More Timeshifters


Gemini: This is my first Flint Fanfic so don't blame me if it sucks! I don't own Flint: The Time Detective. This is set after the end of the series but Petra is still around.

'...' Someone thinking.

"..." Someone speaking.

**************** Change of scene.


"When are we going to eat I'm starving!" Flint asked Dr. Goodman. Sarah said that food was all Flint ever thought about. Arti the time shifter flew up onto her shoulder. Flint ran to the kitchen to get some food when a message from Ms. Grey came through.

"You're looking stunning today Jillian." Dr Goodman commented blushing.

"This is no time for compliments Dr Goodman, this is a very important mission, and the time shifter Moonra has been spotted in 17th century England. Moonra has the power to make people fall in love and she can take the form of people. We need Flint to bring it back, here's your time card." Ms Grey said as the card came through, Tony grabbed it while Sarah got Flint from the kitchen. They all climbed on the time cycle and went to 17th Century England. They landed in the most awkward place; an angry looking horse was running toward them.

"Lets go dad!" Flint yelled as his hammer woke up.

"Hammerhead rock!" It yelled as it doubled its size, Flint hit the horse with it who fell to the floor.

"Hey leave that horse alone!" Yelled a girl of 14 who came running to them and went over to the horse, "Are you ok?" She asked the horse as it neighed a reply. "How dare you hurt that horse!" She yelled at the group, she looked very out of place in the 17th century England.

"Sorry Miss." Flint said, the girl spotted Getalong and frowned. The girl jumped and grabbed him. Flint got mad and grabbed the girl.

"Hey leave that timeshifter alone you criminal!" Flint yelled.

"Me the criminal you're the one who stole him!" The girl yelled back. Flint held out his time card.

"As a member of the time police you're under arrest for trying to steal a timeshifter!" Flint grabbed the girl and as he did so a time card fell out of her pocket. "A time card!" The girl pushed Flint off of her and brushed the dirt off her clothes.

"I thought I was the only one on this case!" The girl said. "They didn't tell me they sent you too Flint." The girl picked up her time card and put it in her pocket.

"Who are you anyway?" Tony asked the girl. "We didn't know you was a member of the time police too."

"My name's Hotaru Moon, I was supposed to be a secret. I've been watching you on your missions, you seem quite good but so does that Vampire." Hotaru said.

Hotaru sighed then jumped over a wall and walked off.

"Flint always gets these cases, I always have to watch him and when I finally get one of my own he takes over. It's so unfair!" Hotaru wailed to herself as she paced up and down the street kicking a stone. Hotaru said to herself that this place was beautiful.

"Not as pretty as you though my dear Hotaru." Came a voice from within a tree nearby, Hotaru looked up and saw Merlock holding a rose in his hand, his timeshifter Bindi was next to him. Bindi got jealous and hit Merlock over the head with a hammer then glared at Hotaru who sweatdropped.

"Wahhh flying snail!" Hotaru cried. "Wait that's the time shifter Bindi, this is so cool! She's my favourite, Bindicon was rather mean tho and Bindimaster is so cool!"

"At least someone likes me." Muttered Bindi but no one heard her. Merlock had got up and grabbed Hotaru's hand.

"Get off!" Hotaru complained as she slapped Merlock, he fell down with a red mark on his face. Bindi got mad yelling that no one hurt her Merlock and got away with it. She shape shifted to Bindimaster and began chasing Hotaru.

"Wahhhhhhhhhhhh" Hotaru cried as Bindimaster chased her around the street until someone who looked a lot like the Petrafina grabbed Hotaru.


Hotaru woke up with a huge headache, she groaned. She looked around her and she realised that she was back to being in her timeshifter form. She looked a lot like Plumella except she was pink with a heart on her tummy and he didn't have Plumella's big teeth in fact Plumella was her sister.

'The disguise didn't work so I'm back to being Moonra man I hate it when this happens!' She thought to herself. Petrafina stood in front of her holding her Petra stamp.

"Oh no I have to get away." Moonra (Hotaru) cried out loud.

"I don't think so Moonra you're mine and when I take you to my dark lord we'll use you to make us fall in love." Petrafina went into one of her daydreams.

"I'll never serve you Petra!" Moonra retorted as Petra smirked and stamped her on her head. "How may I serve you master?" Petra laughed then flew to flint and the gang who asked where Hotaru was.

"Right here!" Petra laughed as she pointed to the now evil Moonra at her feet, they all gasped. "Yes Hotaru was Moonra in disguise." Petrafina cracked her whip on Moonra.

"Moonra Petra form to Moonracon!" Moonracon yelled as she grew twice the size she was before and her canine teeth grew huge.

"Get them Moonracon!" Petra yelled as she commanded Moonracon to get them using her Petra Beam.

"Moonra stop I'm your friend!" Flint yelled and Moonracon was attacking him. Flint used his dad to stop Moonracon in her tracks. Flint was too strong for her and she fell to the floor, Petra decided to leave before they got into any more trouble. Moonracon changed back to Moonra and ran over to Merlock.

"Moonra where are you going?" Flint called out. Moonra said that she wanted to stay with Bindi and Merlock. Merlock picked her up.

"I'll take good of her Flint don't worry."


"You had better not steal my Merlock." Bindi said to Moonra who just laughed.

"I won't Bindi you're made for him and one day I'll use my power to make you two fall in love with each other." Moonra said, Bindi thanked her and they became friends. "Anyway I have my eyes on the timeshifter Artie. He's really cute!" Moonra said blushing, Bindi laughed. They walked into the living room where Merlock was sleeping on the sofa, Bindi fell asleep next to him and Moonra fell asleep on the floor.


"I don't understand why did Moonra want to go with Merlock and not me?" Flint asked Dr Goodman when they got back to the time bureau.

"Maybe she could see the good and Merlock and wanted to help him," He said. "Moonra can sense the good in everyone Flint you have to let the time shifters make their own minds up."


Gemini: Yes I know that was rubbish but there you go! Stay tuned for the next timeshifter!