Authors note: I want to start off with this fanfiction, is that I had this thought when I was watching Hot Wheels: Acceleracers and read the fanfiction "The Talk" By HaloFin17. I thought the fanfic was amazing. That Combined with the Fancomics in production by Realm 3516 and me editing the Tv Tropes page of Acceleracers made me want to do something I haven't seen someone do before: What if there were more drivers sent into the Realms and disappeared aside from Alec, Dan and Banjee and Lani and the others don't know about it. So without ado, here it is. Also it should be noted that this is the prequel to a whole AU Acceleracers world, a sequel to the World Race comic strips were published with the toys. (Remember those?)

One year and a half ago, one scientist had discovered something amazing; Amazing new worlds, artifacts by a long forgotten race of aliens, known as the Accelerons, who created these unique worlds for one reason; To race.

35 drivers from around the world were selected with vehicles to cover terrain. Unbeknownst to the drivers, these superpowered pieces of technology were built with technology stolen from a top secret military group, CLIP or as it was known by it's members "The Silencerz" of which Tezla was one of the founders of the organization.

The organization closely watched him, and after one driver won the race, Tezla had to go into hiding, after having been severely injured by the Racing Drones, machines built by the Accelerons but were abandoned for their lust to race and beat their creators.

During this time, Tezla looked back at something he found, something beyond Earth, something beyond Highway 35, something that needed to be accessed by some of his best drivers from the past.

But the thing would they fair in worlds that had never been accessed before by any human being.

Worlds like..

The Racing Realms..

It was early evening hours in San Diego, A white muscle car drove from a long time at the beach down to a house on a hill. The car was different from most muscle cars as it had a tuner for a motor, but other than that, it seemed normal on the surface. But on it's side had a logo that bore this vehicles significance..


This vehicle was known as "Muscle Tone" as was once a car used in Tezla's world race. This vehicle, perhaps only obviously to its driver, was apart of the team lead by famous skier, multi-billionaire and driver Taro Kitano and this driver was as well. His real name he always kept a secret, but to friends and family, he was always called Krakatoa.

He and his newly wed Esmeralda were drivers in the World Race and fell in love with each other. It was an unusual relationship, as two lovers met by fate in a race beyond human imagination through the alien worlds of Highway 35 but it obviously stayed true even after the race. Perhaps they were a bit old fashion, they dated for almost one year and now they were wedded the night prior to this day. Perhaps they needed to make sure to see if they were good for each other,and abstained from sex but more than likely they had thought about having it every once and awhile. But now their stay at the local beach inn had proved fruitful and now after they had a good time with each other, it was time to go to their house.

But their night was about to be changed by a special surprise from a person-or rather-robot that the two remembered clearly..

When they got to their house, a floating robot was waiting for the two. The two knew very well who it was. His chrome plating changed a bit but it was still unmistakable as to who it was.

"Gig?" Esmeralda asked "Why are you here, I thought Tezla didn't want-"

"Doctor Tezla had to reserve his Nitrox 2 for his research, but now I suppose you'll get some" He said in his cold, metallic voice.

"Really? Really?" snapped Krakatoa "After all this time and only now does he want to give us some Nitrox 2 and let us go through highway-"

"This isn't why Tezla was unwilling to give you Nitrox" Gig snapped back "This is much more important than the Nitrox 2 or Highway 35"

"So then what is?" Asked Esmeralda notably acting calm compared to her usually feisty self.

"The Racing Drones have taken the Wheel of Power, Tezla needs the best of the best from the world race to drive for him again to take it back!"

All at one, something stopped in Krakatoa. He remembered that night when after the World Race ended Gelorum invaded the Handler Proving Ground Base in the desert, Vert and several other drivers were to take down Gelorum at Hot Wheel City in the last leg of Highway 35, he, Esmeralda and the other drivers stayed behind to fight off the remaining CLYP vehicles. It was a challenging night, but by dawn the Wheel of Power was returned and CLYP defeated.

Now it seemed all that hard work proved fruitless, now the very enemy he fought was back again, and seemingly, with a vengeance.

"Alright" said Krakatoa "I'll go"

"Right there with ya' Krakatoa!"

In the desert night, Esmeralda and Krakatoa drove in the desert sun in their vehicles, It had been a while since Es' drove her World Race vehicle Power Piston, mostly because it would have looked odd in the streets of San Diego where she moved to live with Krakatoa, the citizens would have thought some kind of movie was being filmed there. Of course Krakatoa's vehicle probably looked like that as well but no one ever really gawked over it.

Esmeralda wondered if she would reunite with fellow World Race drivers for it, just so she could chat with how life was, but she knew that fighting off the drones was more important than that.

Krakatoa thought about it less, sure he wouldn't have minded meeting up with his fellow Scorchers, especially Taro but he didn't think too much about this.

"Hey sweety" flirted Krakatoa to Es through the radio, "Why not go scorching together through the racetrack?"

She laughed, "In your dreams, senor Toa!"

