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The Big Surprise Part1

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'...' Someone thinking.

"..." Someone speaking.

**************** Change of scene.


"Are you sure this is the right place?" Tony asked Sarah as they came through the time flow to their next mission. Flint was stuck as a 15 year old, he was quite tall and had borrow some of Tony's bigger clothes.

"I'm positive Tony Uncle Bernie said we had to go to 2525 and here we are!" Sarah said looking around, they were outside a huge house with a very big garden, cherry blossom trees were everywhere the petals were falling like snow on a cold winter day.


Hotaru was in the same place when she spotted Merlock behind a nearby tree spying on her, she ran up to him and made him jump.

"Whats a cute guy like you hiding behind this tree!" Hotaru said laughing and Bindi got really jealous. Merlock walked out from behind the tree, they decided to investigate the case together.

"Hey there's Flint, Sarah and Tony!" Hotaru chirped to Merlock who had gotten over Sarah now. They walked over to them and greeted each other.

"Hiya Flint, Sarah and Tony how are you guys?" Hotaru asked looking at them. " I see you're a teenager still Flint welcome to the teenage years! You know you must be the same age as Merlock here cos he looks 15 to me and I'm 14 by the way!"

They were talking to each other when a woman with long black hair is two plaits walked over to them and asked them what they were doing there, she was holding a baby.

"Hey you look familiar." Hotaru said looking at the woman.

"Your right she does." Sarah said taking a closer look, Hotaru suddenly fell down sweatdropping.

"I know why she looks familiar, that's me when I'm an adult!" Hotaru cried. "I have a kid!" Everyone looked at Hotaru and two more kids came running along. Hotaru wailed. "I'm a mother! Of three kids! I live in a nice house mind you! Seems when I lost my powers when I was Moonra I stayed as a human, this is cool!"

Merlock and Bindi gave Hotaru a funny look; they didn't know that Hotaru was Moonra. Merlock didn't mind and grinned as he grabbed her hand and kissed it.

"Oh my Merlock!" Hotaru cried blushing. "You're quite the charmer you know."

"Hotaru my dear you look even more beautiful when you're an adult then you do now! And you are really beautiful now!" Bindi got mad and was just about to hit Hotaru around the head with a mallet when..

"Hotaru dear have you seen where Bindi went?" A voice called to the adult Hotaru. The voice became louder and from inside the house walked out an older.

"Merlock!" Everyone yelled at once. Hotaru and Merlock began to glow bright red as everyone looked at them and laughed.

"You have kids with my Merlock!? YOU HAVE KIDS WITH MY MERLOCK!?" Bindi shouted at Hotaru.

"How did I know I was gunna have kids with Merlock!?" Hotaru yelled back at Bindi who was getting really angry. "Of course if you look at the kids you can see the cute vampire teeth" Hotaru cried happily. "I'm so lucky!" Merlock grinned.

"Not as lucky as me, in the future you give me 3 great kids Hotaru!" Merlock said. "I can't ask for anything better!"

The adult Hotaru and Merlock were talking when walking toward them, holding hand with a kid running along side was..

To Be Continued

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