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6 Months Later

There had been long discussions whilst holding each other closely, and even longer periods of time where they actively showed their love, each one expressing their feelings for each other in the passionate time that they spent, joined as one. They had discussed both the past and the future, knowing that they both wanted the exact same thing.

After, things had returned to normal, or relatively normal for them at least. The one thing that stood out the most though was Sherlock's reaction to meeting the twins. It would forever be etched into John's mind. He saw the nervous and worried look slip off his face, and was replaced by a look of awe and love, that they had managed to create these children, that they were a part of both John and Sherlock. In that moment Sherlock had never looked so beautiful to John.

They had eventually moved back into Baker Street, and Mycroft had certainly outdone himself in the redecoration of the flat. The kitchen had been designated a clean area, Sherlock's lab permanently moved to the flat downstairs, along with the fridge and microwave. Sherlock's idea had been to get rid of the lab entirely, as he was wary of causing damage to their children, but John just kissed him and told him to never change. John knew that he would need his lab for when he got bored, as he inevitably would and informed him that he and Mycroft had discussed it and that there would be a surprise for Sherlock when they arrived. One look into the new lab and Sherlock was undeniably lost without words. His John understood him, where nobody else did. He had thanked John quite enthusiastically for that.

John's old room had been entirely redecorated, painted a pale blue with bees painted in great detail around the walls. The double cot sat against the far wall, and a wooden trunk full of children's toys was next to it. John was also sure that Mycroft had surveillance in the room too, but he couldn't help but be grateful for it, at least their uncle Mycroft could keep an eye on them. John had thanked Mycroft for his input into the renovation, and Sherlock had been entirely pleasant towards him since, which meant that he didn't mention the failed diets anymore.

When John had opened the front door of 221B Baker Street, Mrs Hudson had appeared and pulled him in for a crushing hug, telling him how much she had missed him and how worried she had been. Of course Sherlock's arrival with the two baby carriers had entirely shocked her, although the presence of the babies had distracted her from what John thought, would have been a long talking to. She had cooed over them, keeping them well occupied as John and Sherlock, with the help of Greg and Molly moved John's belongings back into the flat. Finally John felt that he was finally home.

Things weren't all sunshine and daisies though, real life never is. They dealt with the overwhelming amount of nightmares that both men had to endure, Sherlock's about his time 'dead', about the lives he had taken, about his capture. John's were still about the fall, or finding out the Sherlock had died on his mission. These dreams caused them to both wake up, drenched with sweat a fair few times the first couple of weeks. When it happened the other would pull them close together, hands stroking hair to help calm, until they fell asleep again. Eventually the nightmares started to taper off and both were able to get decent amounts of sleep, the wounds in their bodies and minds gradually healing.

Sherlock adapted to being a dad rather well. Of course in sure Sherlockian way, he had researched parenthood on the laptop until he had panicked to John. John had brushed his concerns away and told him that the best way was to just love them, everything else would come naturally. Sherlock was a doting father to his boys, and enjoyed playing with them when they demanded it. Both Alex and William were as smart as their father, but they had the compassion of their mother, as Greg would say. They were, in all ways, the best parts of the two men.

On the day that Sherlock and John had reunited, Greg had finally proposed, (Mycroft had faked the surprise!) and Mycroft had happily accepted. The wedding was due to occur in a week's time and the boys were extremely excitable at the moment. Having not long turned two, they were extremely adorable and always full of energy, bouncing around the flat just like their father in the excitement of a case. Greg and Mycroft had chosen them to be their pageboys and their little suits were hung up, ready for the day. Greg had asked John to be his best man, whilst Mycroft had asked Sherlock, who, surprisingly accepted without being blackmailed into it. Something had changed within the brother's dynamic, but it was a change for the better.

Mummy Holmes was organising the whole ordeal, something that she delighted in. She had been most disappointed to find out that she had missed her youngest getting married, but she and John had been secretly planning to have a renewal of their vows in front of family and friends on their next anniversary. John's first meeting with the Holmes matriarch had gone surprisingly well. John had been rather nervous about meeting her, sure that she would believe her son too good for him. Instead he had been pleasantly surprised at how easily they connected, they immediately fell into comfortable conversation and Sherlock could not have been happier. He knew his mother would love John, it was impossible not to. His mother was also extremely happy to meet the twins. She absolutely adored them as did his father. They both doted on the boys had grandparents do, and soon after they set up a visiting arrangement which satisfied both parties. The twin would get to spend time with their grandparents, and Sherlock and John would be able to have some alone time without the worry of their children in the next room. Something they definitely took advantage of, usually requesting Greg not to contact them unless in an emergency.

Harry had also become a welcome part of their lives. She and Clara had been back together since Sherlock had left, and was still sober after all this time. She had been a bit put out that John hadn't told her about her nephews, but had forgiven him immediately after hearing the full story. She had pulled her brother into a crushing hug, he was her younger brother and she felt like she had failed to protect him. The brief mention of their parents had both siblings pausing for a moment, the sting of being unwanted causing them both pain. Their respective partners had recognised this in them and had helped steer the conversation onto better subjects.

John was brought out of his thoughts of the last six months by the ringing of Sherlock's phone. He hoped to God that it was Greg with a case. Both he, and Sherlock had been itching for a case for days. He loved being a mother, loved caring for his children, but he also loved the thrill of the chase, of helping Sherlock with his deductions, the high that they could only get after solving a case. He watched as Sherlock hung up and a gleeful look covered his face.

"Finally," he shouted, bouncing around like an excited five year old. John grinned, soon the twins would be overtaking Sherlock, in his mental age at least.

"Case?" he questioned. Sherlock nodded and smirked at him, seeing the excitement in John's eyes. John quickly got out of the chair and called down to Mrs Hudson. She appeared shortly at the doorway, a light dancing in her eyes as she took in the excited air in the flat.

"Oooh, a case boys?" she asked. John nodded.

"Anthea should be here soon, are you ok to watch them until she gets here?" he asked as he slipped his jacket on.

"Of course, you know how much I love the little angels, they're a lot easier to deal with than you two, that's for certain. At least they don't shoot my walls!" John laughed and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Mrs H. You're the best." He said before quickly running upstairs to check on the boys. Both were having their afternoon naps so John quickly placed a soft kiss on both their heads before slipping quietly out of the room. He made it downstairs and answered Sherlock's questioning look with one of his own, letting him know that they were ok and still asleep. They quickly made their way down the stairs and to the front door. Before he opened the door, Sherlock leant down to kiss John, it was just a brief touch of their lips, but it was all they needed. Then they were out the door and into the street, getting into a taxi that Sherlock had managed to stop, ready to go on their next adventure.

The door of 221B Baker Street closed behind the two men. A well-known address that was the last refuge for the desperate, the unloved and the persecuted. The final court of appeal for everyone. When life gets too strange, too impossible, too frightening, there is always one last hope. When all else fails, there are two men sitting in a flat, like they've always been there and always will. The Baker Street Boys

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

The End

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