All of the sudden 3 other cars came out from behind them, A Toyota RSC, A unique car with flame throwing exhaust and streamlined chassis called Wild Thing and a Chrysler Thunderbolt, all of them veterans from the World Race. The two knew very well as to who these three were.

"Long time no see" said a familiar voice.

"Toni!" Es shouted in joy "Fluke and Mojave too!"

"You with Tezla?" asked Krakatoa

"Yup, Tezla give you directions to his new headquarters?"

"Yeah he did"

"Good! Now we can get there within short order"

Krakatoa and Es' both noted that for an army woman, Toni was surprisingly chipper. Of course this didn't matter as when you needed a good tunnel rat in unknown land, Toni was the girl to go to.

By late night, the drivers traversed through large stone land, until they reached an almost mountainous rock next to a cliff face.

"Dead end?" asked Fluke

"Nope" said Toni "Keep driving"

The other drivers were confused, why would they drive off the cliff, obviously, their cars could last a fall like that, no other car had that level of durability on the planet, but was this Tezla new headquarters?

"Now accelerate!" she said with tensity

One moment Toni's RSC jumped off the cliff flying in the air, next moment it vaporized into the cliff, a wall glitching out the texture of the base revealing a base inside. One by one the vehicles entered this base, slamming down on the ground on a roadway leading to a large room, with a large raceway sprawling throughout the room, with quarters for various drivers around the base. In the center was the wheel of power, or at least, what looked like it anyway. On the side of it was a large stairway with a command cube and on the wall was a quarters room with a conference room. Obviously the complex was so big not everything could be seen, but even with this small glimpse, the sight was tremendous.

"Magnifico!" said Esmeralda as she stepped out of her car along with everyone else.

The image of the Wheel of Power dissipated for a moment and a new image appeared of a man familiar to everyone

"Welcome to the Acceledrome!"

"Tezla.." whispered Mojave

Tezla's image continued "While studying the Wheel of Power I learned that it was more than just a source of power, it's the key to hundreds of new worlds, worlds that I call the Racing Realms!"

"Sweet" whispered Fluke. Everyone looked at him before turning back to the Hologram of Tezla.

"Unfortunately, as I discovered this, the racing drones were determined to stop me from discovering this, I enlisted you to stop The drones."

"Yeah, but why us?" asked Krakatoa. "Couldn't you do it yourself?"

All of the sudden, the hologram dissipated and the image of the Wheel of Power returned on screen.

"Krakatoa" whispered Esmeralda "I'm pretty sure you just pissed him off"

"Hey I was just curious"

"Well because you asked" said a voice. The others gasped. The voice belonged to Tezla, or at least, looked like Tezla. He wore a suit of robotic casts, even with his robotic appendages he was still limping a little bit every time he moved a limb or moved his neck.

"They did this to me!" There was a long silence. "We have work to-"

Loud blasts of Klaxons echoed throughout the Acceledrome compound, all of the drivers looked at each other as the wheel of power spun around preparing to activate a realm.

"A realm is opening" said Tezla "I need all of you to drive your cars to the modification stations. We'll install the Nitrox 2 boosters into your vehicles, then go on the ramp!"

"This guy really is Loco" said Esmeralda meekly

"I'm surprised you didn't even say that back at the World Race till now" snickered Krakatoa.

"Yeah yeah I know, I'm weird for that. I just wish Banjee was here now, he'd now what to do."

"Like we can't?" Toni said "When you got people like me and the boys over here you can always get stuff done!"

Esmeralda smiled.

Each of the drivers scrambled into the garage centers, readying up the Nitrox 2 boosters and installing them into their vehicles.

The Wheel already had one ring stop, one third of the way to activate the realm.

Doctor Tezla ran upstairs to his dock, observing the Wheel of Power with Gig at his side.

"Doctor Tezla, this is only their first time in the realms, they don't have EDR's. Should we have trained them first?"

Tezla paused. "They'll know what to do"

Gig was surprised, Tezla never did train his drivers in the World Race, but the Realms were said in the ancient inscriptions to be a challenge that would "weed out the flawed drivers" as it said. Gig wondered if these drivers would make it out alive.

Down below, Mojave had just finished filling his car with Nitrox. The second ring had just finished spinning, and the intensity built up amongst the drivers.

"You think this race is going to be like Highway 35, Toni?" he asked.

Toni laughed. "It should be! It was easy for us Dune Ratz, so why not now?"

Fluke chuckled. "Yeah, but it was my team that got 5 million dollars each for winning the race"

Everyone laughed. All except for Esmerelda. She worried about going into the realms because she had no training for this because at least in the World Race, Banjee decided to break the rules in order to help her drive through Highway 35. Now without Banjee, there wasn't much certainty she would do well. Not only that, but she didn't have must faith in Dr. Tezla and his honesty. Was he telling her everything, was he telling anyone all there is to know about these racing realms?

The last ring formed.

"The racing realm is opening!" Tezla's voice boomed from the loudspeaker.

