he called as he ran out of the hangar.

He ran all the way to the greenhouse. The doors slid open for him. "Katie!" he shouted as he entered breathing slightly heavy.

"Keith!" Pidge popped up from behind a row of plants with flowers which changed color regularly. She was illuminated by the pale light of New Altea's twin moons shinning through the glass ceiling. "What's the matter?" she asked eyes wide.

Keith let out a slow breath his body relaxing and a smile growing on his face. "Nothing." he walked through the rows of plants so that he was standing before her. There were dirt smudges on her night clothes and face. Keith had never seen someone more beautiful. He reached up to brush aside a lock of hair that had come loose from her messy ponytail and fallen into her face. "Just wanted to see you." he tucked the hair behind her ear. Katie nodded understanding in her warm eyes. She reached up to cup his jaw thumb brushing over the scar he'd received in his first duel with Lotor.

"Can you believe it's been almost five years?" she asked.

"It's like a dream every day spent with you." he turned his face into her hand and kissed her palm. "I can't believe how lucky I've been to have married someone as wonderful as you."

Katie giggled wrapping her arms around his neck and standing up on her toes to press a brief kiss to his lips. "You're not such a bad catch yourself."