Okay, I've been trying to get out of the habit of writing AN's unless absolutely necessary and this one is. I'd just like to inform you all that this is a reboot/rewrite of the first story I ever wrote on this sight. I was only fourteen when I posted the story and wasn't as good at writing as I thought I was- but five years changes a person and their abilities. Plus, five years is a long time to think of how you can better a story, so know that a lot of things have changed.

So, without further ado, I give you He's Your Father.

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"I am so disappointed in you, Edward."

He was thirty-three years old, but those words hadn't hurt any less than they did when he was a teenager.

To be fair, he deserved it; Edward deserved all the disappointment and sadness he caused his parents. He was an awful person for what he had done and there was no denying that- not that he was trying to. He hadn't taken responsibility for his actions before, but now he had no choice but to.

It was Sunday and, in the Cullen family, Sundays meant church and then a dinner at Edward's parents house with his brother, his wife, Emmett- a friend of the family- and the several children they had between them. As usual, Edward came alone.

The dinner was going smoothly like it did most Sundays, but it had been interrupted when Edward's phone had rang. His parents had insisted that he ignore it, but he was waiting on calls from several different people and didn't want to chance it not being them, so he had excused himself from the table and taken his call inside. Edward had been expecting a call from the warehouse that he bought most of his granite and cabinets for the homes he flipped or the electrician how was rewiring one of his houses, so imagine his surprise when he was told he was getting a call from Seattle Memorial Hospital. Edward had never even been to Seattle, but the reason for the call was soon given. He knew, even before the phone call had ended that he would finally have to tell his parents about the secret he had hid for years.

His mothers reaction had been exactly what he expected; disappointment, sadness- he wasn't even surprised to see the tears she tried to desperately to hide. His fathers reaction, however, was what was putting Edward on edge; he had simply closed his eyes when he heard Edward's confession and taken a deep breath while his wife swiped at her eyes. Then he asked the questions Edward didn't know how to answer.

"So, what are you going to do?"

"...I...I honestly don't know, Dad." Edward ran his hand through his head. It was supposed to be a normal Sunday...when did everything get so messed up? Edward could have taken then easy road out, pinning all this confusion on the car that had hit Isabella Swan when she stepped into the street, but he knew he couldn't because this had all happened way before than car was even made.

"Bella, can we please talk about this?" Edward pleaded as he followed the brunette up the stairs of her home. Today was a happy, monumental day; the day that Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan officially graduated from high school. It was supposed to be a happy day- an amazing day filled with celebration and congratulations.

That was before Bella called Edward over to her house and told him she was pregnant.

Although it would have with any other guy, Edward's first question wasn't "Is it mine?" because he knew that the baby Bella was carrying could only be his. She would never cheat on him- of that Edward was sure. No, his first question had been "How the hell am I gonna tell my parents?"

"There's nothing to talk about, Edward." Bella insisted as she went straight into her bedroom with him following. He closed the door and turned around to see that Bella was facing him. He hated how stoic and unfeeling she looked wearing that floral dress, the one that usually brought a grin to her face when she remembered how she got it. "I'm not going to kill-" She stopped suddenly and closed her eyes as she took a deep breath. She didn't even want to say it. "I'm not killing my baby...Our baby."

"And I'm not asking you to." Edward assured her immediately, stepping forward and taking her hands. "I would never ask you to do that. I just...Bella, I'm only eighteen." He reminded her. "And you're seventeen. We can't have a baby; we don't have a place to live or any baby stuff and I doubt your parents are gonna be happy when they find out you're pregnant."

"We still have your parents." Bella pointed out and Edward held back his grimace. "I mean, I don't know them, but you always only have good things to say-"

"That's because I don't want you to know how screwed up my family is, Bells." He insisted desperately, trying to get her to see that a baby was not what they needed. "My dad treats my mother like crap and my mother doesn't care about anything that's not in pill form. My parents are so consumed about their image that they'd probably just try to shut you up with a couple of bucks." Edward felt sick; these weren't the people he wanted to tell Bella about. Nothing he was saying was a lie, but- at the same time- he knew that it wasn't the truth. Not anymore.

"So what?" She asked. "They give us the money and we come back here to Forks; we can raise our baby here, here in this town we love and we can live in your grandmothers house. She left it to you and she can grow up where you did."

"What about my future?" Edward tried again, now even more desperate than before. "What about your future? Bella, you're going to Stanford in the fall and I'm going to Princeton! We can't just give all that up!"

"We can't give our baby up!" Bella shot back, even louder than Edward and he straightened up in surprise. In the two years that he had known her, Bella had never raised her voice. Not at him, not at anyone. That's when he finally noticed the tears in her eyes. "Edward, I am scared." She told him. "I am going out of my mind with worry and I'm standing here trying to hold it together so you won't freak out anymore than you already are, but it's getting harder with every excuse and argument you make and I-" Covering her mouth, Bella let out a sob and Edward immediately pulled her to him, feeling like more of an asshole than he already was. He was so concerned with how he was feeling, he didn't even stop to think about here. "Edward, I know you're scared," She cried and he could feel her tears soaking through his shirt. "I am too, but I need you to be here for me right now. I know that this is a lot, but I- I can't do this alone. I need you to help me- promise you'll help me!"

"I promise." He whispered, kissing her on the head. "I'm not gonna leave you, okay? We'll- we'll figure everything out; we can get an apartment in Seattle and we can both go to U-Dub instead. We'll get a crib a-and diapers and one of those rolly play things so it can learn to walk, okay?" Bella didn't stop crying, but he could feel her nod. "Everything's gonna be fine...I promise."

When Rosalie Hale met Bella Swan, she didn't know what to think of her.

Rosalie was older than Bella- it was only by a year, but she was still older and she had to admit that the age difference had something to do with how she saw Bella.

It had been over ten years ago when Rosalie's son was only six years old; Rosalie had gone to his school to pick him up because he had gotten sick after eating a couple of worms that he and his friends found during recess. While they were walking out, Rosalie had been called over by the principal of the school, Ben Cheney, who was showing around Bella and her two children. She had been looking for a school that both of her kids could attend as they had had just turned five years old and she hadn't found one that was perfect for the both of them.

Bella had been only twenty-three when she and Rosalie met- sure, Rosalie had only been twenty-four, but Bella had an air of lost innocence about her that Rosalie identified with; she had looked so young and fragile while wearing that stained floral dress, but her face told Rosalie that she was anything but and the fact that Bella looked tired and ragged while both of her children stood there with clean clothes and smiles on their faces only cemented that Bella was a good person in her mind. Much like Rosalie, Bella put her children first.

From that day on, Bella and Rosalie had been best friend- even moving in together a year later. After that, they weren't just friends; they were family, which was why Rosalie had been understandably distraught when the police showed up at her door with the news that Bella had been sent to the hospital after being hit by a car.

That had been almost a month ago and Bella hadn't woken up from the coma that she had fallen in. Things at home had gotten a little strained as Rosalie's check couldn't cover all the bills that Bella's child support didn't. Not to mention the fact that Bella's daughter had refused to leave her bedside the entire time she'd been in there. She wouldn't even go to school and they were threatening to expel her.

Rosalie had given up on trying to convince her to leave the hospital and now simply spent her time getting coffee for the both while her and Bella's sons were at school. Rosalie would have to figure something out; Bella was practically her sister and there was no way that Rosalie would send her kids away. There was only one person they could be sent to and Rosalie couldn't do that to Bella or to them.

That's exactly why she nearly had a heart attack when she saw the bronze haired stranger standing next to Bella's bed.