All of the drivers got into their vehicles, automatic seatbelts activating, shifting into gear and racing towards the ramp leading to the Wheel of Power. One by one, each vehicle drove up to the ramp, getting a thrust of acceleration doubled by the addition of the Nitrox 2 fueling their cars to the maximum level. Toni, in her vehicle started playing all her favorite power metal songs as her RSC lead the vehicles up the Acceledrome track.

"Come on everyone!" she cheered "Let's beat these drone racers!"

For Esmeralda, and everyone else, this was familiar as it was the first time in the Racing Realms. But to everyone, it was like returning to Highway 35 again.

Doctor Tezla viewed the racers driving across the laps of the Acceledrome. Gig monitored the driver's onboard camera's, preparing the drivers for the Realm.

"Doctor Tezla, do you think the drivers are prepared for the realms?" asked Gig.

He paused looking at the racers nearing the Wheel of Power before turning back to Gig.

"They know all they need to know" he said with a cold tone.

Gig nodded.

At the base of Clyp, still fuming over the loss of the Wheel of Power had gained a hold of the copy of the wheel after some "trading" around with Tezla's discoveries. Back when Tezla was a fellow "Silencerz" he had made the discovery of the Accelerons presence on Earth, the Wheel of Power and Highway 35 but shortly after Tezla stole most of their technology and took samples, some CLYP cars and an X-88 "Gig" unit. Likewise, shortly after Tezla opened the Racing Realms, they scurried to get a copy of the wheels, of which they accessed some files of Tezla's by way of hacking his software at the Acceledrome. The elites of the CLYP thought of raiding the Acceledrome and taking him to Government questioning for espionage and theft of government property but they realized that they needed his knowledge with his racers once they got in. The Clyp decided to follow with this drivers once the Wheel of Power could fully activate the realm. Now was their time.

Their top agent was a blonde haired, blue eyed woman known only by the codename "Gelorum", a driver who worked alongside Clyp and their agents Zed 36 and Harrison Lau. Both of those two stopped working for Clyp by way of betrayal when Vert Wheeler had to return the Wheel of Power to Hot Wheel city. The two racers helped stop Gelorum and her fellow Clyp drivers to "redeem" themselves for their mistakes. Naturally, to say that clyp was disappointed and upset was a needless understatement.

However with the realm opening for the first time, they were about to prepare to beat the realms to hopefully take back what was rightfully there's..

Loud klaxons blared throughout the complex. Gelorum quickly tied her hair in a long flowing ponytail and got her suit on, and headed to a chute where several other drivers were ready. One of these drivers was a US army major, named Jack Wheeler. This man was Vert's father, a widow who wanted the best for Vert but sadly because of his job taking up too much time, he never was able to see him as often, not in the least on his 16th birthday, the birthday he became a World Racer and the death of his wife. He harbored immense guilt over not being for his wife and being honest with her regarding his profession. He was a devout Christian yes, but he often wondered if he really would be redeemed for his sins of being knew he was saved but was still ashamed that he was-effectively-a liar and wondered if he was a bad father for serving his duty. He wasn't one of the ones who fought the racers in Hot Wheel City, then General Gelorum led her and various mechanized drivers derived from Tezla's own designs, but he couldn't have fathomed if she made human drivers like him having to-literally-fight the Tezla drivers and his own son. He was thankful he didn't and that Gelorum was demoted for threatening drivers lives but once he'd be done with his service could he tell his son the truth, would the truth come out sooner or later? He knew Vert was racing with the Teku street racers alongside Kurt Wylde-or as Jack and Gelorum knew him "Zed-36" and while he was happy to see his son enjoy racing, he wasn't fond of the leader of the Teku nor did he like the idea that Tezla might bring Vert back to race should anything go wrong with his current driver.

He lost his thought when he saw Gelorum, and his fellow drivers, all of whom were ready to get into their vehicles and race into the realm. By getting into the chute system they got seated into their vehicles and sent their exoskeleton vehicles to a area where a mold of sorts would cast a shape for their vehicles.

The wheel made it's last round till it locked in place and the realm had opened.

"It's time.." whispered Gelorum. Then the racers revved up their engines and headed into the realm

In a large compound, at least 300 meters high, the site glowed a ghastly green tint. Sprawling across this desolate stretch of land were ruins of a once great city, with racetracks sprawling all other the vicinity. Devices to trap racers and test their skill sat wrecked, black and green vehicles scurried across this land.

The land was once the land Vert rediscovered, "Hot Wheel City" as it was dubbed by Vert's friend and fellow driver Alec was now once again nothing but a memory.

Amid the land was a large hologram of the wheel of power had prepared itself, the Racing Drones, machines built by the Accelerons but discarded by them and hidden on Earth had returned to their former home in the Highway 35 dimension somehow and prepared their return to the Accelerons to beat them once and for all. However, these realms needed to be conquered first.

The drones transformed into their cockpits in the vehicles they drove, racing into the realm. The drone commander issued to the drones that the realm they were heading in was a realm even they never were able to fully conquer back when they were the aids to the Accelerons.

The Swamp Realm