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… …

Some things, some feelings, are too great to be expressed in words.

I didn't really understand that until I fell in love.

… …

"Senior year is going to be amazing," Rosalie declared, slinging one arm around my neck and the other around Kates'. "We have to make it that way. Promise?"

I yanked away from them playfully and forced myself between them instead, a dark head of hair between their two blonde ones. We had been inseparable since first grade, which wasn't hard in such a small town, but for us it was more than that. It wasn't a shallow friendship but one that was deep and unfailing.

"Promise," Kate and I said in unison, and the three of us locked pinkies.

"There's so much to look forward to." Rosalie's grin grew as she spoke. "Senior night, homecoming, free periods, senior trip…and then we're free!"

"Plus all the parties," Kate reminded her. "And even stuff like senior pictures."

"Ugh, don't remind me," I groaned. "My mom is already bugging me about them and I don't know what I'm going to do. There's like, two people around here that take senior pictures and everyone's end up the same. Same places, same poses, same style. And I know my mom would never pay for someone from Seattle or even Port Angeles to take them."

"Hey, we're in the same boat," Rosalie pointed out. "Everyone here is."

"Not me!" Kate stuck her tongue out, playfully smug.

We both looked at her in confusion, and she just giggled. "I'm getting them taken this Saturday. You guys are welcome to tag along and see what I'm talking about."

"Hey, no fair," I complained. "No secrets!"

The warning bell for first period rang, and Kate laughed again, knowing she would escape. "Just come to La Push beach with me Saturday morning and see for yourself!"

If I had known what was waiting for me that chilly Saturday morning at La Push beach, I would have maybe tried to prepare myself for the huge change that was coming. But I was a naïve high school senior, and that feeling of invincibility had already set in. I was sure that I had my life together and that no sudden curveballs were coming my way. I was wrong.

… …

"It's cold," I complained, shoving my hands in the pockets of my Forks High School sweatshirt. "I'm going to kill you, Kate."

It really wasn't that cold, it was just the cold wind coming off of the choppy water making it seem so. Also, I just wasn't a morning person. While Rosalie and I were slumming it in sweatshirts, yoga pants, and messy buns, Kate was polished and perfectly put together. I couldn't even wait to s how her pictures turned out, because she somehow looked even more incredible than usual. Her mom, Carmen, had driven as well, and pulled up beside us. Her car looked full of garment bags- outfit changes for Kate's pictures.

"Hi, girls," she said as she got out of the car. "You two don't look so chipper this morning! Lucky for you, I brought some breakfast."

"Oh my gosh, you are the best," I said with a moan as she handed Rosalie and I both a plate with a hot, sticky cinnamon roll on it.

"Ugh, Mom!" Kate complained, seeing our treats.

"There's one in the car for you," Carmen said soothingly. "I know you, and I didn't want to hear you complain if you smeared that lipstick or got icing on your clothes."

We all laughed because she was spot on, and even Kate knew it.

"So, where is your photographer?" Rosalie asked, looking around. "Or are we being punked?"

Carmen checked her watch. "We're a few minutes early."

"He might get lost," Kate pipped in. "This spot is kind of off the beaten path…maybe we should have met up for the first set of pictures in town."

"What, he's not from around here?" Rosalie raised her eyebrows. "Who is this guy?"

"It's kind of out there," Kate cautioned, but she was grinning. "But Mom let me hire Edward Cullen."

"Who?" Rosalie and I both asked, looking at each other in confusion and then back at Kate.

"He's kind of Instagram famous," Carmen explained. "I was ready to shut Kate down until she showed me his pictures…he's incredible."

"And he travels everywhere," Kate jumped in, clearly giddy. "I mean, obviously, because he came here. To Forks. But I've followed him forever and he goes wherever his work takes him…on his page he said that one of his goals is to take a job in every state. We're his first in Washington!"

"That is super cool," I said, genuinely intrigued. "Why didn't you tell us?"

Kate shrugged, checking the time on her phone. "I just thought it was cool, and that you guys would think so, too. Plus you know how I love surprises."

