Two days of no response. Not a lip twitch, not an eye lid flutter, nothing. Susan's condition had not changed at all. Luka would have been ready to kill himself if it wasn't for Suzie. She was doing so well. The surgeries that she had went well. Now it was just a wait game until she could come home. Luka wished it was like that for his wife.
"I have a visitor." Doug knocked on the door. Luka glanced at him. Annabella was bouncing in his arms. "She wanted to see Mommy and daddy."

"Come here, Sweet thing." Luka took Annabella, "Thanks."

"No problem." he said, "Do you need anything? Carol is upstairs with Suzie."

"No. I'm fine." he said bouncing Annabella in his arms, "Susan, look who's here to see you." Luka placed Annabella on the side of Susan's bed and wrapped her arm around the cooing baby, "Feel her, Susan. She's been changing these past couple of days and I don't want you to miss it." Doug stared at them. He would be devastated if something like this happened to the four girls he loved the best.

"Want me to take Suzie up anything?" Doug asked. Luka shook his head.

"No, but thank you." Luka said, "I want to be with Suzie too but I can't leave Susan."

"I understand. Suzie does too." Doug smiled. Luka closed his eyes listening to the beep of Susan's machine and to Annabella gurgling.

"Ssssss…" A soft muffled groan began to emerge from his wife's lips. Luka's head shot up.
"Susan, I'm here." He said, "Doug, get Abby. Susan, don't talk. You have a tube in your throat to help you breath." he watched her eyelids slowly lift. Her arm tightened around Annabella. Tears began to swell in Lukas's eyes. "God." Almost in an instant, Abby ran in.
"Oh my god." She smiled, "Good morning sleepy head." Abby smiled pleasantly. "You were in a near fatal accident. You've been unconscious for nearly three days. We have a breathing tube to help you breath. I can take it out if you want to try to breath on your own. I have an oxygen mask if you need it, all right." Susan slowly nodded with a groan, "Okay, you know how this goes. When I say three you exhale as hard as you can." Luka picked Annabella up. "One…Two….Three." Abby pulled the tube from Susan's thought. Susan moaned loudly in pain, "I'll increase your morphine."

"Suz…" She whispered.
"Suzie is upstairs." Luka whispered, "She has a broken leg, but she'll be fine." Susan looked at him.

"You're….crying…" God her throat was sore.

"I thought…" His lip quivered, "I thought my second family had died."

"I'm sorry." Susan said. Abby pulled up a chair.

"You had major head trauma, Susan. I need to ask you a couple of questions all right?" Abby asked. Susan nodded, "What year is it?"

"I hope still 2005." She licked her lips.

"It is." Abby chuckled, "Do you know who the three of us are?" A small smile came across Susan's face.

"Dr. Lockhart, Annie, and Dr. Kovac." She said.
"You're doing well." Luka kissed her hand.

"Do you know what five plus three is?" Abby asked.

"Eight." Susan said, "I'm thirsty."

"I know. I'll get you some ice chips." Abby said standing up, "I'm going to have Dr. Abraham's come down and check you out and then I'd like to get another CT." Luka nodded.

"Thank you." He looked at his wife, "I can't believe you're awake."

"Me either." Susan said looking at Annabella. "I'm so tired."

"You don't have to force yourself up." Luka said, "You can sleep but promise you'll wake up again."

"I promise." She smirked. Luka watched her fall back asleep. He was so terrified that she wouldn't wake up again. He needed her to be okay.

Three days later

It was amazing to see how much Susan's health improved in the past three days. She was able to sit up and feed herself. Her breathing had improved greatly. Luka was so thankful.

"Do you have any fours?" Suzie asked looking at her hand. Susan glanced at her own.
"Go fish." She said. Suzie fished out a card and grinned brightly. Abby knocked on the door.
"how is everyone feeling?" She asked.
"Great." Suzie said, "I can go home today."

"So I've heard." Abby smiled, "Susan?" She shrugged.
"I'm just anxious to get out of here. I spend enough time here at work." Susan said. Abby nodded as she walked up to her bed.

"I still think it'll be awhile, Susan." Abby said taking her stethoscope out. "I want to do another head scan just to make sure everything is still going on nicely."

"My brain is fine." Susan said.

"Susan, you've had a serious trauma. It's amazing that you're up and playing card games, but we still have to treat this seriously." Abby said listening to Susan's heart.

"I just want to go home and be with my girls." She said.
"I know you do." Abby smiled weakly. "I promise it'll be soon." She patted her leg and moved back to the door. "I'll check on your later before your CT." Susan glared at Abby as she left.

"I'll be right back." Luka walked out into the hallway. "Abby?"

"What?" Abby looked at him.

"How is she doing really?" He asked. She sighed crossing her arms.

"I'm happy that she's awake but her road to recovery has just began. She has a lot of physical therapy to do." Abby said. "I'm concerned about her emotional state."

"She's fine. She's just ready to be home." Luka said, "Honest. I'll put her under my full care when I get home all right?" Abby sighed deeply.

"I'll see what I can do all right?" She asked. Luka nodded.

"Thank you." He said.
"Daddy!" Suzie screamed from inside the room. Luka ran in, heart pounding. He looked at Susan. She looked pale and unconscious.

"Susan??" He ran over to her. "Susan, wake up?" Luka checked her eyes. "Abby!!" She ran in.

"What happened?" She asked lowering Susan's bed.
"I don't know." He said.

"Susan. Dr. Kovac. Open your eyes." Abby said. Susan mumbled. "That's it."

"Stomach.." She moaned loudly. Abby lifted Susan's gown and pressed on Susan's stomach. Susan screamed loudly.

"Shit." Abby grabbed an ultrasound from the side table.
"Oh god." Luka stood there with wide eyes. Abby looked at the ultrasound and swore again.

"She's bleeding." She ran to the phone. "We need to bring a patient up there. She's bleeding out, but stable. Susan Kovac. She was in a MVA earlier this week…There wasn't any indication on the day….okay." Abby slammed the phone down and ran to Susan's bedside. "She needs to have surgery, Luka."

"Why? Why didn't you catch this sooner?" Luka snapped as a couple of nurses walked in.

"It may have been a slow bleed and not have shown up at the time of admittance. You know things like this happen Luka." Abby glanced at Suzie, "Everything will be okay. I promise." Luka watched as Susan was rolled away. If anything happened to Susan, he was going to sue the hell out of this hospital for not catching this sooner.