"You said Edward Cullen, right?" Rosalie was already searching for him on Instagram.

"Right," Kate and Carmen chorused. "His icon is a black and while picture of a skyline," Kate added, peeking over Rosalie's shoulder at her phone screen.

I was quiet as Rosalie found his page and scrolled through his feed. He really was good. His style was an intriguing mixture between documentary, lifestyle, and classic. Even though I knew nothing about the technical aspects of photography, and didn't own a camera outside of my phone, it had always interested me. Seeing these pictures reawakened that interest, and made me wish I could ever be half as talented as this Edward Cullen was.

The sound of car approaching broke up our huddle, and a silver Volvo pulled up next to us.

The window of the Volvo rolled down, and the driver waved. "Hey, sorry if we're a little late." He got out of the car, going towards the trunk immediately. "Alice isn't the greatest navigator."

A tiny, raven haired woman popped out of the passenger side, grinning. "Sorry!" she exclaimed. "I was sooo caught up in the beautiful scenery!" She came to a stop in front of us, holding out her hand. "I'm Alice Brandon, Edward's second hand woman. Which one of you is Kate?"

"I am." Kate stepped forward quickly and shook Alice's outstretched hand. "It's nice to meet you, Alice."


Kate introduced the rest of us, more introductory handshakes going around. "It's just you being photographed, right?" Edward Cullen came towards us, a camera around his neck and a cigarette dangling out of his mouth.

"Uh, yeah," Kate said.

"I'm Edward Cullen," he added, shaking her hand, too. "Sorry, the group threw me off."

"We're just observing," I said quickly, gesturing between Rosalie and I.

His eyes flicked over to me immediately, and I was taken aback at how green and intense they were. It was like he could see straight down into my soul, and I realized that was one of the things that made his photography so good. He really did have intensity, and that translated into his photos, like he saw a piece of his subjects that no one else could.

"I see. Nice to meet all of you. Want to get started?"

Rosalie and I fell back, sitting on the hood of Rosalie's car as they started to set the scene. Carmen stood over with Alice, offering input here and there, but really, Edward and Kate took center stage. He spoke to her softly, and he moved his hands animatedly as he talked. She posed, adjusting accordingly when Edward instructed her to, and Alice took her place by his side, holding a second camera.

It was incredible to watch, because he was passionate and obviously very talented. He talked almost the whole time in a rough, quiet voice, telling Kate what to do and offering encouragement. Alice spoke to him every once in a while, and he just nodded at her, never even looking in his direction. It was interesting to watch them, too, because they were so in tune with each other. Edward would hold his hand out for a different lens, and Alice would already have it ready.

Rosalie had lost interest fairly early on, and was alternating between texting her boyfriend, scrolling through her phone, and halfheartedly watching Kate. I didn't blame her, because honestly this just wasn't her thing. She would always support Kate but senior pictures weren't all that riveting. It made me wonder why I was so fascinated, but I realized with a blush that it was the photographer that kept catching my eye.

I allowed myself to look at him, really look at him, and I was impressed. He was tall, but my perception was slightly skewed because Alice looked to be barely five feet. He looked like a giant next to her, but was definitely taller than average. He wore a backwards baseball cap on his head, and the ends of his ruddy brown hair stuck up from underneath it. He wore simple dark jeans and a grey pullover, and I could see tattoos peeking out from underneath his collar and at the end of the sleeves. I caught a glimpse of piercings in his ear, and the flash of one in his tongue. Compared to the usual type of people that ran around here, he was like a member of a different species.

After getting all of the pictures they wanted at the beach, Kate was ready for an outfit and location change. Rosalie bagged off when we got back into town to take pictures there, but I stuck around. The photos ended up taking up the whole morning and it was almost noon by the time Edward put this equipment back into his car.

"It was great working with you, Kate." He smiled as he shook her hand again. "I'll get some previews to you as soon as I can."

"Can we buy the two of you lunch?" Carmen asked. "You don't have to run off."

Edward glanced over at Alice, who gave him a thumbs up. He turned back to Carmen, shrugging. "That'd be great, but you don't have to buy."

They bickered about it as the five of us walked across the town square towards the diner- one of the only places to eat in town. Edward and Alice didn't seem to mind, and Edward even brought a smaller camera and captured some photos as we walked and even after we sat down to eat.

"So, where are you headed to next?" I asked, honestly curious.

"We don't have anything booked until the end of September," Alice said. "So we'll hang around for a while. We bring all our equipment with us, so we'll be looking over the pictures and editing them from our hotel room."

"We've never been to the Pacific Northwest, and since it's such an incredibly beautiful area, I figured it wouldn't hurt to stick around. I like photographing people, but there's something special about photographing nature, too. So…if you know of any good places, our ears are open." Edward looked so enthusiastic, and I reminded myself that I needed to give his Instagram a more in-depth look when I got home to see his work with nature and landscapes.

"Your ears," Alice corrected him. "I'm all about people. I get bored after like ten minutes in the woods with this guy."

"If anyone knows the best places for pictures, it's Bella."

I didn't know if I wanted to kick Kate or kiss her.

"Really?" Edward perked up, turning to me. "Are you into photography?"

"Not really," I said, cursing the slight stutter in my voice. "I mean, I'm interested in it, but I don't even have a real camera anymore."

"She still has some great pictures on her phone. Show them, Bella."

Yeah, now I was leaning more towards kicking Kate.

"Do you mind?" Edward asked, looking genuinely interested.

I hesitantly pulled up an album of pictures I'd taken on my phone, handing it to Edward.

He was quiet as he slowly looked through the photos, studying some more carefully than others but definitely taking his time. "Would you tell me how to get to some of these places?" He handed my phone back to me, and I quickly tucked it back in my pocket.

"Yeah, of course."

We finished our meal and Carmen ended up winning the fight for the bill, and then she and Kate headed home. I lingered, waiting to give Edward the directions I'd promised. Alice got into the car immediately, focusing on her phone, but Edward returned to where I was waiting with a map.

"Old school, huh?" I took the map, grinning. I didn't know anyone who still used paper maps, but for some reason I liked that he did.

"I like to have them." He scratched the back of his neck, looking a little sheepish. "One day, when I have an actual permanent studio, I want to display all of my maps. I've circled special places on them, written notes…they're kinda cool."

"That is cool."

I took the pen he offered me, then hesitated. "Are you sure you want me to mark it? I don't want to ruin it with my messy handwriting and directions if you're going keep this for your display."

"Nah, go ahead. Makes it all the more special."

He was grinning at me, his green eyes bright. I felt myself blushing, but quickly turned towards the map so that maybe he wouldn't notice. I circled a few places that I could easily locate, but couldn't give him a lot of information this way. "These are some of my favorite places, but some of them I can't really find on a map. You'll find them though, if you're looking."

"Thanks. I really appreciate you giving me some of the inside scoop." He reached up and readjusted his hat, drawing my eyes to some of the tattoos poking out from underneath the collar of his pullover.

"I like your tattoos." I was immediately embarrassed, but Edward just continued to smile.

He pulled his collar to the side slightly, giving me a better look. "Thanks. They're kind of taking over, but they're meaningful. I try to get one wherever I go."

"No tattoo parlor in Forks, so you're out of luck here," I said lightly.

"Yeah? Damn. Honestly, though, I'm not surprised. This town is tiny."

I nodded. The size of this town was something I loved and hated. I knew everyone, and for the most part it was a fairly tight knit community. On the other hand, it was easy for people here to be closed minded and it could also be suffocating. "There's a place in Port Angeles, though. It's only about an hour away."

"I'll keep that in mind. Thanks, Bella."

"You're welcome." My mouth felt dry, and even though I didn't want to go, I knew I had to. "Well…maybe I'll see you around. Good luck."

"Yeah, maybe you will. Thanks again."

He smiled at me again, waving before I headed back in the direction of home.

My mouth was still dry and my heart was pounding. At the time I thought it was just because of who he was- beautiful and different and talented. But it was more than that, and eventually he would be more than that to me.

… …

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